View Full Version : Ectomancy? [3.5]

2008-08-19, 09:03 AM
I was looking over some of my spells lists, and I noticed some spells with the [Ectomancy] descriptor. I have never looked through Ghostwalk, but something tells me I would like the feel of this particular sub-school of magic. Why? Because it's a very... Ghostbustery thing.
Or, so I assume. Can somebody tell me the real deal on Ectomancy? What makes these spells worth it? Please explain why I might want to use a 1st spell slot on Create Ectoplasm. What can I use pounds of raw ectoplasm for?

Tokiko Mima
2008-08-19, 01:25 PM
Well, ectoplasm is what ghosts are made of, but I'm sure you know that. :smallsmile:

Essentially, you're looking at a gooey material that has the property of ghost touch and can be shaped and hardened into almost anything, from ectoplasmic swords, axes and shields to ectoplasmic meals, which sustain mortal bodies and ghosts alike. It's useful anytime you need to make something to reach out and touch someone on the other side of the living/unliving veil.

Oh, and Ectoplasm also has the fun property of evaporating after 10 minutes if it's not somehow made permanent via magic, alchemy or certain feats. So it's great for those murder mysteries where a man is hanged to death in an empty storage freezer without anything to stand on.