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Arragal Geography:
Arragal's live near water. Water is as much of a dependency on their lives as land is. They prefer marsh or swamplands, but they have been known to settle near a lake. Few Arragal's travel because of their bodies, but if anyone female Arragal becomes pregant, they always travel to Raidon de Halon to birth their baby, along with the father. If no father is available, a council member will birth the child.. Arragal's must keep their bodies moist at all times, otherwise it begins to crack and peel. Arragal's look much like ordinary humaniods, and indeed they are, but an Arragal's singing voice is said to be true magic you can hear.

The Arragal's currently live in a basin, 100m below sea level. Fortunately,, they also live almost 100 km away from any nearby source of water. The one fact why the Arragal live their is that all the rain water in the country compiles there, leaving the lowest area of the basin a swampland, perfect for an Arragal's inhabitation. It is also known that beneath these waters, are hunderds or even thousands of miles of passage ways inside these caves. The fact is that no one knows what can be found in these caves because they are so big and it is so easy to get lost. Some people believe that those caves are interconnected to the sea, that is why the water level never rises or falls. Others believe that hoards of treasures can be found in these caves. No one knows for real, but many people have tried, including the Arragal's in searching these caves. Those who come back find nothing, and those who don't are found either months later, or are never seen again.

The Arragal's

Low-Light Vision 120ft
Swim 60ft
All Arragal's have gills and lungs, thus Arragal's can breathe air indefinitely, as well as breathe water up to 1 hour.
+ 2 to Natural Armor
-2 str, +2 Cha
Every 8 hours, an Arragal must submerge their enitre body in water, or become dehydrated. The Arragal may also drink 1 gallon of water per hour to keep hydrated instead if there is no nearby source of water. If dehydrated, an Arragal takes a -2 penalty to all rolls. This penalty increases by -2 every 24 hours they continue on without rehydrating themselves.
+0 LA


In addition to being an Arragal, each Arragal has a specific type of sub-race, which is determined upon birth. This changes exceed the changes as noted above.


swim speed of 90ft
can breathe water up to two hours
+2 dex, -2con
webbed hands/feet. Makes handling objects a pain. -2 to all attack rolls.
Master of Water (described below)


Fly 30ft (good manueverability)
grows wings
+2 str, -2 dex
cannot swim
Master of Air (desribed below)


+4 Cha, -2 Dex, -2 Str
Master of Fire


+2 Con, -2 Wis
Swim Speed 30ft
Burrow 30 ft
Master of Earth

to be added

to be added

Arragal Society
Arragal's live in small villages strown across the land usually near water. Each village is headed by a selection of council members. Depending on the size of the village depends on how many council members there are. Usually it is around 7-11, always ending in an odd number so there are no ties when they vote.

The council members are elected by the villagers and must have general approval of at least 3/4ths of the village they live in. The council runs the village as a whole, and makes sure everyone is well provided for.

Music of an Arragal: Arragal are born in "Raidon de Halon" or translating it "The Heavenly Stones." Here, at their birth, they determine their color as they are being born. Each Arragal is espcially gifted with their voices. As a standard action, a Arragal may cast a spell. (same as a sorcerer). Arragal's recieve their special abilities from "Raidon de Halon" (explained later). An Arragal need not prepare any spells in advance, and they are able to cast any spell, much like the sorcerer.

Raidon de Halon: Raidon de Halon, known to others as "The Heavenly Stones" is in fact a cave. It is the only cave that is above ground and does not have any water in it, even though it lies mostly below water. Here, is the place that the Arrangal revere most, and here it is where they give birth.

No torches are needed in this cave because the light from the crystals gives enough illumination to see in. It is a two hour walk to get to the bottom of the cave, with a path set into the stone, and zig-zags until it reaches the floor. The illumination grows brighter as they near the Heavenly Stones. First time visitors are always shocked by the appearance of the Heavenly Stones because it is misnamed. The Heavenly Stones are in fact crystals. Crystals of ever color ranging from red to green, and everything in between. The walls around the Heavenly Stones also glow with various crystal colors, and light is given through these crystals. In the center of the room, are the 5 main crystals. One blue, one red, one yellow, and one green. The final, biggest crystal of all is the white crystal (although it has a black center and no light is emitted from it). All Arragal are born here, by either a council memeber's singing voice, or the father's singing voice. Upon birth, the crystals will all blaze fruitfully in response to the birth, and when the ceremony is over, only one crystal will remain lit. This is the affinity with nature and music the Arragal has. On rare occasions, Arragal have been known to have an affinity to white or black. These cases are rare and no one understands what it means (not even the Arragal themselves).

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The Songmaker

Prerequisites:Must have been born, or reborn (others who wish to join the Arragal society) in The Heavenly Stones.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Dice: d6

Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Listen, Perform, Profession, Spellcraft, Spot, Survival, Swim

Skill Points at First Level: (4 + intelligence modifier) x4

Skill Points at each Additional Level: 4 + intelligence modifier

The Songmaker
{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Reflex|Will|Special Abilities

Class Features:

Weapon And Armor Proficiency: All SongMakers are proficient with simple weapons, and light armor.

Spells: A Songmaker casts his spells through his magical singing talent, which in turn is trained by another Songmaker. Songmakers get their spells from some divine source, unknown to the Songmakers, but they believe it comes from The Heavenly Stones.

Spells Per Day:

Bonus Spells: Instead of recieving bonus spells based on theri charisma modifier, A songmaker has extra bonus spells based on which color of rock he/she is.

Blue = Water Domain
Red = Fire Domain
Yellow = Earth Domain
Green = Air Domain
White = Good Domain
Black = Evil Domain

Master of Air/Earth/Fire/Water: Each Arragal recieves a bonus to caster level when using a spell that involves their area of expertise. The Arragal may cast the spell as if he/she were two caster levels higher then they actually are for determining duration, damage, and any other effect. They also get a +4 bonus on caster level checks when using such a spell to overcome spell resistance or dispelling.

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