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2008-08-26, 07:48 PM
Quick note: If you are in my desert campaign, read no further. You know who you are: you all just escaped a collapsing dungeon on the back of a hippo.

The Midas Coin
This simple coin appears like any ordinary Gold Piece. However, anything that touches its surface immediately begins to take on the weight, luster and properties of pure gold; or so it seems. In fact, the substance is actually Iron Pyrite, or Fool's Gold, and is worth about its weight in Copper. Any inanimate object touched by the coin becomes fool's gold within 1 round of being touched by the coin. The coin can only effect one object at a time, however, and if a single object consists of multiple parts, the coin will only effect the part it touches. If the coin is removed from the object within 24 hours of touching it, then the object returns to normal after the contact is broken: if not, then the change becomes permanent, though it can still be broken by such things as Dispel Magic or Break Enchantment.

If a creature of any description touches the coin with their exposed skin or the equivalent, then they must succeed on a DC 30 Fortitude save or become an inert Pyrite statue over the course of 1d4 rounds. If the coin is removed before the change is complete, then the change is reversed. However, once the change begins, the coin adheres to the point of contact, and prying it away requires a DC 25 Strength check. Once the change is complete, the coin sinks into the statue at the point of contact and merges with the statue, becoming unreachable. The subject of the curse can observe the world like the subject of a Statue spell. A Remove Curse spell will reverse the transformation, and expel the coin.

Strong Transmutation; CL 15th, Craft Wondrous Item, Statue, Bestow Curse

Well, what do you think?

2008-08-26, 08:07 PM
Very nice. I like the use of the statue spell.


2008-08-26, 08:57 PM
You're a monster. That's worse than that mimic coin that eats gold that our DM gave us, which we thought was gold...And put in our bag of holding with 6k gold.......

Inhuman Bot
2008-08-26, 09:02 PM
evil, and nice. However, the warning is odd. thae back of a hippo?

2008-08-26, 09:18 PM
evil, and nice. However, the warning is odd. thae back of a hippo?

Sandstorm campaign. The Ranger has a Hippo as his Animal Companion, and some of the slower peeps made it out of the collapsing lair by mounting hte hippo and bursting through walls of sand and such. It was fun. And guess what was in the treasure horde...?