View Full Version : The Underscores are Gone!

2005-05-22, 07:34 PM
Am I seeing this, I just have been noticing people without underscores, but with spaces, so I went and changed mine, and now it doesn't have any more underscores. Just a notice to everyone who wants spaces that they can now change their names!

2005-05-22, 09:29 PM
This isn't really exactly the same topic, because people could've done it, but I've seen some people, SKTarq comes to mind, that changed their name to have capital letters. *Originally his name was sktarq, but then he changed it to SKTarq. *Not sure, but some others might've changed it. *Maybe the Crow, I don't remember.

I just checked, the Crow was always capitalized, nevermind.

2005-05-22, 09:55 PM
Too bad, KoD, that because they're underlined everywhere that matters at all, no one will ever notice!

*Insert evil DM laugh here. I'm no good; I'm alway a PC :-[*

2005-05-23, 10:33 AM
You've always been able to do this, there's always been an option to change your display name versus the name you registered.

2005-05-23, 01:02 PM
And Uthmah thinks it is good. Thanks. HEHEHE ;D

2005-05-23, 02:57 PM
Yes, we know, RBPRXwhatever. :P

KoD's discovery was purely related to the underscpres, though, I think. Has that always been available, too?

2005-05-23, 03:44 PM
Oh, okay, I guess I either didn't notice it before or didn't care.
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2005-05-25, 05:34 AM
KoD's discovery was purely related to the underscores, though, I think. Has that always been available, too?

As I understand it, a user name can't have spaces, but a display name can.

So if you register as "Eye of the Beholder", your user name will be "Eye_of_the_Beholder", but you can then alter your display name to not include the underscores.