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2004-11-02, 11:05 AM

I keep being told that there are New! posts in a thread, when in fact there aren't. This hadn't used to happen (on the same pc with the same browser). Any ideas?

Ta, Ikki.

2004-11-02, 11:47 AM
yeah, that's a problem with the date change on the server.

Keeping track of who has read what posts can be a significantly sized database. YaBB cheats a bit, by only keeping track of a few months of data. When we jumped forward 13 years this weekend. YaBB stopped keeping track and though all of the posts were new. the New posts should go away as you use the "Mark all as Read" link and after you log off and back on the site.

2004-11-02, 01:02 PM
Great, thanks. I went into the contests thread and posted since the last post there occurred in 2017 and it kept showing as new. All the other boards are busy enough that someone else already posted (actually several someone elses).


2004-11-03, 03:39 AM
I'm having the opposite problem...being that it's not showing that there are new posts when there are.

2004-11-03, 06:48 PM
I am having the same problem as Alarra. It's rather annoying when I know there are new posts but I can't tell which ones I haven't read yet.

2004-11-03, 06:53 PM
Give it a bit of time to shake out. If we find that you're still having this problem by friday, let me know and I'll remove your data files, which should make everything new and letyou start over.

2004-11-06, 10:19 PM
Well...here it is Saturday....and I'm still having the issue with threads not saying they're new.

2004-11-06, 10:35 PM
I have to echo Alarra in this issue. Still not working right for me either.