View Full Version : General Abilities for an Evolving Opponent.

2008-07-09, 03:54 PM
Basically, one of my BBEG's main minions wears cybernetic armor (Yes, cybernetics in D&D, sue me) that adapts to become a different form every time it's destroyed, specifically so that the tatics used against him in his suit's previous incarnation won't work-sort of like Doomsday. Defeat him at close range, his suit grows a bazooka, beat him using the envioronment, he comes back as a Controller, etc.

The problem is, I want a few abilities that remain constant, despite his constant upgrades. Although I already guessed that he needs a teleport to safety ability-so that he survives to take advantage of his new armor-I also want a few combat abilities that remain constant in all his incarnations, which presnts a problem, since there's not a lot of abilities that suit each monster rule equally well.

So what abilities would you recomend?