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2008-09-29, 11:06 PM
I'm a complete D&D freak so in my spare time i'm thinking up ideas for my characters and this stuff is the stuff i made for my assassin

Since i have yet to find assassin guild recruitment plots on the net i have made up my own.
lvl 5 assassin will approach you when have your first lvl in assassin and give you a job offer. if you accept and succeed you will be initiated into that particular guild. at lvl 5 you get access to other assassin guilds as well. in addition to this as you progress you will be given some items exclusive or nearly exclusive to assassins.

Assassin lvl 1 items
Hidden Blade +2d6 sneak attack
Cloak of Camoflauge +10 to hide-not sure if this item was already created in 3.5e

Assassin lvl 2 items
Concealed Blade- +1 longsword able to be sheathed in a dagger sized sheaths and the sheath is invisible to averyone but the wearer and anyone he wishes to see it. gives +8 on sleight of hand checks made to conceal it.

Assassin lvl 3 items
Gas Mask- gives +1 to intimidate, immunity to inhaled poisons

Assassin lvl 5 items
Ring of Mind Bending-weilder can 1/day control the mind of any itelligent humanoid for 1 min save DC 10+Half level+Cha Mod

Assassin lvl 7 items
Silencing dagger- when this dagger injures an enemy you can choose to silence that person. it works like the spell and causes your oppenent to not be able to vocalize anything.

Hidden Movement-requirements 16 Dex +4 base attack bonus-Allows you to take a 5ft move after making a hide check-move silently check optional

Stealth-requirements 10 ranks in , Move Silently, Hide 18 dex Hidden Movement feat and any type of hide in plain sight.allows you to move half your speed while hiding

Stealth Kill-requirements Stealth feat-Allows you to make two attacks while stealthed and not break the hide. if those attacks kill your target then you get to make two more attacks and so on.

Calculate-requirements 16 Int lvl 3 assassin + 10 base attack bonus- After studing you target for 3 rounds for the next 3 rounds all all ranged attacks have a +3 to hit your assassin death attack's DC increases by 2 and sneak attack by 1d6 for those 3 rounds.

I also have some non assassin related notes but ill post that stuff on another thread.Please comment on this stuff and give suggestions.

Pie Guy
2008-09-29, 11:15 PM
you have a good idea, but please elaborate more. Maybe give bonuses (boni?) types?

2008-09-30, 02:20 PM
Death Urge (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/deathUrge.htm) is a psionic power that has a better description of attempted suicide as the result of magic.

As for the rest, please follow the format used in corresponding books or the homebrewers guide on the forum. You will not get any positive responses from the posters here until then.

2008-10-08, 08:15 PM
Thanks for the advice.....i just didnt have time to convert my notes when i posted this and havent had enough time to do that.....i should be able to correct this soon

as for the Death Urge spell that seems like what i was going for with the suicide spell i made up so thanks for posting that as well

2008-10-09, 12:41 AM
The Ring of Mind Bending is HILARIOUSLY overpowered. Like it's disturbing how overpowered it is.

It should require a will save along the lines of DC 10+Half level+Cha Mod or somesuch.

2009-08-05, 05:29 PM
I made alot of changes including the removal of alot of items