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2008-08-24, 03:51 PM
I had this idea of the Spellbound. Creatures of pure magic and then i decided i am going to do a new campaign world. I really don't have any maps yet
and lots of the ideas are still on development. I have also created some stats for the spellbound to be used with the 3.5 th ed rules. The gods are also just general ideas and haven't been fleshed out yet and the backstory is the only part which will probably stay quite the same. I put this here because I want some honest feedback. Suggestions are very welcome and I will probably take quite a lot of them here. I think I am going to put quite a lot in here. except for one thing. I am not going to put half-orcs. I just don't like them. I'll be updating this as I get ideas.

The Land

Early History

No one really knows how The Land) came to be. Even the most ancient of races such as dragons have no records of The Lands creation. The Land has always been home to many monsters such as kobolds, goblins and orcs.Giants have also resided there for a long long time.

when the first dragons, spellbound and elves came to be war immediately started. The dragons wanted the rule the land and their creations the kobolds and numerous other monsters they had gotten at their side, they had some success. The Elves had to hide in the forests where they lived for a long time amongst the fey of the forests.
The Spellbound however had more success against the dragon led monster invasion and they succeeded in keeping a siseable area to live in.
In the next few centuries of time, called the dragon wars came the humans and halflings from the sea in the east. From the mountains came the gnomes and the dwarves and the dragons could not fight all the opponents and chose to withdraw. The varied monsters thet made up of the dragon's armies dispersed and started living tribal life harrassing other population for food and loot.

After this the major races started having disputes about living space. Neither the dwarves, gnomes,
elves, spellbound or the humans were willing to compromise and war began. Halflings were mostly passive during the war and were the only race not to take part in the atrocities of the war.
Humans won the five way war because of their numbers and started enslaving other races effectively taking The Land for their own.
But with much power and no one to rightfully have it squabbles between the factions believing The Land to be theirs began. And when no compromise was reached, civil war began. Amidst the fighting the enslaved races united struck back at the humans and left to take lands for their own.
The Halflings lived mostly where they could not anting to fight.
The humans broke down into numerous different factions and the other other races now ruled portions of the land. For thousands of years the races lived in seclusions from each other until finally trade routes and communications were established.
Yet many monsters still plague The Land and it is not rare for a town to need heroes.

The time for fighting is far from over.
Time in the land
Time is counted from the event when the supreme imperium of the humans broke
So markings are for example 291 AIE meaning 291 years after the imperium's end.

The Dwarves

The Dwarves came from the mountains approximately 50 BIE And have been living in the mountains and still think a dwarves place is in an underground hall.
The Dwrves mostly get their food from other races and are focusignall the more on mining precious metals now that trade routes have been established and they don't have to farm their own food.
The dwarves are certain that they were created by Nor and most dwarves worship him.
The Dwarven pantheon

The dwarven pantheon consist of Nor, Lakor, and Nelvaun

The Elves

The Elves are a proud race thinking themselves superior for being one of the first races in The Land.
The Elves have few settlements preferring to live among the woods, but some elves still choose to live in urban areas and can be found mostly in human or spellbound settlements.
The elves have a profound love of nature and almost every elf can speak sylvan, the tongue of the woods. They are perhaps the most reclusive of all races and have few contacts with other races excluding the Spellbound , whom they feel are equal to them. Many elves effortlessly speak spellspeak the languange of the Spellbound.
The elves mostly worship the gods of nature

The Gnomes

The Gnomes are a mysterious race who have a strong sense of community. They also enyou playing little tricks on others and are not very orderly. On the other hand many gnomes devote their lives to arcane studies. Most gnomes prefer underground living and most of their cities are dug underground.
The Gnomish pantheon consist of Volmar and Alveth

THe Halflings

The halfings come from the east. That is all they know of their roots. The halflings are a peace loving people mostly just wanting a warm comfy hole to live in. The halflings are not warlike, and can hide very well. The halflings look up to the elves and have a liking for nature.
The halfling pantheon consists of Javteen and Stehlar

The Humans

The humans came from beyond the sea from the east and prospered quickly. There is little to be said about human personalities. They are very varied and maybe that is why they are one of the most dominant races in The Land.
Most humans worship Lon. In addition humans worship many other gods and almost all gods have some human worshippers.

The Spellbound

The Spellbound are creatures formed of magic and are a not so rare sight in The Land.
The god of magic created them and they have always been adept at magic. One of the peculiarities of The Spellbound is the fact thatafter 60 days of being dead the body simply vanishes and turns into tiny sprinkles of magic before vanishing altogether. (A spellbound can still be brought back to life via a wish even after this) The spellbound are charismatic and intelligient but they have little in the way of muscular strenght. A Spellbound lives approximately 800 years before dying.
The spellbound mostly worship the gods of magic. The Spellbound seem to be always glowing and their mere precense lights up the darkest of dungeons. This is a side effect of their magical heritage
All Spellbound, even the chilren possess magical capability and are capable of minor castings without any training for it.

Languange: Spellspeak. Spellspeak is an elaborate language constituting of phrases that sound like arcane chantings (hence the name). Spellspeak is mostly learned by the spellbound the elves and some wizards and sorcerers.

Te gods of the land

Dwarven pantheon
Nor the patron god of the dwarves. He is a Lawful Good god of community, law, earth and protection.
Lakor is a lwaful neutral dwarf god of battle, strenght and glory
Nelvaun Is a chaoticv neutral dwarven god of luck, trickery and chaos

The Gnomish pantheon
Alveth is the patron goddess of the gnomes. She is a Lawful Neutral goddess of knowledge, law, nobility and runes.
Volmar is a chaotic neutral gnomish deity of liberation, trickery and luck

The halfling panheon
Stehlah is the patron deity of the halflings. he is a true neutral god of plants, luck,earth and community
Javteen is a lwaful good halfling goddess of glory, battle and liberation.'

Other gods

Lon He is a true neutral god of travel, weather, earth and plants

Gods of nature
Sleinaur is a true neutral god of plants, earth and animals.
Teless is a true neutral goddess of weather, air, water and sun

Other gods
Naul is a chaotic neural god of battle strenght and glory.
Silveless is a neutral good goddess of healing, good, travel, and protection.

Gods of magic
Kazuh is a lawful neutral god of magic, knowledge, law and runes
Naelaach is a lawful evil god of magic darkness and death
Shalch is a chaotic neutral god of magic, water and fire
Noul is a neutral good god of magic, good and knowledge

Other gods
Necualdawcubal is a chaotic evil god of madness, destruction and chaos
Stovar is a lawful neutral goddess of death, darkness and repose
Liigor is a lawful neutral god of nobility and community
Tivol is a chaotic neutral goddess of luck, travel, trickery and charm
Vetarctus is lawful neutral god of artifice and knowledge

Here are the stats and racial traits for spellbound. Tell me what you think

Spellbound stats

Spellbound racial traits
The spell bound are charismatic as they always seem to radiate some inner light. That of magic no doubt. The Spellbound have little strength as they have evolved to take the most out of their magical talents leaving physical behind +2 charisma -2 strength.

Innate magic
Detect magic reveals a spellbound
Starting at level one spelbound get speels form the sorcerer spell list. These can be cast witout regard to spell failure by armor or shields.
Lvl 1 The Spellbound can cast two cantrips of his choosing once per day. They can be cast without preparation from the sorcerer spell list.
Lvl 5 The spellbound gets one more cantrip and one lvl 1.spell
Lvl 10 The spelbound ges two more cantrips and one more lvl 1 spell
Lvl 15 The spellbound gets one lvl 2 spell
Lvl 20 The spellbound gets one cantrip, one lvl 1 spell and one lvl 2 spell

''I see my kin''
The spellbound can cast detect magic at will

Magical glow.
The spellbound are under the effecs of a permanent light spell all the time. They can extinguish and re-light it at will.

Hide magic
If the spellbound is lvl 7 and has at least two arcane caster levels it can hide the magical precense of itself at will making detect magic spells blind to the Spellbound. This also disrupt their innate magic and they cannot use their Innate magic while hiding it. After the Hide magic has been ended it takes four full rounds to retain control of their innate magical talents.

Spellbound begin the game knowing Spellspeak and common
Spellbound with high intelligience scores can choose any languanges they want.

Favoured class
The favored class for a Spellbound is the Sorcerer.

Spellbound without class levels can still cast innate magic spells as a level 1 spellbound character would.

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Hey, could you split this up, or at least use some bold and underlining on subjects? It's a little Text-Wallish as it is. Some of this also seems to be copy and pasted twice. Sorry for not having any real input, but it's just a little difficult to read at the moment.

Feel free to bounce ideas off me, tho.

Frog Dragon
2008-08-25, 07:37 AM
I've fixed some problems with the text. I hope it will now be more readable. I am going to put more stuff on the deific powers.

Deities in The Land

Lawful good deities
Nor is the patron god of the dwarves whose most pressing concern is protecting the
dwarves. He is a benevolent, yet stern god who values tradition, but does not put it over doing the right thing. He is a god of protection and community.

Nor has been around for as long as anyone can remember though many theorize that he was created from the magical energy which created the world, the gods, the races, everything.

The great protector

Nor is mostly worshipped by dwarves and almost every dwarf directs a prayer at him every once in a while.

Nor's priests are called the the protectors. There are six ranks of priests and new priests start as sixth protectors.

Day of vigilance
Once in a month, Norrian priests man the streets of their city and guarantee safe passage for all in the streets.

If a city where the norrian priests are is attacked they are obliged to man the frontlines of the defense

Javteen is a halfling goddess of honorable battle and glory. Javteen represents a side in the halflings not often seen. Javteenars see it as their duty to exterminate evil in The Land

The honorable warrior

Javteen is worshipped mostly by halflings though many other races revere her as well.
Javtenaar priests are called the crusaders. There are five ranks of priests. Javtenaars may not attack discreetly and must only fight a foe ready for battle.

The Crusade
Once in five years- the followers of Javteen rouse an army of Javteens followers to destroy evil in one particular area. Once the evil monsters such as goblins are scattered javtenaars go back to their respective churches.

Lawful neutral gods

Kazuh is the supreme lord of magic. The lord of spells. The rest of the magic pantheon serves him. Kazuh is a god who has few other concerns besides maintaining magical energy. He is also the creator and the patron god of the Spellbound. The Land is a magical place, literally and would not exist without Kazuh maintaining it. This effectively means that Kazuh is mostly invincible and immune to any attack from other gods simply because it would destroy the land in which none of the gods have any interest seeing destroyed.

Lord of the spells
The Great Caster

Domains: magic, knowledge, runes and law

Kazuh is worshipped by many wizards and most of the Spellbound.
Almost everyone of his priests have some magical aptitude.

Kazuh's low ranking clergy are called the spellservants
high ranking clergy iare called the Spellbinders

Rituals and duties
Kazuh orders his clergy to take magic to every single part of the land
Kazuh also orders his servants to tend to any flaw in magic they see.
The smallest flaw could have horrible consequences as The Land is a highly magical place and the very soil depends upon it. Were magic gone The Land would be naught, but a lifeless wasteland.

Kazuh's clerics cast spells on the altar of Kazuh every morning.