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2008-07-29, 08:41 PM

I'm making the home base for my 4E campaign when it hits the paragon levels.

I have the basic idea already: Port Calaban, largest city for hundreds of miles, right on the coast of the Sea of Tears, far to the south. It's one of those "anything-is-legal-if-you-can-pay-enough" cities. Very old, very corrupt, etc.

The backstory I have on Port Calaban is:

Back when Nerath was around, Port Calaban was already ancient. It was a city of Bael Turath, millenia before, and Arkhosia after that. During the time of Nerath, it was only a few dozen miles from the border. This gave Port Calaban a unique opportunity to control all trade up and down the coast of the Sea of Tears going into and out of Nerath. They supplied Nerath with exotic goods from across the seas, fish, pearls, and furs and lumber that could be found on the Thousand Isles in the Sea of Tears.

This, needless to say, made Port Calaban very wealthy. People flocked from all over to live there. The city grew and grew, until Nerath fell. The fall of the last great empire devastated the city. Most of its residents turned to crime to survive. What little trade there was could not sustain the greedy populace, and many more migrated to the Thousand Isles and became pirates.

Now, Port Calaban is back on top, figuratively speaking. A twenty-year-old truce with the Thousand Isles pirates has let trade once again come into Port Calaban, revitalizing the city's economy and bringing some of the 'burg's old spark back.

Otherwise, I'm blank.

I know that the city has a gladiatorial arena, a really, really old tiefling district (with obligatory Spooky Evil Tower), a likewise really, really old dragonborn district, and a bunch of guilds, traditionally legal and otherwise.

Any ideas? Comments? Criticisms?

2008-07-30, 05:56 PM
Kind of reminds me of Sin City.

2008-07-31, 09:26 AM
Eh, yeah. Sort of.

The important thing is that it's full of evil people for the PCs to fight, and that eventually I'll be able to insert a few cults of Tharizdun and keep the main story going.

2008-08-04, 09:24 PM
Do any of my 62 so far viewers have any ideas?