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2008-07-23, 12:47 AM
I saw rules online for how to use the spell Awaken on an infant to force its mind to develope very fast. The trade is in their physical development.

I want to make a similar spell. One that doesnt leave their physical development so far behind and isnt limited to druids. This one is designed specificly for use on humans, who grow faster than the other player races.

Force Maturity
Druid/Wiz/Sorcerer lvl 5
Casting Time- 24 hours
Range- Touch
Target- HumanTouched
Duration- Instantaneous
Saving throw- Will negates
Spell resistance- yes

When this spell is cast the target, should they fail their save, will begin aging at an advanced rate. The human will age at a rate of one year every month. The spells aging effect will stop functioning after one month per point of constitution + one month for every point of consitution bonus, if any (Penalties do not decrease the time the spell is active.)
Those effected by this spell must consume twice as many calories as normal to stay healthy while the advanced aging takes place. (flavor: it is possible for them to maintain this diet even after the advanced aging stops, and doing so minimizes stress on the body as it maintains one age)
When the period of advanced aging ends the target will no longer appear physicly age, however the standard bonuses apply at one half value (rounded down) as age increases (due to dying young they recieve somewhat less life experiance) and the standard penalties apply normaly (due to the long term side effects of the stresses caused by the spell).
For those effected by this spell middle age occurs five years early. (at 30) Old age occurs ten years early (at 43). Venerable age occurs twenty years early (at 50) and death occurs at venerable +d20 years.

xp cost 300
Focus- small amount of preserved tissue from the human brain and reproductive organs
Material component-a vial of quicksilver

2008-07-23, 12:50 PM
I think you meant ISN'T limited to druids. Hmmm... could be useful for building an army quickly (See "Attack of The Clones" and similar concepts...), but the XP cost is too steep to make that worthwhile... actually, with the XP cost I am not sure when this spell would really get cast much, except MAYBE for human adventures who don't want to have to take a break from adventuring to raise their own children.

2008-07-23, 03:36 PM
Ok. Fixed that typo.

I desgined it less focused on adventurers and more focused on the idea of its use by a society that wants warriors quickly. Cast it on a baby and save over a dozen years of work. Thats worth 300xp, which is only slightly more than the Awaken spell. But if you want to help me balance it, feel free to offer suggestions.

2008-07-27, 12:54 AM
I like the spell.

Are you sure it shouldn't be necromancy though? Even with 'benevolent' ends the caster is still forcing the changes of age onto a physical body.