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Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-22, 03:37 AM
The year is 2125 and the world takes a collective breath. An air of expectation builds with the dawn of the New Year. Citizens from countries all over the globe can feel the tension mount. No one knows what the future holds but everyone agrees that something monumental lurks just over the horizon.

The world has changed much in the last century. The cold war between Pakistan and India boiled over in 2074. The exchange between Pakistan and the Republic of India decimated the subcontinent. All that is left of the once proud super-powers are nuclear wastes.

Tsar Kurd of Russia enters into yet another decade of paranoia and isolationism. It is a poorly kept secret that the Kurd ‘s health is failing and the world can only speculate as to whom will succeed him.

Solaris Troops push farther and farther into sub-Saharan Africa. African nations plead for help, but their cries fall on deaf ears.

The New Roman Empire, under the guidance of Umberto V, gazes hungrily towards the scarcely defended nations of Europe. Prime Minister Cornerstone tries to rally the scattered nations of Europe together in the newly formed Union of Northern Europe. The majority of Europe waits, unwilling to commit to either faction fearing the consequences of backing the wrong horse.

Pope Julius is planning on a visit to the independent moon base Luna 3. This marks the first time a pope has ever left the planet, earning Pope Julius the moniker “the Space Pope”. Rumor has it that he is going to personally discuss the possibility of moving the Vatican to the Moon.

LUSA struggles to forge a patchwork of nations into a coercive whole. Los Ecos comes under increasing fire for its heavy handed dealings with dissidents.

China which had just recently recovered from its decades long depression was ready to prove its renewed vigor. Emboldened by the spread of communism to South America it launched an ill-fated attack on the US. China far from beaten looks around easier prey.

The Pandora Technocracy feels that it is on the edge of a major breakthrough, it only needs the funding to continue it’s expensive research. Will Rowe feels confident that the coming conflict will provide ample employment opportunities.

President Han’s fiery rhetoric offers hope to the teeming masses of the North American Coalition. For the first time in years the people of North America feel that global freedom and prosperity is possible.

Non-Player Stats

Children of Zarathustra

World Opinion:+++
Economy: +++ ???
Espionage: ? (sufficient to hide from level 7)
Military:++++ ????


World Opinion: +++
Economy: +
Technology: ++
Espionage: ++
Military: +


Rebuilding with UNE help

Luna 3 Now a Papal State

World Opinion: +++
Economy: +++
Technology: +++++
Espionage: +++
Military: +++++++ Loss Due to Fighting SEATS and NAC

Player Stats

Russia (syst3mfreak101)

World Opinion: ++
Economy: +++
Technology: +++
Espionage: ++++
Military: +++++ Loss form Military Push

The Space Pope (Puppyavenger)

CNN World news

Breaking story today, as Pope Julian was finishing the eulogy for the late Tsar, a sniper in one of the nearby windows shot him in the head. As the Swiss guard detail, Russian poilice, and Secret service, rushed to the building, the man began firing wildly. apparently he was killed in the firefight. Although we are not allowed to record the mans name, friends and family say that he was quite a faithful churchgoer. Several prominent people in both the church and scientific communities say that this may be the work of mind control from the newly discovered "psionics". Many priests are now calling psionics "evil" and "witchcraft". A few riots have broken out in Rome and other major cities against psioncs and Pandora
World Opinion: +++++
Economy: +
Technology: ++++
Espionage: +++++++ ????
Military: +

The Pandora Technocracy (CrazyFatGoblin)

Faction Name: The Pandora Technocracy, more commonly known as "Pandora".

History: In 2083 a legion of dissatisfied scientists, researchers, and the like of all backgrounds, religions, races, and specialties joined together and did a few scientific favors for the Russian Government, for the small price of a mineral-heavy bit of land in Siberia. Using this land, they created the world's first "technocracy" or, government by scientists, Pandora. The way the government worked is that impartial studies would be done to figure out who was the best in what field. They then would have leadership over that field, but none other. The official 'leader', however, is the current Political Sciences Leader, Will Rowe.

Pandora is a very small country, and not one recognized by most nations, especially since they have their own disdain for the 'opposing' nations. Developed nations are at odds for, in their words, "unethical scientific research and development, as well as a general lack of morals in everyday life." Research in Pandora shows that this is not the case. Undeveloped nations dislike Pandora because Pandora shows an elitism towards them, as undeveloped nations tend to not have very many leading scientists that Pandora can persuade to their own nation. Still, Pandora has a few allies, mainly nations in the middle-range of development, as well as one or two undeveloped nations that Pandora is trying to build up.

Pandora considers freedom to be rather important, as without freedom science cannot move on, so they tend to allow many things of their citizens that most nations would not. However, there is a flip side to this. Their citizens allow much espionage to happen within the country, and fund it accordingly.

Strengths: Pandora has an incredible control over technology, due to so many skilled scientists working on various technologies, and routinely discover very high-tech advancements. A positive side effect of these advancements is that the millitary, while small, is highly advanced and very efficient. Finally, while not the best, Pandora's spy network is relatively advanced.

Weaknesses: Pandora may have a few allies, but not many, as stated before, as the world's opinion about Pandora is low. Furthermore, Pandora's morale is slightly lacking as well, as the population mostly contains disgruntled scientists. Still, it is not the worst morale, simply not the best. Being a tiny county, as well as not being recognized by most nations, Pandora has an extremely bad economy, with frequent low spikes in stocks and such.

Pandora GM-Given Stats
World Opinion: ++
Economy: +
Technology: +++++++
Espionage: +++++

The Solaris Alliance (The_JJ)

The Solaris Alliance: In the year 2090, with the collapse of the nation states surrounding the Saharan Desert, the prevoiusly nationalize solar power plants banded together to peddle thier still highly demanded wares. The Alliance metasized from there, collecting the aging oil lands in the middle east, still important to plastics production, if not power. Different indrustries soon prospered. The meritocratic system and prosperity in the lands have led to a happy and devoted, if diverse populace. While it stays near the cutting edge scientifically, and certainly territorially and numerically strong, it maintains a delicate position on the world stage. It's leaders are well aware that while it may be a regional power house, it needs to stay on friendly terms with the more powerful players in the world. The military is experienced, but streched by imperial wars slowly pushing the borders into the Sahel.

Strengths: Economic powerhouse, diplomatically neutral and courtious (with nations not directly under the attentions of the southerly expansion.) Meritocracy leads to good support from the population. Large, swallowing most of north Africa, the Saharan Desert, and the Arabian Penisula. Growing naval power centered on the Suez Canal

Weaknesses: Large but not terribly cutting edge army, partly tied up in wars to south. Minimal spy corps. Buys or hires the best science and scientists from the rest of the world, but has nothing very much homegrown, aside, of course, from energy technologies. Some 'hippy dippy' nations might dislike the imperialism being exibited to the south.

World Opinion: +++
Economy: ++
Technology: +++
Espionage: ++++
Military: + Loss Due to Fight with NAC

The New Roman Empire (Aliveish) (LongVin)

History: The Italian peninsula has never held the most stable governments and was always subject to change but the past decades of constant internal strife, economic problems and countless other problems have led to an endless stream of elections and new governments. In 2101 following the collapse of the latest government a collection of nationalists, traditionalists, neo-fascists and monarchists in the north proclaim the faliure of the Italian State and call for a total revamping of the nation based on ancient imperial standards. The interim government in Rome objected to this proposal, in response the Imperial Coalition based in Florence announced its independence from the Italian Republic and declared war upon the old government.

The military campaign was shortlived with most of the Italian armed forces siding with the new Florentine government. In 8 short months the entire peninsula was under Florentine control and the seat of the government was restored to the Eternal City. The current Italian Claimant to the throne, 27 year old Umberto V was coronated Emperor of the Roman Empire and teh head of the new government.

The New Roman Empire set about on a course of establishing a European Empire through diplomacy or force. While not action has been taken yet it has seriously damaged Italian credibility on the world stage. In the meantime, the Empire has been busy expanding its military and using propaganda to promote an expansionist theme within the country.

Sterngths: A strong national pride in the government which has finally brought a much needed(if heavy handed) stability to Italy. The military is large, highly disciplined, well equipped and well trained. The Empire has also established numerous "European Unity" underground groups through the continent preparing for the coming wars or eventual coups that will unite the continent.

Weaknesses: The Empire is largely disliked by the world at large espically its local neighbors which are threatened by possible Italian expansion. State control over technology development into certain fields(notably military) has stunted growth making the research capacity of the Empire mediocre at best.

Roman Empire Stats
World Opinion: ++
Economy: +
Technology: ++
Espionage: +++
Military: ++

La Unión Liberada de Los Suramericanos (LUSA) (Pumpkin3.1415)
Faction Name: La Unión Liberada de Los Suramericanos (English: The Liberated Union of South Americans, often shortened to the LUSA)

History: After a series of economic depressions that swept across the most wealthy countries of South America in the early part of the 2050s, pockets of revolutionaries began to gather strength once again as the governments continued to levy harsh taxes on the poorest citizens while the wealthy continued to enjoy their lives of luxury. While many of these forces were suppressed by the governments they sought to bring down, one group, Los Ecos el Che (The Echoes of The Che), continued to rise in popularity and military strength. Eventually, they were able to state a coup and took over the country of Brazil, the most powerful country in South America at the time. From then on, Los Ecos continued spreading their message of bloody revolution against the bourgeoisie of surrounding countries, many of which quickly fell into the fold. Soon, a new state was created, which has been steadily increasing as the decades rolled on.

However, the spread of communism combined with the seizure of South American oil brought an unprecedented international response, as a coalition of nations moved to break the grasp that the LUSA had on South America. Some of the most powerful nations in the world moved against the LUSA, which makes the fact that the South Americans were able to repel the forces (with a substantial amount of aid from the Chinese) all the more amazing. Their victory helped solidify their place as a world power, which has been a mixed blessing as time goes on.

Strengths: The LUSA has control over the vast majority of the South American petroleum supply, allowing them to not only produce many machines of war, but also allows for trade with like-minded nations, specifically the Chinese. Because of this, the LUSA has a surprisingly diverse military structure, allowing them to defend their lands from invaders. The LUSA has an excellent espionage faction as well, as the original members who fought in the jungles and rivers against the former governments have taught further generations their guerrilla style of warfare.

Weaknesses: While vast in resources, territory, and population, the leadership of the LUSA simply can not handle the amount of people they have to take care of as a state. Food and power shortages are common in all areas, with many people resorting to tearing up sidewalks and parking lots in cities to raise their own crops. Its leadership has had trouble coping with numerous foreign and domestic threats in more recent years, as their constantly expanding territory steps on the toes of more and more nations. This has forced them into a state of martial law, in which citizens are arrested for even the slightest inclining of dissident activity. In addition, their withholding of petroleum to free market nations such as the United States has not made them many friends in the international community at large.

LUSA Stats
World Opinion: +++
Economy: +
Technology: ++++++
Espionage: ++++ (six against psionics due to wide spread anti-psi surgery)
Military: ++++

North American Coalition (N.A.C.) (Greystone)

Faction Name: N.A.C- North American Coalition

History: Shona Han is not a dictator...technically. She was voted into office, beating democratic nominee Ronald Lee by a landslide. Soon after wards the country's of Cuba, allied with the Chinese invaded simultaneously from the south and from the California coastline. Most of the senate and presidential cabinet had been in Florida. Ms. Han had been en route to the conference when most of the U.S.A.'s government had been slaughtered or captured.

Both China and Cuba expected the U.S.A. to crumble under such onslaught, Florida and the Californian coast falling quickly. But Ms. Han showed why the election hadn't even been close. In a brilliant political move she signed the North American Friendship pact and garnered the aid from Mexico and Canada. She then used their armies to great effect with the Mexican's assaulting Cuba itself while the Canadians launched an assault on Chinese controlled Hawaii, which was their staging ground.

While the enemy was reeling, Shona threw the knockout punch when she personally led the forces that massacred the Cuban army, the Liberation of Florida. Shona called for a vote by the American people to give all executive authority to her, so she could fully protect the country. American's still shocked by the attack and awed by her quick repulsion emphatically allowed this to happen.

Standing in the now U.S. controlled Cuban capital of Havana she somehow managed to have the leaders of Mexico and Canada sign the N.A.C. pact, which effectively made all three nations into one country. She is now known as, especially in Mexico, as La Reina Verde, the Green Queen-for her piercing Emerald eyes.

Strengths: The N.A.C. has basically the manpower and economy of three nations. The U.S. army is still considered to be one of the best in the World, but La Reina Verde has a new talent. She has quickly converted many of her Special forces (Rangers, Green Berets, excetra) into "the Supreme Elite" her own personal covert army. These men and women are amazing at covert, high risk missions. The world still views the united States in a extremely favorable light, and since its citizens retain most of their rights, no one is unhappy yet. Also Ms. Han is now focusing on alternate energy sources and better health care. At this point they have almost eliminated the need for petroleum. President Han is also an extremely tactical and charismatic leader.

Weaknesses: While most of the world views them favorably two countries really despise the U.S., China for their humiliating defeat and Great Britain. Great Britain was sickened by the formation of the N.A.C., seeing it as a bid for world domination. At the moment they have cut tyes with the N.A.C. Also while in the US the morale is excellent, some Canadians and Mexicans are resentful of what they see as a takeover of their country. Also while Han has stated nationalizing Industry, the N.A.C. still relies heavily on outside trade to fully function as a nation.

Goals: The countries goal is the same as the former US, keep alive personal freedoms in the known world. President Han's secret goal is a little different. You see, she knew that the attack was coming, but didn't stop it. Her plan was risky, but it worked. The Cuban's eliminated her rivals and rallied the nation around her. She plans on nothing short of world domination. She actually believes that the best way the human race will survive is if they are united under one banner. While she would prefer to do this diplomatically,she will resort to more...hostile methods.

World Opinion: ++ Massive unprovoked war, and genetic monstrosities.
Economy: +
Technology: +++
Espionage: +++++
Military: ++++++ Loss from Wide scale fighting

The Union of Northern Europe (UNE) (Moral Wiz)

The Union of Northern Europe

A few notable events are important in leading to the foundation of the Union.

First was the old European Union collapsing in 2050. Whilst the old union is no more, there is a block that looks on the idea as a noble thing. There's a "Special relationship" among most of the old union (Though Italy is now generally agreed to be outside this)

Second was the election of 2093, in which Johnathan Cornerstone took office with the New Democratic Party. In some cases, a name like that would result in radicalism, or dictatorship, but Cornerstone proved a moderate. He moved Great Britan into an echo of his own simple, slow way of doing things, a thing that'd been missing from their government for too long. He re-incentivised production, farmers, miners... This resulted in Britan becoming one of the foremost of European powers, whirlst not the foremost still capable of standing up to any other directly or indirectly.

Still, the Union would not be founded for 8 years yet. It's formation formed the opposite to the forming of a more sinister group.

2101 was the year in which the Empire came into being. A thing that sent the diplomats of Europe scrambling in confusion. Cornerstone scrabbled for the lines to Washington, but the War ensured no one was around to answer him.

In the face of this, the PM had one option, which he carried out with unusual haste for him. He contacted the heads of all European countries that Italy probably did not control, and offered to reestablish the old Union. However, Cornerstone stressed, this would be a stronger alliance, a more tightly binding one. They'd seen in the last 50 years where inderviduality got you. This would allow them to act as one, to fight any invaders, and keep their culture intace. It would be a band of equal states, a band of brothers, with a Central Executive made up of reps from all groups who whielded supreme power within.

France promptly joined with their neighbors once more, on a toast of Champaign, idealism and a grand military procession, making the new power block a better position than Britain could be alone, with farms, power and the largest military in the North. The three northern states of Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands also quickly joined, cementing the Union as a powerhouse.

The other states though were more ambivalent. They were far closer to Italy, and had far more to fear. They'd be hit first in any war. Germany, which'd been fighting a civil war for a few decades, briefly unified to respond with a negative. Other states quickly followed.

The newly formed Union didn't condemn the middle states though. instead, they've traded with them freely. That has proven a masterstroke, and one that has acted to cancel out much of the animosity generated by the Empire. They've become seen very much, throughout the world, as the "Viable Alternative" to an Imperial European Bloc

Strengths; They have an excellent hand diplomatically, their dealings with central Europe has ensued that they are viewed in many quarters as honorable, fair and polite. The economy, whirlst not booming, is in no immediate danger, and the tech labs keep on churning out more things to work with.

They have many spies within their boundries, as apart from the Empire, they are largely neutral in world affairs. Theirs is the plight of post WWII Berlin

Weakness; Their military is strong, experienced and well equipped but small. The UNE maintains a united military, which is bigger than a single member could hope to field, but still it is a problem. If the Empire launched a direct attack right now, they wouldn't have a hope of standing alone. Their best chance will be a co-ilition of European states resisting Italy, which would be possiable but far from certain. Aid from the rest of the world might be needed.

Morale, whilst not bad, is never great in the Union. Directives from Central Government (Which is an entirely virtual affair) tend to irritate... well, everyone. It's a joke throughout Europe that the Union is always most united in a mild hatred of their own government. That overplays it, the Union will probably hold well if war comes, but still morale might be a problem. Diplomacy is always touchy

The economy too... It's stable, but relies on outside trade. Oil from LUSA, food from NAC... UNE is neutral in disputes between the two, but that carries it's own problems. They're always looking for more trade partners, and are trying to develop interior resources, but for now they'd feel it if LUSA or NAC cut off the pipeline.

Goals; Firstly, to survive, and ensure that no outsider will take Europe (they regard the Empire as "Outsiders".

Cornerstone has an additional goal. European unity. If they do weather the Imperial Storm, that'll become a dirty word, but still the PM insists on trying. If he can establish European unity... well, they'll be a power on the world stage. That will change everything.

UNE Stats
World Opinion: ++++++ Mech Corp sent to other nations.
Economy: ++Plague
Technology: +++++
Espionage: +++++++
Military: ++++++ Loss from fighting in Europe, Africa, Antarctica and China

South East Asian Treaty for Stability (Wizard of the Coat)

South East Asian Treaty for Stability

In the turmoil during the last 100 years the Nations of South East Asia sought nothing but mutual security. A defensive alliance between Indonesia and Australia quickly included most on the penisula feeling the looming threat of China. Ever since they joined the countries have been sealing their borders to outside influence and creating a mutual economic free trade zone ranging from Birma to New Zealand.

Singapoor hosts the SEATS council, that has representatives of all the provinces in it. National level governments have been abolished though and each province only has limited sovereignty. Still the SEATS council remains elusive to all foreign govenments, never speaking openly to them, instead hiding behind vast trade barriers and extensive technological countermeasures. Most Foreign governments would thus be worried about what goes on in this elusive region.

The relative stability of the region has boosted scientific investments, initially seen as a way to prevent foreign interference it swiftly was seen as a means forward. Their heavy reliance on defensive technologies and desire for economic prosperity did not do wonders for their army though. As the SEATS council took over national armies were disbanded and only an expeditionary force remains. If their technology fails the SEATS council can only hope for natural mountains and jungles in south east asia and two oceans to protect them long enough for their industry to gear up for total war...

"The people are content with the government, but there is a collectivist nature to the implementation and individual freedoms are secondary to the collective, though the latter are based upon basic human rights."

World Opinion:
"Highly isolationist to preserve humanitarian values with sharp condemnation of foreign actions...though no real interventions (so anger both sides as they condemn one, but refuse to help the other). Coupled with suspicions of their seismic technology and other hidden programs... They are very much the north korea of this age in terms of their relative lack to care about what others think, they care about their own humanitarian ideals only."

"Despite the troubles of the global economy, the SEATS economy bas flourished through a large shared market and the relative stability in the region, due to little foreign dependance, the focus on technology allowing the region to overcome many of the hardships."

"The reason for the system to still exist. It's big brother is watching the borders...having the means to keep people out and capacity to disrupt agression with advanced countermeasures (say bye bye to your communications, stock markets, electronics...etc... if you attack or maybe something worse)

"The state is well aware of what happens inside and around it, but across borders it leaves something to be desired."

"Sufficient forces to wage a defensive war by relying on natural obstacles and technological advantage and delay an enemy long enough for their economic might to gear into action. In addition a lot of old military equipment is rusting away in the army depots of the former nations, no longer usable in any modern war, but with some fresh paint they still perform admirably in military parades."

Addition to the state:

The state claims dominance over most of south east asia, indonesia and australia. New Zealand and the southern pacific islands as well as most small indian ocean islands are not formal members, but are seen as within their sphere of influence and treaties have been forced upon these countries turning them into effective protectorates. SEATS claims this is for mutual assistance, but it is clear that the 'perimiter' they have established is in essence just part of their paranoid isolationism and defensive measures.

As for the military the real power is small well equiped special forces that use the terrain backed up with intelligence, such as seismic detectors and vibrocommunucators that can detect oncomming invasions by tracking the movement of vehicles across the soil at long long distances and use low frequency waves in the earth to communicate...satalites are used sparsely as they are too easily destroyed...in fact geotechnology is one of their prime focusses...drawing on geothermal energy and seeking to prevent vulcanic activity and other seismic activity from creating potentially devastating natural desastetrs...though with their isolationanism some could easily think that their programs are means of causing such seismic disasters from across the globe..."who know, maybe they can..."

World Opinion: ++
Economy: + Limited to Australia and Southern Africa
Technology: +++
Espionage: ++
Military: +

The Sovereign Government of Aid (Thistle)

Faction Name: The Sovereign Government of Aid

History: In the year 2100 billionaire Jacob Vaughn set up the Agency of Aid, a massive relief effort like never seen before. The program was hailed as one of the noblest efforts made by man and it soon reached every corner of the world. It brought aid and relief to thousands of countries and peoples.
The elderly philanthropist died in 2115 leaving the running of the Agency to his son. Jacob Vaughn Jr. only expanded the Agency till they provided aid to almost every country in some way or another. The Agency brought medicine, food, seeds, teaching and more.
Then, in a move that shocked the world, Mr. Vaughn declared sovereignty over most of the Indian subcontinent by "humanitarian right" in 2120. This included India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Nepal. The Agency of Aid became the Sovereign Government of Aid. Vaughn quickly set about an intense reclamation of the desolate wastes and offered refuge for any who sought it. In five short years the SGA has become a nation and managed to maintain its foreign efforts.

Strengths: The world view of the SGA is high. While there are some who are uncomfortable with what they see as an invasion of India and surrounding lands, few can deny the positive effect the SGA has made there and abroad.
Most of the citizens find their life an improvement but it is far from easy. They are expected to help with reclamation, farming, training new refugees, and do training themselves. Most do this gladly and take pride in their work. They see it as building their own country.
The information gathered by foreign aid workers gives the SGA a massive network of contacts. Vaughn even started training some recruits in espionage when he inherited the organization. Knowledge is the main commodity given the limited economy of the SGA and so Vaughn encourages the relief efforts to double as a spy network.
All citizens are part of the militia. All are trained in military and martial combat basics. Exercises are run at least once a year. So, while unable to actually field an army abroad, an invasion will be in for a hard fight.

Weaknesses: The variety of people who come to the SGA causes some cultural tensions to arise. And the living conditions (though improving) are not especially pleasant right now. The population is crowded until more irradiated land can be safely settled.
The reclamation and maintaining other relief efforts is taxing on the SGA’s economy. While the reclamation is slowly starting too easy this burden, large amounts of donations and imports are still necessary, especially food.
The SGA has good and modern technology but has to spread out what it has. Thus sometimes the SGA most make do with less than optimal equipment.

World Opinion: +++++
Economy: +
Technology: +++
Espionage: +++++
Military: + (potentially as high as +++ defensively)

2008-09-22, 05:51 AM
Oh I thought I had conquered Cuba...did I just take the capital of Havana? Thats where the NAC was signed...

Standing in the now U.S. controlled Cuban capital of Havana she somehow managed to have the leaders of Mexico and Canada sign the N.A.C. pact, which effectively made all three nations into one country. She is now known as, especially in Mexico, as La Reina Verde, the Green Queen-for her piercing Emerald eyes.

2008-09-22, 09:34 AM
Open message to the NAC
Solaris officailly extends it's welcome to the NAC. We are the energy capital of the world, it says so right in our name. As a meritocracy, we do not think we can accept a large communist nation to the south. Here, take some reduced rates on our oil and energy. We expect a few favors in return, but just don't lose to the LUSAians.

Message to the NRE (GM can decide if your espionage rating let you read it?)
We have a booming military industry. Feel like buying some tanks?

Message to Pandora (GM can decide if your espionage rating let you read it?)
We have lots of cash, you need cash. Care to help us with some technology?

Message to the GM
Lets focus on maintaining the wars going to the south, but not further expansion of those projects. Also, I'd like to begin a naval build up on the West African Coast, and and to airdrop a few crates of food with the Solaris stamp obstinately (and indeliblily) stamped all over them right over the poorest sections of LUSA (hoping to pump up my espinage rating and bring down LUSA's morale)

2008-09-22, 11:10 AM
A handwritten letter is delivered directly to Emperor Umberto V, with the official seal of Los Ecos adorning the back flap of the envelop. Penned just yesterday, the letter's contents read:

To your excellency, Emperor Umberto V--

We of La Union feel that a partnership, no matter how temporary, between our two great nations, would greatly benefit the both of us. You need petroleum, and we need a more stable relationship with a European power such as yourself. We feel that our nations, together, can achieve a better front against those that would wish to stop our glorious visions that we each have for the world.

We are willing to sell you our oil at a reduced price, however we must ask that you do not receive oil from any other faction. Currently, the boost that we would receive from your continued business would help make our partnership more beneficial for the both of us.

Please understand, that this is nothing more than a business arrangement between our great nations. Neither of us are obliged to help the other in any military capacity, and neither is signing to not make military action against the other. This is simply a formal business agreement.

Hope you and your family are well, and we eagerly await your response.


Vicente Ramirez, Premier of Foreign Affairs.

2008-09-22, 11:23 AM
Can I read this? 'cause... yeah I'd responde if I could.

Message to the UNE (blah blah blah)
Would you care to end your dependence on LUSAian oil? We've got a range of options for you, from Arabian oil to our famous solar cells and battery packs. BTW, we hear the NRE is looking to buy tanks. Would you care to purchase some anti-tank weaponry?

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 11:28 AM
@JJCan I have more specifics about which bits of Africa and the middle east Solaris has? They'll affect Cornerstone's attempt to open diplomacy

2008-09-22, 11:31 AM
All of north africa and the arabian penisula. (Suez ftw) We're pushing south, esp. to oil rich nigeria. see also; ninja edit.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 11:37 AM
OOC @JJEverything? Dear oh dear. When poor old Cornerstone's only got some of North Europe... Land Hog! :smalltongue:

IC@SolarisInteresting. How, precisely, did you hear of this?

We have plans relating to LUSAn Oil. Plans, perhaps, that Solaris could possibly help us in, and profit from. Though they would be highly detrimental to a certain faction.


Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-22, 12:40 PM
For simplicities sake assume you can open the spoilers of nations that have a lower espionage rating than you. Unless of course the spoiler was meant for you.

2008-09-22, 03:08 PM
The New Roman Empire

To Solaris
As of this time the NRE has no need to purchase outside military equipment but should the need arise in the future we will remember your offer.

To Los Ecos

The New Roman Empire would be most interested in acquiring oil as we lack significantly large enough reserves in our own territory to completely match our need. The agreement that you have proposed is more than acceptable.

We hope to continue to have positive and prosperous relations with your nation and your people.

-Umberto V
Emperor of Rome

General actions:

Rome pressures San Marino for unification:

Italian ambassadors are sent to San Marino to encourage the European microstate to agree to a unification deal which would allow the Captain-Regents and the senate of the city to continue leading as they normally would with only minimal Italian oversight. The ambassadors stress the fact that San Marino is entirely dependent on Italy for all its energy, water, transportation and sanitation needs. Additionally the governmental claim is that San Marino was originally part of the Roman Empire and it is only right that it rejoin with the Empire following its triumph return.

Coincedentally, the Italian army begins conducting a large scale training excercise only 15 miles from the Most Serene Republic. The movement which involves over 20,000 soldiers almost the entire population of San Marino is a not so subtle reminder on how simple it would be to force the issue.

Gladio actives cells in Swizterland and Croatia:

Gladio(the secret police) officially authorizes its deep cover units in Croatia and Swizterland to begin operations against those countries governments and to promote unification with Rome. In the coming days and months groups funded by the Empire will begin to organize protests against the government and call for peaceful unification with the New Roman Empire.

Gladio agents will also organize smear campaigns, physical attacks and even assassinations against outspoken critics of unification with Rome.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 03:18 PM

Earlier today, Prime Minister Cornerstone viamently condemned the proposed merger of the Roman Empire, and San Marino

If the merger was accepted by the people, or the government, that would be one thing. But the Empire puts threats of force behind it's offer. 20,000 troops stand oh, so near to San Marino. It's little more than intimidation of a sovereign state, in a fashion entirely typical of Umberto. Rest assured, the UNE is investigating punitive action, and such will be taken against the Empire should this issue be forced upon the people.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 03:40 PM
BBC Archive; File P-07-PJC-A1M7H.

Interview with Prime Minister Cornerstone.

...imeMinister, you've undoubtedly come under heavy fire from political analysts. Dr. Jacobson who we heard earlier told us that the Empire is gearing up for war on an untold of scale.

Yes. I'd have said the Doctor was quite right there. The Empire has always, from it's founding, given us every indication that it is an expansionist state. These rather transparent threats at San Marino are simply confirmation of what we already knew. I would like to compliment the good Doctor's mastery of the obvious

Well then, if the Empire is on a war footing, why is it that the Northern Union has yet to rally Europe?

Have you looked out there lately, Jhohan? People are frightened of the Empire and it's goons. That they do not join them already is a great testament to the courage of Europe. But we must not expect this to change soon.

So... you are saying the UNE must stand alone?

Of course not. That would be foolish. However, pointless embelishment of the facts is not something I believe in. It can not be doubted that Europe will stay neutral until they can know that they will be safe in joining our great Union.

So, you are not positive as to the future? You believe war is inevitable between us and the Romans?

Indeed, I fear we are in for dark times, Jhonan. But what is important is that we do not give into them. That we avoid the mistakes of the past, and capitalize on it's successes. That we chart a better course for the future, and that I believe is throurghly....

Never mind such long term speculation Prime Minister. It is the short term that concerns our viewers What, in your view, does the more immediate future hold for the UNE?

Who knows? The Darkest Hour is after all, just before the Dawn. Perhaps our darkest hour draws near. But if the Empire wants a war, we'll stand ready to ensure Europe is not dominated by such tyrants. And then our dawn will come, and they will....

2008-09-22, 04:45 PM
The Solaris Alliance wishes to express dismay at the confrontational nature of the NRE's current foriegn policies.

To the UNE
Oh well, nevermind. Hey, we have some tanks avalible. Care to buy?

As to anything that might... well, we're intrested.

2008-09-22, 06:27 PM
President Han stood in front of a crowd of people, all people.

There were white, black, Asian, Hispanic, all minorities. Former U.S. citizens stood side by side with Mexican's and Canadian's. The president stood at about 5'11 with long rich ebony hair. Her skin was pale, but her features plainly showed some Asian ancestry.

Flanking her on both sides were two fully armored members of the Supreme Elite, except missing their normal face-covering gas-masks.

President Han seems to look into the eyes of everyone present, her piercing green eyes transfixing her audience.

"Citizen's of the N.A.C., listen to my words. The U.S.A. stood for freedom in this world and how does the world react? Invasion, Terrorism, and petty rivalry. When the Founding Fathers wrote the constitution, did they think we would have to fight for this responsibility? Of ours they did. They equipped us with tools we need to survive in the dangerous world."

A large beam of light focuses on the U.S. Stars and stripes behind her.

"We must be able to put aside squabbles of race and religion, today you stand as brothers, sisters, and comrades. Both the Cuban's and the Chinese caused horrific damage to the American people, but we returned the damage twice over!"

Here the crowd cheers, and President Han smiles, and waits for silence.

" I will be very clear on this matter, it is not the Cuban peoples fault, but the fault of a oppressive government. After an integration I will be accepting Cuba into the N.A.C. with open arms. I know many of you are upset with this decision, but be assured the ones who caused the invasion have been either executed or locked away, they are being punished!"

Shona lifts her hands and the crowd cheers again.

"The start of a new age, where peace and prosperity can truly rule over tyranny!'

The crowd continues to cheer as the president steps from behind the podium with a smile on her face and her arms held aloft in triumph. The Stars and stripes lower and a huge dark emerald flag raises above her head. Sewn in the Middle is one Giant Star flanked by two smaller ones.

"Not only a new age but a new nation. Any country that joins the NAC will have their star added to the flag! May this flag be the symbol of freedom around the world!"

Official Statement to the Solaris Alliance:
The N.A.C. are happy to receive any and all help from the Solaris Alliance. Would it also be possible for skilled workers to be loaned to us to help rebuild our economy, repairing the damages caused by the Cuban's and Chinese. Take heed though, we are watching your Southern conquests and if things become too violent we will be forced to intercede.

President Han's declaration:
The N.A.C. offers the W.D.P. or World Defense Pact to any nations fearing the expansion of militaristic states. All nations form a defensive alliance that states that resources shall be shared and any attacks on their sovereign states shall be defended against. Nations may sign up even if they are not in immediate danger and just feel the need for extra security.

President Shona Han

2008-09-22, 08:02 PM
GNN BREAKING NEWS--Attack on Buenos Aries!

This is Rebecca St. Clair, reporting live on the scene in Buenos Aries, where the armed forces of the Liberated Union of South Americans, more commonly referred to as LUSA, have made a lightning attack against the democratic republic of Argentina. The Argentinian government has remained defiant against their communist neighbors to the north, who are now attempting to seize control of the nation. While the heads of state have been safely evacuated to a secure location, military analysts believe the nation will fall be the end of the week assuming no interference from outside nations. We have recieved word that the forces are being lead by former American General Norbert Robertson, who defected to the LUSA after the end of NATO's unsuccessful attempt to break the communist hold on South America.

We are being told now that it is not safe to be in this area, however even as I'm being removed, I see pictures of American president Shona Han, with the words "La Reina Muerte" written on, being waved by soldiers of the LUSA. These are turbulent times for the people of Argentina, and hopefully, they will blow over soon enough. For the Global New Network, this is Rebecca St. Clair.

A nuestras amigos a el Imperio RomanoA little bird has informed us that there are talks amongst you and the Africans about trading arms. We don't believe this to be in your best interests, simple because it would be cheaper for you to just ask us to have arms and munitions shipped along with the oil that we'll be sending you in the future. We hope to hear back from you soon about our proposal.

Gracias, your Majesty

Vicente Ramirez

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-22, 08:35 PM
End of turn One (Each turn will be approximately three months)

San Marino accepts the Empire's unification deal. In a touching ceremony the Blue and White of the San Marino flag is lowered and the flag of the New Roman Empire is raised. With a stroke of the pen the worlds oldest republic is no more.

Riots have broken out in both Croatia and Switzerland. Protesters demand unification with the New Roman Empire. In Croatia rioters stormed the UNE embassy. The Ambassador, a outspoken critic of the Empire, was dragged form his bed and paraded through the streets of New Zagreb before being publicly murdered.

Just twelve miles off of the coast of Morocco the Solaris oil tanker Saint Martin, exploded violently. Sings point towards catastrophic mechanical failure.

Luna 3 and the UNE have begun talks to discuss a potential trade agreement.

Tsar Kurd collapsed during his semi annual public address. He was rushed to Volgograd hospital where he remains in critical condition.

A new trade agreement between the Roman Empire and LUSA was approved by the imperial senate. Already economists predict a bull year for both nations.

A top secret Solaris lab was broken into. Authorities are tight lipped and refuse to comment.

President Han announces new economic policies designed at eliminating NAC's dependence on foreign oil once and for all.

In a joint statement Prime Minister Tufu of Luna 3 and Pope Julius announce their plans to build an colossal orbital space station. The station will be the new home of the Vatican. Once completed it will be giant two mile long cross. Developers say that it will be visible from earth even during the day.

The Solaris military continues its operations to pacify it's new holdings in Africa. The government in exile of Nigeria has sent a formal request to President Han of the NAC to be included in the World Defense Pact.

In a brilliant tactical maneuver LUSA General Norbert Robertson has taken control of Argentina days ahead of even the most optimistic of LUSA's predictions. Buenos Aries has fallen before most nations could even convene to discuss the matter.

Austria-Hungary and South Prusia have both sent formal applications to join the WDP.

2008-09-22, 08:44 PM
General message to the diplomatic world:
While Han's gesture of a defence pact is well recieved, the Solaris Alliance must decline. This nation holds itself above hypocracy, and is well aware that our current pacifications of the nations of the Nigeria-Cote d'Ivoire belt. These steps are being taken to ensure our continued survival as a nation and will eventually be for the betterment of the continent, that these resourse rich but disunified, scattered, quite frankly third-rate governments be overthrow and replaced with our proven leadership, but we are aware that others might have a different view. With victory well in sight, and our borders almost the way we want them, we may soon pledge our extensive might to the WDP. Under proper leadership and with proper caveats.

Speaking of which, for the betterment of the international community at large, we would like to propose a formal embargo on the LUSA, though they have already ceased all trade with the civilized world.

In other news the state owned Solaris Contractors Union Inc. has hired out it's services at a reasonable price to the NAC governmental department in charge of rebuilding. They bring along with them much equipment emblazoned with the Solaris national seal, rows of solar panal flanked by happy men and women overseeing robotic workers. All of there equipment is covered in solar panels and augmented by the patented Solaris Universal Battery Pack, for when the sun goes down and the wells go dry.

2008-09-22, 08:52 PM
A large oil tanker is found completely abandoned in a port of Morocco, with a handwritten note written entirely in Spanish. Translators decipher the letter as reading:

We have heard of the tragedy that has befallen your people, and as a gesture of goodwill, we have given you this brand new tanker, recommissioned as the Santa Martin, after the tragic tanker that was lost just a few miles from here. The prayers of our people goes out to the crew of the tanker, and we hope that our continued competition remains friendly.

Your servant,

Vicente Ramirez, Premier of Foreign Affairs

In addition, a veritable garden of beautiful rain forest flowers have been sent to Tsar Kurd, with a note of support sent from Vicente Ramirez, hoping for his speedy recovery.

Also, the most recent news has shown that LUSA Premier Hernando Ortiz will be making a good-will trip to a Cuban refugee camp in Costa Rica within the week.

2008-09-22, 10:03 PM
President Han looked over the quickly passing gulf of Mexico and smiled grimly. This was starting sooner then see had anticipated. She looked out and saw seven other identical troop hover-copters, painted matte black and as silent as the wind.

She was going to attempt to slay two birds with one fell stone.

"Madam President, We are entering Argentine air space, e.t.a. 10 minutes" the pilot said over the intercom.

Shona smirked and pulled up her intercom "Commanders in ten minutes we will assault the city of Buenos Ares, know your objectives...and good hunting."

Her plan was to attack and eliminate enemy forces in the Argentine Capital. Shona you see had military training as an officer in West Point.

The plan went smoothly. The Supreme Elite, the best forces she had, grappled down from their hover copters. Shona led her squad to the N.A.C. Embassy building. The doors were broken down and three guards stood watch. Three bursts of silent fire later and they were down.

She strode into the Embassy and her face curled into a grimace of anger. N.A.C. guards and ambassadors lay dead in pools of their own blood. Her team quickly made their way to the second story, efficently eliminating any targets. Finally she heard voices.

"Ambassador be reasonable, I know that you know certain plans about LUSA and if you want your family to live you will cooperate. "

Shona signaled her men and they burst through the door, eliminating several targets. N.A.C. Ambassador Ron Lee sat, face bruised and his blond hair matted with blood. Across from him lay his two children and wife, tied and gagged.

General Norbert Robertson lay blood pooling from a shoulder wound. Shona walked over to him and heaved him up.

"Do you know what your sin is Robertson, Arrogance" She snarled at him "You attacked days ahead of schedule, leaving most of your forces behind, Arrogance is the reason you only had this pitiful few as guards" she turned to her Captain "Take him and escort us back to the heli"

The Captain saluted "Si, La Reina Verde"

Defense of Argentina:
The Supreme Elite launched an attack of their own liberating the city of Beunos Ares. Soon after a large portion of the N.A.C. Army arrived led by General Kim Finate. The borders are being heavily defended by all branches of the armed forces.

Official Statement to the World and LUSA:
When you attack a city waving signs that wish the death of our President we assume you are going to harm our embassy. You did and that was an assault on NAC soil. We responded in kind. Do not continue your attacks or there will be a war declared between the two nations

Answer to Nicaragua, Austri-Hungary, and South Prussia:
Your wish to join the WDP has been accepted, you are now liable to all rights of the pact. Trade has been opened between us. Any and all support is appreciated.

Support for Europe:
At the onset of the violent riots in Croatia and Switzerland the N.A.C. offers support in any way to the government. They just wish they could do more, but without a specific invitation troops cannot be sent

General Norbert Robertson:
He has been locked away as a security risk in a secret military prison. It can safely assume he is being interrogated

We would like to thank the Solaris Empire of their economic support!

2008-09-22, 10:14 PM
For the second time in the nation's history, one of the leaders of the LUSA has made his appearance public. Vicente Ramirez, walks swiftly through the NAC embassy, with armed escort, and enters the room where President Han awaits him.

"Ah, Presidente Han, it is an honor to meet the acquaintance of such a brilliant leader such as yourself. You must understand that our movement into Argentina was simply suppress the resistance forces who continue to undermine our sovereign nation, and we felt the best way as to plus the nation under our control.

We can assure you that it was not our intention to harm your embassy. We gave our soldiers specific orders to not harm your land, however, some of our new recruits can be a bit...overzealous.

We realize, however, that this apparently does not meet with your approval, so we have a proposal: We will exit Argentina and hand the capital over to you, to do with whatever you wish. In exchange, we simply want peace on our continent, and the return of general Robertson. My superiors believe this to be more than fair, and hope that we can strive for a...more peaceful coexistence.

What do you say, Senora Presidente?"

2008-09-22, 10:25 PM
President Han smirked as the LUSA leader fed her what she was sure was lies.

"Senor Ramirez, I have a counter proposal" she stood from behind the embassy desk "You see I think your lying through your teeth"

She opened a drawer and slammed it down on the desk. It was a picture of her with the words La Reina Muerte embossed on the bottom.

"It seems odd to me that a simple plan to subdue resistance forces would have troops carrying signs like this. I do take things like this personally you see. Here is MY proposal. You will immediately withdraw from Argentina, and I will hold General Norbert Robertson until you give me the people responsible for this. Do not lie to me Ramirez, this will be an exchange if Robertson is so important you can survive this demand...Si?"

The Supreme Elite guards finger their weapons, if the LUSA guards even started lowering their weapons in her general direction, they would fire.

2008-09-22, 10:40 PM
Ramirez gets up from the table, and walks over to the window. He looks out on the countryside below, and picks a flower growing on the ivy that scales the walls of the embassy.

"You certainly are shrewd, Senora Presidente, even if you are a might...what is it you Americans say? 'Trigger happy?' Although I don't enjoy being called a liar to my face, I can certainly understand why you would distrust me. Which is why I'm going to be completely honest with you, right now. I simply hope that my words do not fall on...distrusting ears.

You see, my superiors have two wars on their horizons: an economic war with the Africans, and a land war with you. As of now, we do not believe that we can win a land war with you, however, we believe that we can beat the Solarians. Which is why now, we must keep our...how do you say...eyes on the prize: You. You can not honestly look me in the eye and tell me that you do not have interests in our beautiful continent. However, even if you were to enter a war with us, it would be very costly to you, especially after having two almost back-to-back wars.

For now, I believe that we should simply agree to disagree. We will leave Argentina, but you must as well. We will hand Buenos Aries back over to the Argentinians, and neither factions will make military advances on them. We will have those responsible for these...defamatory photographs in your care by the end of the month, and at such a time, you shall return our prodigal general back to us.

What do you say to that, Senora Presidente?"

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-22, 10:44 PM
Russian Ambassadorial message to LUSA.

Dear Vicente Ramirez

I thank you for your generous gift. However know this, I will not take sides in any upcoming conflict. As long as I still live Russia will stay out of the world's petty squabbles.

Tsar Kurd, protector of the faith, champion of the people, lord of the realm.

Message to LUSA form the People's Republic of China

Vincente Ramirez,

Have you forgotten your brothers in China?
You should have told us of your plan, we could have been their to support you. That pig Han would have thought twice before taking on a combine task force. we've betten them before and we can do it again.

That being said, we can have troops on the ground within twenty four if you need our help.

Premiere Wu Jen

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 10:48 PM
@SolarisTanks will be appreciated. However, I'm only interested in a one off purchase. I have plans of my own.

What price?

@NACThe NUE is fully interested in joining the WDP.


Dear President Han.

I'm sure you, like I, Will be aware of the riots in Croatia and Switzerland. We beign, I think, to see stormclouds over europe. Just as there were two centuries ago.

I, and the UNE would appreciate greatly American Aid against the Empire. Be that thru troops to relieve the Union Army, or money to spend on raising it ourselves. An Empire dominated Europe is not in your intrests

Good wishes, Reina Verde

Prime Minister Cornerstone

2008-09-22, 10:56 PM
A nuestras amigos de ChinaPremier Jen--We appreciate your support in our time of struggle, but this was simple a test of wills with the Americans, to test their reaction. Now that we know how far they're willing to go, our diplomacy can change accordingly.

However, if you would like to help your brothers, you'll...take care of Tsar Kurd for us. The poor man is clearly sick, and should be 'retired' of his command. Once that is done, we will begin making talks with Pandora, and talk about expanding their territory for them.

Vicente Ramirez

Excerpt taken from the Wall Street Journal--

"Today marks the largest business deal between a communist nation and a free market nation. The South American-based contracting company, Sol Solutions, has begun numerous projects across Europe, under contract with the UNE. Time will tell how these strange bedfellows will get along in the future."

2008-09-22, 11:16 PM
"Trigger happy you say, well I suppose I cannot disagree." Shona stands up and looks the man in the eye, letting her famous green orbs burn into him "Even if I don't fully trust you I believe you in this matter...Your terms are accepted for the moment"

"Excuse me, I have business elsewhere" flanked by her guards, she begins to walk out "Ramirez" she says pausing, suddenly a small smirk played about her lips "Well played"

Dispatch to UNE
We are happy to welcome you to the WDP, UNE. I trust you understand your obligations.

Dear Prime Minister Cornerstone,

I fully recognize the threat in Europe sir, but before I can submit troops to the European front I need two things.

1) The other European nations must enter the WDP, I'm sure you can use your contacts to gain their backing. I need to remain as legal as possible.

2) I need your assurance that if a war broke out with LUSA, you would send military assistance. They are just as bad (if not worse) then this so called New Roman Empire. They are communists for Christ sake.

If I have your word then you have mine.

Good Hunting,

President Shona Han

2008-09-22, 11:21 PM
Ramirez bows, and lightly tosses the flower he picked to the president as she walks out.

"Adios, and salud, Senora Presidente."

Within the hour, LUSA troops withdraw from Argentina.

2008-09-22, 11:28 PM
With Lightning fast reflexes Shona turns and catches the flower, with a smile she tucks it into her suit pocket "We don't have to be enemies Ramirez...remember that"

and then she turns and leaves Argentina, taking her troops, and surviving embassy members with her.

Later that day the announcement that former Presidential candidate and Ambassador to Argentina Ron Lee has been made Vice President.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-22, 11:38 PM

And now, to a special announcement from Prime Minister Cornerstone

The Roman ceremony at San Marino plays behind the Prime Minister, fading, with the formal music of the celebration still playing, to the scenes from Croatia and Switzerland. The execution of the ambassador is shown.

Black times, people of the UNE. Black times are on the horizon.

The UNE condemns the actions of these murderous crowds. No doubt the Empire will do the same. If the government and people of these states have any difficulties that we can help with, they have only to ask.

He is silent for a few seconds, before

A wise man who held my office centuries ago once said "If you recognize someone, it does not mean that you like them" The aggression of the Empire means we must look around us, to the rest of the world, and no longer allow ourselves the luxury of ambivilance

At this point, the Union of Northern Europe wishes to formally recognize the Technocracy of Pandora as a country. An ambassadorial staff has been sent to the Technocracy and a Pandoran embassy will open in Denmark, on UNE Soil. Economic deals are being negotiated, and I'm pleased to inform you, the UDF will shortly being using the latest in Pandoran specification equipment.

Don't worry though. Our own scientists have pledged to try and work on it. Pandora may have the edge on us, but rest assured, this deal won't kill competition. Not by a long shot..

I recognize that the nature of Pandora's research has been questioned on Ethical grounds. And whirlst that's still very much an open issue... well, we have a right to debate it. We would not wish to force anyone to give up their views on anything. We are not the New Roman Empire.

In the wake of Argentina, we would further like to remind both the LUSA, and the NAC that we are at peace with both of them, and seek to remain so.

@NACGetting Europe into your WDP won't be easy. After these riots, our credibility took a hit. We'll need to give them a show of strength before they'll listen to us.

However, I'm not asking you to commit them across Europe, yet. I'm asking that you commit them just to the UNE at this stage. Such a display would reassure Europe of our status as a credible alternative, and calm nerves, both here and in the rest of Europe

And making commitments on troops is an impossibility at this stage. Especially against the LUSA. We are, as much as we would both wish otherwise, still reliant on them for oil. And I have no wish to change one poor partner for another, in the shape of Solaris.

Energy independence is a goal of ours as well, but until then I can not commit to such an action. Our neutrality between you, and the LUSA holds.


Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 12:24 AM
Message to New Roman Empire

Emperor Umberto V,

Your European Unity Sleeper cells in Austria-Hungary and South Prussia want to instruction. Their governments have joined the World Defense Pact, what should they do?

Gladio Agent 9878

Message to Umberto V from Heir Apparent Gern of Russia


Let their be brotherhood between Tsar and future Tsar. As you know my beloved uncle is not long for this world, and I will soon be Tsar. Russia will soon be reappearing on the world stage, and will have need of strong friends such as yourself. My daughter will soon be of marriageable age, I would be most honored if you would take her hand in marriage.

Prince Gern

P.S. I'm sure a sufficient dowry could be arranged, how does Poland sound?

2008-09-23, 08:31 AM
Message to the United Nations, from the Liberated Union of South Americans, delivered by Vicente Ramirez:

We, the people of South America, wish to achieve a more peaceful unity with the world around us. Yes, ours is a nation baptized in blood, but so many other nations were born this way as well, and it does not seem to mar their reputation. So, we are willing to show that we are not truly as bloodthirsty as we seem. Like all nations, we simply strive for peace and prosperity within our own borders, and while we have had our share of hard times in the past, a new sun is about to rise on our continent. Peace will come within our borders, and to show our dedication to peace without, we are preparing a disarmament of approximately 20% of our own armed forces, as we believe that having such a huge military force is not required to seek peace. Many of these soldiers will be going over to Europe, where they will help with construction projects to build hospitals, universities, and new roadways. This is to assure that we strive for peace in our time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that we can all achieve greatness for our nations, and peace with one another. Good health, and good luck to you all.

The following day, an unidentified civilian transport craft is seen sailing off the coast of Florida. When custom officials check the cargo holds, they find a few dozen men bound, gagged, and blindfolded. They wear South American military uniforms, some ranking as high as lieutenant. Around each of their necks hangs the infamous portrait of President Han with the worlds "La Reina Muerte" scribbled on. A handwritten note is found in the captains quarters, with a wildflower like the ones found on the NAC embassy building. It simply reads: A gift to Senora Presidente.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 10:28 AM
Missive from Space Pope Julius to Jacob Vaughn Jr.

I have been watching both you and your father these last few years, and it warms my heart to see such charity. However, as I understand it many of these people have yet to accept Christ. This is most disconcerting, what good is it to care for their bodies if their souls are in mortal danger? The church is willing to increase donations dramatically, provided that the word is spread to these lost souls.

Your Brother in Christ,
Pope Julius

2008-09-23, 11:19 AM
Message to Los Ecos

The NRE turned down the deal offered to us by Solaris. As of this time we have no need for foreign weapons. But, we will of course remember our allies in South America and will come to you first should we require any equipment.

Parades in Rome and San Marino

Thousands take to the streets in celebration of the peaceful and joyous unification of the Empire and San Marino. His Imperial Highness Umberto V speaking before a crowd announced that this is an important first step for unity throughout Europe and the emergence of a new European superpower.

Gladio agents escalate efforts

Gladio agents within Croatia and Switzerland are told to strengthen their efforts towards unification. They will begin encouraging even further protests, work stoppages and denial of access to roads and trains by blocking roads and tracks.

Bribes will also be paid to politicians to encourage them to bring to the floor bills that will promote unity with Rome. Politicians opposed to the measure will be blackmailed and slandered to either change their votes or abstain from voting all together.

Emperor Umberto speaks out about the riots, Ambassadors sent to affected nations.

The Roman Emperor spoke today about the ongoing violence in Croatia and Swizterland. While the Emperor and the nation as a whole is deplores the violence perpetuated against their fellow Europeans he feels that these movements that have gripped the nation represent a step forward for European Unity and that the governments should listen to their people's demands. He announces that diplomatic teams will be sent to both Croatia and Swizterland to discuss what terms could be reached for a peaceful and quick unification with the Empire which will allow those governments to continue running themselves internally as provinces of the Empire.

Message to Gladio sleepers in Austria-Hungary and South Prussia

Begin gathering dirt on the politicians who supported entry into the WDP and exposing it to discredit their intentions. If dirt can not be found, fabricate it. Turn the people against the WDP and the NAC as a gorup of foreign meddlers and interveners seeking to dominate Europe through an economic stranglehold.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 11:46 AM

... The Empire's idea of Unity is not at all what you or I would mean by the term. When they speak of European Unity, do what I do. Read "Roman Empire".

Take Switzerland and Croatia These countries showed no leanings to Imperialsim until fairly recently. The Emperor's little idea that they are simply reflecting their people's will is absurd. Instead, we have reports of a large, pro imperial operation at work throughout Europe. Our information is still being gathered, and the public will be kept informed. All governments of Europe will receive all pertinent information on this group.

We would also like to remind the Emperor that we have yet to receive any form of apology at the death of our ambassador.

The NUE is sending representatives to Switzerland and Croatia. Once more, any help their governments or people wish shall be given, free of charge or condition. We will not press for expansion, as Umberto does. We wish merely to help

2008-09-23, 12:33 PM
Imperial Rebuttal to Cornerstone

Recently, the supposedely esteemed Prime Minister Cornerstone of the Union of Northern Europe has attacked the character of our great nation. He claims that the unity driven spirit of Croatia and Switzerland is actually the work of a vast, secret imperial organization attempting to dominate the world. Well this is not an organization of the body, it is an organization of the spirit and the mind. It is made up of all Europeans who say 'No to slavery!' they reject any and all occupation by non-europeans. They reject economic slavery where Europeans are beholden to outsiders for their monetary needs. They are the people who call for all Europeans to stand united to form a new European superpower so that we shall never be slaves to outside influence!

Cornerstone also demanded that I personally issue an apology for the death of a UNE ambassador as if I personally pulled the trigger. I ask you this, if a criminal drives a FIAT car to a crime, or uses a beretta pistol in the course of the robbery are FIAT and Beretta equally responsible for the crime? No, of course not. The criminal is the one who has misused those tools. It is the same here, those involved in the murder took it upon themselves to commit this course of action. Placing the blame on myself, or the Empire is merely hatemongering.

Meanwhile, the Union is attempting to subvert the pro-unity desires of the people by sending government agents to Croatia and Swizterland. Yet, they claim they are not interested in expanding even as they court more nations to join their union. We must remain vigilant now and forever against these threats to European unity.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 12:40 PM
End of Turn 2

Cries of the "The Tsar is dead long live the Tsar" echo throughout the streets of Moscow and Volgograd. Tsar Kurd died in his sleep at age ninety-four, his fifty two year reign is the longest in Russian history. Many of the faithful in Russia are pressuring the church to make him a saint. The Pope is leaving from the moon to preside over both the funeral and Gern's coronation. Gern has publicly asked Prime Minister Cornerstone, a close personal friend of the tsar, to give a peach at the funeral.

A militant uprising in south Brazil, calling itself the Sons of Liberty, has claimed responsibility for several bombings of LUSA military bases.

Solaris campaign in Nigeria has suffered a major set back, apparently Nigerian rebels have managed to get a hold of dozens of Solaris tanks.

A wave of excitement spreads through Pandora. Their scientists have made a major breakthrough but at the moment the world can only speculate in what field.

Croatia passes the Bill of Unification, making it yet another addition to the growing Empire. A similar bill Passed the Swiss Council of states, but faces staunch opposition in the National Council.

Several outspoken critics of the empire have been assanated, UNE agents have routed out many pro-European unity terrorist cells. The Empire denies any involvement.

Covert message to Vicente Ramirez

We have done as you asked, we have assurances that Gern will be significantly more amiable than his predecessor.

Your Eastern Brother P J

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 01:09 PM

BBC, Public Rebuttal to Emperor Umberto

Cornerstone looks slightly tiered, but he is absoultly on top of things as the clip starts.

...Oh... Emperor. Such a pathetic attempt to disguise yourself.

I have no objections to a unified Europe. Europe should be strong. What I do object to is a Europe dominated by a single power, one country, one man.

You Umberto. That is your vision. Your empire, as you would have it. Not mine.

I would prefer Europe as it was back in the bright days of the old EU. When every state was separate, it's own, but still part of one greater body. I agree with the Emperor in his desire for some centralization, for protection from outside threats but the proposals of the Roman Empire will turn Europe into the Emperor's personal fiefdom.

Every member of the UNE answers to no one but themselves. Their people are free to act in whatever they wish, without restrictions. They pass their own laws, they keep their culture intact. And yet we still act as efficiantly as the Empire. Will the same be true if they manage to dominate Europe? Can you honestly ask these states to give up their culture, their identity, their freedom simply in order to grease your own path to power, Umberto?

And I never suggested that you should apologize personally for the death of Ambassador Johnson. But considering that the groups in question were brandishing slogans calling for your empire to grow, I would have thought some small statement was in order. That you have made none indicates, I think, a great deal.

As for the organization calling itself Gladio... well, I never made any direct claims that they were your agents. But they may well have been, I think. Critics all over Europe are being systematically assassinated by a unified group calling for your empire. A very well funded, equipped and trained terrorist group. Nothing as metaphysical as you seem to suggest. No, a terrorist group, acting on European soil.

Fortunately, now we know of it's existence, counter measures can be taken. Several cells have already been broken up, as those who watch the news can tell you and it's activities are under investigation across Europe. The UNE will of course co-operate fully with the local authorities in rooting out this threat to their people, culture and sovereignty.


He all but screams that one at the camera. He sinks back into his seet.

I regard that as a slur against my government. As, I hope, will the Swiss. We offer aid, construction workers, oil... whatever they need to get themselves back on their feet. Free of charge. We have been trading thruought europe, we trade freely with those states that refused our offer back when we were formed. Will you trade freely with states that deny your empire, Roman?

You send out emmisaries, all but demanding that other states merge with your empire. And have the arrogance to declare us of bias in our aide giving.

I am for Unity, my friends. The Emperor would aim for Tyranny. Do not forget, people of Europe, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Or as foul.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 01:51 PM
Union of Northern Europe

Mr. Cornerstone will indeed, attend the funeral for Tasr Kurd. He, and his personal guard, are now en-route to Moscow.

He will indeed give a speech at the funeral, though he is unsure as to if his schedule will permit him to remain for the Coronation.

@Space PopeYour Holiness... Might I speak with you, before the funeral? There are things you ought, I think, to hear..

Launch of the New Union Navy.

Premiere Jaques de Cluan of France will attend the Launch of the new Battleship Ambassador from the port of Marseille. The premier spoke

These ships, whilst they will have potential for defence, will mostly serve for trade. We are interested in exchange with Solaris, the Navy will serve to further enable a thriving trade between our two nations.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 01:59 PM
Space Pope's Message to Cornerstone

Of course my son. What is it that troubles you?

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 02:16 PM
@Space PopeSeveral things make me uneasy about the situation in Russia.

I was in communication with the Tsar before his death. He expressed uncertainty about his succession, and in his last all but said that another heir, Ivan, would be a better choice. Here, the correspondence will be forwarded to you.

Gern sent me a letter before mine even arrived. He had been, i believe, intercepting our correspondence, at least at the last. His response all but threatened Ivan, who bore the letter.

It turned out that Ivan had been poisoned. Somehow, a tumor had been introduced to his liver. It would appear to be natural causes, bar the fact that the thing had been synthesized. It was not of Ivan's body

A long term, untraceable assassination attempt, against a newly potential heir. The heir the Tsar was leaning towards. And the Tsar's health finally failing just as he was reconsidering the succession... a tad too convenient.

I think, Father, that you can see what concerns me here, no?

2008-09-23, 02:24 PM
The Sovereign Government of Aid

Official request for donations
Through its history this great project has helped millions of people of all races, countries and beliefs. While the fund set up by my father continue to power this effort of kindness, donations made from any source could help save hundreds of lives. Show compassion to the world. Donate today.
(Any donators will be loudly praised for their contributions, helping to increase the world’s view of that power.)

Excerpt from Against Large Scale Weapons Sales by Jacob Vaughn Jr.
The trading of weapons only serves to destabilize an already fragile balance. While I can understand the urge for desperate governments and organizations to barter with other powers, it keeps bearing in mind that those powers can simply turn around and sell to the enemy. It does nothing but encourage violence. Not only because of the ease of access but the seller will likely try to sell more weapons. It will only escalate the possibility of war.
My research on this subject will continue and should more evidence come forward, I’ll be able to expose the duplicity of the arms dealers completely.

Message to SEATS
The SGA would like to more formally request donations from SEATs. This would show the world you are willing to support what is good. If you require further encouragement, it might interest you to know that some information has recently come to the SGA’s attention that might be of interest to you.

Personal letter to the Madame President
Dear Madame President Han,

If I may be so bold as to ask your aid. I know it sounds ironic for the “Government of Aid” to ask such a thing but here it is. Currently my resources are searched quite thin and the amount of arable land is small. If you have any technologies that could help in the on going efforts to reclaim this land it would be most appreciated. I would not only consider this a personal favor but a favor to all the peoples of the SGA and I would fully intend to repay you the moment I had the opportunity.
Jacob Vaughn Jr.

PS. I have sent a copy of my new book, Against Large Scale Weapons Sales, with this letter. I hope it will be an interesting read for you.

Message to LUSA
The SGA would like to extend a helping hand to LUSA and its people. We can send aid in many forms, from food to helping with farming.
Sealed letter to the LUSA council. (translated from Spanish)
Dear Council members,
Pardon me for mistakes I make with my speech. I make to learn Spanish and have not made official translator.
I wish you all get this letter in good health. I give this letter to speak to you about things that have made my worry.
But first let me say my first saying. I wish to give help to your people. With the martial law and the soon bombings by the Sons of Liberty I think you could use the help. I am positive the world would look better at you for letting the SGA help.
But now the important things. I would like to wish sympathy for the death of the soon Tsar. Your goodly gift of flowers to a man that had not long to live was good. But, I cannot give good thought to the gift latter given by the Chinese at your command. But I am able to forget that if you promise not to give such gifts latter.
Thank you,
Jacob Vaughn Jr.

PS. Had book, Against Large Scale Weapons Sales, good translated and sent too. And any donation would be good

Message to Pandora
The SGA would like to ask for any help with the current project of reclamation of the radioactive lands held under the sovereignty. Any technologies you could provide would be of great help to the effort.

Package sent to all influence members of Solaris
Contains the book, Against Large Scale Weapons Sales by Jacob Vaughn Jr

Letter to Pope Julius
The mission of the SGA has always been to help those in need. Unfortunately, on the subject of religion, what is “good” is not completely universal. As such, official encouragement of any one religion cannot be condoned. The tensions that exist between the diverse people of the SGA would also not be helped by zealotry. The spreading of the word, or any word for that matter, is allowed as long as it is not disruptive. However, any missionaries will be expected to be contributing as any other citizen.
All that said, it is my belief that the best way of conversion is through missionary work of charitable actions, tolerance, and kindness.

Genral policy
The SGA will continue reclamation efforts of radioactive lands by what limited technology it can muster.
Aid forces are is sent to or improved upon in Southern Africa, Argentina, and Swizterland.

The other relief efforts (secret):
They will look into what was in the Solaris lab that was broken into and track who took it.
Aid stations in the Swiss region are instructed to covertly work to counter efforts at starting riots. Blackmail by violent means will be countered but otherwise encourage a peaceful annexation. Should the situation turn worst, begin preparations for rapid extraction of assassination targets to the UNE.
Should any more assassination be discovered, the SGA will attempt to save the target and get them to NAC, UNE, or SGA soil, unless otherwise stated.
Human smuggling operations are to slowly begin. Those that wish to leave oppressive governments will be covertly transported to SGA Nepal.
Measures will be taken to discover the Sons of Liberty and their plans.
The breakthrough achieved by Pandora will be looked into, as well as the joint Russian project.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 02:49 PM
Papal Response to Cornerstone

A tumor you say? This is most distressing, Gern has been one of the churches strongest supporters in Russia, and I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I will see is the faithful have any information on Gern. If what you say is true this is dire news indeed. I will get back to you as soon as I discover anything new.

A short time later a Papal aide approaches Prime Minister Cornerstone. The man glances nervously around before handing Cornerstone a note. He all but runs out of the room after fulfilling his mission.

The note reads:
I could find nothing to further implicate your suspect, but their seems to have been a great deal of activity around the Chinese embasy shortly before Kurd's demise.

Space Pope's Response to Jacob Vaughn Jr.
Your response saddens me. I will pray for your soul and those of your people. If you have a change of heart my door is always open.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 02:57 PM

Cornerstone hits a button

Send someone to tail that man. Why's he so nervous?

The Chinese. That's all I needed.

He gets to work on a response to the Arieal Pontiff

Hmm... given the assasination attempt on Ivan, that makes sense. I doubt that he'd leave a link that even your agents could track. If he's smart enough to arrange his brother's death in such a way, getting someone else to do his work is an easy matter.

Any possibility of a link between Gern and China?

2008-09-23, 03:13 PM
The NAC starts this time by sending armed forces to both switzerland and Nigeria.

Official Statement:
Members of the NAC armed forces have been sent to enforce the WDP in the two sovereign countries of switzerland and Nigeria. Troops in Switzerland are armed with the Pacifier Mk 2, a non-lethal riot suppresser and are being sent to aid the Swiss National Council. They are under command of Caption Jason Fields, Veteran of the Liberation of Florida and Defense OF Argentina.

Troops in Nigeria are being sent to assure their remaining liberated from the Solaris Juggernaut. They have been told to assist the government in any way it sees fit.

Statement to Solaris:
We apologize for this interference but any nations part of the WDP are liable for NAC aid. We will not attack your forces if the immediately pull out of the country. You may continue your assault on any non-WDP members.

Response to Jacob Vaugn:
Dear Mr. Vaugn,

First thank you for the book, it was excellent. I have little time to read books, and while that is practically a sin, I truly enjoyed yours.

As a response to your ask for aid, I see no reason to not help someone as obviously concerned for the world as you. I will make a Official statement asking for volunteers to help reclaim land for you. I am sure the Peace Corps will be happy to help.

With them I will send some specilists in the Agricultural field.

President Shona Han

The day after the prisoners from LUSA arrived, General Robertson is found bound, gagged, and beaten in the courtyard of Ramirez's capital building.

On his person is a return message:
Please do not take your General's appearence as an insult. He was kept extremly well for his stay with us. I, though, take a sincere dislike to men that would threaten a man's family. All I did to him, and it was me personally, was treat him the same way as he treated my ambassedor, now vice-president.

If are nations ever again come to blows please let us keep our families out of it, since it is our fault not theirs.


A letter to Tsar Gern
Tsar Gern,
I would like to sincerely sympathize with the loss of your predecessor, and congratulate you on your succession.

I would be honored if I may attend the funeral to give my respects to this great man, and I would not mind the oppurtunity to meet you in person.

President Han

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 03:22 PM
To the NACMight I say that it is good indeed to see your troops keeping peace in Switzerland? If you wish UNE troops to accompany them, just speak the word.

Also, I would take care in dealing with the new Tsar. He is tied to... well, a party I think you do not love so much. Suffice to say, your grief over the old man's death should be sincere.

Consider that friendly advice.


2008-09-23, 03:26 PM
Prime Minister,
I would indeed like you to send troops, in fact you are practically obligated to by the WDP, but I digress.

I agree with your assesment of the new Tsar and I will see if I can...read the man.

Your aid always appreciated,

President Han

2008-09-23, 04:04 PM
Sealed Response to Madame President Shona Han

Dear Madame President Han,

I’m glad you enjoyed the book and took its message to heart. You might be interested to know that I’m still looking into those matters. I’m hoping that the book and my continued efforts will influence the world and stop the supplying of groups like The Sons of Liberty.
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you are sending the SGA and the forces you provided to the Swiss. You’ll find enclosed a token of that thanks.

Jacob Vaughn Jr.

NAC (Secret)
Enclosed: An ecrypted list of Roman sleeper cells located within Europe.

A secret trade agreement has been reached between the UNE and the SGA. The SGA will be handling the majority of transport. SGA also make contact with UISC operatives in Switzerland. The joint forces will co-operate to disrupt the riots, blackmail, slander and other subversive forces at work in the nation.

2008-09-23, 04:10 PM
OOC: My internet is being a little screwy and is going up and down so my online time will be kinda sporadic.


Imperial Soldiers march into Croatia

Admidst welcoming cheers from the locals, Italian army soldiers march into Croatia in the first sign of their admission within the Empire. The first task of the Imperial army is to assist their Croatian counterparts in intergrating the Imperial standards.

They are soon followed by Italian advisors who will work to integrate the former nations economy, transportation, infrastructure and education networks into one that more resembles the Imperial standard. The Lira will be adapted as the official currency over the course of the next 6 months.

Emperor Umberto announces that he will conduct an official visit to Croatia early next month.

Gladio agents make another push for Swizterland

With unity with Switzerland just inside their grasp, Gladio agents have been applying steady pressure to the members of the National Council to pass the unification bill. The popular organizations are encouraged to have additional marches and protests demanding unification and threatening strikes and possible seccession if the bill does not pass.

As a backup plan, money and equipment is being funnelled to like-minded members of the Swiss military of all ranks. Should the measure fail to pass in the council a coup can be quickly conducted afterwards.

Umberto denies the existance of Gladio

In his continuing vicious attacks against not only the Empire but my personal character, Prime Minister Cornerstone has now evoked the existance of a fictional organization operating from the shadows like a boogeyman that is supposedely following my whims.

He claims an organization called Gladio is working throughout Europe engaging in terrorism and other crimes. Well here is the truth, there was an organization named Gladio that once existed as a stay behind group following World War II to defend against communists. That was a long time ago and Gladio has long been disbanded. I guess now that since Cornerstone and his goons could not find anything factual to base their claims on they decided to just crack open the history books and take something from the past trying to pass it off as something new.

Gladio tightens security and restructures

Trying to minimize the work of British agents, Gladio Command has instituted new policies to keep the organization secure and able to perform its functions.

New secret codes are disseminated throughout the ranks as covertly as possible and the old code falls out of use for official communications, but is retained for supplying misinformation to anyone listening in.

Sleeper Agents are advised to relocate to new safehouses and have only minimal contact with each.

Counter-Intelligence operations are stepped up with further effort to rooting out foreign spies. Agents in the field are encouraged to find, capture, interogate and kill the men and women working for the UNE.

2008-09-23, 04:20 PM
Emperor Umberto gives his condolences upon the Tsar's death

The Emperor is deeply sorrowed by the death of Tsar Kurd. Remarking that he was a good man. The Emperor will of course be personally attending the funeral.

Message to China

It appears that both the NRE and and the Chinese government share the same enemies and friends. It is only logical that we should work together and it is our proposal that we begin by expanding our trade relations and participating in a technology exchange between our two great nations. We have much to learn from each other.

Message to Pandora

The Empire is extremely interested in the technological advances your nation has made in the past years. We would like to send a research team to your nation to work together with your scientists so that we may both benefit from their advances. In exchange we can provide you with additional resources and funding for your research.

2008-09-23, 04:23 PM
Letter and package to the Emperor of the NRE

The SGA offers aid in the integration process of Croatia. Given the diversity within the SGA we have skilled anthropologist who have experience in these matters and can offer advise and help.

The package contains a copy of Vaughn's latest book ((so popular among the world powers of today :smallwink:))

The other relief effort
Attempts to transport Croatians who wish to escape the Empire will be made, though lack of permission to enter the area will hinder these efforts.
The SGA aid stations are advised to proceed with covert activities with caution, given the recent up in Roman security.
Funding reports of the Russian Government are "some how" leaked to Russian, UNE, NCA, and NRE new stations. Extra effort is made to have this be untracable to the SGA.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 04:26 PM
Yet again, Emperor Umberto denies the existence of Gladio. Though this time, a little further admission. I can only congratulate the Emperor for finding some small portion of the truth.

Gladio exists in the present day. We have found cells of it all across Europe. And thanks to the bravery of our Security forces, it is being denied the influence it seeks. I can real off lists of well funded cells throughout Europe. This is solid fact. The odds of them not being connected are minimal.

If the Emporor would continue to dispute this, perhaps he will answer this question; if he is not tied to a group who's sole perpose is to gain him control of Europe, who would fund them? Each group showed standered of funding equipment and training beyond more normal terrorist organizations.

Orders to agents of the USIC
Umberto's getting more desperate. Admitting that there once was a group called Gladio is a departure. I wonder what it heralds.

Keep in mind that the enemy now knows very well of our presence. We will have to adapt to keep them on their toes. Assume nothing is correct unless double checked, and that old codes are no longer reliable. Start from ground up at regular intervals

Kathey McMillian, Former head of MI6, and now on the board of the USIC..

2008-09-23, 04:35 PM
Formation of the Lira Block

With the goal of trying to create a stronger, more unified Europe the New Roman Empire proudly announces the formation of the Lira Block. The Lira Block will serve as a political and economic alliance open to all the nations of Europe.

Benefits of membership will be more open trade relations between all participating nations, less restrictions on trade, greater diplomatic interaction as well as a mediating body in Rome for disputes between member-nations. Additionally, the nations involved will have a mutual defense pact so that if any one nation is illegally and violently attacked they will have a support network in place to help in their defence.

It is strongly encouraged that every nation of Europe make efforts to join this new organization to add to its strength and to add to the strength of a united Europe.

Diplomats are being sent across the continent to pitch the idea with a strong focus on nations in the Balkans and nations with a Latin tradition(Spain and Portugal.)

Letter to the SGA
The NRE thanks you for your kind offer but as of this time we must turn it down. Our intergration efforts are proceeding nicely and we feel that introducing a foreign element may hamper it as of this time.

2008-09-23, 04:46 PM
The Sovereign Government of Aid

Reply to the NRE
We prefer not to be thought as foreigners. The SGA is made of humanitarians and is not bound by nationality. If you feel field work to be to invasive, we can simply offer our help in an advisory position. As said, we have experience in matters such as what you are dealing with and accepting our help would likely improve your the attitude of the people and that of the world in general.
If you still wish to decline, the SGA will not push the matter further. We merely wished to aid where we could. But if you feel there is no need, we will respect your decision.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 04:50 PM


At this time, the UNE feels it appropriate to return it's own offer of membership. to all nations of Europe.

Membership in our union would, of course, grant the leader of the state a seat on our Executive board, and thus a say in all matters, as well as the power of veto. In addition to unrestricted trade throughout our union, and a promise of the UNE military being ready and willing to defend you from any illegal invasion attempts, you would also be promoting the strength of europe, totally free trade

It is quite understandable that nations should not wish to join us at this time, due to the threat of Imperial aggression. Still, we have an open trade policy. Any nation of Europe who wishes to trade with us will be able to, with no restrictions on their movement or actions. We believe in a stronger, more healthy Europe. Which is why we see no need to join the Lira block, we already defend our neighbors, we listen closely to their hopes and fears and already trade freely with them. In a sense, we are already members, a small piece of paper is meaningless.

In addition, we are currently working on brokering a large new supply of Oil. Any European nations who wish to buy would please contact us.

SecretThe UNE military is now on standby in France. Switzerland is looking marginal, if it were to erupt into violence, peace keepers there would be invaluable to their government.

2008-09-23, 04:53 PM
The onlookers quieted in awe as the most famous woman in the world stepped out of her hover-copter. The Swiss National Council had set up a public press-conference and hundred, if not thousands, of Swiss citizen's had attended.

Some wished for anti-Imperial news while others thought that unification had finally been decided on.

Nobody had expected the double rows of N.A.C. troops standing at attention. The Chairman of the council, Nicolas Peterovich, had announced that President Shona Han had arrived to give a speech.

She had appeared from behind the stand, dressed in a sharp dark green officers uniform, her long ebony hair braided down her back.

She just stood there for several minutes, allowing her famous eyes captivate the crowd, who all felt the stare like the burning of Emerald flame. When she began to speak, they where shocked to realize that she spoke their language fluently.

"People of Switzerland, do you know what makes me proud? Being born in America, its called nationalism...the love of ones country. Have you truly lost that feeling"

People in the crowd actually looked ashamed as she spoke "It seems to me that the Swiss has been a proud independent people for hundreds of years. Who here had a reletive who faught in the French War?"

People in the crowd raised their hands, wondering where she was going with this.

"What was the point? It seems to me that if you are just going to give in to the NRE then your Fathers and Grandfathers faught, bled, and died for nothing!

Muttering began to circulate in the crowd.

"What the N.A.C. stands for is freedom for not only the individual, but for the country. The NRE just sees you as another addition to their empire. People of Switzerland, Believe in yourselves, learn to love your country again."

The muttering became louder and certain individuals who were known pro-unification started to be isolated.

"There may be some of you out there who are afraid of repercussions from the NRE, well my dear people, do not worry. You are a member of the WDP, and as the former United States did before, we honor our agreements. Any aggressive acts towards your sovereign state shall be reacted against with the utmost speed and power!"

The crowd actually cheered at this, for some reason believing this imposing woman.

"Any of you who think you can fair better in this so called Lira Block, heed my warning. This stinks of the 2oth century Warsaw pact where the USSR swore to uphold the rights of those under the treaty, but instead became petty puppet states. Are you the people of Switzerland going to allow yourself to be dominated by this so-called Emperor!"

The water finally broke and the Swiss roared their approval. Shona lifted her hands in the air and shouted "FREEDOM!"

Message to Pandora:
Leaders of Pandora,

I would like to schedule a large Scientific convention, so the world can see how much of a better place it really is. I thought of inviting scientists from all over the world to the event. I would be wrong to not personally invite the very best scientists in the known world.

President Shona Han

Official invitation:

In a month the NAC will host a Scientific Convention in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. All countries may attend. This will be a place that all the nations can show off their personal achievements and prove to the world that petty rivalries will not stop the march of Science and the sense of brotherhood.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 04:54 PM
Tsar Gren would like to extend an invitation to all of the worlds heads of state. He plans to hold a summit to discuss new open border policies and potential trade agreements. He is also willing to hold one on one sessions with any stat who wants more in depth discussion.

(Psst, Greystone I think you mean Nigeria, Nicaragua is in central america)

After Umberto's announcement of the Lira Bock, Spain along with Portugal, Northern Prussia and Greece all submit applications to both the new Lira Block and the WDP.

2008-09-23, 04:58 PM
(OOC yes I meant Nigeria...sorry guys)

The WDP accepts all the applications of the countries. Sending immediate finacial aid to any countries in the WDP who need them.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-23, 04:58 PM
@OdinPst, anyone interested in the Oil? Or even membership?

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-23, 05:24 PM
South East Asian Treaty for Stability

In singapore debate in the SEATS council is ongoing as to what to do in order to deal with world events as they are taking place. Naturally the specifics of the meeting, nor the outcomes will be easily come by by utsiders, but anyone with half an intelligence agency can clearly see there is a power struggle ongoing within the council.

The SEATS government has decided it is time for an new technological impulse. Though considered as dangerous agents from the intelligence services are send beyond SEATS borders, the many nationalities that make up Australian and Malasian peoples making it easy for them to assimilate into civil soceity of other nations. Mostly these agents are to go to the padora technocracy, infiltrating it through russian civil soceity and to Union of Northern Europe as mostly British citizens and finally assimilate in the moon. Communications with these agents is done through geoseismic recorders the idea being that anything they find out is being relayed to SEATS universities.

As an addition a massive government campaign to promote sience is instituted with extra grants to new promising scientist, but also funding for any of them that seek to set up businesses using their scientific knowledge and further a science based economy.

Lastly government spending into fundamental science will continue in geotechnologies and use this as a starting point to learn more fundamental things about gravitational energy manipulations and move into further space faring technologies.

International actions

"The SEATS members are highly worried by the ongoing italian imperialism and solaris movements. We deeply regret that these facist countries are seeking to play god with humanitarian rights."

It is clear however that they are reluctant to act upon their statements. An open response is given later to a request by the SGA.

"We are deeply troubled by the nature by which your government was set up and cannot provide you with the means to futher your agenda untll we are more closely aware of your true intentions. You claim to honour human rights, but for the past decades we have been the shining beacon of them. We have no interest in improving our standing within the media of facistic countries as you have suggested. Instead we would offer you an opportunity to prove to us that you mean well. We are prepared to send medical, political and military analysts to the region where the SGA claims dominance to make our own assesment about the worthyness of their health."

Intelligence teams are dispatched to find out what information the SGA mentioned in their message.

(coded mesage to UNE)
We are worried about your neighbours imperial and destabilising ambitions and wonder if you would agree to an intelligence sharing program in which we share our intelligence about terrorism and nations in europe.

Military Actions

Intelligence officials in the subsaharan regions are actively working to fuel economic resources into the right hands and assasinate where needed. The right hands being those that will be in power and become effective puppets of SEATS. Particularly South Africa and it's neighbours are of interest. In exchange for helping these people into power SEATS is placing military advisors in these nations and withdrawing natural resources from them. Military technology is offered under SEATS controll under 'leased bases' officially to act as observers against agression. (note that the latter is done after the right people have managed to stage coups de etat and generally gotten into power with the help of SEATS economic and military aid).

They try to keep it covered as much as possible and seek out those that are more interested in humanitarian ideals as much as possible. The idea is to form a kind of humanitarian african block though modelled like sears on stict government controll. This is to act as a counterweight to the Solaris, but also to give an economic boost to SEATS with african resources


Paranoid as they are the SEATS council is constantly seeking to recruit foreign (double) agents and informants and generally expand their intelligence networks. Additionally in terms of technological help their most trusted agents are given the job to place seismic markers troughout enemy lands, relatively small devices that allow for a clear grid to be made to enhance the resolution of the sensors by providing a set of markers to calibrate measurements and such.

Antartic charting

SEATS forces have crossed the small gap from australia to antartica (likely with a lot less ice then a century before it) and are essentially setting up additonal measuring stations and the like.


They are establishing a permanent presence with geothermal energy plants being set up all over the continent to fuel mining and harvesting to draw upon the riches of this place and to further make it habitable by creating warm flowing rivers to melt the rest of the ice*. In essence it is being prepared for economic exploitation and colonisation.

*note this would not affect sea levels much...sea levels rise mostly due to global temperature shifts due to thermal expansion of all the oceans waters

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 05:26 PM
@moral wiz

Most nations don't see a need to join the UNE since the WDP guarantees them the protection of the UNE and the NAC. Many of them are however interested in Oil

The combined attempts of the NAC UNE and local governments roots out many Gladio cells, but the remaining cells tighten thier belts and go deeper into cover, making them extremely difficult to dig out.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-23, 05:42 PM
dear northern neighbours. We are keen to learn your ideas on the SGA and it's implications for the region.

Our condolences for the loss of the Tsar, though we would like to know what uncertaincies the future holds

We are highly interested in a deal on energy trade. We hear you have effficient policies on those, but perhaps we can provide some relief through our geothermal sources and lessen the strain of limited resources upon your economy. In exchange we would welcome an aid pact agains china should they turn hostile to us and of course would be happy to receive technological data and limited trade by opening up three trading ports to you.

The SEATS government is aware of your difficult position in a larger world and we would URGE you to consider an assistance in defence (AID) treaty (same as new sealand and such...effectively its saying let us use you for trade and security or earn our enmity)

Intelligence agents are to intimitdate the local ruling elite into accepting, or else several rebel groups might find unexpected funding in their quest for a less corupt system. In addition there is a push for more humanitarian corruption breaking reforms (Yes, SEATS means well...they just don't know how to show it)

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 06:11 PM
Message from Premier Wu Jen of China to SEATS

The high and mighty SEATS deigns to talk with us lowly Chinese? I don't know what your playing at but I intend to find out.
As to SGA you would have to be crazy to willingly spend time in the radioactive wastes of India. And Vaughn is just that. Crazy.

Message from Tsar Gren of Russia to SEATS

You are more than welcome to come to my coronation, it will be a sort of coming out party for Russia

Message from Tsar Gren of Russia to Umberto V.

Have you given any consideration to my previous offer? My daughter has other potential suitors, and it looks like you will need all the help in Europe you can get.

2008-09-23, 06:15 PM

Will Rowe looks over the news reports on his desks and tsks. He then sends a message to Solaris.

Pandora would be honored to help Solaris with any technology. For a decent price of course. What do you require, and what are you willing to offer for it? Oh, and before we start any negotiations, Pandora requires Solaris to publically recognize us as a sovereign state.

Russia; The World
Pandora declares it's sorrow towards the death of Tsar Kurd, and we pledge that Pandora shall aid Russia in any way it can during these dark days.

Will Rowe

The New Roman Empire

We refuse. The NRE's ethics, namely that of oppression and stagnation of knowledge, in the name of "Imperial Rule", conflict with Pandora's own ethics. We cannot, in good conscience, work with you. Look for another toadie. Good day, Umberto.

Will Rowe extends an invitation to Vicente Ramirez, leader of LUSA, to visit the Pandorian Embassy for private talks.

Will Rowe also publically requests for Finland to join the Pandora Technocracy, stating that Finland would not be annexed, but simply become a member state of the Technocracy, with immense technological and military benefits, as well as having the pledged support of Pandora in any significant endeavor they might pursue.


After being tight-lipped for several months, Pandora announces a new breakthrough in science.

Will Rowe had this to say in a public press conference about the breakthrough:

"For countless millennia, man has done things according to his physical abilities, even with the help of tools. A back to carry supplies, a hand to clench a dagger or gun trigger. He has needed these to go throughout life.

Similarly, for countless ages, man has not understood the very thing that makes him better then a mere animal: His brain. He has not unlocked the full potential of a mind. He has been nearly blind towards the might of the precious treasure within his skull. Well, no longer. We here in Pandora are proud to announce that we have achieved a breakthrough. We have unlocked the full power of the mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have discovered Psionics!

No longer does a cripple or amputee rely on a wheelchair, now, he can use the very power of his mind to walk! No longer does a liemongerer or con-man deceive thousands, and lead them into destroying their own minds, now, they can simply know what he is thinking, and see through his lies! No longer is a worker unable to get that one last sip of water, because his hands are full! Now, he can use 'telekinesis' to lift the water mentally to his lips!

Now, is the future! Now is Psionics!

Episonage (secret)

Will Rowe establishes a secret episonage unit imbued with the new creation of Psionics, having the scientists that discovered Psionics teach them, as well as several Pandorian military commanders noted for unorthodox methods. He calls them The Order of the Mind.

Also, Pandorian espionage experts attempt to both drive out Gladio members in Europe, especially by way of stopping Gladio propaganda, and also uncover anti-UNE citizens in UNE owned areas.

Millitary (secret)
Will Rowe also establishes a secret millitary unit imbued with Psionics, this time called unit 107. The same commanders and scientists teach this unit as well.

Research (secret)

Pandorian scientists secretly begin work on a Psionic bomb, a physically harmless explosive that instead provides those in it's radius with various mental disorders if not driving them into insanity or a coma.


President Han,

We would be honored to attend this convention. One of our top diplomatic representatives, as well as a leading figure in robotics, Dr. Leopold Svenson will attend. We are sorry we cannot send Will Rowe, our official leader, as he has prior planned business.

2008-09-23, 06:17 PM
Personal Response of Jacob Vaughn to SEATS

I must admit I was surprised by your response. Not only that, I was insulted. You questions the very set up of the SGA but turn a blind eye to the force through which you gained the protectorates of New Zealand and other islands.
You question the morals of the SGA in comparison to your own. I would ask how exactly I have not lived up to them? By not hiding behind borders and defense and instead going out into the world to give aid? Is that the morality you espouse as a shining beacon of? I have done everything I considered right to bring charity to others. I have set about the reclamation of desolate lands and provided shelter to those in need. The peoples of SGA may not have the technologies of your nations but they are just as happy. And even caring for them I have sent out more relief efforts across the world.
Mine is not a crafted image of morals that sit back and watch the world from an ivory tower while it suffers around them. Mine is the morality of action.
I ask you, how can I trust your intentions when you have never proven them? Or is trust beyond the light of your shining beacon as well?
Now that I have that off my chest I will get on with the diplomatic efforts. I will allow your “inspectors” to come. They will of course find the region in slight disrepair. It was why I was asking for aid in the first place. But since trust seems to be an issue, they will be searched upon arrival.

South African relief efforts

SGA will counter certain efforts made by SEATS. Specifically it will foil any assassination attempts. Efforts to make puppet states will also be made difficult. However, if the leader is thought to be of more independent mindset SGA agents will help their rise to power. From there they will not discourage treaties and trade with SEATS but will hinder proposals that go towards making the leader little more than a figure head.
In addition native groups will be set up to waylay exported resources heading to the Pacific. Most of these will be discretely redistributed to the local government, though some will go back to funding raids and humanitarian efforts.

2008-09-23, 06:22 PM
The Sovereign Government of Aid

Reply to the NRE
We prefer not to be thought as foreigners. The SGA is made of humanitarians and is not bound by nationality. If you feel field work to be to invasive, we can simply offer our help in an advisory position. As said, we have experience in matters such as what you are dealing with and accepting our help would likely improve your the attitude of the people and that of the world in general.
If you still wish to decline, the SGA will not push the matter further. We merely wished to aid where we could. But if you feel there is no need, we will respect your decision.

We will allow the SGA to send a small advisory committee to Rome to work with our planners.


The SGA representatives will be under heavy survillence by Imperial intelligence

OOC: Ack! Lots of posts and a poor internet connection. Bear with me guys.

2008-09-23, 06:23 PM
Tsar Gren would like to extend an invitation to all of the worlds heads of state. He plans to hold a summit to discuss new open border policies and potential trade agreements. He is also willing to hold one on one sessions with any stat who wants more in depth discussion.

(Psst, Greystone I think you mean Nigeria, Nicaragua is in central america)

After Umberto's announcement of the Lira Bock, Spain along with Portugal, Northern Prussia and Greece all submit applications to both the new Lira Block and the WDP.

The Lira Block eagerly approves the membership of all the states which have requested it.

2008-09-23, 06:25 PM
Message from Tsar Gren of Russia to Umberto V.

Have you given any consideration to my previous offer? My daughter has other potential suitors, and it looks like you will need all the help in Europe you can get.

OOC: Odin can you repost the request. I have seemed to missed it. Thanks.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 06:30 PM
@Long vin
Message to Umberto V from Heir Apparent Gern of Russia


Let their be brotherhood between Tsar and future Tsar. As you know my beloved uncle is not long for this world, and I will soon be Tsar. Russia will soon be reappearing on the world stage, and will have need of strong friends such as yourself. My daughter will soon be of marriageable age, I would be most honored if you would take her hand in marriage.

Prince Gern

P.S. I'm sure a sufficient dowry could be arranged, how does Poland sound?

2008-09-23, 06:31 PM
Message to New Roman Empire

Emperor Umberto V,

Your European Unity Sleeper cells in Austria-Hungary and South Prussia want to instruction. Their governments have joined the World Defense Pact, what should they do?

Gladio Agent 9878

Message to Umberto V from Heir Apparent Gern of Russia


Let their be brotherhood between Tsar and future Tsar. As you know my beloved uncle is not long for this world, and I will soon be Tsar. Russia will soon be reappearing on the world stage, and will have need of strong friends such as yourself. My daughter will soon be of marriageable age, I would be most honored if you would take her hand in marriage.

Prince Gern

P.S. I'm sure a sufficient dowry could be arranged, how does Poland sound?

OOC: No need for the repost now. I found it.

To Tsar Gern

I am sorry for the delay in contacting you. There have been many events occuring within or around the Empire at this time which have proven to be extremely time consuming.

I believe a marriage to your Princess is an excellent idea and I wholeheartedly approve.

May this union pave the way for years of friendship.

Umberto V
Emperor of Rome

P.S. Poland is more than acceptable

2008-09-23, 06:45 PM
SGA once again sends its request to Pandora ((In case to missed it))
The SGA would like to ask for any help with the current project of reclamation of the radioactive lands held under the sovereignty. Any technologies you could provide would be of great help to the effort.

A group of advisors is dispatched to Crotia to meet a Roman escort. They will help with intergration by offering thier knowledge of cultural differences and similarities and how understanding these can ease the process of adapting the two cultures to each other. No advise they give is forced and the NRE can ignore it if they want.

In accordance to our agreement: You may wish to know that that the Emperor and Tsar will soon have a marriage of alliance and Poland will soon become Roman

Other efforts
The development of psionics is troubling. Not only the moral implications of mind reading and potentially mind control but for the safety of SGA agents. The discovery of plans for the mind bomb are even more cause for concern. But with a lack of understanding about the abilities available and who has them the SGA doesn't want to send its own agents. Using elaborate middle men, other methods, and doing their best not to leave a "mental" trail as they understand it, the SGA hires out mercenary spies to attempt to obtain research about the new great leap in science.

The advisors make notes during integration of who they consider for extraction. Knowing they are being watched they make sure to be extra careful. Ideally they will not actually have to contact the SGA with covert information until after the intergration is complete. If a subject is thought to be in deadly danger the advisors will take a risk and begin extraction sooner than planned. Once information is relayed, and depending on urgency, plans begin to be made to evacuate those choosen through an "underground railroad".

2008-09-23, 06:51 PM

Pandora will gladly send nuclear scientists in the field of nuclear technology with experience in removing radioactivity, and with the appropriate equipment.

Will Rowe

2008-09-23, 07:14 PM
News broadcasts

This is Hillary Parks reporting from High Deli in the mountains of former Nepal in one of the few places still untouched by the prevalent radaition of the surrounding subcontinent. Though even here high southerly winds can bring in particles and force residents in sealed home. Today marks the historic arrival of a group of Pandoran scientist to the Government of Aid. The Pandorans, sometimes described as amoral, are here to help with the reclamation effort started years ago.
They are here to help those who have helped so many. You can see them stepping out of the helicoptors now. Rachel Welsh, aid to Jacob Vaughn, is here to welcome them. She's embracing them and crying. This is a huge step towards the goal of a purified India.

2008-09-23, 07:29 PM
Excerpt taken from the Global News Network economic report:

In the past week, economists speculate that the Liberated Union of South America has poured over 2.3 trillion USD into building projects all over South America, including hospitals, roadways, and schools in some of the most unprivileged areas on that particular continent. This is most likely due to the recent economic windfall that they received after their controversial attack on Argentina a few weeks ago. Whether or not this has to do with pressure from the terrorist faction known as 'The Sons of Liberty' is yet unknown, however it would not be an unsafe belief.

2008-09-23, 07:50 PM

If you wish our offer of aid from before still stands.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 07:58 PM
End of turn 3

President Han's speech increases the nationalist feelings in the Swiss. The Swiss Council defeats the the proposed Unification Bill, and within minutes the streets of Zürich are red with blood. Several Swiss generals stage a bloody coop and pro-unification mobs take to the street. NAC and loyalist troops are pushed further and further back into the embassy district. Bloody street to street conflict continues.

Around the world conservative priests and pastor speak out against Pandora and Psionics. Many accuse Pandora of playing God and some even go so far as to call it witchcraft. Prominent theologians debate the moral problems presented by both mind reading and mind control.

Elsewhere in Europe cell after cell of pro-empire groups are discovered and dismantled. Pandora's Psionic agents deliver hundreds of cells to NAC and UNE authorities. Very few cells remain, but those that do have learned a great deal of anti-psionic tactics.

Major building projects in South America have many LUSAins flocking to the streets praising Los Ecos. Some pundits speculate that these building projects have done more to combat insurgency than any armed conflict could have. The Sons of Liberty in particular lose much of their popular support.

Premier Ortiz of LUSA was assassinated while on an aid mission to Cuba. LUSAn officials blame Presidaent Han's secretive special elite for the murder.

Many world leaders gather in Moscow to pay respects to Tsar Kurd, and the new Tsar Gern. The world watches as Pope Julius prepares to give a sermon that may be the most important sermon since the prayer for the dead after the Pakistan/India nuclear exchange.

2008-09-23, 08:01 PM
President Shona Han calls for a private one on one conference of visi-phone with the SEATS chairman, encrypted of course.

SEATS officials, I would like to make it very clear that I will accept any and all aid from nations that seem to be truly willing to help. That being said, you mentioned Geo-Thermal energy, I'm not exactly sure how you would provide that to me unless pehaps, you could help us set up a plant of our own...where would you suggest. Somewhere remote...

President Han

Shona Han called for a meeting with Vincent Ramirez. Suprisingly for her he agreed, albeit relatively secretly. They meet once again in the same NAC embassy.

"Ramirez, I see what you have been doing with your country...demilitarizing and helping with your infrastructure. Be careful you may almost be considered a decent person."

She smiles thoughtfully and sits down at her desk, offering the man a seat "Let me be frank, as we always have been in the past. I think it is in our best interest that American's unite. Not in any formal way, like merging the governments, no I say that we sign this"

She pulls out a sheet of paper "This is the proposed M.A.D.A., or the Mutual American Defense Alliance. We can get so much stronger in this world if this entire continent began working together instead of fighting like rabid wolves at each others throats. Think of it, all this pact says is that we have open trade, we share some policy, and We defend each others holdings."

She then sighs and looks out the window "We can do great things... Not a force in the world could stop us if we pooled our resources...or at least stopped fighting each other"

She holds out her hand "Deal Ramirez?"

2008-09-23, 08:03 PM
CNN World news

Breaking story today, as Pope Julian was finishing the eulogy for the late Tsar, a sniper in one of the nearby windows shot him in the head. As the Swiss guard detail, Russian poilice, and Secret service, rushed to the building, the man began firing wildly. apparently he was killed in the firefight. Although we are not allowed to record the mans name, friends and family say that he was quite a faithful churchgoer. Several prominent people in both the church and scientific communities say that this may be the work of mind control from the newly discovered "psionics". Many priests are now calling psionics "evil" and "witchcraft". A few riots have broken out in Rome and other major cities against psioncs and Pandora

2008-09-23, 08:28 PM
Vicente Ramirez, a generally level-headed and calm individual can not hide his rage at President Han's idea.

"You...wish to accord peace with us. Let me see if I understand your proposal. You sue for peace after one of our heads of states is liquidated on YOUR soil, presumably by YOUR special forces? How do you think that Sra. Ortiz will take that new? And you think that we would simply comply? Perhaps I gave you a bit more credit than you frankly deserve."

He motions for his guards to leave, and Han does the same. They are now alone.

A nuestras amigos del SGAI admit, I don't enjoy have my mail read, but I suppose you have the better team for it, so I can't really react. At this time, we have our domestic situation under control, but we thank you for your offer.

A nuestras amigos del NREHow would you like to break your dependency on our oil and have some nice African oil for yourself?

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 08:29 PM
President Han did return Robertson.

"The day after the prisoners from LUSA arrived, General Robertson is found bound, gagged, and beaten in the courtyard of Ramirez's capital building. On his person is a return message:

Please do not take your General's appearence as an insult. He was kept extremly well for his stay with us. I, though, take a sincere dislike to men that would threaten a man's family. All I did to him, and it was me personally, was treat him the same way as he treated my ambassedor, now vice-president.

If are nations ever again come to blows please let us keep our families out of it, since it is our fault not theirs.

Verde "

2008-09-23, 08:31 PM
Sorry, missed that.

2008-09-23, 08:37 PM
Captain Fields, commander of NAC military peace keeping forces in Switzerland popped out of cover and fired a quick burst and three union soldiers fall, shaking as the pacifier paralyses them.

"Pull back! Cover the Civilians!" he yelled, then he turned to a neaby private "Get on the horn to General Finate, we need backup!"

Elsewhere General Kim Finate, slammed her fist down on the table. Her aides jumped in suprise...she was usually a very soft spoken cheerful woman.

"Ok people, get the emergency task force ready, we need to get to Switzerland yesterday!'

The office suddenly burst into movement. Finate sighed and called her special number...time to call in the Supreme Elite.

Within two hours the Emergency task force, Over 6,500 men plus 450 Supreme Elite were on their way to Switzerland.

Withein three they engaged the enemy. Colonel Garett of the Supreme Elite led a suprise attack on the General's HQ while General Finate led her troops to distract their forces and draw them away from the Embassy sector.

Colonel Garett found and captured and/or eliminated all the Generals with the loss of thirteen men. As the revolutionaries found the head of the snake had been cut off they began to lose hope and General Finate ended their threat. She attempted to capture as many as possible, but it was a complete NAC victory. Half of the task force is assigned to protect the Swiss government.

Hopefully it will be enough...

2008-09-23, 08:39 PM
OOC: Jesus mary and joeseph. Teach me to leave my internet for a day. Pm me if I forgot to responde to you. I need the sparknotes version to process.

Jamina El Tayib, a famous orator and multilingual genius delevers an address to the nation, broadcasted anywhere that could be, but directed at the NAC. The speech is delivered in a multitude of launguages ranging from Swahili to Arabic, subtitles provided, much of it is mudane reporting of events or normal praise for industrious people or industries. Finally a segment is delivered in perfect english.

The Alliance of Solaris regets the the NAC thinks that the corrupt and incompetent Nigerian government in exile warrents regonition as a legitimate body. We will back down, this once, if we are given captured supplies and captives back. We will reciprocate, and expect further trading concessions from the newly replaced 'government.' First among them, that no nonafrican corperation or company be given lease to drill, and that all leases already nullified de facto be so de jure. This means you China, and you, former American corperations. This is a warning. No longer can Africa sustain foreign domination or incompetent leadership. That specter has haunted us since the Punic Wars and on down the ages. We now have an opportunity. An opportunity to fufil the promise of Carthage and Mali, of the Zulu and the Ethiopians, of Egypt and New Kenyan Republic. And we can not and will not allow this to be stuffed out by more predatory, parasitic slave trading and imperialism. No More, Never Agian. This is our Monroe Doctrine, do not tempt us. Talk, negotiate. We're flex on everything. Everything but this. Stay out!

Why, you're as legitimate as we are! How could that not be clear? We simply assumed because we had recieved no formal dignitaries that this courier could fill all needed roles. Here, we'll have to get him a promotion. Allah knows he's qualified to be an ambassador, but we just figuered when in Rome. Speaking of which, they and some other people have been to nosy. Surely you fellows know how to lock down a lab, eh? Care to send an antiespionage unit down with you're other things. Just put it on the tab. You think we should help the Pope on his way to the stars?

As for what needs to be reasearched, well, solar's only drawback is battery life, if we can couple breakthroughs in panals and batteries in one go, we can breack the power of any nation to reliant on oil. Then we make it impossible to reverse engineer. As to payment, what do you ask? We'll bankroll any two projects you desire for then above treatments. Or any other prise, neh?

We are shocked that our kindred sprits in the SEATS veiw our expantions as neofascism. We've made our motivations clear before. Condem the LUSAians, it took terrorist attacks before they noticed that 'the people' they profess to protect were starving.

As for the new altruists, we welcome your misguided attempts to help us. We much prefer you spend your time with people who need it. Ours is at last and once again a free and prosperous nation, and we belive that power weilded justly by just hands is the first step in ridding the world of the need for power. We shall demilitarize our nation and industries when we feel safe. Speaking of which, is rewarding bad governace really a good idea? Make sure the LUSAians know where they're aid really comes from.

At the UNE

A shipment of Elephant class tanks rolls into a French port, bound from an obstinatly privatly owned company. Inside the first one is a small, hand written note addressed to the PM. It reads, "Make like Hannibal. The shoes are dropping all over Europe, and we're getting antsy down here."

GM type newsy stuff
The Army of the Alliance makes a hasty withdrawal from Nigeria, and heads north. Naval power is increased in the Med, and airpower too. Contigency plans for war, defensive and premptive, with all nations drawn up and considered. Esp. European contries and the NAC, LUSA. Couterespionage ramps up.
Secret contact is made with the Pope by proxy (so he wont know Solaris is talking to him, just someone immportant.) Perhaps he might wish to condem the actions of those Godless communists in Argentina. So sad to see so many Catholics under atheist rule. Perhaps if this happens a considerably donation can be made to the Church coffers viz a vee, a space program.

Dear god thats a huge ninja. Two turns worth of action in my secret stuff, BTW

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 08:48 PM
(talk to PuppyAvenger he is taking over the role of Space Pope. Additionally counter espionage is a great idea, at the moment your spy network has so many wholes in it it looks like swiss cheese)

2008-09-23, 08:53 PM
Scrap Popery stuff until the Cardinals get it together.

Message to the Union of New Zululand and the Republic of South Africa, and all other African nations in general.

It seems every continent is getting very clubby these days Europe even has two. I say it is high time that the defunct African Union be scraped in favor of a new agreement. Mutual protection, favorable trade, mutual aid those sorts of things. We'll let the diplomatic corps take it from there.

[Broadly favorable concessions are to be given if needed. Nations joining will retain almost full autonomy. Solaris will retain the right to veto any natioon whose government is too corrupt, but those labled 'willing but unable' to govern properly will be given all sorts of help. Many hints are dropped about slavery, the horrers of the colonial rule, wikipedia the rubber plantations in Belgian Congo for a good idea, apartied etc. The name is left up to the GM, um... I mean the other nations.]

To the nations of Iraq and Iran.

The oil trade is getting sloppy. Do you remember profits under the old OPEC agreement? We say it is high time to open a new Middle Eastern Oil Exportation Pact. What say you?

[purely economic coalition is offered.]

2008-09-23, 09:07 PM
A sizable cohort of Solaris Alliance soldiers are airlifted into Switzerland, at all times blaring good interntions and diplomatic immunity as they cross airspace.

If allowed they touch down in the embassy area and begin protecting/evacuating all civilians that wish to leave, not just the Solaris Alliance members. Step are taking to attempt nonlethal force over lethal at all points possible.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 09:09 PM
With the excpetion of Nigeria, who is protected by NAC under the World Defense Pact, and South Africa, who seems to be experiencing some sort of internal struggle, the nations of Africa join Solaris. However several nationalist disident groups form, they manage to slow integration to a crawl.

The Iranian Republic and the Council Of Greater Iran are willing to listen to your proposal but are wary of ulterior motives.

Message From Premier Wu Jen of China to Solaris

As long as we still have a standing army our derricks will continue to produce.

2008-09-23, 09:11 PM
Imperial scientists to attend scientific convention

Rome will be sending scientists to attend the upcoming convention based in Pennslyvania.

Message to LUSA

Just how and where would this oil be obtained from?

Swiss Rebels receive support

From across the joint Italo-Swiss border weapons and heavy equipment is relayed to the Pro-Union swiss forces. Even if the coup did not succeed immediately they would ensure that a bloody civil war would engulf the country.

Gladio establishes Psionics & anti-psionics division

Reeling from the effects of the Psionics of what is believed to be Pandora agents, the top Gladio field agents are called back to Rome to establish their own Psionics and Anti-Psionics department. Taking what they learned from surviving in the field they develop a course of study for all new and current agents to train in to help eliminate the effects of psionics on field agents.

Scouts are sent throughout the Empire to find and recruit those gifted in psionic abilities to create a force of the Emperor's own psionic agents.

The Empire mourns the Pope

Never before has such a brazen crime against Church and God has taken place. This violent act rocks the entire nation and the world. The Empire pledges its full support in bringing the criminals who commited this vile act to justice.

2008-09-23, 09:18 PM
Colonel Garett spys the covert convoy of Roman agents with their shipment of goods and weapons. Dressed as Swiss Soldiers the Supreme Elite launch an attack on the suppliers and the buyers, once again capturing or eliminating everybody present.

He sighed, General Finate had foreseen this, it was true they were stopping the majority of shipments..but every one that got through gave more hope to the rebels.

The country was in governmental lockdown for their own safety. The NAC were protecting all non-violent civilians to the best of their ability.

Official Call for Aid:
WDP Countries, the country of Switzerland needs your help! By sending soldiers, supplies, and aid we can stop the violence and bloodshed!

Peace Corps are sent to Nigeria to help rebuild its damaged economy and infra-structure, though most troops are pulled out and either head home or are sent to Europe.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 09:22 PM
@Long Vin

You will be able to start anti-psionic training immediately, but getting you own psionics is going to be substantially harder. Psionic potential can only be tapped through artificial means, and the only one to have that tech is Pandora. Don't worry to much a liberal application of tin foil will make sure you aren't caught off guard again:smallbiggrin:.

2008-09-23, 09:27 PM
Autonomy is encouraged, and dissidents are free to protest. So long as no violent actions are taken, or overseas involvment detected. Then the host country is politely encouraged to drop the hammmer. And not in the 'polite with a big gun pointed' way. If we're going to do that, we'll at least be frank about it.

To the Middle Eastern oil producers nothing is offered but a little mutual price gouging, ala OPEC, to show mutual friendship and understanding.

China can join if it likes, but it'll have to cut a few ties with LUSA and make a few overtures to the NAC.

An open message to the UNE, NAC, Aid, SEATS, Pandora:
I fear this Swiss situation is spiralling out of control. Our diplomats may be safe for now, but the nation itself is not. Would a multinational, perhap under... Aid? Should step in. We would gladly submit a troop of peacekeepers.

The situation in South Africa is pried into further. Solaris agents are wary of foriegn influences at this point. As much is said to the world at large.

2008-09-23, 09:30 PM

Solaris sends in noncombatents to ensure that the NAC rebuilding effort will indeed benifit the people of Nigeria, not the Americans or the corrupt ruling party. Once and if satisfied, Solaris places it's own force of helpers at the disposal of the NAC supervisor. A petition is sent in that a third party, like Aid, be placed in charge ASAP is sent out as well.

2008-09-23, 09:43 PM
With anti-psionics will it still be possible to find out who has psionic potential though in case I want them atleast registered?


"Volunteer" Division forms to aid Swiss Unionist

Thousands of former soldiers volunteer with Private Military Companies to deploy to Switzerland to aid their brothers in the fight against the corrupt and outdated Swiss Republic.

The Private Military Companies have no direct ties to the government and are primarily funded by wealthy industrialists and corporations as well as private donations

The Eagle's Legion Mercenary Group formed

Former Italian military officers financed by rich backers have formed "The Eagle's Legion" Private Military Company. They have established a camp in Southern Italy and have started recruiting operations for an expected 500 soldiers. Though privately funded they are allowed to purchase equipment that is normally reserved only for the military.

So far they have no contracts but they are planning to seek out work in the coming months.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 09:52 PM
@Long Vin

Even without psionic tech you should be able to pick out latent talents.

When the "volunteer" divisions invade how are they going to treat NAC UNE and Solaris civilians? Will they be as bloodthirsty as the mobs or will you try to avoid hurting your already tarnished reputaion?

2008-09-23, 09:55 PM

They would operate as a military unit generally only targetting hostile targets. Serving more as a scapel compared to the mobs battleaxe.

2008-09-23, 09:57 PM
(OOC- I have just sent a really, really important PM to you. Also that applies to any troops already inside Switzerland)

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 10:13 PM
Volunteers flood over the Swiss border, and into the ambushes of the Special elite. The Special Elite use every trick in their book, and to great effect. The Volunteers suffer massive casualties. But in the end the Volunteers prevail through sheer force of numbers. Thanks to the efforts of Aid and Solaris most of the fleeing refuges are evacuated to nearby South Prusia. At the end of the campaign, only two hundred of the special elite make it out. Of the Seven thousand (I made up a number:smallsmile:) Volunteers that set out, causualties are estimated to be around 4,500-5,000. Untold numbers of civilians and rebels were killed, both in combat and from the avalanches triggered to slow the Volunteers advance.

2008-09-23, 10:14 PM
In response to the overwhelming amount of enemies the Swiss face, General Kim Finate has mobilized every soldier not needed in defending the NAC homeland.

The were flown into a relative safe zone, and they have set up the Loyalist Zone in defense of the Capital city. The War is not a defensive one however, and since they out gun and out strategize their opponents it will hard war to lose, if a long war.

The Swiss even lose their benefit of home turf with loyalist Swiss advising the NAC forces.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 10:20 PM
@Long Vin
(You have taken Switzerland, but NAC and the WDP will retake it unless you are willing to commit actual troops and not just the "Volunteers")

2008-09-23, 10:21 PM
Psionics Registration Act signed into law

Giving in to public demands the senate has signed measures into law to require all those who have tested positive for latent psionic abilities to be registered with the state. This move was made in response to the belief that psionics were responsible for the assassination of the previous Pope and psionics could use their powers to cause others to commit crimes or even alter the memories of those involved in crime.

Lira Block extends membership to non-european nations
Attention LUSA

The Lira Block today has voted to begin allowing membership of non-european nations into the organization. This move was designed to increase the economic power of the organization by expanding the free trade rights to other geographic areas as well as strenghtening the military alliance.

2008-09-23, 10:23 PM
Did the Rebel Swiss government make an announcement that they are joining the NRE?

2008-09-23, 10:24 PM
Not letting the "Volunteers" take Switzerland so easily, The WDP taskforce (admittedly made out of mostly NAC troops at the moment) will immediately launch an attack from Southern Prussia.

We probably do not retake the country yet but we establish a safe foothold so we can land troops directly in instead of having them cross the mountains everytime.

The new Supreme Elite will be ordered to drop and cause havok in ill-defended zones, keeping the Swiss forces from digging in.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 10:32 PM
@Long Vin
That depends, at the moment you are the Swiss Rebel Government.

2008-09-23, 10:35 PM
This is Rebecca St. Clair, reporting live in San Marino, where LUSA Premier Vicente Ramirez has signed an agreement to join with the New Roman Empire, led by Emperor Umberto V, and their recently formed Lira Bloc. This agreement will be the first one of its kind signed into effect by the LUSA government, and this is the first time they have publicly been shown to show any kind of military interest in Europe. What this will hold for the tenuous peace between the South Americans and the NAC is only speculation.

For the Global News Network, this is Rebecca St. Clair, in San Marino.

2008-09-23, 10:35 PM
As soon as the safe zone is established, the WDP taskforce (with Loyalist guides) will lead us back for a siege of Zurich. If Possible the Supreme Elite will cut off supply lines and reinforcements.

2008-09-23, 10:47 PM
President Han gave a press conference today in Washington DC

In short she warned the NRE not to interfer any longer or this affair will escalate into all out warfare and she did not want that. It would be better just to let it go {paraphrased that's all)

2008-09-23, 10:49 PM
Switzerland requests unification with Rome

The Switz military Junta under the command General Renault has officially requested that Switzerland(atleast the majority that is under his control) be admitted into the New Roman Empire. The motion is quickly accepted and passed in Rome, the former nation joins the Empire as a province currently under military rule to put down the unlawful uprising against the rightful swiss government.

Italian soldiers in Northern Italy quickly cross over the former Switz border securing the southern area of the country and opening up supply lines.

Emperor Umberto demands an end to foreign intervention in Switzerland

Hours after the unification of Swizterland and the Empire, Umberto demands that all foreign nations immediately pull out any troops operating in Swizterland to make way for Italian peacekeepers. The government of Switzerland made a decision to join with the Empire and that decision should be honored by the world at large. The Empire will allow members of the former government to leave with the foreigners.

2008-09-23, 10:58 PM
NAC reaction is not verbose, but it gets the point across. Ignoring Umberto's decree the forces surrounding Zurich capture the city, and General Renault. The rebel leaders are quickly shipped out of the country as the official NAC statement comes through.

"Your annexation of the Swiss is unlawful and unjust. The true government of the Swiss are being protected by the WDP and have set up control from Southern Prussia. No we demand that your forces leave immediatly and that your troops will leave sovereign Swiss territory. Your motion of unification was with the unlawful government so this unification is null and void remove yourselves or we will do it dor you!"

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 11:14 PM
The nation of Switzerland is divide neatly down the middle. The WDP composed primarily by NAC forces controls the North and the capital Zurich. They face off against no mere Volunteers, but the full force of the Imperial Army. Each side waits for the other to comply to their demands.

(What it boils down to now is how much is Switzerland worth to you? The country is small and it isn't a matter of tactics or who can bring more troops to bear. Switzerland will be a meat grinder. PM me with the amount of force you are both willing to expend to take Switzerland)

2008-09-23, 11:21 PM
The New Roman Empire will not give up an inch of land that it has sworn to protect. We are giving the NAC one final chance to leave with any government officials they so desire. This is no longer an international issue but now an internal issue.

OOC: Message coming soon.

2008-09-23, 11:27 PM
At the declaration that they will not move, I place my plan into action. Using primarily my air force I batter the troops stationed in Switzerland and Supreme Elite drop into the mountains to block their escape.

Then General Finate will launch basically a Nazi style Blitzkrieg with fast moving powerful tanks, supported by air power roll over the Italian line. With Infantry attempting to mop up. Any retreaters meet the Supreme Elite in the mountains, and are wiped out.

Now the NAC prepares to defend Switzerland to the last!

(I got the feeling that only a couple battalions were in Switzerland, as opposed to my Entire force.)

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-23, 11:49 PM
Despite the ferocity of the General Finate's assault the imperial line holds. Both sides struggle for air superiority but neither side can beat the other off. Imperial troops manage to gain a little ground, but WDP Forces refuse to yield any more ground. The Supreme Elite, having circumvented the bulk of Imperial forces makes a b-line for Rome itself. They make it as far as the outskirts of Rome before being surrounded. NAC makes two attempts to extract them via airlift but are repulsed twice by anti-aircraft fire. Their line of escape cut off, they sell themselves dearly. Roman troops repeatedly offer them chances to surrender, but the fanatical Supreme Elites fight to the last man. In a testament to their bravado, not a single Elite was captured alive. The empire lost a total of thirty five thousand men, NAC around twenty thousand.

(Both Countries lose a point of military. The fighting is going to last until the end of the next turn. Neither side will be able to do anything further in Switzerland until next turn)

Moral Wiz
2008-09-24, 12:34 AM
Odin, I did note that UNE troops were on standbuy to be sent to switzerland. Were they? I can't find a mention.

Sigh, going to sleep, no longer recommended. :smalltongue: I'll review the thread, and respond.

2008-09-24, 12:37 AM

The invasion of the Swiss and SGA response
The SGA responds to the invasion of Switzerland with a massive effort of extracting refugees. The operation is fast and efficient. While not readily apparent, examination makes it clear that plans for just this sort of action have been in place for at least a couple of months. Most are transported to South Prussia but on request, others are taken to India and even rarely to Rome.
The request for foreigners to leave the area is declined by the SGA, who state that by humanitarian right they should be able to stay until the area is stable.

I’m not sure what you mean by having your mail read. Perhaps I miswrote something in my previous letter. My Spanish after all is not that good. I am making sure to use a translator this time.
The purpose of this letter is to ask for some mutual aid. I would think that help at any time would be appreciated, no matter the source. And an agreement with the SGA can only help both of us. I can assure you, it will not be regretted on your part.

The SGA will accept the petition by made by the Solaris to be put in charge of relief efforts within the African continent, specifically Nigeria.
As part of this, it will send formal request to every independent country to within Africa. It asks for leave to continue its normal operations on African soil and permission to oversee other relief efforts within the country.

Any information that can be provided about Roman supply lines will be given to the UNE agents in contact with the SGA.

Other efforts
Seeing a chance to get knowledge from a less secure force, the SGA will gather from the Romans any information they can about anti-psionics.
The SGA will look into assassination of pope and LUSA premier.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-24, 01:09 AM
PM shot at funeral

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Cornerstone was in the area at the time of Pope Juilus' assassination, and immediately ran after the assassin himself, with his guards behind him. In his own attempts to confront the assassin, the Prime Minister took a gunshot wound. Threat is reported as minimal, yet the PM has been confined to Danish state hospital for a few weeks.

He issued a short statement from his bedside

I'm fine. What should worry Europe more is the actions of the Empire in Switzerland. We've finally seen the Emperor's true face. And it has fangs.

We have reports of Gladio agents attempting to influence the old government. When that failed, those self same agents were the ones who set up this coup attempt.

What we are witnessing is not democracy, or union. It is a hostile takeover of Switzerland by the Empire. What they will do, given the chance, to all nations of Europe, even their new allies in the Lira Group. And it will not stand

OdinIf they hadn't been sent already, the UDF will be en-route now, Pandoran Rifles, armor, Solarian tanks and all.

WotCMost gratifying. We accept.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-24, 03:38 AM

A surprise broadcast today cam from a man calling himself Damian South, claiming to be the chief spokesman for the nation of light. He said he was a messenger of light and hope to the world. He spoke long about the many grievances of this world and how they should be adressed in a diplomatic and peacefull way.

(secret, GM and UNE)
UNE and SEATS are setting up an information sharing network in europe. Seats agents are being dispatched to serve as liasons between the two. Inaddition they carry relay beacons for the seismic network to be set up in area's the UNE controlls to serve as calibration points. It is explained that these are intended to monitor Imperial Roman ambitions, especially in Switserland by allowing the SEATS monitoring stations to accurately display information from across the globe.

As soon as they are operation SEATS information services relay information about everyone's movements and bases and army stockpiles (essentially giving them a real time 3d map of the surface) in europe to UNE and it's allies.


Damian South adressed he wanted to open up to the world. The port cities of Singapore, Sydney and Jakarta are opened up to foreign shipping in a matter remniscent of the japanese shogunate. The SEATS nations welcome any offers of trade and with their vast energy resources an d economic strength believe that they help any nation with a struggling economy.

In addition to the trade offers the SEATS council actively spends a large budgets on helping starting scientists and businessmen from making their dreams reality. To help this SEATS intelligence sets up a branch to aid businessmen find the right foreign connections to make trade possible.

@NAC (President Shona Han) and GM
Geothermal plants are currently up and running allready. We have the ability to capture the energy and bind it into liquid gasses or oils through chemical processes or indeed any substance that carries energy. Name the one you feel is best fpor your economic growth and we shall provide you with it. Furthermore we would like to point out that this is emmission free as we draw on carbon dioxide from the air to grow the hydrocarbon chains to provide the carrier medium.

In addition we freely offer to share real time 3D imagery of the opposing sides in the Swiss conflict using our geological sensors. (to GM, info is send pertaining to imperial roman troops and shipments of energy are being send across the pacific if this is agreed. In exchange SEATS expects a formal aid pact and trading vessels to it's vast international ports that have been opened)


Psionic technologies are of great interest to SEATS, particularly those with a penchant for hyper spacial awareness and vibrokinesis (the latter tpo link i n with their geo programs). Such individuals are actively sought out by security services and offered lucrative lifestyles and the chance to enter government sponsored programs to further tap into their potential. Any additional money the government can muster without damging other area's of focus are fueled into this program to increase SEATS technical knowhow.

(secret)naturally any tech the intelligence servies manage to come across with them spreading in certain states (such as UNE in helping their war effort and SGA in helping relief...closely monitor pandora scientists there) is highly apreciated

SGA relief effort

SEATS investigators are send to the region in relatively high numbers. In addition leading scientist are send along to report about the extend of the devastation.

In a surprise move Damian South shows up in the region and holds a speech amids the ruins of Bombay. There he speaks on the need for unity amid mankind and of how neighbours should help another. He thereby set up the SEATS Relief Fund, independently of the SGA working to set up small businesses and provide waste management to the peoples of neighbouring parts of India and Bangladesh.

He is actively promoting SEATS businessmen to invest in the region to set up a strong trading link and a potential market. Energy lines and roads are extended cross border to help with an innitial framework for this effort.

To apease the SGA he is not working against their efforts, rather they work parallel, coordinating with them sufficiently to ensure no funds are wasted.

SEATS military advisors amids sub saharan resitance groups and south african factions are actively recruiting more and more people to their cause by coupling funds from the SEATS relief fund to their effort to create goodwill amongst the population for supporting SEATS backed groups.

In addition many people that are found capable are being spirited away to SEATS bases deep in seats territory where they are given instructions by SEATS commando's into being an effective force, before being redeployed in the escalating conflict. Those with psychic potential however are moved into SEATS Psy Programs.

@LUSA (Vicente Ramirez), secret
Dear Vicente Ramirez,

I would hope that our nations can bridge the pacific gap between us and work towards better relations. We offer trade and technological assistance to you if you have something in return to offer us.


Damian South

We would gladly welcome you to our lands and are willing to provide you with the funds to build a basilica that dwarfs all others in the very heart of Australia. It will be a testament to the universality of religion and we hope it will help breach the gap between religions in this world. Furthermore from this basilica we'd be happy to help you construct a spaceport and station to further this program.

2008-09-24, 04:46 AM

Call for greater inclusion in reclamation
The general attitude towards groups such as the SEATS relief fund and Pandoran nuclear scientist is positive. But certain groups are calling for a greater role in the restoration of lands claimed by humanitarian right. At least a dozen community are urging the SGA to open additional talks with these nations with the long term goal of having regional efforts include local work forces and eventually local leadership.

Rebulding of the ports
For the first time in a long time, ships are coming to ports like Chittagong and Bombay. With the recent donations and help given to the SGA, the once great harbors of the Indian Ocean are being reopened and rebuilt. Not only is this expected to help increase the economy of the SGA but experts project increased shipping will also benefit SEATS with the investment they currently have in the region.

You may wish to fortify your borders with China. Information has come up that they are considering an invasion. I can only recommend that you show you are prepared for such action. Even should this prove insufficient deterrent, preparations can only help secure you against that threat. I'm sorry to say that I don't have the ability to give military help should this arise but I hope this warning will help to aviod the situation entirely.
China also has close ties to LUSA; something that might bear considering if you choose to make diplomatic overtures to South America.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-24, 05:01 AM
SEATS forces in south east asia, mostly in the peninsula are actively gearing up to prevent chinese invasion using the SGA provided intelligence and are rapidly moving more forces to the area, including psychic commando's as they become available. The seisic network is closely monitored for any signs of chinese movements. Other actions proceed as planned.

We ask that you send forces to taiwan, which is still your friend in the region to have forces ready to help. We fear a chinese military escalation and a show of force would help deter them.

2008-09-24, 05:31 AM
Your answer is clear crisp, and to the point.

"we'd love to send troops, but we are at the moment selling our lives in Italy. For the moment you re on your own."

SEATS we will take any aid in this matter. 3D imaging would be invaluable, we agree to this trade pact.

We would like to issue an international call for aid vs the NRE. We cannot fight alone"

2008-09-24, 06:31 AM
After the convention of Cardinals at Vatican was completed, the new Pope, Caius II was brought into office.

To SEATS secret

I found your message on my desk when I walked in my office. I gladdens my heart to hear your offer, and I joyfully accept.

2008-09-24, 07:57 AM
After hearing about the attack on PM Cornerstone, Vicente Ramirez, an old friend from Oxford, makes a statement to the world..

"My friends...enemies...today, we have seen the craven act of a craven killer, attempting to stop a great man--and an old friend--from attempting to achieve peace in his lands. What kind of person would truly attempt to halt peace in such a way? Isn't there enough violence in the world today? How much blood must be spilt before the other nations of this world are content?

I..we...have had enough. We, the Liberated Union of South Americans, are pleading for a peaceful resolution between Emperor Umberto V of the New Roman Empire, and President Shona Han of the North American Coalition. If one is not reached, we will have no choice but to intervene. You have 3 months (OOC: One turn) to comply, or else we shall begin attacking your holdings at home and abroad. You have been warned.

In addition, I would like to introduce Father Albino. Father Albino will be in charge of our nation's new anti-psionic task force. We do not condemn the use of psionics. That is not our intent. However, with new technologies being available to spy on a nation without any noticable equipment, it begins to impede on that nation's safety and well being. Therefore, Father Albino and his men will begin to monitor and track psionic activity in our lands and our holdings abroad."

A nuestras amigos del SGAI honestly do not believe the lands you have now suit you very well. What are your feelings on Russia these days?

A nuestras amigos del SEATSI'm not going to lie to you. We have a war coming up with America soon, that we may not win. I understand that our ties with China concern you, however if you promise not to aid the Americans, I can persuade them to be a little more friendly with you. Maybe even open some trade.

A nuestras amigos del ChinaObviously, you can see that there is a war coming with the Americans. But America is not the true prize right now. Now is the time to strike at Russia. Their leadership is weak, their army is weak, and the citizens are restless. It's time to put the gangly old bear out of its misery.

A su santidad, El Papa EspacioHello, your Holiness. How is space? Would you like to come down back to Earth?

2008-09-24, 08:30 AM
Let's start the ball rolling. In a suprise move the Solaris Alliance slams the Italian Penisula with a air and sea attack on NRE airbases, naval positions, and storage facilities. Air superiority is established over the distracted NRE. In the mean time the Straight of Girbraltar and the Suez Canal are closed to all italian bound traffic that is not composed entirely of food stuffs, and all traffic that passes out of Italy is redirected, and all cargo confiscated until the end of hostilities, or in the case of perishables, reciepts writen and the goods used to help the Solaris War effort. In the mean time the naval force in the Atlantic will position itself to defend from a possible LUSAian counter attack.

Aid's aid in Africa is welcomed. Specifically, Solaris agents point to infrastructures that could use rebuilding.

Feeling a rush of pro-African sentiment, the Solaris Alliance has announced the Africa Corps, open to all volenteers living in or of African desent. Join up, save Africa.

2008-09-24, 10:22 AM
indeed, IK would like to free Rome, however, you understand that publicly speaking out against the force that holds Rome in military conrol would not be a good idea.

I promise my quite support and aid to whatever efforts you come up with, provided they're morally acceptable.

also, short bio of the Pope

everyone can read

Age: 36
Birthplace: Luna 5
Former position: Cardinal of The Lunar Diocese
Description: quite tall and agile, he has short black hair and a rather long face.

also, secret actions PMed to Odin

2008-09-24, 10:53 AM
OOC: Historically the Papacy relinquished its claim to Rome in exchange for Vatican City being made a soverign country.


Imperial Military digs in and goes on the defensive

Following repulsing the NAC and the surprise attack launched by Solaris, the Imperial military has ordered a defensive footing be set across the Empire. All units are being placed on alert and the Imperial fleet has been fully put to sea.

OOC: More orders being sent to Odin once I do some planning.

Rome activates Lira Block Mutual Defense Pact

With the cowardly sneak attack launched by Solaris against the Empire, Emperor Umberto has enacted the Lira Block MDP agreement calling for all Lira Block nations to declare war on Solaris, military advisors are being sent to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Northern Prussia to coordinate joint military operations with those countries.

The Empire goes on war footing

By order of the Emperor and the Imperial Senate the industry of the Empire is being prepared for total war. Factories are to be prepped to switch from civilian to military production and thousands of orders are placed for new weapons.

Men who had previously served in the military are being called back to active service to make up for the losses in encurred in Swizterland. Conscription services have also been enacted throughout the Empire to bolster the ranks of the military and bring in more soldiers.

2008-09-24, 10:56 AM
OOC: Historically the Papacy relinquished its claim to Rome in exchange for Vatican City being made a soverign country.

yes, and? I've never said anything about conquering Rome.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-24, 11:08 AM

General Amleth, Commander of the Union Defense Force, speaks out on the Empire's actions.

The Empire's got the balls ta take over Switzerland, then demand help for defense? The Sun Boys jus' feel threatened at a 'em choosing to expand by force. After all, o knows where they'll turn next?

No one in the Lira Pact should feel obliged to commit troops to the Empire. They started this mess. Let 'em reap their own Whirlwind.

We had got peace keepers ready for Switzerland.. Not soldiers. The Empire's audacity at this point surprises even us. Our armies are mobilizing to aid Switzerland as we speak. It will not fall into Imperial hands. On that you have my personal guarantee.

2008-09-24, 12:30 PM
Yearly Military Exercises
Reporting from High Deli this is Hillary Parks. Today the SGa began its yearly practice of holding military exercises. For one week almost the entire people are mobilized for war and defense. Some have said the timing of this training is also to serve another purpose. To show the world that even those that wish for peace are more than prepared for war.
For the World News Network, this is Hillary Parks from New Deli.

I believe you have misunderstood the purpose of our government. It is not our goal to be either imperialist or expansionist. The land we hold now was lawless and lifeless for decades before being taken under the wing of the Government of Aid. And it was for that reason that is was considered under our right to govern, not because of selfish ambition and wishing to destabilize the workings of a stable country.

LUSA recently approached us with an offer to help the SGA obtain more “suitable” land. It proposed that we should somehow obtain Russia. Given your own close ties I’m fairly sure a similar approach has been made to you. LUSA is so willing to simply turn on a country out of convenience. It bears noting Russia is allied with them through the NRE. Not only that, but it has become vastly more friendly towards them since the death of the previous Tsar. If these reasons are enough to think of attacking it, can China truly afford to play lackey to such a state?

Other efforts

The spy network is checked foreign influences, double agents, or leaks.
They are also instructed to look into the anti-psi techniques being employed by the public force recently set up by LUSA.
A closer look is taken of Russia and why LUSA might want to attack them.

2008-09-24, 12:51 PM
Premier of Foreign Affairs, Vicente Ramirez, formally extends an invitation for the new Pope, Caius II, to come visit the lovely gardens of Brasilia, capital of La Union.

2008-09-24, 01:53 PM
President Han spoke today in front of the Vietnam Monument today.

“Citizen’s of the N.A.C., listen to my plea. The ruthless NRE have assaulted and annexed the sovereign nation of Switzerland. While our powerful forces hold the line, we cannot do it alone. I urge you to help us in anyway possible. I, myself will be going to help organize the troops now stationed in Switzerland. Once before we dealt with a man who thought he needed to build an Empire! Adolf Hitler thought his 3rd Reich, his third great Empire would rule for a thousand years. American’s threw him down and ended his tyranny. Let us have a new age, a peaceful age. This age holds no room for Empires!”

The N.A.C. is mobilizing forces from all over the country. Volunteers flock to the recruitment centers and they begin training right away. Scientist turn their minds to better equipment, tanks, and ships.

A special emphasis is put on the air force, and drop infantry.

The navy, previously hanging back, jumps into this war, blockading the NRE ports. All nations are politely requested to not send supplies to the Empire. Ships who try to make port, even LUSA ones, are turned away but not damaged or seized.

With the Italians on the defensive, small units- of between six and twelve men, start jumping into Italy to sabotage infrastructure, including oil depots and railroads. Though casualties are expected they are targeting poorly defended area to force the Italians to pull troops out of Italy.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 03:33 PM
Solaris' aerial assaults are fruitful. With most of the Empires air defenses concentrated to the north Solaris manages to gain air superiority.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-24, 03:41 PM
Bring them all together

Under General Amleth, the UDF has begun a recruitment drive. More weapons are rolling off the production line, and whole platoons are being raised to head to Switzerland and oppose the tyrannical Euro threatening Empire.

SecretA large number of tanks have been seen in the south of France, all at Marseille, but on patrol, and seemingly preparing for longterm movement


The UNE have started work on unifying internal resources, to raise their internal economy into a state better able to compete in the current economic climate.

Dubbed the New Economic Program by Danish Prime Minister Erik Horrenson, it will co-ordinate economic efforts across the UNE to ensure maximum efficiency and highest profits for all members of the Union

Psionic Ethnicity Convention Proposed.

The UNE is well aware that the development of Psionics is a highly contentious development, and one of the main ethical issues of our time.

Therefore, we propose an international convention, to argue over the issues, and to educate the world as to the facts, and implications of Psionic development, to be hosted in Hamburg. If the Technocracy wishes to send representatives, they would be highly welcome, as would any other parties interested in the issue

Dr. Jason Falkner

Set up our scientists to look further into Psionics, latents, counter measures, and ways to awaken talents

Money to be made

There are no shortage of countries in Europe desirous of the UNE's newfound oil. Bargaining is hard, but fair. The profit margin will be in line with the standard on oil, plus a small "Broker's fee", it appears the UNE are not the owners of this oil, merely the sellers.

The majority of the funds gained will be transmitted back to the original owners. The broker's fee is to be allocated to the New Economic Program.

@NAC; On a happier note, we plan to send a delegation of our scientists to attend that convention of yours. As a statement of support Dr. Jason Falkner, our premier expert on Psionics, will be in attendance, and will lead the UNE delegation.

Erik Horrenson

2008-09-24, 04:33 PM
His Holiness Pope Caius II would be happy to accept Vincent Ramirez's offer. He wishes to discus the state of LUSA and other major events in the world with the LUSA Premier

2008-09-24, 05:15 PM
"Prime Minister Cornerstone, Father Albino and some of his aides have expressed an interest in attending your committee on psionics. Would you allow them a seat at your table?"

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 06:41 PM
The following was broadcast from every Television station in Russia, and copies delivered to every embassy.

Tsar Gern stands on a ornate balcony in the Moscow. Behind him soldiers in Russian uniforms march in prefect time.

Hello... is this even on? ... what? Live? uh..

The Tsar clears his throat.

I had meant for this to be a surprise at my coronation, but recent events have side tracked things. First things first, Russia would like to formally join the Lira Bloc.

The camera pans to the troops behind him. Gern's voice continues from off camera.
I would like to introduce the future of the Russian army. With the help of Pandora, I have created the worlds first Clone-army.

The view zooms in and the identical faces of the soldiers become visible. The view shifts again to include the horizon. The parade continues into the distance with no clear end in sight.

Over ten million solders, and this is just the beginning.

The camera moves one last time to focus on Gern's smiling face.

On a more personal note, Umberto. I'm still preparing my wedding gift. You should get it within the week.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 06:55 PM
An envelope was delivered to Prime Minister Cornerstone bearing Tsar Gern's Personal Seal.


It has recently come to my attention that you believe that I murdered my uncle and made an attempt on my cousin Ivan. I want to set the recored straight. I have done things in my past that were wrong, but I would never kill family. No Romanov has killed another since the Glorious Awakening. What would I have to gain from killing my Uncle, I loved the man, and bless his departed soul he was not long for this world anyways. I could have waited. And Ivan to be frank isn't a political threat to a potato.

Rest assured however when I find who did this, and I will find them, they will pay. I will personally make sure their death is painful and slow.

Best of Wishes,

2008-09-24, 07:28 PM
Umm... no amphibious assault was launched. Just naval and aerial bombardment. Focusing on navl/aerial places, ala Pearl Harbor so... less NRE navy? They never seemed focused on it anyway, and the rest just got buggered.

Message to NAC:

We saw an opening to protect ourselves and took it, but unless you want us negotiating seperate peace, force Nigeria to form a new democratic government, and get your navy to the eastern Atlantic we've got them all blocaded at the choke points, but LUSA is going to hop in soon. Atleast thier army is mostly regularized gurilla infantry.

Message to Pandora:

What news? Yea or Nay?

to Odin
Current output are being split between infrastructure in the African nations and millitary spending. Bombing will continue, focused in the same areas, and perhaps spreading out to hit manufacturing plants and a few ground based sites. Also, counter espionage, esp. around dissident groups & South Africa, countinues to ramp up.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 07:35 PM
(sorry about that I'll edit the post, I saw attack and read assault.)

The Imperial Navy is trapped in port, they don't have nearly enough power to break the blockade.

2008-09-24, 07:53 PM
Construction on a launch pad is started in the Saharan desert.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 07:57 PM
(I'll advance to the next turn soon, I am just waiting until I hear back from someone)

2008-09-24, 07:59 PM
Quick! The Solaris Alliance would like to announce an agreement with the colinists on Luna, as well as some other agreements. Boring stuff on solar panals, trade monopolies, the like.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 08:35 PM
End of Turn 4

The New Year dawns on a world engulfed in conflict.

Tsar Gern's clone army storms into Eastern Europe. Pushing aside the scattered resistance, they take Belarus, the Ukraine and Poland in quick succession. The Russian flag is quickly raised over the capital buildings of both Ukraine and Belarus. In a turn of events that is shocking to some and whole expected to others, it is not the Russian flag that flies over the Polish Capital, but the Flag on the New Roman Empire.

Luna too joins the nations shaking off it's isolationist policies. Luna begins exclusive trade with Solaris, abandoning it's earlier agreement with the UNE. Luna pushes for a new reformed U.N. comprised of the unaligned nations of central america. For the first time since the lunar war of independence, Luna is once again creating military hardware.

The world enters into full war footing, as the NAC, UNE and the Empire all switch production to military ends.

Protest are held all over the world condemning both Psionics and Tsar Gern's amoral use of cloning technology.

LUSA's new fleet circumnavigates the Solaris navy by traveling through SEATS controlled waters. They attach Madagascar, cutting it off form the rest of Solaris.

Solaris discovers Gladio cells are found in sub-Saharan Africa, apparently trying to supply arms to some of the more militant dissident groups.

Many of the nations of the world try to replicate the experiments used by Pandoran scientists to create, psionics. As of yet none of them have succeeded.

In lighter news the Space Cross nears completion. Already the cross' super structure can be seen from earth.

Message from China to LUSA

Despite our brotherhood, we do not think it is wise to attempt an attach on Russia at this time.

Message form Tsar Gern to Emperor Umberto V

Enjoy the gift? We will hold it for you until your troops can arrive. If you need any military help, you need only ask.

P.S. i think a spring wedding would be nice.

(If I left anything out let me know)

2008-09-24, 09:25 PM
Solaris would like to condem the outragious and immoral attack on a neutral nation taking no part in any of these wars. If LUSA wishes to fight Solaris, then it may do so. But the nation of Madegascar, while a member of the New African Union, is not Solaris. I call upon the nations of the world to condem and repulse this assualt. As a member of the NAU, we will of course be joining in the defence of Madegascar. A massive build up of pan-African Armies, admitedly mostly Solarian, transports over and digs in on the coast.

Glaudio agents are found bound and gagged on the tops of poles, beneath them captured millants sit around sullenly, attached by ropes around thier hands and feet to marionett controler thingies duck taped to the Gladios hands.

When the clone troopers leave the protective bubble of Russian air support (as I assume they will, at some point. If they don't ignore this.) long range bombers from Solaris blast thier supply lines and major areas of concentration. A taunting message is dropped by leaflet:

Solaris naval power, no longer needed to keep as close a watch on the belugered NRE navy, sets up another cordon, just outside of the Black Sea's entrance to the Med.

Those aerial strikes not pointed at the new clones (most) continue to beat down on the NRE.

Dear Gerny,
Can clones fly?
-Air Admiral Beotuch

Message to NAC
LUSA's started shooting. That is all.

To LIRA bloc members:
We're opportunists. Back off of Africa and peace may be possible.

2008-09-24, 09:49 PM
After a long silence, Vicente Ramirez speaks on the passing of Hernando Ortiz.

"Hernando Ortiz was a great man. It is almost blasphemous that he died thousands of miles away from friends and family. All he was attempting to do was give succor to those who have had it rough the past few years.

Hernando was a cornerstone of our culture, one of the pillars of our nation. And it is because of this that I am proud to announce our latest legislation. You see, Hernando was a devout Catholic, it is sad that he was not around to see His Holiness in our capital a few days ago. And that is why we have decided, in Hernando's memory, that Catholic Holy Days are now permitted to be celebrated by all citizens of the Union, whether at home or abroad. This was something Hernando always insisted on as a way of getting in touch with our people. It is a shame that it took his death to have it realized.

As for the Solarians' claims that our attack on Madagascar was unjust, I must inform them--and the world--that our intelligence community had and still has reason to believe that the government of Madagascar had and still may be funding terrorist factions, including those such as the Sons of Liberty, within our own borders. And we do not stand for such an act. By funding those who would kill and maim innocent lives--husbands. Fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. Daughters. Sons.--they may as well be killing them themselves. So, if Solaris wishes to help defend Madagascar, that is their choice, but we will not withdraw until those responsible are brought to justice.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce that we will be forming a new organization of nations: The Pan-Pacific League. We formally extend invitations to the South Eastern Asian Treaty for Stability nations, along with the great nation of China. This will be a strictly economic pact to promote trade between our three great nations. However, by bridging the Pacific, our nations will achieve great prosperity together.

Finally, I would like to extend an invitation to Jacob Vaughn Jr., the currently de facto leader of the Sovereign Government of Aid, to come and visit our beautiful country. And I apologize for never thanking him for his book he sent me, so allow me to do so now: Thank you, Senor Vaughn. It was a fascinating read.

I thank you all for your time. And as always, Prime Minister Cornerstone, I hope for your speedy recovery.

A nuestras amigos de China y SEATS

And by 'economic,' we mean fully military as well.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 09:53 PM
Message from Tsar Gern to Solaris

No, they can't fly. Not yet at least.
I don't know why your so upset, I was just doing what all good fathers in law do, securing a suitable wedding present. We need not fight, no one important was injured so we can still make peace.

If the air attacks continue, I will be forced to garrison my troops next to hospitals, schools and places of worship.

If that wont dissuade you, the next batch can be sent somewhere warmer. I hear that Egypt is nice this time of year.

2008-09-24, 09:56 PM
A personal letter arrives at LUSA from President Han:

Despite our differences, our two nations have held a great respect for one another. While Hernando and I may have never been friends, and perhaps were even enemies, I have had nothing but respect for an admirable adversary. I would like to finally tour your great country, see these famous beauties of the south.

While I am there i would like to seek a conference to see about ending certain hostilities between nations.

I hope we can truly have peace in our time.

President Shona Han

2008-09-24, 09:58 PM
A la Reina Verde, Shona Han

We would be honored to have such a brilliant leader tour our country. Perhaps peace may be achieved. For now.

--Vicente Ramirez

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-24, 10:39 PM
Rome has fallen! Today Emperor Umberto held a top secret meeting with a man who is believed to be LUSAn general Robertson. During the meeting Robertson and his security detail opened fire on the Emperor. Umberto's security detail managed to to kill his attackers, but not before the Emperor sustained life threatening injuries. His bodyguards were rushing him to the near by hospital just as the boots of NAC's Supreme Elite hit the ground. They quickly established a bridge head and with the help of Solaris air-superiority landed thousands of troops in the Imperial capital. While Umberto escaped the fall of Rome, most of the Imperial senate was not so lucky. Imperial troops have surrounded the city but as yet no concerted effort has been made to retake Rome.

When Tsar Gren learned of the incident he is quoted as saying. "Dammit, would you people stop trying to kill my family!"

2008-09-24, 11:00 PM
Message to the Tsar

Poland is a most splendid gift. A wedding in spring would be more than acceptable.

I would request that you use your clone army to invade through South Prussia and into Swizterland to put an end to the meddlesome NAC force harrassing me their.

Umberto V

Message to Solaris:

If Solaris stops all attacks against NRE and Lira Block nations immediately we will ignore this transgression while we concentrate on more important issues.

OOC: When did i agree to a meeting with Lusan generals? I was actually under the impression that most of his military was in lock up. I think before meeting with any so-called generals from LUSA it would be confirmed with the government who was being sent.

2008-09-24, 11:02 PM
As soon as the Supreme Elite had secured the city of Rome, General Finate launched a surprise counter attack against the Italian forces in Switzerland. She swooped in with their newest specialty unit labeled "The Green Angels".

These men and women are drop shock troopers trained by some of the original supreme elite, while they are not as trained they do have the excellent training afforded to NAC troops. Also they are equipped with state-of the-art weaponry.

They drop directly behind the NRE forces, while General Finate assaulted them from the front. Hopefully catching the already demoralized forces "because of the symbolic capture of Rome', basically the hammer and Anvil tactic.

Them newly appointed General Garett, formally Colonel Garett of the Supreme Elite, launched a smaller invasion force into the port cities blockaded by the navy. Basically the navy pile drives straight through the damaged NRE naval lines.

Supreme Elite also take Umberto into their custody, though they do not kill him.

They state they merely wish to protect against all further assassination attempts.

2008-09-24, 11:11 PM
Message to the NRE:
Talk to LUSA
Message to LUSA
Drop Madegascar and this can all blow over.

2008-09-24, 11:13 PM
OOC: Back it up Greystone. I am protesting the so-called meeting assassination because any meeting with supposed LUSAn officials would of had to go through proper channels and not just with some general.

Nor would the government reveal that the Emperor was shot, it would be supressed and the government would act like everything was fine.

2008-09-24, 11:16 PM
OOC: I think I'm in agreement with LongVin, not because we're allies, but it does seem a bit underhanded to me. I mean, my general has been in custody for a while, so it would be impossible for something like that.

2008-09-24, 11:19 PM
to Russia
No harm no foul, eh? Pleanty more where that came from. Though your new son in law doesn't really need the dowry. Hey, stay 'way from Africa, dear Tsar, and it's all ok.

2008-09-24, 11:20 PM
OOC- The odd thing is he did go through all the official channels too get the audience, which was held in secret to see if LUSA decided how best attack the NAC. We decided that your country would be in such need for help that you would jump at military aid.

Also Pumpkin3.1415, I hate to tell you but I actually cloned him (without him knowing) while I had him incarcerated. I was planning on using him eventually.

2008-09-24, 11:50 PM
OOC: Except for the fact that I was discussing operations with LUSA the entire time and was informed about the incarceration of his military staff.

2008-09-24, 11:57 PM
OOC: They have lied to you before, believe me. I proabaly gave some BS story about why he wasn't captured. Also there are some actual agents (will not say which country) that probably helped me convince you.

My original plan was ten times worse and involved the destruction of the entire NRE, after Discussions with Odin this was deemed more fair.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 12:16 AM

Cornerstone sends a personal transmission to the new Tsar.

I'm most gratified to hear you say so. But given your current large scale alliance with the Empire, and current domination of the East, forgive me if I do not rely on your word alone

I don't know what sort of hand you've got in all of this. But there's one way I'll be sure

Suppose I tell you who killed the old Tsar? I know who did it, I just wasn't sure if you were involved. And the man who told me? That was the poor lamented Space Pope. Two deaths on Russian Soil. Deaths, you should feel honor bound to avenge

That way either you'd divert your little army from our borders to advance on them...

Or I broadcast the entire story across the World, including your involvement.. Sooner or later it'll reach your people. Who may not be too happy.

Your choice, Master Gern.

2008-09-25, 12:19 AM
Rachel Welsh, aid to Jacob Vaughn, has announced plans to attend the Psionic Ethnicity Convention and the world scientific convention.

Plea for peace
The SGA has sent out a plea for a cease fire by all nations, a freezing of troop movements and opening of diplomacy (at least for the duration of the Winter Olympics and other conventions).

African Relief efforts
The relief efforts within Nigeria switches focus to empower the local people more quickly and solidifying the government. The corruption implied by the Solarian's is looked into in depth. The SGA promises to continue on other methods of aid with the help of this government until it is stable.

Response to LUSA
I’m sorry to say that my current responsibilities to the SGA won’t allow me to leave India for some time. However, arrangements can be made to have Matias Stumpf, Overseer of South American Aid Efforts, meet with you.

To the Prime Minister

While I cannot speak to his other character traits and actions, I believe it to be true that the current Tsar was not responsible for his uncle’s death.
I cannot speak to any efforts made to kill Ivan though.

Increased Military Training
With reclamation efforts going well and the current state of the world, the SGA has increased the amount the amount of military and defensive training its citizens receive.

Other efforts
The SGA continues to gather anti-psionic techniques and teach them to field operatives.
Unsure of Luna’s goals, the SGA will try to find what drives the colony.
It also checks to see if others besides the NAC are/were supplying the Sons of Liberty

((Edit: misunderstood the state of Nigerian government.))

2008-09-25, 12:42 AM
After careful negotiations, the LUSA has decided to pull out of Madagascar. In addition, reparations are being made to help rebuild the areas taken over by the South American military.

In addition, we extend a hand to Emperor Umberto V to come to LUSA with the remainder of his forces, where we will be more than willing to grant some land to get you back on your feet.

2008-09-25, 02:17 AM
Excerpt from the Yearly Report on Global Relief Efforts

The progress being made within the Argentinean state since the increase of resources by the SGA in May is encouraging. Basic shelter and necessities are available to all citizens. Infrastructure is still being rebuilt but most areas now have power, transport and potable water. More efforts are being turned over to the Argentinean in efforts to empower the local population. Given current progress it is projected that the extra work force supplied by the SGA will soon be able to withdraw to levels standard for the SGA.

SGA enters Madagascar

With the retreat of LUSA from the island, SGA has begun the process of overseeing the rebuilding of the nation.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 06:13 AM

Seats formally protests the movement of ships through her waters, claiming that permission was neither sought nor granted, nor would have been granted and that they had absolutely know prior knowledge of the LUSA action, which Damian South claimed as 'low and underhanded'.

SEATS integration

Though not formally SEATS council members, the many indian ocean and pacific island states, including sri lanka, new sealand and the recently aquired filipines are protectorate regions of the SEATS.

Damian South speaks in a public adress to the council to fully include these nations into the council as such allowing SEATS to fully integrate their economies and military might into a solid powerblock. In addition he claimed that it was not proper to make decisions about them without these nations consent.

Following his speach the SEATS council votes with overwhelming majority to formally invite these nations to intergrate their economies and militaries into the SEATS framework. Diplomats are send to the protectorates to conduct the inclusion talks

The offer is genuine and it will give these nations back some of the decision making power they had lost to SEATS, but in exchange their militaries, economies and social framework is to be intergrated into SEATS. Naturally the SEATS intelligence services are actively 'persuading' key figures to make the transition a smooth one. Any foreign interference with this project is met with harsh measures from SEATS agents (foreign agents soon find out the kind of temperatures present in waste disposal facilities) and to prevent interference the SEATS first ensures that all foreign connections and foreign visitors are expelled from the protectorates. (not granting new visa's and letting visa's expire a little quicker).


With SEATS energy producing facilities in Antrartica running up to speed the next step is to build housing and promote colonisation to build the social and economic infrastructure to fully exploit this region. "The New Home Initiative" is started for young people that seek an exiting carreer and government set's up employement opportunities in tghe energy, mining and processing industries. In addition foreign and national corporations are invited to invest in this booming economic region with low taxes and cheap land grants being made available to any-one who moves there or buys a business licence (paying purely very low administrative costs for it).

The vastness of the region also make it the SEATS home for psychic programs and special isolated communities of government backed psychics are allowed to form here. Foreign psychics are welcomed here through rumours of the psychic communities. Damian South has special representatives amongst these people and ensures they have comforatble homes and high living standarts.

They are employed in research, economic forecasts and limited intelligence work (mostly to prevent people from finding out about them) and any information they gather is filtered through the SEATS ministries into general soceity to make it benifit from their special capacities.

THE antartic defence force, comprising of many ships and aircraft is formed amongst the settelers to provide SEATS the military might to hold this region is things go (even further) south.

SEATS research

With recent aquisition of psychic technologies SEATS scientists are now again spreading out to a multitude of regions.
The next government program is to create weather controll technologies, which combined with their geotechnology should provide the basis for effective terraforming both of the artic regions, but potentially even other planets.

Psychic researchers however instead focus on group psychic phenomena to see if their combined mental powers allow for greater effects, mostly as a means to guide economic forecasts and guide efficient decisions based on maximum value for money. Essentially collective precognition.

SEATS Relief Fund

SEATS relief fund is continuing to invest in SGA asian lands and creating stronger ties to benifit from the economic revival of these area's.

In africa the SEATS Relief Fund is still used to buy humanitarian leaders goodwill of the population and to help the numbers in rebel groups rise.

Those africans that were trained by SEATS special forces and intelligence services last turn are now flown back into africa to start their respective humanitarian revolutions against corrupt regimes, providing the military arm of those leaders that are backed and made popular through the SEATS Relief Fund.
@SGA (secret)
We are aworking to rebuild a humanitarian sub saharan africa and would ask you to help us by sending us names of african humanitarians that we can mutually support in their rise to power. this we feel is the sole way to counteract actions such as LUSA and Solaris that merely seek to conquer the region without ultimately seeking a humanitarian solution

The Basilica of the Divine Mandate

The pope has accepted an invitation by Damian south to come to the heart of Australia where he will bless the ground where the Basilica of the Divine Mandate shall be build. It is to be the greatest human religious landmark and a tribute to the universality of all religions. Construction crews and religious leaders from all over SEATS (that contains many many different religions) are gathered on this joyous day to build the foundations together and ensure the structure is one build with everyone in mind to prevent exclusion. World leaders are invited to attend the grand ceremony.

Just say the word and the building crews will start their work


With trade deals completed with SGA (in terms of economic investements in their region and extended infrastructure), UNE (in progress, not yet) and NAC and negotiations on the same with LUSA the SEATS merchants are steaming out to make the best and bring resources and delicacies into the SEATS lands and export energy and finished goods of high technological value (though not their top end military or government products).

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 10:30 AM
@Seats... Trade agreement with the UNE? Since when?!

We have an espionage agreement, yes, but nothing on trade. We have active trade with three powers, and a handful of minor states. You are not on the list, as far as I know?

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 11:34 AM
@Seats... Trade agreement with the UNE? Since when?!

We have an espionage agreement, yes, but nothing on trade. We have active trade with three powers, and a handful of minor states. You are not on the list, as far as I know?

The SEATS government formally appolagises, however we gladly would sign a trade agreement with you as a prefered trading partner. We offer our energy and high technological consumer goods in exchange for raw materials, delicacies, agricultural produce and industrial goods.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 11:36 AM
WizAct5ually, that was OOC.

The UNE hasn't been signing trade agreements for a reason. Fear of Imperial attack. Though that's... starting to look like a non-issue.

Wait till this turns over. Then we can get to talking.

Oh, and how do you like Oil?

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 11:41 AM
WizAct5ually, that was OOC.

The UNE hasn't been signing trade agreements for a reason. Fear of Imperial attack. Though that's... starting to look like a non-issue.

Wait till this turns over. Then we can get to talking.

Oh, and how do you like Oil?

Oil is a cheap resource for chemical industries to use, cheaper then the SEATS geothermal energy synthetis of hydrocarbons. It's very welcome.

Perhaps we can also sign a technological treaty, in which we have free exchange of junior scientists and students between our nations. (for matters of national security (such as your proximity to less desirable nations) our top line researchers cannot be included, I'm sure you have similar reservation...still research techniques from both nations would greatly add to another)

PS: anyone coming to the Basilica ceremony as a representative?

OOC: I'm playing it as a mistake in a government report, the civil servant responsible has been sacked ;)

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 11:55 AM

Note, as a statement of faith, General Amleth, commander of the UDF has declared his intention to attend the opening ceremony at the Basilica of the Divine Mandate

Way I see it, we're fighting a holy war here. Perhaps not about religion, but none the less it's good vs evil. If we survive this, I'll attend and give the Lord my thanks.

That work?

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 02:44 PM
@Seats When it comes to trade, we might be able to arrange a regular shipment when it comes to Oil. Keep in mind though, talks are provisional here, we will have other potential buyers soon

As to technology... Gladio has been devastated by Pandora, and UISC. Still, it's an interesting starting point.

Still, all these are provisional on the Empire being rendered a non-issue. Their interference would potentially devastate profits. Talks can not progress until the issue is settled. Still, once the situation is known more clearly, we see no major objection to trade links.

Stepping up...

The UNE would now like to formally announce that it's oil potential has become long term. Contracts for regular trade are now open to all interested parties.

Rest assured, the profit from this transaction will be invested in the NEP, and not military build up. We are not the Empire.

Erik Horrenson

OdinCan I get good prices in Europe here?

@SolarisI know how you guys feel about competition in the Oil market.

Whilst it can't profit you, the value of buying out a new source of energy and maintaining your monopoly has far greater value than the sheer price of Oil

Say... 200% of base market value? In return, you'll have an exclusive contract, outside of UNE internal.

2008-09-25, 02:53 PM
While we can provide a list, as an overseer to relief efforts in Africa the SGA would like full disclosure of how exactly the SEATS relief fund plans to support them. It is not the goal of the SGA to allow the creation of puppet states but rather to strong independent countries.

2008-09-25, 03:06 PM
The Space Pope (you know, I really wish I never took that picture out of my sig:smallfrown:

Pope Moves to Space Vatican

Today the Pop Caius II officially moved to the Almost Completed Space Vatican. It will have bleeding edge hydroponics and solar cells to be almost completely self-sustaining.

2008-09-25, 03:18 PM
because my computer is being screwy and not showing the edit button.:smallmad:
Pope sponsors relief effort in Europe

Today a large number of Vatican sponsored relief efforts began taking action all across the war-zone that is Central and Eastern Europe.

2008-09-25, 04:09 PM
OOC: I thought it would be cool if we could describe what our military looks like. I think it will add a little visual element to our epic wars

Standard troops of the N.A.C. are equipped with Dark Grey urban pattern uniforms. All have Mk 2 Flack armor covering their uniforms and their helmets have a in-built targeter/ night vision. Their standard issue weapon is the F-65 Suppressor, a cheap, reliable, and powerful assault rifle.

The Supreme Elite are rarely seen in their normal uniform. Since they normally take covert missions, they dress in whatever will decieve the most. Their actual uniform is a Black Greatcoat with black uniform underneath. No skin shows as even the face is covered by a high tech gas mask. On the side of the helmet is the Units symbol of a green fire. On their arms is a green armband with the N.A.C. star. They will use any weapons that is availabe and tactically effective.

The navy and airforce where similar uniforms of dark blue.

The new Drop troops are equipped similar to the standard troops, except better armored and equipped. They wear the Mk 3 Flack armor , which is black with a green uniform.

The Supreme Guard are new, and are equipped in highly advanced, highly ornate power armor. The armor is pure white, with light blue enamel. On the forehead of their individually sculpted Helmets/masks is a symbol of Emerald Flame.

IC: The Vice President has come out today and declared the formation of a special group to defend the President and other NAC officials. The Supreme Guards will be assigned to all high level military Generals and Politicians.

President Han embarks for her trip to LUSA with fifty of these new guards as ceremonial escort.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 04:28 PM
SEATS troops uniforms
SEATS has few regulars i their armies, relying instead on technology and special forces. Their special forces are dressed in whatever manner suits them best for the terrain and mission. Standardised on base and parade uniforms are designed to be both comfortable and practical and in a variety of grey shades denoting the specific regiment they are part of. One piece of equipment they often wear is the Hermes III tactical combat armour, a fully encompassing body suit that provides athmospheric protection, chameoline materials, several build in sensors, including a vibrosensor and 3D immager, and the equivalent of a few inches of steel (through special light weight composites) between them and the enemy. Still the Hermes III is an expensive piece of technological kit and one of the prime reasons why their army is so small as it is their desire to use the potential of every soldier to the fullest.

The SEATS navy is similar to the army, small, but high tech. Most of their ships are designed to be submersible and stealthy for fighting a defensive war of attrition in which swift raids on enemy ships and ambushes are prefered. Sailors amost all wear shades of blue, again in comfortable battleready cloathing the patterns varying per fleet.

SEATS airforces are designed around an intergrated system of technoogical ground based defences. Their planes usually have medium ranges (no true strategic bombers or the like), but are launchable within mere moments requiring very little time to respond to an attack. Pilots always wear a modified Hermes III battlesuit when on the ready, designed to help resist G-forces far better then early 21st century flight suits and to provide pilots with a fighting chance when shot down (cameoline and bulletproof, as well as build in recusitation and communicators). When not on the ready they wear a mix of blue's and greys.

The Basilica

At the site of the constuction a glorious scene emerges, many important figures from around the world are gathered around to witness the pope blessing the site. A terrased structure has been erected to serve as a temporary altar, containing seven stages, the top of which containing a papal throne and each layer progressively down holding a variety of officials, dignitaries and religious followers. The lands around it have been flooded by the masses hoping to catch a glimps of the holy father...Damian South awaits on the 6th terras, only sleightly lower then the seventh, anxiously awaiting the holy father. He is dressed in a simplegrabs, though with a white mantle with golden adorations. Besides him stands an Australian Cardinal holding a pillow containing a golden crown of laurels.

In the distance the papal procession can be seen moving up the mile long path leading through the crowd...the people cheering as they see the aproaching holy father capturing glimpses of his holyness as he and his cohorts make their way to the structure...

2008-09-25, 05:36 PM
As the Pope approached the Altar, UNIS, SEATs security teams, and Luna's planetside security corp, all searched the surrounding buildings thoroughly for any threat. The Pope reached the throne, looking down at South and soon he is joined by General Amleth
General Author Amleth, I bless you as a worth servant of Christ, may the Holy Trinity guide your action...
after a few minutes, the blessing is done, and the Generally steps down, turning to Damien As yours is the greater responsibility, I have saved it for last.

Damien South, I do proclaim you the Champion of Christ in the Mortal World. You shall be the sword of the Faith and be held to the standards of anyone holding such a position.... It took about ten minutes, but that's the general idea.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-25, 06:21 PM
( Umberto is not in NAC custody, he and a hand full of senators escaped Rome before NAC troops took its. Rome has fallen, but the Empire is far form finished. The Imperial Government will deny the Umberto was ever injured.)

@Long Vin
(With Solarian Air Superiority, Nac Would have been able to take the city any way. The assassination attempt is more flavor than anything)

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 06:30 PM
Rising to the occasion Damian South radiated. "Thank you your holiness." The ceremony proceeded without problems and the joyous day was marked by the blessings of the site and the laying of the first pieces of the foundations. Surely this would be a testament to mans ingenuity an enginering marvel to solidify the divine mandate that Damian South had received.

Things continued swiftly with the SEATS lands, destiny racing through his veins Damian led a campaign to root out corruption in the government and ensure the new member states of SEATS were properly heard in the great council...a council that soon elected him as 'first among equals' in awe of his papal recognition. Damian spoke often, saying that he was not only a champion of faith, but indeed of all faiths, all faiths that inextricably linked mankind and should stive to unify it rather then divide.

His next action was to change a SEATS policy under the old governemnt, the use of psychic technologies. The psy camps on antartica were swiftly seized by SEATS special forces and inquisitors from the church along with leading SEATS scientists brought in to examine the psychics. Quickly the research began in how to rid these unfortunat souls of their demons and how to protect anyone from psychic powers...antipsychic technology was the new trend and soon happy, reformed psychics were shown to be living in rehabilitation centers as the research in how to undo and protect from these demons was ongoing...

(secret, GM and pope )
SEATS is further building up it's intelligence services to build up a global network that can be used to track rogue psychics. Where possible they seek to learn from the pope's intelligence services and would be happy to receive and act upon any information given by the pope's service.

2008-09-25, 06:36 PM

set the agents working on stirring up anti-psionic sentiment to track down rouge psionics.
also, Wizcoat, thats juuust Utopian enough to be creep,y I proclaim it double plus goodthink!:smallbiggrin:

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-25, 06:45 PM
(OOC: well he's proclaimed the worldly ruler by the pope, he's meant to be utopian and a man of destiny. Few could hope to stand against him in politics, though he's smart enough and devout enough not to abuse his power for personal gain. Besides I wasn't to keen on having my population worried about psychics, now I can help them properly and develop the means to study them and protect people from them or from those that would seek to abuse this power...)

2008-09-25, 06:56 PM
[fair enough, It was mainly a joke]

2008-09-25, 07:51 PM
OOC @ Wiz. of the Coat: Did you miss my proposal of a new Pan-Pacific League?

In addition, the LUSA is taking this opportunity to officially condemn the Russia Army's use of cloning technology to fuel its armies.

2008-09-25, 07:56 PM
Solaris sees and recognizes the LUSA's sudden consience. We thank you for not pushing this further. Military force is once again focused to North Africa, though air bombing cut back sharply. and then dwindle to nothing. Solaris maintains it's blocade, and fighters stay on watch, but the Alliance wishes to kick back and focus on economic devlopment with it's new trading partners.

Re, Uniforms:
Most of the Solarian infantry dresses in sensible khaki camoflauge on kevlar armour. However, many also have wear khaki with smartdef threads during desert operations.
The elite forces wear flexible photovolatic over exosuits. They never run out of power unless operating in the artic circle or under several days over cast. In such situations, they bring extra double A's.
The All Africa Volenteer Corps also has this set up.
The armoured Corp varies in looks, but the 'Elephant' class tank has a distinctive main cannon flanked by .75 Gatlings.
The air force is all stealth black, and also photovolatic for quieter crusing.
The navy just looks cool.
Each division has an insignia.


@ the Pope:
Applause on the SEATS move. We do love uncorrupted government.

@ Russia:
We're stepping out for now.

We talked already. BTW, what exactly is the relationship with the Pope?

We've got this booming space trade already running. Care to buy some solar panals? Best in the world. What about these space friendly commodities. By the way, what exactly is the papal take on millions of souless clones?

We hope this change will lead to a better, more enlightened SEATS policy. Remember, we too are friends of the Pope, and we all need to stick together.

Good night and good luck. If you need more help, just get the heck out of Nigeria.

Counter espionage continues. Focus drifts to South Africa again.
New battery and panel technology is pushed.
Large sums will be spent on rewarding the Luna/NUN with it's requested military build ups/ new panals. New trade should off set and then some.

2008-09-25, 08:02 PM
Following the airborne operation on Rome the injured Emperor and the government are whisked away to a secret underground bunker in the area surrounding Florence.

Italian soldiers around Rome lay siege to the city to prevent the enemy troops from advancing outwards or using it as a staging base. Power, sewer and water lines leading in and out of the city are cut plummiting the eternal city back into the Dark Ages and creating a logistical nightmare for the NAC forces.

The Italian propaganda machine goes into overdrive reporting on the barbarity of NAC commandos in their looting and pillaging of Rome and the torture of its citizens.

Rapid Defense Militia organized
Using outdated and civilian rifles, tens of thousands of men are conscripted in the newly formed militia to serve as coast watchers and unregular first line defenders to help ward off any possible sneak attacks in the future or atleast delay the enemy enough for teh regular army to arrive.

Message to SGA
The NRE would be willing to call a cease-fire to help end this pointless and bloody war.

2008-09-25, 08:16 PM
responding via Pm, it's not like anyone has high enough spy to read these anyway.

2008-09-25, 08:31 PM
Also, whens the new turn start? and Odin just making sure you got my actions.

2008-09-25, 08:46 PM
ohh, and can you update the stats on the front page?

edit: and might as well... Solaris would like to join the NUN, seeing as Lunar relations are already so tight. New African Union nations are recomended to join.

2008-09-25, 08:53 PM
Pandora creates the 'Whitecoats'; Rowe speaks about Pope

Pandora leader Will Rowe has announced the creation of an anti-psychic organization he calls the 'Whitecoats'. Trained in various martial arts, several different kinds of gun, and with the sum total of all their members, holding PhD's in nearly every scientific field known to man, the Whitecoats are an impressive force. But what is most impressive is the Whitecoats natural resistance to most psychic techniques, and training in avoiding or bypassing the psychic abilities they cannot resist. As well, every Whitecoat has the complete inability to use Psionics. Will Rowe hopes that the Whitecoats will be able to regulate Psionics and stop the rampant abuse of the wondrous technology.

Will Rowe also had words to say about the Papal State in a press conference.

"It's been a while, and though other nations have expressed grief over the passing of the old Pope Julius, Pandora has not. I will change this.

While Julius and I did not see eye to eye, especially over our beliefs, I am truly saddened over the holy man's death. He was a symbol of hope to millions, and hope is always a good thing. I am also crushed by the rumors circulating that I was responsible for his death."

At this, Rowe looks at the ground for a while, seemingly brooding over something, then looks up.

"So, to show my goodwill towards the new Pope and his champion, Daimian South, I am giving the Papal States, SEATS, and related organizations, including Mr. South, the services of a unit of 50 each of Pandora's new organization, the Whitecoats, to combat the abuse of Pandora's wondrous technology, Psionics. I believe that the use of the Whitecoats, who are incidentally unable to use Psionics, will strengthen the bond between our nations. I also hope that other nations will stop referring to Psionics as 'witchcraft' and it's practitioners as 'demons'."

Pandora Looking At Cybernetics in Medical Settings

Will Rowe also announced today that, instead of pursuing armies and land-grabbing, like Pandora had seen the New Roman Empire and Russia do, Pandora was instead pursuing highly advanced cybernetic medical technology, in order to save the lives of tens of millions.

Message to Pope/LUNA 3

Hello, Pope and LUNA 3. Pandora desires to help both of your groups, and is willing to construct even more advanced technology to improve quality of life on the Space Vatican and LUNA 3. You know that Pandorian technology is of the highest quality and make, correct?

Unfortunately nothing in this existence comes free, and so we ask both of you for a joint agreement to let Pandora acquire a few materials that can only be found in space.

As well, Pandora has a further request to you in particular, Holiness. I hope that's the correct way of addressing you, Pope. Pandora and the Papal State hasn't seen eye to eye in Pandora's entire existence, but will you give your blessing to Pandora's strengthening of bonds with your people on Earth? This would greatly help both of us.

2008-09-25, 08:55 PM

okay, here's the gist of the charter,

someone attacking a member nation shall be treated as an attack on yo home soil.

lowered tarifs and preferntial trading with members

tech sharing.

security council of (3 most powerful central American countries, Panama, whoever controls the Dominican islands, and someone else.) and Luna, 5 temporary seats elections among all member nations every 5 years (3 of he seats or 10 years, (other 2) no-one prepossess a veto
The Integrated Lunar Republic Welcomes the solarian alliance.

2008-09-25, 09:11 PM
Father Albino, head of the LUSAn Anti-Psionic Terrorism community, makes an address to the Pandorans, the Space Vatican, and the world.

Soy Albino, cazador de bruja malvado. Limpiaré sus pecados, porque brujería condeno sus. Mis instrumentos de la tortura son rojo de la sangre. Sus confesiones de la brujería le dejarán muerto.

I have been told by my superiors to ask the government of Pandora, His Holiness, and any other nation interested, pool our collective anti-Psionic resources together and form the first multi-national Psionic taskforce. With the Whitecoats, the Vatican, and our own Cazadores, we can keep our world safe from the threat of psionic dissidents.

After this announcement, LUSA funding for counter-espionage and non-conventional warfare skyrockets, with increased emphasis on anti-psionic research.

OOC: Yeah, I don't know Spanish. It's close enough.

2008-09-25, 09:13 PM
I'm the someone else, right?

2008-09-25, 09:16 PM
Unfortunately for the attempt to starve out the troops in Rome, they were well prepared when they dropped so have at least enough food and fresh water for 3-5 months.

A official Statement is made that the only way for the civilians still inside the city walls is if the city gets regular shipments of necessities.

Vice President Lee has asked the SGA for support "We understand that this is a military conflict, and the NRE may feel uneasy about letting NAC planes fly in. We are requesting that you will supply aid to the civilians. Not an Evacuation, if you need to see that the good Roman people are being treated humanly you may send observers.

We only request that if you send shipments of aid, some of it will be allocated to the soldiers"

At night a squadron of heavily armored stealth craft whisk most of the Supreme Elite out of the city. There are casualties, but they are minimal.

Since your air force was never really a priority, attack craft from Switzerland and aircraft carriers keep the airfields under pressure. Your northern Border is practically under 24 hour surveillance and your port cities that are not already captured are being blockaded. Your fuel must be running short.

If thousands of civilians are "mobilized" then your economy (agriculture, industry, and all other notable civilian run operations) MUST cease to be self-sustaining. Even if you are sneaking supplies in then you still wouldn't be able to feed the masses.

Historical news was made today as thousands of Cuban's fueled with a passion to show the NAC that they are worthy members have finally finished training. The grand majority of them have been sent to help secure Switzerland and the NRE port cities.

The exception is that three thousand were accepted into the Green Angels, the Drop Troops. General Finate seeing the build-up of new troops is a problem. Using Drop and pick-up tactics(a version of hit and run) almost my entire drop force are used to combat these "troops".

We expect these completely untrained troops to at least be broken, scattered, and forced back into their homes. We make one statement very clear, said by President Han.

"We will end this war one way or another, either through diplomacy or through conquest. If you are armed, you are threatening the free will of the world, Lay down your arms and go back to your homes and we will not attack you. Take up arms and you are now viable military targets."

On happier news the True Swiss government have once again set up office in Zurich, proclaiming that they thank the NAC 100% for saving their nation in a time of need. The council has commissioned a statue of President Han, flanked by a Swiss Soldier and a member of the Supreme Elite, one of the ones who sold their lives in the Mountains to attempt to slow the "volunteers".

2008-09-25, 09:37 PM
We're serving as a middle man for Luna. We're willing to offer some asteroid resources in exchange for help building an orbital laser cannon. On the DL, of course. Also, if we could have some psionic counterespionage help (not counter psionic) to finish purging foriegners from our lands that would be appreciated. We'll pay market prices, of course.

2008-09-25, 09:49 PM
In addition, preparations are being made for a ceremony commemorating the arrival of President Shona Han, one of the first democratic leaders to set foot on LUSAn soil since the nation's founding.

2008-09-25, 09:51 PM
In addition, preparations are being made for a ceremony commemorating the arrival of President Shona Han, one of the first democratic leaders to set foot on LUSAn soil since the nation's founding.

you got the Pm, right?

2008-09-25, 09:51 PM
OOC: Greystone last I checked Zurich atleast most of it was still under my control. Odin has not made any update on that front meaning the lines are relatively stable on that front.

2008-09-25, 09:52 PM
A su santidad, El PapaYeah, just waiting to hear back from Pandora

2008-09-25, 09:56 PM
[well, I just realized that apparently everyone's staying up late, or I'm several hours behind everyone else]

2008-09-25, 09:57 PM
OOC- No, I'm sorry but I took Zurich just as our war started. The line was a tad beyond Zurich. At this point I don't know if we moves, by read back and you'll find that I own Zurich.

The nation of Switzerland is divide neatly down the middle. The WDP composed primarily by NAC forces controls the North and the capital Zurich. They face off against no mere Volunteers, but the full force of the Imperial Army. Each side waits for the other to comply to their demands.

2008-09-25, 10:03 PM
OOC: Ok. I missed that.

2008-09-25, 10:09 PM
OOC: Its all cool man

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-25, 10:52 PM
Crap!!! I had almost finished the post for the end of turn 5 when my computer gave out on me. :furious:. I'm tired I'll post it first thing this morning.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-25, 11:19 PM
Odin, you've totally missed my chat with the Tsar. And it might get him to withdraw, I count it as important. :smallwink:

2008-09-26, 12:05 AM
Message to the NAC, NRE and the World

The SGA is always willing to help those in need and can gladly send help if the NRE is willing to let our forces enter their airspace. However, we would like to again extend a plea to all countries currently participating in armed conflict to follow suit with the NRE and be willing to call a cease fire.

Open invitation to Psionics

The world’s current view of psionics is understandable. Some of the abilities can be scary. But with the increase in anti-psionic the prevalent attitude of fear towards some of these individuals is not justified. The persecution and experimentation ignores the very important fact that psionics are still human and deserve the rights granted to all mankind. Because a psionic is not part of a country’s military or research group does not mean they deserve the label “rogue”.
The SGA does not condone immoral actions taken people with these abilities. But the rampant and growing persecutions are also not events it can ignore. Thus, the SGA’s would like to clarify that the invitation to any peoples wishing to escape violence extends to psionics. Some may look on this in a negative light but it has always been open. And the SGA feels it is the right thing to do.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 12:08 AM
A point to the SGA

Russia has not called a cease fire. And Russia is the strongest power involved, and on the side of the NRE.

Peace won't come without Russian willingness, for one thing.

2008-09-26, 12:23 AM
Point to the UNE

Neither yet has the NRE but they at least have made it apparent that they would not be opposed to it and taken a step towards peace. Perhaps the political pressure of having more countries agree to a cease fire would act as encouragement for Russia.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 12:25 AM
SGAThe developers of a massive clone army, and invaders of multiple neutral countries. You can not tell me that started with this war.

And when I say called, I meant "Called For"

2008-09-26, 12:42 AM

I can, actually. This war was caused by an escalation of events within Switzerland. But that is beside the point right now.
As you said, Russia is one of the most powerful military nations at this time. Would you agree that the use of strong political power just might accomplish more than fighting armies? That is what I am trying to do; use politics to force Russia into peace. After all, one nation (no matter how strong) would be hard pressed to go against the world. But first the world must agree on an action and the first step I am trying to accomplish a call for cease fire, freezing of troop movements and opening of talks.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 12:49 AM
SGANo, you aren't listening.

My point is that Russia was prepared for this. They couldn't have developed the tech and infer structure to support an army on this scale overnight.

They'd have attacked without Switzerland. It, and the NRE, are just excuses to them. That makes politics more difficult. They aren't avenging anything. They're just ambitious.

The UNE is not opposed to peace talks, provided Russia pull it's army back into their original territory, return east Europe to it's former sovereign status, and that the same is done in Switzerland. Those are our preconditions on comming to such a table.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 01:17 AM
Cornerstone lives!

In a shock move today, the reopening of the Swiss government was accompanied by a speech from Prime Minister Cornerstone, his first in several months. The PM was kept a surprise guest by the Swiss National Assembly, and though his initial reaction was mixed, his speech went a way to tidying up some allegations of UNE negligence in Switzerland.

... I too, would like to thank President Han, and her men. It is a source of some shame to me that the UDF were not prepared for the planed Imperial Coup. Yet the good President was. I commend her insight, and would be glad to visit the NAC at some point.

Still, I am happy to report that we now seek to address the balance. The Bulk of the UDF stands ready to defend you from Russian aggression. They are the best we have, and will sell their lives dearly to keep this country safe.

If the Russian situation can be resolved, rest assured they stand ready to help take back your country from this damnable Imperial aggressor. Battle plans have been drawn up. Between us and the NAC, the Empire won't have a hope. In. Hell.

Pandorian agents are searching for the infiltrators who organized this shameful spilling of blood, and the UISC are working closely alongside them. Rest assured, people of Switzerland, justice will be done for your dead. Those who gave orders to the generals will be found, and they will be punished.

This drew some boos from the crowd, as would any mention of Pandora, but the cheers drowned them out.

Above all, remember this, the UNE protects Europe. No matter what the threat. That is why I am happy to announce that we now have our own White Coat program, to defend all in Europe from Psionic threats, and that the USIC has made significant progress in rooting out Gladio operatives throughout Europe. Rest assured, you'll hear from them very soon...

The speech continued in this vein. Whilst there is still negative thinking in Switzerland, a personal appearance by the PM, in the first meeting of the new government, has gone no small way to make up for this.

Anyone with high espionage Cornerstone planed on a totally different speech. Something last minuet forced him to change it.

And the USIC director was seen with the delegation from the UNE.

TO IMPERIAL ARMY COMMANDERS IN THE SWISS MOUNTAINS [Encrypted]Rome's fallen. The NAC are going to commit more troops till the empire stays down, as will the UNE probably.

But there is something that's far more worrying to me than the Empire.

Russia. The Russians have a massive, and potentially infinite army, that's about to crash into Europe. I don't like Umberto, but surely you don't want to be dominated by foreigners? Not even he'd want that.

Surrender to the UNE, and you'll get a good offer. Either sign on with our forces, and help defend all Europe from Russia, or go anywhere in the world, with two month's pay. You'd be honoring your Emperor by doing so.

Given NAC activity, these troops are likely to be cut off from re-enforcement or supplies. Potentially leaving them vulnerable. Especially as the message doesn't go against Imperial propoganda, if anything, it gains support in the idea of keeping Europe safe from invaders.

Toss up between Umberto's morale and Cornerstone's world opinion? I'd win.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-26, 06:33 AM
@ODIN, OOC: I don't seem to see the results of large increase in the SEATS membership (intergrating their militaries and economies) or the many trade deals and research programs (anti psy, weather controll and gravity physics) in my stats update (or has it not been effective). Also how are the weather controll centers coming along I'd like to start terraforming big time to make the antartic into a garden of eden.

2008-09-26, 07:56 AM
@ODIN, OOC: I don't seem to see the results of large increase in the SEATS membership (intergrating their militaries and economies) or the many trade deals and research programs (anti psy, weather controll and gravity physics) in my stats update (or has it not been effective). Also how are the weather controll centers coming along I'd like to start terraforming big time to make the antartic into a garden of eden.

you have weather control....wow..Awesome :smallwink:

also, Odin
does Luna get any bonuses from all the military research or trading, or the N.U.N. Whats the total military strength of the N.U.N nations anyway, besides Luna and Solaris

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-26, 08:47 AM
End Of Turn 5

Causing the greatest loss of human life since the Pakistan/India exchange, bombers flying Solaris colors drop their deadly viral payload over eastern Europe. A generation of eastern Europeans is scarred as they witness the event that is referred to only as the Massacre. School children and churchgoers watch in horror as the clones billeted outside of their schools churches and hospitals die agonizingly painful deaths. Footage of the flesh falling off the clones bones and sounds of a million harmonized death cries beamed onto millions of homes across the world. Of the five million Clone troopers sent to Europe, less than ten thousand managed to avoid the virus bombs. Several additional planes headed towards Russia proper but were shot down before they could release their cargo.

Violent religious protesters calling themselves the Children of Adam assault one of the underground cloning complexes in Russia. Most of the mob is mowed down outside the front gate, but a hearty few seemingly immune to small arms fire manage to make it as far as the front entrance of the compound.

In response Tsar Gern declares martial law, and imposes strict curfews.

Several explosions destroy important civic buildings in northern china. China remains close lipped ass to the identity of the attackers. The Chinese military personally escorts the members of the LUSAn embassy out of Chinese territory.

The so called waffle states (Spain, Portugal, and Greece), along with Northern Prussia tender requests to be included in the UNE. Critics claim they were only willing to commit after they felt safe form the New Roman Empire.

With the Aid of NAC several new broadcasting stations start in both Zürich and occupied Rome. They offer both news and entertainment channels. One swiss woman was interviewed and she had this to say, "I love the new programing, with out this new programing I would die."

A new document is circulating throughout the internet. Known only as the Forman Document, it describes in great detail anti-psionic techniques and dispels commonly held misconceptions. It contains useful articles like "Psion: Man not Daemon" and "How to know if you are being Mind-Probed".

The New Unites Nations holds its first meeting. Luna along with Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador take preferred seats in the NUN.

Work finishes on the space Vatican. The illuminated cross and be seen from earth, a constant beacon of hope in dark times.

Message from Tsar Gern to Prime Minister Cornerstone

I am willing yo remove my troops from Europe in exchange for information regarding my uncles murderer, and assurances that Umberto will remain the sovereign ruler of the New Roman Empire.

Message from Premier Wu Jen of China to LUSA

Did your think that we are blind? An to think that I once called you brother. I went so far as to assassinate a head of state for you! And what is my reward violence and back stabbing. If your troops so much as step foot in Chinese soil again it will be considered an act of war.

(If I missed anything feel free to yell at me, I've slept since the last time I tried to post this.)

2008-09-26, 08:49 AM
also, Odin
does Luna get any bonuses from all the military research or trading, or the N.U.N. Whats the total military strength of the N.U.N nations anyway, besides Luna and Solaris

so yah, how's my research doing? or the projects? also, Solaris and the AU joined the NUN

2008-09-26, 10:19 AM
A nuestras amigos del China
I cannot believe that you would think that we would have anything to do with this heinous act. We, as a nation, owe our very existence to you, and we always repay our debts to those owed. We can assure you 100% that our men had no involvement with these unfortunate bombings. We are launching a full scale investigation into who could have possibly done this. We will report all findings to you immediately.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-26, 03:54 PM

Seats scientist continue work on the weather controll centers, perfecting them and steadily turning antartica into a garden of eden. Geotech is used to bring lava to the surface and provide fertile soil, which the early weather generators provide them with plentifull rainfall. Heavy funding is provided to science unde the guise of these projects in the hope the knowledge and technology will pay for themselves when the area becomes a full economic boosting zone for SEATS.

Similarly ecnomicists are happy with the new opening of trade with many nations and are working hard to extablish trade links for the future.

(@LUSA: I can't seem to find the treaty offer anywhere, please PM me on it)

In response to russia's anti crow tactics Damian South offers to mediate and invite the new Tsar to his weekend retreat to talk about the problems in his country.

(secret,POPE and GM)
SEATS agents are send (hopefully with vatican help) into russia to aid the civilian actions against cloning and other immoral technologies, hoping this will prevent more death then any war could. Several SEATS factories are retooled for the production of easily hidable and undetectable high tech presonal weaponry and sabotage equipment that is liberally given to these people by the agents.

SEATS agents all spread the message of hope that with both a spiritual and now a worldly leader of man the Tsar will awnser for his crimes against humanity and that they should endure and keep hoping.

2008-09-26, 03:58 PM
SEATS secret, so no-one but Wizcoat read it.

"Shadow" agents are deployed in the Order of St. Cecil (anti-psionics group) they aid civilian protesters with information and the latest in world technology.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-26, 04:19 PM
Message from Tsar Gern to Damian South

Come to SEATS so you can kill assasinate me?
I think not.

But you are more than welcome to visit Moscow.

(Everybody check the End of turn Post, I updated it

P.S. How does everyone feel about an OOC thread? As it is I get between thirty and sixty PMs a day, and I have to delete a lot to make room.)

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 04:28 PM
TsarOne point, before I answer.

If the killer of your uncle was a soverign country, a country who shares a border with you, a country I think, sought to make you Tsar to manipulate you and weaken Russia....

What would you do?

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-26, 04:33 PM
From Tsar Gern to UNE.

To put it simply I would raise it to the ground why?

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 04:35 PM
Welcoming committee.

t's the outside of the Ministerial Jet; Hamburg. A crowd reporters have gathered to ambush PM Cornerstone, who's scheaduled to undertake activity here this week.

Cornerstone appears on the screen. He looks bewildered, but happy.

I... I had no idea...

Then the questions hit, from reporters accross the Globe

Prime Minister, what is the UNE's reaction to the claims on landgrabbingPrime Minister, do you agree with those critics who say the States only delayed joining out of fe
Prime Minister...


Cornerstone's voice makes them all back down, but he's far from angry. He laughs.

I expected this no more than you did, Ladies and gentlemen. Whilst European Unity has been a goal of mine for a while, I kept it private, to ensure I could not be mistaken for Umberto. Revealing it now... is a joy to me.

The UNE welcomes all nations, with open arms. Our aid experts are to set to work to see what can be done. A numer of other anouncments can be expected soon

I don't want to be optimistic, but I think the storm is about to break upon the mountains. And that this day, here, with this glowing display of brotherhood...

It is a new day. For the NUE, and the world.

We have much to decide on. Rsources, names, oreing policy, USIC. But I promise you, this will not be a golden age.

Those wither. This will truly be the start of something greater, something lasting. I'd like, I think, to make it a public holiday. I know I'd celebrate.

To a new dawn, gentlemn! And now I must be going. So many people shouting at me... Just like back at Oxford

With a beam, two white coated gentlmen escort the Prime Minister away.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-26, 04:44 PM
From Tsar Gern to UNE.

To put it simply I would raise it to the ground why?

@ Tsar The return transimssion is equally simple. Three sentences

Such a nation exists. Have your security people check. It is called China.

And a post script

Your other request is granted. Umerto shal remain emperor of the New Roman Empire.

2008-09-26, 05:06 PM
Massive industrialization in Poland

Trying to makeup for the pressure mounting in the Italian peninsula, the newly acquired Poland province is undergoing a massive industrialization campaign using any previously unworked pools of labor. Factories and massive agri-business farms are the primary focus of this expansion.

EDIT: Forgot to put this in

Italian agents collect samples of anti-clone bioagent

Following the attack against the Russian clones, Italian agents go about collecting any leftover toxin that was deployed against the clones in an attempt to rework the toxin to attack various traits found in other groups.

2008-09-26, 05:39 PM
so Polond isn't on total war footing?

2008-09-26, 05:42 PM
OOC: Not yet. I just got Poland. They are just gearing up now getting everyone to work whether they like it or not.

2008-09-26, 05:43 PM
@ Are the Poles happy? Or are they being oppressed, at least dominated against their will...

President Han landed in LUSA today. As she stepped off the plane, surrounded by her white-armored Supreme Guards the celebration began.

She seemed pleasantly surprised as Vincent Ramirez himself stood holding a limo's car door open. She walked up and shook his hand, she disappeared into the sleek, dark green limo. He follows suit, then a Supreme guard enters afterword.

As they sat in the car Ramirez looks like he about to object to the guard, but Shona beats him to it. " This is Damion, he is a utterly loyal clone, so do not worry. He will literally die before giving away any information"

The guard nods his head. His golden face mask was shaped like a sculpted lions head, and red eyes glinting, betraying the masks technological level.

"I assume my guards will be taken excellent care of, anyway down to buisness." She opens the company cooler and smiles seeing the same crystal pitcher as last time, she poors them both a drink.

"I heard the memo you gave, how I was the first democratic leader to set foot in LUSA. I hate to say it, but you can barely affix that moniker to me" she looks vaguely sad for a moment "Congress keeps passing bills to give me more and more power, and the people get less. They are content but I am not sure if my own integrity can hold up under the temptation."

She takes a drink then smiles again "So lets talk politics, not only that but lets talk about how I should interact with your government."\

She sits back and lets her colleague (sorta) speak.

World News:

Vice President announces today that they would be willing to join trade agreements.

"The NAC have been without economic support for to long" he is quoted "It would be nice to see a resurrgence of old agreements that do not have to involve wartime production."

@Odin, Urgent, Espionage Secret
Due to intelligence garnered almost my entire espionage groupo is thrown into stopping the NRE from understanding any samples from the virus. My agents will use their better training (higher espionage rating) and psionics, not to mention actual use of the newly trained Supreme Elite who will kill anyone known to find such information.

Failure is not an option and my men will give their lives before this virus falls into the hands of the enemy.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-26, 05:59 PM
The new OOC thread is up. Enjoy:smallsmile:

Wait, no. I'm experiencing technical difficulties, bear with me.

Thanks to Moderator interscession, the OOC is up. For real this time:smallbiggrin:.

2008-09-26, 07:08 PM

The SGA’s peacekeepers (they have no official army) are sparse and vastly under equipped compared to most other militaries. They wear teal riot gear most of the time. On the sleeve is stitched an orange cross with an infinity sign on the horizontal bar.
Aid forces can also be provided with t-shirts, jackets, coats, ponchos, ext. of the same color and design. More often, SGA forces wear local clothing with only an armband or patch to identify them. Some preference blue themed attire but the only official requirement for an aid worker is to carry ID and papers explaining their affiliation to the SGA.


The SGA sends its aid into Poland. It is one of the few times it has failed to wait permission to do so or to have gone in with foreign troops. The SGA apologizes for not giving time for the NRE, Russian or Polish governments to respond to such a request. It’s stated reason being that to delay would cause more harm to the area. A majority of the force is occupied disposing of the millions of bodies before they become a health hazard. Most of the world applauds this move but murmurs are heard about how Poland may soon be claim by “humanitarian right”.

Uping the tech levels

With the increase money from donations and trade the SGA has begun the Agency for the Gifting of Science, a program to modernize India, aid forces and other less industrialized nations. The program aims to provide better equipment and make continuous research in the ever expanding fields of science.

Other efforts

Samples of the virus are collected and transported to AGS for study and storage. Research his done to find ways to combat the virus and any variants that might be created from it.

SGA workers will capture clones and also get them to the AGS. They will be examined by doctors and psychologist to find out what type of free will they have and if they can be rehabilitated.

2008-09-26, 07:59 PM
Edit: Totally misread!

Same moves as the prev. turn, but with an eye on shoring up defences vs a potencial Russian war, and any agreement that might be made.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 02:37 AM
UDF dress code

THey used to have a prety standerd urban kit. THey tended to get deployed in urban enviroments, anything else requiered special uniforms

Since the tech trading with Pandora started though, they've had Pandoran brestplates as standerd issue, each with the symbol of a half cog in the center. The UNE maintains no single flag, but there have been some who sugest the half cog as their embalem.

Their Chief weapon is the P-66, A basic assualt rifle, but with Pandoran Modifications witch turn a prety standerd gun into something simply incredable. Rate of fire, armor piercing, automatic re-load... It's become somethig each UDF member blesses each night.

First blood

This is Johan Eck reporting for BBC news in Warsaw, alongside what I may be right in saying is one of the most glorious things I have ever seen

At 06;00 this morning, in their first major combat opperaiton, a notable portion of the UDF forces within south prussia drove into Warsaw. Their reception was mixed, but they have proceeded in similar fashion accross Poland. They claim to be here to stop the Imperial Terrorist Organizaion dubbed Gladio by Prime Minister Cornerstone, and to restore Poland to it's former, soverign status.

They are also under instructions to do it with as little shedding of Blood as possiable. We hear reports that Russian troops are being alowed to withdraw, but that imperial opperatves, of any sort, are to be detained. All opperations by the Empire in Poland are to be shut down. Any hostile Russians, or Imperial army troops are to be shot on sight. All Imperial activity must be reported

When questioned on precisely what Gladio activity was in opperations there, USIC representitives looked sorrowful, and quickly moved away, declining to comment.

This is Johan Eck for BBC News, Warsaw

Since the empire has no troops there, and the russian presence is now minimal, it should be an easy win

USIC operatives are dispatched beforehand, to find out just how many troops it'll take. And IRT, I'd have gotten a responce from the Tsar by know, so I'll know if they'll be Hostile or not. Once it's done, (in case the estimate missed anything) the rest of the UDF stationed in Prussia move to a lightining strike to drive the imperials out of Switzerland, once and for all, General Amleth at the front.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-09-27, 04:28 AM
The Academies of the new Dawn

As SEATS is building up it's economy (secret)and espionage network and investing heavily on antartica and building a new economic zone there a call goes out across the world.

"Today, we must start a new era of scientific progress...a new dawn. We must protect ourselves from the morally bankrupt technologies of Pandora. Therefore we call all scientists that wish to be part of something greater for the betterment of mankind and work to forward humanitarian idealism and believe in the universality of the divine, which is present in many facets.

We call them to come work for the Academies of the new Dawn and work at progress that will elevate mankind. The SEATS council is offering research grants to all who come and share this philosophy. Academies are set up in all mayor SEATS cities, but we hope that other nations will want to co-operate with us and allow us to share our ideals by setting up an Academy of the New Dawn in several of their cities."

"Fields of research will be multiple within the academies, but our scientists have allready begun studies on such diverse topics as wasteland reclaiming and aplied high energy physics."

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 10:19 AM
Opening of the Ambasador Johnson Center for Reseach and Deveopment.

Today marked the opening of the Johnson Complex, a UNE/Pandoran joint research center. Dr. Johnathen Falkner, a noted figure within the UNE scientifc community, gave the opening speach

Today is a step forward for the UNE, and for Pandora. Here, in this complex, the boarders of science willbe pushed to new limits

Still, for those who worry about Pandorian Ethics, rest assured that it will be UNE professors who set the agenda. Both our nations, and the world, wil benefit from what is discovered here, have no doubt. Both the UNE and Pandora will fund the work carried out here

The facility is guarded by USIC and a detatchment of Pandorian Security. You'll need very good espionage to get in.

And Major funding grants to the research done here. Weapons, espionage, ... and some speial projects. I'll PM them to you

Psionic Ethics conference

Well, all of you are welcome. Now let us begin.

Psionics enhances mortal powers. It does not change mortals into demons. Copies of the Freeman Document are availiable to you all.

Whirlst Psionics must be restricted, limited in this early stage, Psionic power are, in our view, little more dangerous than simple weapons. It is a matter for Psions if they chose to use their powers for good, or evil.

Thus, I table the motion that Psionics should be treated as the Neucler Weapons of our time. A science we must take care with, a science that must be limited, perhaps, but one that is not evil. Further, that Psions, whirlst they must hold responcibilites with the use of their powers, are no more or less than all others

To the floor. Your thoughts, gentlemen?

AlOk, anyone sending delegates, post what they say, and we'll get an idea of how the meeting goes. Assume we're all equal at agueing, but the UNE counts double (we're the hosts, and set the agenda. Slight advantages).

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 10:26 AM
Plough the Waves

The New Royal Navy takes to the seas for the first major time. They are to funnel supplies, oil, ortable generators and other relief good, and workers, into Rome. The NAC are fully consulted at every stage.


SEATS are welcome to establish their acadamies in the UNE

However, we are NOT impressed by the philosophy recently expressed by SEATS representitives. Whirlst all have, of course, the right to practice religons of their choise, when that infringes the rights of othes... It shifts from Religon, and becomes fanaticism, and the doctrine of hate.

No action will be taken at this point. However we are highly concerned over the issue.

Needless to say, any established instalations will be closely watched.

2008-09-27, 11:52 AM
Message to the world

We are giving the nations standing against us one more time to stand down and agree to come together to seek out a peace deal. This offer will not stand for long. We have been more than gracious in attempting to seek peace and it has been ignored at every turn.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 12:00 PM
You started this war. You still have troops occuying Switzerland. Russia sill holds three countries in easten europe that are not, by any explination, involved in the Swiss dispute

And do not get me started on your current activities in Poland. We DO know what Gladio is up to there, Umberto. Do not make us tell the world.

Peace won't come untill they are all returned to neutral status.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-27, 12:21 PM
Message from Tsar Gern to Prime Minister Cornerstone

My troops will only leave if you can guarantee the safety of my daughters finance, and the independence of Italy. That means calling of the American Dogs.

As for the other matter, I will have my agents check into it and if you are right I will crush China. I think that Premier WU Jen's head would look quite fetching on my mantle.

Message to Umberto V from Tsar Gern

I'm sorry but I don't have enough troops left in eastern Europe to hold your wedding gift. I'll do my best to regain it but I'm afraid I can't make any promises.

Our real problem is going to be dealing with Han. But I have a plan if she refuses to come to the table.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 12:30 PM

That'd require some diplomacy. I can guarentee Umberto's safety, but Han's scared of Italy now. As are the people of the UNE. They'll want it taken down

To get Han to back down, I'll need all the conditions of our peace settlment, and more. I'll also need limiters on the Italian military, and the leaders of Gladio brought down, Gladio itself never to reform. And Rome to become independant

I dont propose giving it to the Americans, but for it to become a neutral power, much as Geneva once was. There is no such place at current, Rome would very much work.

Note, Tsar, that I could simply tell everyone about China. let the world watch. If they judged you weak, well...

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-27, 12:40 PM
Tsar's response to Cornerstone

I'll see what I can do to convince Gern to agree, do what you can for Han. I think Rome is going to be quite the sticking point.

As for viewing me as weak, I'm not he one who resorts to assassination and germ warfare. I'm just no willing to be used as a pawn a pawn. I want to know with certainty who did it, so their cries for mercy and pleas of innocence are all that much more sweet.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 12:47 PM
OOC; don't you mean Umberto?

Fair point, Tsar.Very well, let us do what we can.

In the meentime, neither of us will advance. Your troops stay in easten Europe, ours stay in poland and switzerland. We won't advance on the empire, and will try to stop Han doing so, but no guarentees there.

We migt re-enorce Rome though. We want it independant. Hasn't been ruled out. Acceptable?

2008-09-27, 12:50 PM
Message to Tsar Gern

I am not at liberty to speak at this time on what constitutes our upcoming plans or operations but any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Hopefully, I will be seeing you shortly. I can not say exactly when.

Umberto V

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 12:52 PM
Responce to Tsar and Umberto

Well, that makes your good faith in a peace deal.... Somewhat suspect, to say the least

Tsar, our offer on peace still stands, though this idiot does you no favors. I fear I will also have to now ask for Imperial Transparency in governance. Not unreasonable, we need to know the Empire is not plotting anything further.

A sperate peace with you is something I'd reccomend. Not dealing with this two faced thing. I wouldn't have called him worthy of your daughter's hand myself.USIC opperatives are staking out Poland. The UNE are now the dominent power, and are hiting both the corpses and Imperials in Polans

No chance on you getting that spore, especially with NACs help

2008-09-27, 01:08 PM
Umberto V, Comando Supremo and Senate spirited out of Italy

The highest levels of the Italian leadership preparing for the next phase in operations decide it is in their best interest to leave the peninsula as soon as possible. Operating in the utmost secrecy the highest ranking members of the Imperial government steal themselves away from Italy.

To confuse any potential trackers six large motorcades and three helicopters leave Florence each taking different routes and heading to different locations. Each of these movements have a body double for Umberto on hand so that if they are captured, it will be believed that they got the right car.

In reality, the government of the NRE takes haven in one of the dozens of military convoys that enter and leave the city everyday. Disguised as enlisted soldiers aboard a truck, the Emperor and his top advisors are brought to the border of neutral Yugoslavia, abandoning their military uniforms they dress in civvies and secret themselves across the border to a Yugoslav train station with tickets destined for Russia. In a few hours they will be in the relative safety of Moscow.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-27, 01:11 PM
Tsar's Missive to Cornerstone

I think that Rome in neutral hands is preferable to the hands of Han.

I have another daughter if you have a suitor in mind? My uncle thought highly of you and I have to admit I am beginning to feel the same way.

2008-09-27, 01:13 PM
Government officials ordered to abandon Poland

Imperial government officials as well as Polish Collaborators are ordered to abandon the remaining areas of Imperial controlled Poland and to retreat into Russia to regroup and reorganize. Any records of the government activity are to be destroyed and if possible any infrastructure is to be shut down and made non-functional.

The utmost priority is given to getting samples of the virus out of Poland so that research can continue in Russia.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 01:34 PM

The USIC reported on the groups carrying the spoors to the UDF. The Armored Infantry didn't stop moving till they came up to their rear.

They were quick to advance. Their vehicles were of the best quality, Pandoran 57T All Terain Fast Transport. Before long, they had those fleeing Imperial agents carrying the Bio-Spoors within easy range. They had Eck, the BBC war corrispondent with them. The tannoy of the vehicles blared out


They will, too. Sorry, but we have better military committment, better tech, and better espionage. No way you'll get away with it like this.

Cornetrstone comes out at a press conference as this is going on

My friends, it has fallen to us to reap a bloody task.

I had hoped to keep the Imperail activites in Poland outside of the Publc Domain, to maintain public order, but this activity has left me no choise

I am sorry to inorm you that Gladio, and the Empire, are seaking to aquire the spor used on the Clones of Russia, in an attempt to re-use it, and target other groups.

Rest assured, UDF and USIC are co-opperating to ensure that this will not happen. We will keep you posted, ladies and gentlmen

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 02:01 PM
Bringing of the Sword

Today, Prime Ministers Cornerstone and Horrenson together launched plans for a series of magnificent skyscraping towers, one in every country throughout the UNE, and one in Switaerland. Each is of the exact same design, that of a massive sword, with the point plunged into the ground. This is accieved thru two joined towers, rising to a larger bservation deck (The Hilt) and a further tower standing above it.

Those in the UDF are to become the headquaters of the Protectorate of the Union, the UDF and USIC, as their reward for their service in the conflics with the Empire and Russia. They will be equiped with top of the line equipment, and each will be full garrisoned by UDF and USIC forces, once complete.

The one in Switzerland is to be gifted to the Swiss, military equipment and all, as a sign of UNE support. However, there wil be no aditional UDF forces to guard it, as, after all, they are not part of the UNE, as much as the UNE would love to welcome them to it's union.

2008-09-27, 02:06 PM
The chase in Poland

Several trucks(both light and heavy) swerve out of the convoy and down sideroads with the arrival of the UNE forces. Gunmen open fire with machine guns from the windows and back of the truck at the advancing UNE forces trying to get away.

The rest of the convoy appears to be largely be fleeing civilians, some of the vehicles stop and others continue travelling down the road believing that the UNE only wants the military units.

@ Odin

The trucks are carrying the largest samples, on ice bodies of the dead soldiers. But a handful of the civilian vehicles are just for cover. They have small samples of the virus either hidden on the bodies of the passengers or hidden inside the cars themselves. They are either going to try to avoid being stopped altogther or avoid detection.

Edit: Just fixed the title. Stupid fingers

2008-09-27, 02:06 PM
General Kim Finate smiled. She was only about 5'4, with medium length red hair, olive eyes, and kind face. People who didn't know her tended to look down on her, but she didn't mind.

All of her troops saluted as she walked by and she smiled, that was all the respect she needed. The Huge hovercopters flying through the air had the best armor around, and the entire NAC air force where protecting them.

"Men, we have been fighting these Italians for too long. We have been given these new suits so we can finally take these bastards out."

She walked over to a panel and flipped a switch. Lights flickered on and as it became illuminated, 50 nine-foot tall, matte black and green battle suits sit lined in a row "You are now apart of the Supreme fists and we are ending this!"

"General Finate! The Red Lioness!" the troops cheer.

Units of the new armored battalion, equipped with the 89-Unity Battlesuits, along with normal drop infantry drop directly into Italy.

General Finate herself leads 350 of them into Florence along with 1,500 Supreme Elite and more than 6,000 drop infantry. They take the city, but find that the few remnants of the Senate and the Emperor had escaped. Other units of the Supreme Fists (usaully numbering 25) attack the convoys...but the emperor has escaped.

The remaing 500 Supreme Elite, 900 Supreme Fists, and more drop infantry coordinate an attack on the troops surrounding Rome. These new armored behemoths are almost invincible against small arms fire (and the militia can't even touch them. That plus the attack of the troops garrisoned inside Rome attacking means that the siege is broken.

In Switzerland the Forces attack attempting once again to push them out and the troops in the port advance further.

Seeing their army outside of Rome run, the senate votes publically for the surrender of Rome.

A spokesperson says "We have had enough, the NAC has beaten us, I'm going now to watch more of their wonderful broadcasts."

(Odin, you know what I'm talking about, and even if the Emperor and other nation don't agree to the surrender, I am betting some troops will)

The vice President flew in, risking his life, to except the formal capitulation of the Roman's.

(OOC- If you guys want to say no, its ok but I have a reason why the senate agreed to my demands.)

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 02:22 PM
Poland Chase

The UDF commander smiles at the return fire, even as the BBC Reorter starts in panic.

So, they want to play rough, do they?

He hits a button, and yells into his radio

Command, this is Stigma 34, I think we've hit the motherload. Imperial guns there. Requesting back up

Roger Sigma 34. En route

With a smile, the young commander stepped on the emergancy accelerator. A very Pandoran invention, it provided a short, excessive boost of speed

The UDF runs up alongside the convoy, with their rifles opening fire on the trucks, but not the civilians yet, as they start to draw up on the civilians who didn't stop. The Capitan hit the tannoy again.

This is UDF Capitan Harrison. We have reason to believe Gladio opperatives are amoungst this group. All vehicles; stand down, or we will open fire.

2008-09-27, 02:33 PM
Poland Chase

One of the lighter trucks careens off the road its driver shot dead by the British soldiers. The other trucks take hits across their bodies and if it wasn't for the massive commotion one would easily be able to hear the bullets shattering ice and glass vials. The gunners keep firing at the enemy APCs and fire rifle mounted grenades trying to take them out.

Pure chaos envelopes the road as some drivers attempt to speed ahead of the battling trucks, others listen to the command and pull aside on the road as others crash together as they try to get away.

Moral Wiz
2008-09-27, 02:45 PM
Poland Chase

Some of the Imperial rifle granades find their mark. Pandoran tech or no, these were light transports. The UDF transport next to the Capitan's vehicle ends up spirallig off the road, a smoking wreck, and another one ends up half open, it's men pulling back, but not before the Imperial guns found them. Their armor didn't protect aganst a shot to the neck..

Harrison grimaces as he hears their screams. Now, it's personal

1 and 2, chase down the Civies up frount. You've got authority to shoot if needed, but stop them before they reach the border AAC.

Rest of you, contain this area.

The transports fan out, encircling the trucks. One opens fire with a rocket out of a hastily opened window. If any civilians try and exit, a transport will follow to apprihend them

Sigma 34, this is Gulf Tango India. We're en-rout to your position, with heavy support.

I'm loving this, LongVin. You? :smallbiggrin:

2008-09-27, 03:02 PM
Poland Chase

The cab of one of the four heavy trucks explodes in a ball of fire from the rocket. Still under its own momentum is barrels forward as the flames quickly engulf the rest of the truck. Two down, six trucks remaining. The holding clamps on one of the other heavy trucks snaps from the intense pressure and in a few short seconds an avalanche of half rotten bodies and dried ice slide across the road. Sickening pops are heard when ever the heavy wheels of a truck of an APC slam into one.

The gun battle continues but the Italian agents know they are outgunned and do the only thing possible that might turn the battle. The heavy truck drivers slam multi-ton trucks against the sides of the APCs, while they probably won't be able to overpower the vehicles(depends on how big the APCs are) they'll be able to knock rifles from gunports and crush any hands or arms that may be outside the vehicles.

All the cars but one stop when surrounded by the approaching UNE forces. The lone car makes a beeline for border, its driver operating the vehicle very erraticaly.

Hell yeah, this is great.

Odin the Ignoble
2008-09-27, 03:09 PM
Within minutes of NAC's attack the Empire's response is felt. Two missile submarines trapped outside of Italian waters by the Solaris blockade, release their entire payload. The missiles are armed with multiple chemical war heads. All of the missiles are destroyed, but some of them are close enough to their objectives to release their deadly payload. New York and Washington are completely destroyed. While President Han was away on important business, the senate was in session and almost all of the Legislative branch is destroyed in a single horrifying attack. Warheads strike many other cities in North America but none of them come close to killing as many as those killed in New York City and Washington DC.

The following message was transmitted from somewhere in the Alps:
"Once again in history have the Americans meddled in affairs that are none of their concern. They have turned down any attempts at peace wasting the lives of thousands who wanted no part in this war be they Italian, American or the people throughout Europe. The American Empire has long abused their status as a superpower and we were forced to strip them of this title through the choking clouds of gas.

You no doubt have noticed that all our attacks were directed towards the Americans and our enemies in Europe have been ignored. This is no accident, we are so committed to the cause of European Unity and the creation of a European Superpower that we would rather put ourselves at a disadvantage than to destroy the infrastructure and the economy of Europe and do further harm to this continent. How many other nations would be so commited to their brothers next door?

The Americans have forced our hand on this matter in by their unlawful occupation of the Eternal City, the torture of people and by their illegal blockade. We will now see the true colors of the Americans, will they retaliate with their own chemical weapons even though their so-called allies will then suffer the same fate as their enemies from the wind? They will sacrifice everything and anyone to prove their 'superiority.' We still have more than enough power to utterly annihilate all outsiders who would interfere in what are European affairs. Leave Europe for the Europeans!

We will continue fighting on until the last drop of Italian blood is spilt and until the last vestige of the Roman spirit is ripped from Europe. As long as their is a Europe we shall stand strong and united!"

Minutes after the news of the brutal attack on NAC, imperial soldiers and tanks swarm out of the Alps and into WDP lines in Switzerland. They over whelm the defenders and push them back into South Prussia. Zurich is the scene of intense fighting and something stranger. Crowds of civilians frantically attach the Imperial soldiers assaulting the newly erected NAC transmission towers. They attack in the thousand with bizarre cries of "I'll die without my programing". Imperial soldiers mow down crowds of fanatic civilians and destroy the towers. After the fall of the towers nearly a quarter of the population of Zürich committed suicide, Many of them leaving suicide notes lamenting the loss of their favorite programs.

Message from Tsar Gern to Emperor Umberto V

The wedding is off. I thought in you I had found a common spirit, but I was wrong. I will not have a mass murderer in my family. You are to leave Russian territory immediately.

I wash my hands of you.

2008-09-27, 03:15 PM
I call a quick Timeout on that!

READ my OOC please, for I believe this is grossly ill-proportioned.