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RMS Oceanic
2008-10-04, 05:09 PM
Reading War and Xps, I was interested in how the Sapphire Guard wear magic clothing that bestows abilities and bright colours upon paladins in good standing, so I decided to come up with some.

[Light Armor]
This armor is often grey or beige when worn by a non-paladin, and acts as a masterwork Chain Shirt. When worn by a Paladin in good standing, it becomes brightly coloured, and grants a +1 enhancement bonus to AC for every three levels of paladin (to a maximum of +5 at level 15), as well as damage reduction 1/evil for every three levels (maximum of 5/evil). Armor check penalties are ignored when making ride checks for the paladin's special mount. A layman can have the armor enchanted in the normal way, but the enhancement bonus attained in this manner does not stack with the paladin-only bonus, although any special properties can be used by the paladin. When worn by a fallen paladin or a blackguard, the armor behaves only as masterwork armor, regardless of what enchantments have been placed on it.
Cost: 9,000 GP

[Medium Armor]
As the light armor, except it is a masterwork breastplate. Worn by a Paladin in good standing, movement penalties for medium armour are ignored, and it grants damage reduction 2/evil per three levels (maximum 10/evil).
Cost: 16,000 GP

[Heavy Armor]
As the medium armour, except it is a masterwork fullplate. Damage reduction is 1/evil per paladin level (maximum of 15/evil).
Cost: 25,000 GP

To the layman, it is a cloak of resistance +1. To the paladin, its bonus to saves is increased by +1 for every four levels (total of +5 at level 16). It also lets the paladin use lay on hands as if his charisma modifier was two points higher than it actually is. To the ex-paladin, it acts only as a cloak.
Cost: 8,000 GP

To the layman, these behave as Gauntlets of Ogre Power. To the paladin, they also grant a +2 sacred bonus on the attack roll of a Smite Evil, and increase the damage dealt by a smite to 1 1/2 times the paladin level. Also, once per encounter, by spending ten points of their lay on hands ability before using a smite, the attempt does not count against their daily limit. To the ex-paladin, they are merely gloves.
Cost: 15,000 GP

To the layman, these boots increase their land-based speed by +5ft. To the paladin, this bonus is improved by +5ft for every five paladin levels they have, to a maximum of +20ft at 15th level. Once per encounter, if the paladin is not wearing heavy armor, he can spend 15 points of his lay on hands ability as an immediate action to act as though he had evasion (as the rogue ability) until the end of his next turn. To the ex-paladin, they are merely boots.
Cost: 15,000 GP

I'm rusty to homebrewing, and have probably got the costs completely wrong, but what do you think?

Fax Celestis
2008-10-04, 05:14 PM
Items powered by Lay on Hands = GENIUS.

2008-10-04, 07:58 PM
Ingenious. I love these, very nice job. Great concept and crunchy-fluff. My only concern is the pricing. The light armor version worn by a ninth level paladin acts as a +4 chain shirt with DR 3/Evil. Extremely good for 9,000gp. The rest look good though and if you can work out the quirks they're awesome.

Pie Guy
2008-10-04, 11:34 PM
Still, why have DR/evil? The paladin actually gets worse against evil people than Joe Commoner.

2008-10-05, 12:02 AM
Hey, this is good stuff, and as Fax said spending LoH to use item powers is a great idea.

Here's a suggestion - why not "market" this as an item set or whatever they're called, like from Magic Item Compendium? Basically, if you wear one item from the set, you get its bonus; if you wear two, you get a slightly better benefit from one of them, or you get some other power. I think that would work well for these (maybe the benefit for having all the items in the set could be to give you a boost to your LoH ability, which thematically fits the set).

RMS Oceanic
2008-10-09, 07:56 AM
I've got more!

As Bracers of Armor, but the bonus is considered a deflection bonus when worn by a Paladin. Also, allows the Paladin to use Lay on Hands to hurt evil enemies.
Price: ([Cost of Bracers of Armor +X]*2)+3,000 GP

A Vest of Natural Armour +1. A paladin increases this bonus by +1 for every four paladin levels (Max of +5 at 16). Once per encounter, as an immediate action, the Paladin can spend 15 points of his Lay on Hands to gain the benefits of the Heavy Fortification ability (completely immune to critical hits and precision damage) until the end of his next turn.
Price: 8,000 GP

A helmet that grants the wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to both Wisdom and Charisma. The Paladin who wears this has the bonus improved to +4 after 8 levels of paladin, and +6 at 16 levels of paladin. It also lets them channel their Detect Evil ability into a See Invisibility effect, that only sees evil invisible foes.
Price: 20,000 GP

All these items (one set of armor, boots, one set of bracers, cloak, gloves, helm, vest) grant additional abilities should more than one item in the set be worn by the same person.

2 Items: Paladin level considered 2 levels higher for determining special mount abilities/which animals can be taken as a mount, Detect Evil can be used as Detect Chaotic. This does not allow use of the helm to detect invisible chaotic targets.
3 Items: 1 extra Smite Evil/day, Remove Disease uses can be used as Remove Curse
4 Items: Smite Evil can be used on Chaotic Targets, Effective Cleric Level for Turn Undead equal to paladin level.
5 Items: 2 extra Smite Evil/day, Lay on Hands can be used as a swift action, Special
6 Items: Paladin level considered 4 levels higher for determining special mount abilities/which animals can be taken as a mount, Caster Level and Save DCs for all Paladin Spells improve by +2.
7 Items: 3 extra Smite Evil/day, Smite Evil can be used on any nongood target.

Special: When a Paladin has 5 or more items in the set, and falls due to a deliberate evil act committed of their own free will, not only will they lose all magical benefits of the set, but are afflicted with a Bestow Greater Curse that restricts them to acting 25% of the time, and being unable to seek attonement until the curse expires. Unlike most curses, this curse does end, but only when the user takes off each piece of the set, and then 1d6 days per item worn at the time of falling. This curse cannot be removed by Remove Curse, Break Enchantment or Limited Wish, but it can be broken by Wish or Miracle. Alternatively, the paladin can have a cleric of higher level than himself and of the same religion (or just Lawful Good, if appropriate) cast Geas on him and send him on a redeeming quest. The geas spell effectively replaces the curse. If the paladin acquires any item in the set after he has fallen, no ill effects occur.

How does that look?

2008-10-09, 08:29 AM
Very nice, I like the bracers in particular. I'm still a little worried about the balance but I suppose Palies could use a boost, couldn't they.