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2004-07-25, 09:49 AM
my offsite avatar is not being linked to for some reason. I have the check box checked and have tried the plain url img tag and [img] methods and none are accepted. Do I have to have a certain number of pots first or am I doing it wrong?

2004-07-25, 11:35 AM
You want to put just the normal link in there like:


It should work.

If it doesn't post the link here and maybe we can help you out.

2004-07-25, 12:49 PM
to what url are yiou trying to link. Please type it here exactly as you're trying to type it into the link box on the profile page.

2004-07-26, 11:58 AM

2004-07-26, 12:07 PM
You can not use windows bitmap files (*.bmp) as images in web pages. Some browsers will render it, but it would be a violation of certain standards to include them as part of web pages.

Please convert your image to either GIF, JPG or PNG. JPG is preferred in the case of this image.

2004-08-02, 03:14 AM
Here's the .jpg version for you.


2004-08-06, 07:57 PM
Thank you very much. I didn't have any way of changing the fiel format on my own and had prettym uch given up(I think win98 has a different version of mspaitn than the newer computers)

2004-08-07, 02:44 PM
There is no shortage of image converting utilities out on the internet for download. One I found in 5 seconds is: http://www.reasoft.com/products/reaconverter/

It says it's shareware, but I don't know if it's an expiring demo or if it'll just nag you to pay for it.

2005-04-28, 08:02 PM
I'm wondering if someone could help me out, I have worked SUPER hard on my avatar and have completed him using paintbrush, I have no clue on how to get that pic online, could someone help me out. The problem is, I don't have a personal webpage or anything like that, could I send my avatar to someone and them post it for me, then link? If ANYONE could help I would be grateful, I spent alot of time perfecting Lord Nate and I just wanna post my work, thanx ya'll :)

2005-04-28, 08:13 PM
photobucket.com would be perfect for you, Lord Nathanel. Videospirit and I both use it.

2005-04-28, 08:16 PM
I think this might help, BLESS YOU :)
one quick question, what part of the site do I use to get the picture here, i registered and my pic is online there, i'm curious as to which part to use, thanx a bunch :) seems the URL part didn't work.

2005-04-28, 09:08 PM
On this site, go to 'Profile' at the top of the page, then scroll down to "I have my own pic." Check the little box next it. Then put the URL of your picture*in the long box next to the box you checked (for the URL, go to your photobucket album and copy what's in the box marked 'URL' under your picture). Make sure your pic is *.gif or .jpg and that it won't mind being resized to 117 x 117 pixels.

Edit: looks like you got it! *;D

2005-04-28, 09:33 PM
thank you oh so much tarlonniel, i finally got it converted and worked out, your the best :)
how does it look?

2005-04-29, 12:26 AM
Using Pain(t)brush? That's some excellent work there, that is.

*Edit* Typing. Meh.

2005-04-29, 01:41 AM
Thanx, It took me about two days of zooming in and out and a lil creative tricks. That complement made it all worthwhile :)

2005-04-29, 02:15 AM
Even beyond its function as a piece of art it means you'll never be mistaken for another poster too :).

2005-05-04, 04:54 PM
I've got a cool avatar, or methinks. But when I load it to the site, it turns to crap. How can I ensure that it looks good on the forum?


2005-05-04, 06:44 PM
I've got a cool avatar, or methinks. *But when I load it to the site, it turns to crap. *How can I ensure that it looks good on the forum?


You need to modify your original image.

Firstly, your image is rectangular 456 pixels wide by 570 pixels high. The avatars on the site are made square by the message board software. So, you should modify your image to make it the same number of pixels wide as it is high.

Secondly, the message board will tell the browser to resize the image to 117w by 117h. But most browsers use a crappy algorhythm to resize graphics, so, if you want to make sure you have complete control over the image quality, you should resize the image to 117 x 117. Further, this will cut down on the download time to get your avatar, and is a kind thing to do to your fellow interneters.

2005-05-05, 08:26 AM
Thanks Raw. I will keep playing with it. I think I need to find the right dpi @117x117 to get the most detail.

2005-05-05, 10:41 AM
Thanks Raw. *I will keep playing with it. *I think I need to find the right dpi @117x117 to get the most detail.NO, funny thing about graphics is computer screens don't care much about dots per inch, they only care about dots. 117 pixels is 117 pixels at 72 dpi, it's also 117 pixels at 600 dpi. The image files end up being about the same size (exactly the same size in jpeg format, but I haven't tested other formats). Changing the dpi only has an effect on output (print, mostly), not on screen display. So, you're not going to change anything about your image by changing the dpi. However, any decent graphics program can rescale your image and preserve a good portion of the quality.