View Full Version : (D&D 3.5) Master Specialist Wizard Ideas.

2008-10-09, 01:20 AM
I recently had a conversation with a friend about running an all wizard party, this quite quickly turned into a discussion about the different roles people need to play in a party and how if *all* were the same class, they'd step on each other's toes too much.

This led to the possibility of 4 Master Specialists (From Complete Mage), thus giving each their own niche and cutting down on the overstep.

What I'm looking for at the minute is non-traditional variations of Master Specialists.

My favourite so far being the Conjurer.
A master specialist conjurer would traditionally concentrate on summoning, so I threw that out and decided to try a build based on the other side of conjuration: Portals and Teleportation.

Similarly I made an Evoker, deciding to ignore elemental powers (no fireball) and instead go with mainly force effects and "useful" rather than powerful spells. (Tenser's floating disk, battering ram, darkness, wall of force, sword of deception, etc)

What I'm interested in though is concepts for the other schools. Any thoughts? A necromancer that only deals in protections? I think the hardest here is going to be divination.