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2005-06-05, 04:09 AM
Hello and welcome to the avatar theme thread. Here we'll have a different theme each week and then anyone can post OOTS style characters within that theme. The only rule is that each member can only post 5 characters for each theme, also DONT post any requests here or on Veeras arts and crafts thread. We've said it before but please PM the request to the member you would like to create your avatar, be that myself or any of the other avatar makers on these forums. If you wish to add more characters later please edit your post onn the current theme instead of posting again.

Now Iíve gone through the rules you can start having fun. It doesn't matter if you've never made an avatar in your life or are an absolute master, the theme and style is the only important thing. I'll archive each theme we have and the avatars made for it here on the first post. These themes will start and end each Sunday, so you have a week to create these things. If you have an idea for a theme please dont post it here, please PM whatever ideas you have to me. I'll of course give credit to any that I use.

This weeks theme: Webcomics
Summary: Recreate a character/s from any webcomic of your choice other than Order Of The Stick.


2005-06-05, 04:45 AM
Natasha Ramirez - Lowroad75 (http://lowroad75.keenspace.com/)
Nadja Volochkova - Lowroad75 (http://lowroad75.keenspace.com/)
Preston - Alien Loves Predator In New York (http://alienlovespredator.com/index.php?id=119)
Jeebs - A Modest Destiny (http://www.squidi.net/index.php)
Maureen - A Modest Destiny (http://www.squidi.net/index.php)

2005-06-05, 05:14 AM
Gotcher Avatars Right here...

It's Casey and Andy (http://www.galactanet.com/comic/index.htm) time!!!

5 of the main characters:




Satan (Yes, that Satan):

Quantum Cop:

Casey and Andy- Mad scientist roommates who periodically die!

(EDIT: Added Mary and Quantum cop to the fray)

2005-06-05, 08:06 AM
Spot reserved for.....8-Bit Theater! *I'll edit them into this post when I'm done. *I'm also thinking of a tagline for all of them.

Tagline: Your GP or your HP!

Black mage:
Tagline: HA-DO-KEN!

Red mage:
Tagline: Let's take a look at the character sheet...

Tagline: Swordchucks, yo!

And I don't feel like doing Black Belt or White Mage. Besides, they're not in the Light Warriors anyway.

2005-06-05, 02:57 PM
Wow, the response was very quick. Thanks for the entrants. I should probably add that if you want to add more characters, edit your post for each theme like you guys have done. A minor detail though Sneak. You were only supposed to enter 3 characters, but i've increased it to 5 considering your crime (kiddin! ;D) i'll post more of my own soon. Keep the avatars coming!... ;D

2005-06-05, 03:04 PM
I actually did this when I first started here, but it'll probably be my only OotSatar. So, here's Grim from Life for Death.


2005-06-06, 03:32 AM
I like your avatar Wukei. Why is Grim (being the ultimate personfication of death) so worried about something. The purple background makes him look like Ville Valo or some other modern goth rocker. Nice jorb!.

Also if you guys have any ideas for themes you would like to see, please don't post them here. PM me. I'm sorry if I seem like I'm being a bossy SOB but I wanna keep this thread organized. Feel free to post if theres anything you wanna say, just make sure you edit your avatar posts if you wanna add more.

EDIT: I like Mary and The Quantom Cop pumpkinetics... ;D

2005-06-06, 04:02 PM
Hmm this thread looks interesting... Is it really comics related though? But where else would it go?

If this really belongs here, this spot reserved for Nodwick theme.

2005-06-06, 04:07 PM
(It's comic avatars, how is it not related?)

I like your avatar Wukei. Why is Grim (being the ultimate personfication of death) so worried about something. The purple background makes him look like Ville Valo or some other modern goth rocker. Nice jorb!.

You ever been a caring sibling? Now imagine being the sibling of the Angel of Death and finding out she's mortal now.

2005-06-06, 04:12 PM
(It's comic avatars, how is it not related?)

You ever been a caring sibling? *Now imagine being the sibling of the Angel of Death and finding out she's mortal now.

I have two younger twin sisters but I dont worry about my family that much, guess its my age or that I spend more time in my own thoughts than focusing on reality. I could understand how would be bad though... ;D

You guys do know that you can pick more than one webcomic, i've used Loraod75, ALP and A Modest Destiny...

2005-06-06, 04:29 PM
Here are my first 3:




EDIT: Adding Frank:


2005-06-06, 05:41 PM
Is it just me, or is Div supposed to be sticking up his middle finger?

2005-06-06, 05:45 PM
Of course, he is Div after all :P

2005-06-06, 05:45 PM
Ummmmmmm ;)

2005-06-06, 05:50 PM
Ummmmmmm *;)

I'll take that as a yes, then. ;)

Nevermind, I'll just pretend I never asked.

What are you talking about? I never asked that! ::)

2005-06-06, 05:55 PM
Well this Div is a disgrace to Eh' Steves race... :P But while we are on the subject who has been your favorite avatars thus far?. Mine has been Pumpkinetics Satan and the Sneaks Black Mage. Keep up the good work guys... ;D

EDIT: We're on page 2, ITS ALIVE!!!... :o

2005-06-07, 12:42 AM
My theme- Nodwick (http://archive.gamespy.com/comics/nodwick/index.htm)


Nodwick- stick figures look funny with noses



Shawn from FFN- same author as Nodwick

Edit- I can work code :-[

2005-06-07, 02:51 AM
I like them a lot Lilly, good jorb. Something I wanted to ask, why is Nodwick always carrying something big n' heavy instead of any weapons?.

2005-06-07, 12:20 PM
I like them a lot Lilly, good jorb. Something I wanted to ask, why is Nodwick always carrying something big n' heavy instead of any weapons?.

He's their Henchman! He was hired to haul their loot around, not fight. And since when do you give your cannon balls weapons?

2005-06-10, 03:18 AM
I know this might seem that this thread is being neglected but it isn't. The theme updates Sunday so keep an eye out for it. If you want to add your webcomic characters you'll have to enter them soon. Thanks for your time... ;D

PS: I'm fully aware that this is a badly disguised bump... :P

2005-06-10, 07:33 AM
An idea for next weeks could be something hard. Like....mythical creatures, or something. Or maybe characters from games.

2005-06-12, 02:39 AM
Thanks for the all the lovely avatars that last week produced. This weeks theme was an idea by Sneak, so thanks for that... ;D

This weeks theme: Computer Game Characters
Summary: Recreate any character/s from any computer game/s you can think of, from any system or time.

Just thought i'd tell you most of mine will be from horror related, you've been warned... :o ;D

2005-06-12, 07:13 AM
I choose.....Diablo II. *Here:


Oh, and maybe next week it can be movie characters.

2005-06-12, 12:48 PM
Ok, I'll give it a quick shot:
Going way back to one of my favorite C64 games (!), it's M.U.L.E!
Here's one of the colonists:
An annoyingly predictable AI fellow colonist:
And the title character himself- You need him. You hate him. The one and only, M.U.L.E.!
(For those of you who are curious, MULE was an early strategy game; try to make your colony self-sustaining within a limited time period. Simple game, but I liked it. :))

2005-06-12, 06:54 PM
Well, I've done my five, and here they are!

Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces/Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy)

Jan Ors (Dark Forces/Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast)

Terran Marine (Starcraft)

Zerg Zergling (Starcraft)

Bile Demon (Dungeon keeper- Prime weapon is farting)

2005-06-13, 04:55 AM
Woohoo, we've started again. These avatars are even cooler than the last ones. My favorites are Sneaks Barbarian and Pumpkinetics Bile Demon. Welcome to the avatar theme thread GreyRat, you choice of game is interesting to say the least :P Anyhow heres my avatars...
Dr Killjoy - The Suffering
Hermes Haight - The Suffering
Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2
Ratchet - Ratchet & Clank

2005-06-13, 10:18 PM
Wow, I just got really confused, you changed your name again didn't you. Anyway, I really like Dr. Killjoy and Hermes Haight.

2005-06-13, 10:33 PM

If you don't know what that is, I will personally hunt you down and hurt you.

2005-06-13, 10:40 PM
I've...never seen that before in my life... ???

2005-06-13, 11:38 PM

2005-06-14, 09:35 AM
From Planescape: torment (best game ever!) the Nameless One with Morte, Dak'kon and Fall-From-Grace.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/nameless-one.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/dakkon.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/fallfromgrace.gif

I had some trouble with finding clear reference pictures of the Nameless One, so I've been a bit creative with his clothes. *;)

[edit] I couldn't leave these two out of the picture:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/annah.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/ignus.gif
Annah (her clothes were hard to draw in this style) and Ignus (who was really easy).

2005-06-14, 09:50 AM
Wow, Okay, new favorite, the Nameless One.

2005-06-14, 10:35 AM
From Planescape: torment (best game ever!) the Nameless One with Morte, Dak'kon and Fall-From-Grace.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/nameless-one.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/dakkon.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/muizenstaartje/fallfromgrace.gif

I had some trouble with finding clear reference pictures of the Nameless One, so I've been a bit creative with his clothes. ;)

:o Ohhhhhh YES! These are so cool. My most favourite game ever. They all look excellent. Got the poster for the game in front of me right now and they look pretty accurate. Very cool.

2005-06-14, 10:48 AM
Yeah. *That Nameless One looks so cool. I would ask to use it as an avatar, but that would be really dumb, because I've never played Planescape: Torment. *I want to, but it is only for PC, and I refuse to buy a PC. *Macs are much better, and although Windows has a lot more games, still...dammit, so many good games aren't for Mac! >:(

2005-06-14, 10:55 AM
Anyone can use the avatars I make, except for the one I'm using right now (the girl with hat and green coat). The only thing you have to do is PM me about which one you would like to use and store it on your own web space.

Sneak, can't you borrow someone's PC? ;)

2005-06-14, 11:07 AM
Anyway, now I have some more:

......from everyone's favorite game, Monkey Island! *Yup, you guessed it, *it's.....Murray the talking skull!

Yes, I got reminded of this because of Morte.

Guybrush: http://img288.echo.cx/img288/621/guybrush5te.gif

2005-06-14, 12:05 PM
Welcome to the avatar theme thread GreyRat, you choice of game is interesting to say the least :P
Just trying to think outside the X-Box. I'll answer anyone's challenge to hunt mountain wampuses anytime! (Anyway, my graphic art skillz ain't that l33t, so I needed to start simple.)

Nice rendition of Murray, Sneak. I loved all the Monkey Island games, but the last one I tried to play kept crashing on me. :'(

2005-06-14, 02:04 PM
Thanks for all the wicked avatars guys. I can quite safely say that Shirwill Jack's are some of the most awesome tjings i've ever seen!. Fall-From-Grace and the Nameless One are my favorites. I now need one character then i'll have 5 characters, But who?... ???

2005-06-14, 07:39 PM
You could do some of the characters from KotOR... *cough* HK-47 *cough*

2005-06-14, 08:22 PM
Amazing Rendition of Annah there :D

Planescape had one of the weirdest DnD parties that I've ever seen in a game- even better than Baldurs Gate I!

And Morte is a force to be reckoned with-

What about the walking TV though? :D he didn't translate to the OOTS style as well?

2005-06-15, 01:27 AM
Hey everyone, Im new and was wondering if I could join you guys making avatars, I've only made a few so far, including the one im using, but im getting used to it...if you could comment on the one im using and tell me what to change and whatnot it'd be great..

thanks :)

2005-06-15, 01:46 AM
Hey everyone, Im new and was wondering if I could join you guys making avatars, I've only made a few so far, including the one im using, but im getting used to it...if you could comment on the one im using and tell me what to change and whatnot it'd be great..

thanks *:)

Of course anyone can enter ;D. Just make sure that you stick with the weeks theme (incase you dont know its Computer Game characters ;) ) and that you don't create more than 5 characters for each theme. I'm looking forward to see what you create... :)

2005-06-15, 02:54 AM
Ayla, Lucca, and Marle, from Chrono Trigger. The only RPG I've ever beaten... I suck at video games. o_o To be honest, I almost never play them.

2005-06-15, 03:13 AM
What about the walking TV though? :D he didn't translate to the OOTS style as well?

I could only make 5 characters for the theme and I never managed to get the modron as a PC in the game anyway. A modron would make a nice OOTS avatar, though.

2005-06-15, 07:41 AM
I love murray! Thanks for making it. I've played monkey island through so many times just to be able to talk to murray ;D

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-06-15, 12:52 PM
Ayla, Lucca, and Marle, from Chrono Trigger. The only RPG I've ever beaten... I suck at video games. o_o To be honest, I almost never play them.
Awesome! Chrono Trigger is my favorite video game of all time. Hrm, I should make something for this thread...

2005-06-15, 04:05 PM
Voila. Raziel from the soul reaver series.

http://arclan.servegame.com/sanityblinked/ootsraziel.gif http://arclan.servegame.com/sanityblinked/ootskain.gif

I think I screwed up kain a little, but its the best I can do.

2005-06-15, 06:26 PM
And then came... EarthBound!
If you've played the game, you know who they are. Or if you've played Super Smash Bros: Melee and like to look at your trophies...

And actually, I had been making these before and was gonne put them in the Arts/Crafts topic. Good thing I checked here first!

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-06-15, 07:23 PM
Veera did the girls from Chrono Trigger, so I did the guys - except Robo. He's hard to do :P So, I have Frog, Crono, and Magus.

2005-06-15, 08:35 PM
Gorbash, those are great, but to me they just seem a bit.....cluttered. I don't know. Anyway, I love Frog (in the game, and as an avatar). Magus and Crono are also cool.

Gorbash Kazdar
2005-06-15, 08:42 PM
The Magus one definitely was, 'cause I forgot to save and upload the final version :-[ Anywho, Crono is harder... he's a kind of cluttered character design anyways...

I made a few changes to Crono, see if I could make him less closed in and cluttered...

2005-06-15, 11:35 PM
You could do some of the characters from KotOR... *cough* HK-47 *cough*

That would be the awsomest as you can tell from the name ;D i kill for a evil dule weilding red lightsaber Darth Reven

2005-06-16, 01:09 AM
If I could offer a suggestion to anyone with more ability than me, I think Discworld would make spanking avatars.
OOh, what I would do for a Death...

2005-06-16, 01:35 AM
If I could offer a suggestion to anyone with more ability than me, I think Discworld would make spanking avatars.
OOh, what I would do for a Death...

I'd definatley do Discworld for a theme next week. If the theme happens to be books.

Death, Rincewind w/luggage, Carrot, The Librarian, Nanny Ogg.

2005-06-16, 02:40 AM
Wow. I disappear for a day and suddenly there are all these wicked avatars. I particulary liked Veeras Chrono Trigger ladies, but Shirwill Jacks collection are still my favorites.

I'd definatley do Discworld for a theme next week. If the theme happens to be books.

I like the idea but i've already had a request for next weeks theme by another poster. Its a good one though... ;D

2005-06-16, 01:07 PM
Some very cool avatars here. Love the planescape, Monkey Island and Chrono Trigger ones. Makes me wish I had the time and programmes to make my own.

2005-06-16, 01:31 PM
If I could offer a suggestion to anyone with more ability than me, I think Discworld would make spanking avatars.
OOh, what I would do for a Death...

Well, I did Death anyway, even though it's not Books theme yet.


2005-06-17, 04:13 AM
Sneak - that's well cool - I've borrowed it (for use on this board only) Hope that's OK? (if not I'll get rid of it again)

2005-06-17, 01:18 PM
s'cool. I'm holding out for a good, cringing Rincewind. Plus, that one's missing his blue eyes!

2005-06-17, 04:46 PM
No one did @ or d?
(Rogue, Larn, Hack/Nethack/Slashem)?

2005-06-17, 04:57 PM
Here is one I just created based on my old EQ character.

2005-06-17, 10:04 PM
That doesn't really belong in this thread, Narfink. That belongs in the Arts and Crafts (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=comics;action=display;num=1116952757 ;start=525#525) thread.

2005-06-18, 01:49 AM
ya know my friends said I'm like Rincewind, so someone, give us a good Rincewind, I need to know if they're right.

2005-06-18, 05:48 PM

I want to see HK-47, Mira, Revan, T3-M4 and Handmaiden.

2005-06-18, 06:03 PM
ya know my friends said I'm like Rincewind, so someone, give us a good Rincewind, I need to know if they're right.

I made a Rincewind. Check the other avvie thread. The funny thing is, I did it without ever having seen your post.

2005-06-19, 07:34 PM
If anyone here has played Morrowind, I'd enjoy seeing a good Dagoth Ur. Or Vivec or one of the other Tribunal gods for that matter.

2005-06-19, 07:41 PM
Noooooooo! Not ANOTHER game that only runs on PC...that I want to play... :'(

2005-06-19, 07:49 PM
Actually, it's Xbox as well. And I can get you screenshots, though they won't be as good as if you were actually playing the game.

2005-06-19, 07:53 PM
Yeah, but I don't have XBox either. And the thing is, I don't really want to get XBox (or GameCube, etc.). I have a PS2, a Nintendo 64, I used to have a SuperNintendo, and that's it. I barely play on my consoles anyway, usually I just use my comp.

But if you give me some screenshots then I can try to make them in OOTS style.

2005-06-19, 07:57 PM
Feh. No one noticed my Rincewind. :P

2005-06-19, 08:13 PM
Yeah, I did notice, but I didn't comment. *Cool Rincewind, Immoleth! ;)

Anyway, Bingo Bob gave me some screenshots to work with, so...

Dagoth Ur


2005-06-19, 08:36 PM
Wow, those are neat. You COULD do a search for Almalexia and Sotha Sil if you wanted to, but their horribly complex looking. And Sotha Sil's dead to boot.

2005-06-19, 08:52 PM
Here's Almalexia.

Hrmmmm...I can't seem to find a good screenshot for Sotha Sil. Can you find one?

2005-06-19, 08:58 PM
Considering it's now sunday and there's no new theme, I'll announce the new one should we not have one by midnight forum time.

2005-06-19, 09:24 PM
Hrmmmm...I can't seem to find a good screenshot for Sotha Sil. *Can you find one?

Theres an ok one http://www.elderscrolls.phx.pl/images/historia/martwysothasil.jpg there. I cannot figure out how to make the link say what I want :-/

2005-06-19, 09:29 PM
Yeah, I think I found that one, but not having played the games, that is not a very good screenshot so it doesn't help very much. *And about the URL, here's how:

[ url= http://link.com] link [/ url]

Only eliminate the spaces

2005-06-19, 09:32 PM
THanks for the tip. its the best screenshot I could find.

2005-06-20, 05:47 AM
Right. Here we go. This one's a bit more DnD related, but:


Summary: Recreate one or more of your DnD groups characters in usable avatar form. If you like, you may also post a brief description of them.

If you don't play DnD, any non-computer rpg will suffice.

EDIT: Also, if you party has more than five people, FOR THIS CONTEST ONLY I am raising the avatar limit to 6, as long as all your avatars are from the same party.

2005-06-20, 02:58 PM
Hi guys. I'm sorry that I didn't post a theme but i've been very busy lately. Actually i'm not sure if i'll even be able to post on the forums for a long while. If you wanna carry on the thread feel free, i'll change the title of the thread just to avoid confusion. Thanks for the good times... ;D


2005-06-22, 07:33 PM
Ok well Ive got my avatars done for this week, heres a party from one of the Dnd campiagns I was involved in, if anyone wants to use one just ask and Ill give you a link :)


2005-06-22, 08:22 PM

Any chance that you could maybe give an explanation as to what they all are?

The first one looks like a dragonmarked- sorcerer, the third appears to be a warlock and the second to last appears to be a warrforged--- did I gess correctly?

...Very gritty drawings there.

2005-06-22, 08:53 PM
Sure..The first is a Sorcerer with a blue dragon bloodline, the second is a pair of gnome wizard brothers, the third is an arcane archer we had, the fourth is a half-orc fighter, and the last one is a human ranger... and as for the dragonmarked, warlock, and warforged guesses, don't expect those from me, sadly my friends and I dont even have access to the books those are in...

and wait...gritty??

2005-06-22, 10:25 PM
Heh...I like them! Especially the gnome.

2005-06-22, 10:33 PM
gritty- as in tough and meancing and dark and forboeding and dangerous and like Vampire the Masquerade or an evil eberron campaign.

oh well, so much for my guesses...

2005-06-22, 10:52 PM
thanks ;D

2005-06-22, 11:25 PM
The White One those are sweet avatars. Out of curiosity what are there alignments?

2005-06-22, 11:40 PM
Uhh...It was from a campaign about 2 years ago, so I dont have the exact alignments..but I think we were all on the good side, except for the ranger maybe, the person who played him is almost always neutral...

2005-06-22, 11:57 PM
White One....I'm not a massive fan of the custom avatars buzz here but those are really good just as striking visual imagry. I commend you for the way you capture a real "presence" to each one particularly the Arcane archer, Ranger and Blue Dragon Bloodlined Arcanist.

2005-06-23, 12:06 AM
Art without a presence, doesn't exist at all...

2005-06-23, 12:10 AM
*sigh* Strong Presence then.

2005-06-23, 02:50 AM
I've got 3 done. I'll post them all in one big post when they're done.

2005-06-23, 07:55 AM
*sigh* Strong Presence then.

Yes, you're right. Maybe it's because of the eyes...?

I don't know.

2005-06-23, 08:56 AM
Some table top characters:

From left to right: Shirwill Jack (as I played him in a Ravenloft campaign. I've also played as Shirwill Jack at several LARP events, but then as a woman ;) ) Yrah, rogue/druid with her dire weasel that has weird pilot goggles and Felmin, Yrah's hencman. It's a pain to keep you Neutral Good henchman happy in a mainly evil group.

I've made several other avatars of characters I've played in PBeM and LARP, but those are already somewhere in the old arts and crafts topic.

2005-06-23, 03:17 PM
I've already made avatars for every one of my players in all the Pen n' Paper games I play... >_>

2005-06-23, 05:31 PM
Veera, your early montages is what inspired this particular week's theme. As it is, I already did my characters about 7 months ago, but my style's changed so much since then.

2005-06-24, 12:32 AM
you know, i would add some pictures to this thread... if Photobucket would allow to me to host my pics! they're gif and it won't let me! it's saying the format is invaild!

edit: lol, as you see below, i foud a site that works :)

2005-06-24, 01:23 AM
http://img192.echo.cx/img192/203/raven0kg.gif :'( a lttle small eh?

;) a little bigger

:)different person

along with a random felmale mermaid!

2005-06-24, 02:23 AM
Kinda sad but here's a Pixie:

and her with a hairline and hairclip:

and me! Nixie (in real life):

and me with magic...ness!:

2005-06-24, 03:53 AM
it's sad when 4 replies are done within 3 hours 8)

here's a sabertooth tiger:
*i knew i shoulda taken that wield oversized weapon feat!*


so, i'm going to bed now... lol

2005-06-24, 03:58 AM
Mod Goddess: Hey Nixie...You can modify your posts to add more pictures rather than triple posting....Also, these may be better suited to be posted in the Oots Arts and Crafts Thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=comics;action=display;num=1119405459 ). This thread is really for variations on the specific theme of the week, currently avatars of your gaming group.
Thanks! :)

Also....I plan to get ones of my Exalted group up here pretty soon....I just got illustrator, so I'm excited to start playing with it. :) Expect to see them next week, cause I'm going out of town in the morning.

2005-06-24, 06:23 AM
Finally did my 6, (See my post on previous page for special rules for this week) and now they is ready for the showing.

(Note: all avatars in this post are CLOSED unless stated otherwise)

Calair Icebrook (Elven Druid)

A druid from the cold south, Calair has the tendency to happily stab anything that moves for X.P. warmth. Does not get along well with her parents (Not violence, but "Darling, when will you settle down and find a nice young elf to marry?")

Will totally deny the fact that she was once married to a dwarf.

Cheleth of Oloroff (Half-elf Sorceror)

A young sorceror with a knack for bad humor, Cheleth continually talks about running away prematurely, but has never actually done so. Claims to be slowly turning into a copper dragon, though we all know he's just imitating a Kobold.

Neil the near-sighted not so good (Gnomish Kobold Paladin)

This little paladin has always been trouble. From his very first day he's been trying to twist the code of conduct to his favour... and every time he fails. His most recent piece of naughtyness meant he must live as a kobold to understand their way of life. Has been swallowed numerous times, and nowadays does it on purpose.

(The player is also the most frequent of us to roll ones. If he touches our dice they must undertake ritual scrubbing before the game)

Maria Bladestorm (Human fighter/tempest, my character)

Maria is a bit light-headed, and doesn't think things through. She it, however, very dangerous in combat, and has felled a vampire with a second's sweeps of her scimitars. (She brags about this all the time)

Meyv (Half-Orc monk/ex-ascetic)

Meyv was brought into the temple of Heironeous at an early age, and has served him devoutly... until now.

When a mass misunderstanding with fatal consequences (Maria was temporarily kiilled) occured, Meyv was stripped of her ascetic powers. Currently we're on a big planar quest which, if we succed at, Meyv gains back her powers. I don't think she deserves it, but we're getting schtoof for it.

Pip (Elven cleric. Reincarnated from halfling)

Pip is the main healer in the party, and also does some considerapbe divine Ass-whupping. He's rather snobbish about his healing, possibly due to the fact he was once Neil's... religious support. (And very glad that's no longer the case)

2005-06-24, 06:28 AM
Nice party, I wish I still had a tabletop group... :'(

2005-06-24, 12:10 PM
Squeee! You made the ShineyShineyElves party! I heart you.

Chris the Pontifex
2005-06-24, 04:02 PM
am i still on time?
coincidentally i just finished my party

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/DWARF1.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/Patsy.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/moreaster1.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/jacob2.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/balar.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/Heres2.gif

left to right fist line:
1. Khonar: party "leader" (more like spokesperson) gold-dwarven prince in exile and enchantment specialist

2. his cohort, elite royal guard captain and packing mule, Patsy

3. Second man and Halfling arcane trickster; Moreaster the Magnificent

4. Primairy fighter, Jacob (half-giant Psionic warrior/ some floating Prc) wielding a Large deep-crystal greatsword

second line:
1. The party bandaid kit, also does banishments and turrnings, Balar

2. Heres, Human Devoted Defender, no attack to speak of, 32 ac. Here seen on defending duty

and then there is Flits, the shifter, constantly changing form (preferabbly 12 hearded hydra) doesnt even remember what race he belonged to before, therefor no pic

2. in stead there is Fazzumar, powerbuild epic sorcerer/paladin specializes in fire, recurring NPC (three levels paladin would give him his +11 charisma to saves, my dm is minmaxer)

oh and to round it up, the whole group gathered toghether for a grouppic

edit: deleted the sorc npc, too bad; as he was my best AV yet, but technically not in my party

Chris the Pontifex
2005-06-24, 04:16 PM
these where in fact my first 6 av's ever,
im now working on some exhalted group of wierdo's my dm came up with, LG mind flayer monks and such (aforenamed sorcerer is in that group)

2005-06-25, 07:04 PM

Kalen- Kobold Paladin

*Onwards, Friends!
*If Evil Vanquishes Good, the Good Cannot Vanquish Evil, so therefore- I think- the logical step would be that Good should Vanquish Evil before Evil Has a Chance to Vanquish Good- Therefore A preemptive Strike is in Order!
*Philosophically, I have no problem with doing that- but practically, my good friend barbarian- it is impossible to kill a man twice.

Blunt- 1/2 Orc "Thief" (Think- Arnold Schwartzenegger")

*I tutor under Highwayman for seven year. Then to grad sklll- In dat, I cat burglar. *In doing so- I destroy half of house- but still steal cat.
*Me Not NEED Stealth
*Me Not 'Rogue' - Rogue is Pansy Girlyman
*Me Strong, ME Not Suave- Me BLUNT
*Me wear not LIGHT, but HEAVY armor- Only Best for BLUNT!
*Wait- You want me to Loot, Pillage, and Rapier? HA! I THIEF, me not use Rapier, Rapier too Small- Mee Use Sworpier!

(Note: If requested, I will detail the Sworpier... a behemoth of a blade, the likes of which has not been seen by mere mortals.)

Yieellorien- Elven Barbarian (Quite a story there, he was found as a babe and raised by Barbarians...)

*Eat Flowerstar of DOOM!
*Me Bash with Ancestral Bow!
*GNOME? What is 'gnome?' Is it type of food?
*Me LIKE tattered cloth
*IEEEEELLIELIURIEEEELLL! *cough* something in throat, apologies.

"Theo" Thyeovyxxixxallieenxix- Myxyzl Wizard

*18 tentacles of DOOM!
* My people weren't meant to walk the earth, but by Pahedraaghg, that's what evolution's for!
* Unleash the Magic of War!

Gilthanas Glowingheaded- Gnome Cleric

*Oh.. hmm... now I remember- greates of the greates who was ever conceived to exist in the land or on the planes and who could be said tobethesaviorofourpeoplepleasesmileuponousandgrant usmercyforweareatroubledlandandaterriblepeopletoha vedisregardedyourwordsanddeedsforsolongwithoutoffe ringmuch. Please,ifyoucanseeitaspartofyourgreatplanohdivinea ndglorious... ...

Felicity Stronhearth- Dwarven Psion

Wait- wait- ooh ther, I think I'm getting a reading- blast, I lost it- fiendish mindworms.

2005-06-25, 07:19 PM
...and that's my party *;D. I orginally created them in January 2004 (in sketch form) shortly after discovering this comic.

I drew about 55 different sketches of a reasonably amusing 6-frame comic- the only problem with it though is that the lettering and the drawings are a bit crude and hard to read- so they're not worth uploading until inked... and I'm a bit lazy going over lines and things...

Basically the groups stats and personalities are as follows:

Gilthanas- Naive, Cleric of Ehlonna... Around comic 45 or so Ehlonna announces her move from Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral and stops caring about her worshippers. Gilthanas freaks out, but is able to confront her- showing an inner strength despite a nieve exterior.

STR 10
DEX 10
INT 15
WIS 15
CHA 12


Yiellorien- Another naive character, Yiellorien was raised by barbarians and sheltered his entire life... well as much as someone raised by barbarians can live a sheltered life. He was kicked out of the tribe when his aged adopted father was confronted by the other tribesmen that too many of the womenfolk were attracted to him- and that with his darkvision he could hunt better than everyone else and kept on bringing home more and more meat and dishonoring the 'true barbarian humans'

STR 14
DEX 16
CON 10
WIS 10
CHA 11


Blunt - A 'Thief' who doesn't buy into all that 'roguish' sneaking or disarming traps or anything else. In nearly everything but name, he is a fighter. He's too big to hide, too clumsy to disarm traps, etc. But nevertheless, he gets the job done, bashing through walls and breaking traps and soaking up damage.

STR 18
CON 18
WIS 12


Kalen - Ran away from home at an early age after being ostracised by the Kobold Community for his love of the blade and neglect of the magic... Kalen was raised by a strange race... Kalen respects the blade and dislikes magic- seeing it as a back-stabbing way to fight.

STR 12
DEX 15
INT 14
WIS 15
CHA 18


Theo - His race was not meant to walk or survive outside of water, but through an enchantment, Theo managed to. Amazingly brilliant, and sneeringly superior.

STR 16
DEX 16
INT 22
WIS 18
CHA 12


Felicity- A dwarven Psion. Keeps to herself. Very mysterious.

STR 15
CON 14
INT 15
WIS 17
CHA 10

2005-06-25, 08:03 PM
Well, taking a page from Cthulu_Chris and seeing how good his party pose turned out- here's mine all posed up-


(as an added bonus you get to see Blunt's SWORPIER!)

Chris the Pontifex
2005-06-25, 08:25 PM
I wont go into stats, dun have m for one, dont care for two

but i do have some quotes to share:

Khonar: "Stand Still Ye Freak!" (hold monster)

Patsy: "Goh' 'm sir" (coup de crace)

Moreaster: "Come here my presious"

Jacob: "Raaah! Eat psionically enhanced bigass deep-crystal sword!"

Balar: "Begone ye foul demon-scum" (banishment)

Prinses: "oh Heres, if my brothers find out theyll kill us both"
Heres: "I'll stand in front of you, take the force of the blow. Protection"

2005-06-26, 12:39 AM
I have a couple taglines of my own. Here's the favourites for the group. (Not quotes as such, but their personalities summed up into one juicy nougat-filled line)

Calair: "Shut up."
Cheleth: "Look! A Monkey!" (More the player's thing)
Neil: "If I kill enough things, my god will be happy!"
Maria: "Solving the riddle of the dragon's all well and good but I'VE KILLED A VAMPIRE!!!"
Meyv: "At least I was trying to be useful..."
Pip: "See, there's a distinctive difference between waiting a minute for the fireball to strike and Charging in when the creature's first been spotted!"

EDIT: 1 hour to go people! Next theme up shortly.

2005-06-26, 01:03 AM
Did this one in about 10 minutes this morning, using a bit too much of Zz'drti (I use GIMP v2, there may be better drawing tools in the current version). Need to mess with the pencil settings a bit, lines aren't that clean (you can use the area select then stroke the selection to make basic shapes, works well enough).

Any tips CthulhuChris? You manage to pack a lot of detail into your figures somehow...

2005-06-26, 05:00 AM
Okay, after about five minutes some time thinking the new theme is:


Summary: Recreate characters from any television series from the past 50 years. (don't want it getting too obscure) An IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/)link would also be helpful.

Also, I'm thinking from now on different people choose the thread topics. PM the current chooser (At the moment me) and nominate yourself or another (Willing) poster. I'm thinking a change every fortnight.

2005-06-26, 09:52 PM
Well, he kind of started out as mcGyver, but ended up being Jeckle, as in Jeckle and Hyde.
(I don't know how Jeckle is spelled, so if you have a problem, Shampoo on you.)


2005-07-03, 03:47 AM
Okay, judging by the number of responses, I will let this theme go. Sadly, I'm rather restricted to posting access (see this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1120376703 ;start=0#0) for details) and I don't think I'll bother putting up a new thread myself. So people, you have 2 choices:

1. Let this theme continue to sunday, or

2. Someone posts a new theme in the next 24 hours. (No later) That person will be thememan for the next fortnight.

2005-07-03, 03:59 AM
This weeks theme: Film characters
People like Frodo, Spiderman, fantastic 4, that kind of thing!

2005-07-03, 12:37 PM
Fifth Element

2005-07-03, 12:39 PM
Excellent starting point,
Now, what exactly does being Pumpkinetics for the week mean?

2005-07-11, 10:27 AM
Being nagged by me to clean your room and walk the dog?