View Full Version : Random 3.5 feat for Unarmed PA. Could use some feedback.

2008-08-15, 10:07 AM
Your unarmed style emphasizes double-hand strikes, cross chops and lunging kicks. When you hit, you hurt things.

Prerequisites: Strength 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack

Benefit: You may treat any of your unarmed strikes as a two-handed weapon whenever it is advantageous to; they still are considered light weapons for the purpose of two-weapon fighting. This ability does not function when using the Flurry of Blows class feature, or any other feature that allows for extra attacks with strict proficiency lists. Abilities such as Slashing Flurry, Two-Weapon Fighting and Snap Kick are unaffected.

Special: A Fighter may select this as one of his bonus feats.

2008-08-17, 10:38 AM
looks cool. gives a monk a little bit of a boost, which is always a good thing.