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2008-08-14, 02:43 PM
I blame the drink, I failed to make a decent fist of writing a session report for our UKGitP3 meet up... but the kindly GM has provided the balanced overview that Sorak could never have given you through the red mist

Your wish is my command - done from my rather untrustworthy memory, so if I've missed bits out, let me know!

UkitP3 Star Wars writeup.

Five heroic rebels (Canraki the smuggler (Kureshtin), Sorak the psychopathic outlaw (CHARITY - who else?), Darian, the gambler (VAMPIRIC), Narilus the engineer (IKKITOSEN) and Eldriss, the young senatorial (KANTUR) flew a decrepit swampspeeder on the swamp-world of Sanction, which was a rebel-friendly world despite being under Imperial rule. The speeder was attacked by a bunch of crocogators (swamp monsters) - despite dropping the speeder on top of Canraki, the other rebels turned the crocogators into an endangered species. The speeder then limped to the village where the rebels were due to meet their contact.

In the village cantina (which wierdly had the same music as the Tatooine cantina - must be a cheap jukebox) they talked to various locals, and were told by a rebel sympathiser that a rebel named Shanlor was locked up in the Imperial HQ. Eldriss had to avoid his ex-girlfriend from when he visited before, and her new and awkward boyfriend. The rest of the gang were ogling the dancing girl, but Canraki had his own problems - he'd been to Sanction before, and had sold a dodgy swampspeeder to some locals. They demanded an arm and a leg - his. Darian persuaded them to take their new swampspeeder in part exchange - Narilus nipped back and rigged it to blow after two minutes' drive. Unfortunately, Canraki, not realising this, offered to take the thugs on a test drive. Narilus hastily joined them, warned Canraki, and the two rebels bailed out over the swamp just before the speeder blew up spectacularly. The one surviving thug got pushed into the swamp.

The gang returned to the cantina, where Sorak started a brawl. Under cover of it, Narilus mugged an Imperial and dragged his unconscious body outside. Sorak and Darian shot out a window and leaped out into the swamp. (Was there anybody who didn't end up in the swamp?) Eldriss and Canraki got the job of keeping the stormtroopers at bay until their friends were clear - Canraki demonstrated his vast skill at blathering, bemusing the poor, dumb stormtroopers, who at last went and arrested everyone else from the cantina, completely failing to arrest any of the guilty parties.

Narilus stripped the Impie, and left him stunned, tied up, hanging under the walkway just above the swamp. He swears he never thought the poor guy would become dinner for the gleeful crocogators.

Narilus, Sorak and Darian visited the stores (where they had previously bought medpacks from a suspicious droid) and bluffed it into giving them new medpacks ("The stimulant in the last pack was actually a tranquilliser, and my friend fell into the swamp as a result - we demand a replacement, or you can pay the dry cleaning bill!")

Disguised as an imperial officer, Canraki led the team into Impie HQ. Bluffs got them to the cells, where Canraki recognised the officer in charge - this was Sol Thandar, the imperial officer he had faced in the UKitP1 scenario. Thandar could not place Canraki, so the bluff was continued. Sorak and Darian, allegedly prisoners, were taken into cells by stormtroopers. Eldriss, "a witness" was escorted into private by Canraki and another stormtrooper. This was unfortunate for the troopers - being a stormtrooper is not a good career move, folks! Sorak blasted his two, alarming the two searching Darian. In the confusion, he blasted his, using one as a shield whilst blasting the other. The sole stormtrooper alone with Canraki and Eldriss really didn't stand a chance. Canraki emerged to talk to Thandar, who finally worked out who Canraki was when Canraki shot him.

Narilus, meanwhile, pretending to be a technician (difficult disguise, really), got into the cells and rescued the gorgeous Shanlor. She promptly shot him (on stun, fortunately) with the gun he gave her. She then shot Canraki and hid his unconscious body. The three from the cells did not see what she had done. She thanked them for rescuing her, kissing Eldriss, and then Darian (despite him being an alien). Both promptly collapsed unconscious (sleep drug on her lips). Sorak, last man standing, burned a force point and shot her four times. This was instantly fatal for the femme fatal.

Sorak wakened his friends, and they learned from Sol Thandar (Canraki had only wounded him) that the Imperials had loaded a massive cargo-skiff with explosives. The well-known rebels had been decoyed here by a forged message. The Empire was going to make it look as though the rebels had rammed the skiff into the local hydrocarb plant, killing hundreds of locals and destroying the main source of income on the planet, ending any future rebel sympathies. The skiff was robot controlled, and Thandar triggered it to go before the PCs could stop him.

The gang dropped their only thermal detonator into the HQ's power core and headed out. HQ went boom behind them (the collateral damage this gang meted out had to be seen to be believed). There was a mad scramble to try to stop the gigantic craft. The rebels stole speederbikes, and set out in pursuit. Canraki and Darian flew one, blasting at the pursuing imperial speederbikes as they went. Narilus and Sorak grabbed a second, initially with Narilus driving, but when the bike was hit the two changed places to let Narilus repair it. Eldriss, on his own, tackled an imperial, leaping from his own bike onto the imperial one, pushing the swamptrooper into the mud and grabbing the bike, narrowly avoiding wiping out on a tree in the process. The swampbike chasing Eldriss was not so lucky. Boom.

Canraki wiped out the last imperial, and turned to see the skiff right in front of him. Crash. Darian scrambled aboard and hauled Canraki out of the wreckage. They couldn't get in through the top hatch, so blasted it wide open. Good rolls generated a gigantic hole, and they climbed down inside. Narilus boosted their bike's engine and flew up to land on the roof, and went into the hole, wiping out a second speederbike (and almost squashing Canraki!).

Two corridors led forwards. One led to the control room, via a gigantic killer robot, virtually invulnerable to blaster-fire (apart from one amazingly good shot by Sorak), which blasted Canraki unconscious and injured the other two. Of course, the gang had already used up their thermal detonator. Oops. Narilus, in the other corridor, discovered an escape skimmer (very generous of the GM, I reckon), and explosives, in barrels. He used his forcepoint to reset the skiff's navigator, so that it would miss the hydrocarb plant (albeit that it almost ran down Eldriss, still outside on his bike). He warned the others they had two minutes before the skiff hit the cliffs at the edge of the swamp. There was no way to stop it.

Darian rolled a small barrel of explosive fuel at the deadly robot, and Sorak shot it. It bursts into flames, flooding the chambers. At this stage the heroes remembered they hadn't shut the door between them and the explosion. Dumb PCs! The robot burst out of the flames in best Terminator style, and pursued.

They fled to the escape skimmer, flames licking around them, and escaped from the skiff, just before it ploughed into the cliff face at the edge of the swamp, exploding in the biggest blast the locals have ever seen. The robot tried to leap to reach the escape skimmer, missing by a fraction and falling into the swamp. The heroes tried to ride out the blast-wave - Eldriss' bike was toasted, and Canraki burned his force-point to grab Eldriss off the bike and into safety. The five leave Sanction triumphantly, flying offworld before they can be given a bill for the damage caused…

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2008-08-14, 02:48 PM
I blame the drink, I failed to make a decent fist of writing a session report for our UKGitP3 meet up... but the kindly GM has provided the balanced overview that Sorak could never have given you through the red mist

Haven't read the spoilered report, but had to follow up on the thread title. I've gotta learn your trick!

2008-08-15, 01:59 AM
Wow, so you have got a ghost writer now, Charity?

Very entertaining sounding session! Not much for stealth this particular group of rebel fighters...

2008-08-15, 03:57 AM
That might have been Soraks influence...

Why don't we just give them our busted speeder?
Sorak : Give him that speeder and I'll shoot him on general principle.

Kindly Lensman didn't mention the heroic rescue of the drowning injured speeder explosion survivors... that involved Sorak diving in to get them, getting in trouble, and needing them to rescue his sorry arse.

Hey guys how are we gonna get into the facility?
Sorak : I could start a brawl
No seriously we need to get that officer on his own
Sorak : Officers don't like brawls
Er, look has any one got any ideas that don't..
Sorak : Are you looking at my pint?
*throws some random punter at the officer*
.. never mind.

Don't blame me I didn't write the characters background, and give him to the drunkest man in the room... or give him the only thermal detonator.

Haven't read the spoilered report, but had to follow up on the thread title. I've gotta learn your trick!

Outragious cheek, you'd be suprised what it can achieve, that and Lensmans natural good nature.