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2008-09-21, 11:30 AM
This is a warlock prestige class that I was thinking of making after reading about unfocused blast. Basically they make little areas that when stuff is shot through them modifies it.
Hit die: d6
Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast 4d6(or if using homebrew material Unfocused blast, able to cast spontaneous arcane spells of 3rd level or higher), Knowledge Arcana 10 ranks.
1|0|0|2|2|Elemental Filter, Filters
2|1|0|2|2|Splitting Filter
3|1|1|3|3|Explosive Filter, +1d6 eldritch blast damage
4|2|1|3|3|Sticky Filter
5|2|1|4|4|Weakening Filter
6|3|2|4|4|Phasing Filter, +1d6 eldritch blast damage
7|3|2|5|5|Seeking Filter
8|4|2|5|5|Filter Shift
9|4|3|6|6|Siphon Filter, +1d6 eldritch blast damage
10|5|3|6|6|Second Filter[/table]
Filters An Eldritch Filterer can create a number of filters, all of which share some traits. First all of them must be within 30 feet, this increases to 60 feet at third level, 90 feet at fifth level, 120 feet at eighth level, and 150 feet at tenth level. All of them glow brightly enough to be clearly visible underground, and when determining whether something goes through a filter or not if a line between the square you are in and the square an enemy in goes though the filter at any point, the filter takes effect. One can stand in a filter square and take advantage of the filter, however this prevents allies from doing so.
Elemental Filter As a swift action the Eldritch Filterer can create a filter that takes up 1 square. Any allied touch attack or ranged attack gains 1d6 damage of the selected element, chosen when the filter is made. A defensive version can also be made, which removes 1 die of elemental damage of any ranged or ranged touch attack that goes through the filter. Only one filter can be active at once. This filter always glows white, with a rim that corresponds to the element. You must be able to see where you place this filter. At level 3 this increases to 2d6 damage, at level five this increases to 3d6 damage, at level seven this increases to 4d6 damage, and at level ten this increases to 5d6 damage. This also affects the die of damage removed for the defensive versions.
Splitting Filter As a swift action the Eldritch Filterer can create 2 filters, any ranged touch attack or ranged attack fired into one comes out of both it and the other at the same angle. You must have line of sight to both filters. Both filters take up 1 square. One of these filters is blue, the other yellow(this may have been inspired partly by portal). A defensive version of this allows you to cause any attacks that go through both filters to only go through one. At level 6 a third filter is allowed with this ability.
Explosive Filter As a swift action the Eldritch Filterer can create a round filter with a 20 foot radius. Any eldritch blast fired into the filter area hits everything in the area. The defensive version of this spell causes any enemy fire in the explosive filter to lose 50% of its radius.
Sticky Filter Any ranged attack or ranged touch attack that goes through a sticky filter hits the target and attaches them to the ground, reducing movement speed by 5 feet. A full round action can be taken to scrape off any 1 sticky shot. The defensive version causes any grapple attempts made through the filter to take a -10 penalty, and gives immunity to tanglefoot bags. Sticky filters glow greenish yellow.
Weakening FilterAny ranged attack or ranged touch attack that goes through a weakening filer gives a -1 penalty to any save, to a maximum of -5 in any given save. The choice is given to the attacker. The defensive version causes any ranged touch attacks that go through the filter to give a save, even if they normally wouldn't, if they do then the target gets two attempts. Weakening filters glow blood red.
Phasing FilterAny ranged attack or ranged touch attack that goes through a phasing filter can go through walls, and furthermore ranged attacks ignore armor and shield bonus to AC. Phasing filters are translucent, furthermore they can be placed in a wall and allow one to see figures through it from one side. The defensive version causes any touch attacks to become normal attacks, and abilities such as brilliant energy to be null.
Seeking FilterAny ranged attack or ranged touch attack that goes through a seeking filter ignores concealment. The seeking filter has a vortex shape, with multiple dark blue and purple shades, the defensive version causes the vortex to spin the other direction, giving anything shot through it a 50 percent miss chance.
Filter Shift Filter shift allows you to move your filter once per round on someone else's turn, in addition to being able to create a new filter anywhere you want on your own turn as a swift action. Filter shift is a free action, despite the once a round limit.
Siphon Filter As a swift action the Eldritch Filterer can create a filter that takes up 1 square. Any ranged or ranged touch attacks that go through this filter and hit the opponent force a fortitude save with a difficulty of 10+eldritch filterer level+charisma bonus, if they fail it deals 1 constitution damage. If the opponent does not have a constitution score, it deals charisma damage instead. A defensive version of this causes any enemy attacks that go through it to do 1 less ability drain or ability damage.
Second Filter With second filter whenever someone uses a filter they can create they can also create the defensive version somewhere else.

Variants: With unfocused blast replace the eldritch blast progression with a caster level progression where one caster level is gained at every even level. If the character has multiple spontaneous arcane caster classes they pick which gains the level.

Thoughts? Is this balanced? Is the concept good?

2008-09-21, 12:12 PM
Looks interesting, I like.

Splitting filter would make aiming touch attacks pretty hard since it is unlikely that the EXACT same angle would work for both... also having it ofset would make it even worst than trying to shoot a gun from the hip... you would have to have the spacial sense of a blind combat master or something... -20 to hit with the second one say I.

I assume they don't have to MANTAIN line of sight to their filter(s)?

Does standing in a filter and shooting out count as shooting through it?

I assume filters last until dismissed, or another is created (and at 10th level they get to pick which one to dismiss when creating a new one)?

How bright is the glow? It makes a difference for underground combat especially.

How far away can the the filter be created? 30 feet sounds like a pretty standard number... but in most cases 10' should be plenty.

2008-09-21, 12:16 PM
Right, I'll be adding that in. And the filter does force movement sometimes to get certain angles. As for -20 to hit with the second one, its already highly circumstantial for there even to be two people at a decent angle. The long distance is to allow you to make filters so that archers and such could take advantage of them.

2008-09-21, 02:03 PM
Nice concept, very interesting. You could even extend it to ten levels and give them more filters. It just feels a little narrow. Shouldn't they get continued invoker progression?

2008-09-21, 09:05 PM
Done. It is now 10 levels long, and has a few more filters and filter shift.

2008-09-24, 05:52 PM
Yay! you used my idea! Anyway, a suggestion.

Add an OR to the prequisites: ..... OR Unfocused blast, able to cast spontaneous arcane spells of at least third level.

2008-09-24, 06:01 PM
I used my own idea that I posted on your thread first. :smalltongue: Take a look. That said, I will be doing that.

2008-09-24, 06:05 PM
Nice job on the revisions, this looks awesome now.

2008-09-24, 06:07 PM
Just thought I'd point out, the original filters stop progressing at level 5. Also, the splitting filter is confusing. Does it cause one attack to become 2 or just teleport it to the other location. The defensive version also makes little sense in saying an attack that would normaly go through both goes through only one.


2008-09-24, 06:10 PM
It goes through the normal path, if it goes through the filter then a copy comes out the other at the same angle. As for the defensive version, its basically to block other splitting abilities, something is twinned, split, whatever, and only one target behind the two shields can be targeted. And I need to go edit the original filters now.

2008-09-26, 10:38 PM
Does the changing of the scalable abilities to all 10 levels through extension unbalance the class? In particular I am worrying about the elemental filter, an optimized archer who can crank out lots of arrows could achieve hideous amounts of bonus dice, although they would have to aim everything at a single target who would control their movement? Anyone playtest this?