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2008-07-25, 01:22 PM
My game is about to start in early August, and I am homebrewing a few things for the campaign. The first and relevant for this thread is that the PC classes are all "Wardens", semi-divine protectors created to serve and protect the masses of humanity. All classes are unchanged, they are just not "normal" people. Even the rogues and fighters who's powers are 100% martial are in this pool as well. This means that unless you were born a Warden, you can pick up a sword and practice all you want, but you will never be a first level fighter with the powers. You might end up with other skills of course, and maybe even kick the tar out of that first level fighter, but the powers will forever elude you.

There's a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of it.

Now, I want to tie the Wardens together, and give them abilities that allow them to work together better. I have come up with a few powers (which would be automatically gained at the appropriate levels, and do not count toward the character's total) and would like some tips. This will be our first foray into the 4e realms, and I want to make sure that I am not overextending things. Any comments or critcisms are very much appreciated! So, without further ado...

[EDIT] I should note that I run a fairly high power campaign at the best of times, so if its just a touch overpowering that's ok. :smallbiggrin:

Seeking Heart Warden Utility Level 1
With a deep breath, you calm your heart and mind, sending your senses out to find you lost comradre.
At Will * Arcane, Divinination
Standard Action Area Burst x (x equal to character’s level x5)
Effect: You know the location of all other wardens within the burst at the time of use. This does not require line of sight nor effect.
Sustain Minor

Warden’s Whisper Warden Utility Level 5
You send your thoughts out, revealing the weakness in the armor that you and you alone have spotted. Your ally smiles as she hears your words echo in her mind, and readies the arrow...
At Will * Arcane, Communication
Minor Action Ranged x (x equal to character’s level x2)
Effect: You can communicate one sentence, no longer than 20 words, through telepathy to another Warden. This message can not be intercepted, nor can it be forced upon an unwilling or unconscious target.

Vision Quest Warden Utility Level 10
Closing your eyes and seeking out your comrade, you see with their eyes and hear with their ears.
At Will * Arance, Divinination
Standard Action Ranged x (x equal to character’s level x10)
Effect: You can see through the eyes of, and hear through the ears of one willing Warden. You have no control over what is seen and heard, nor any ability to communicate with the target through this power.
Sustain Minor

We Are One Warden Utility Level 20
Knowing that the cost of failure is to high to accept, you sacrifice your own strength to fuel that of your ally.
Daily * Arcane
Standard Action Ranged x (x equal to the character’s level x10)
Effect: You sacrifice a daily power to permit another willing warden to recover a daily power they have previously expended. Alternatively, you can sacrifice an encounter power to permit a willing warden to recover an encounter power they have previously expended. This power, as well as the power you sacrifice, can only be regained by taking an extended rest.

2008-07-25, 01:27 PM
All of them except for the 20th level one seem dependent on how you play as a group. If your group is heavily into metagame knowledge (like if it's hard for them to not use metagame knowledge, even if they try not to) they sound like a good way to get everyone to have the same knowledge in character as well.

However, the level 20 power I could see being abused. If all the characters, say, burn powers for the Cleric to do the Seal of Binding Trick (Or a Ranger to do Blade Cascade, I think it's ranger anyway...) then you can do it multiple times per day or encounter. (Of course, only up to n times a day where n is your group size, but still...)

2008-07-25, 01:39 PM
Good point Mikeejimbo, I had forseen that one would be a problem. What about if the following was added:

"Any Warden can only be the recipient of We Are One's benefit once per day."

2008-07-25, 01:41 PM
That would be an excellent condition to put on it. Other than that I really like the ability because it encourages teamwork and self-sacrifice. I don't know if other people will find it balanced after that, but I'd be happy with it.