View Full Version : Looking for a WFRP group

2008-07-25, 09:05 PM
Howdy, everyone!

I'm looking for some people who are willing to try out an IM group that plays WFRP - including a GM, as I have from numerous embarassing experiences found that I'm the worst GM this part of the Milky Way. If you don't know what WFRP is, I'll be glad to explain: It's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, a PnP roleplay that's set in the dark, cynical world of Warhammer. I have books in .pdf files that I'll let you have a look at if you're interested. If you haven't heard of Warhammer before, consider finding a new place to live; that cave of yours looks like it's in pretty bad shape.

I'm not good at writing long posts (see how being a GM is troublesome for me?), so I'll just let you PM me if you're interested. Oh, and feel free to bump this thread, even if you don't want to join.