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2004-10-11, 08:24 PM
I noticed that on the latest news post (concerning why the comic was late) that when I just visit the site (www.giantitp.com) I get no update on the news. But if I visit another part of the site and then return 'Home' via the sidebar that the news is updated. The url after that is www.giantitp.com/index.html.

I just wanted to make you aware if this is an issue. Also I am using the v1.0 of Mozilla Firefox.

2004-10-12, 09:34 AM
if you go to www.GiantITP.com do you still see the page without the 10/11 news item? Or does it show up now?

This has the distinct smell of a cacheing problem. Who is your ISP? Had your browser been open for quite a while, possibly long enough to have viewed the index page before Rich posted the 10/11 news and not closed since?

It's a pretty common thing for web developers to want to blame the browser or the ISP, but I would like to rule those things out.

2004-10-12, 11:33 AM
if you go to www.GiantITP.com do you still see the page without the 10/11 news item? *Or does it show up now? *

This is what I have bookmarked, and I can see the update fine. I agree it sounds like a caching issue.

2004-10-12, 05:02 PM
Well it's just fine now. I was able to see the rest of the front page just fine it was just that newspost wasn't showing up. But now I see it just fine. No problems, news all updated and whatnot.

2004-10-12, 06:00 PM
I think Rawbear reads posts like this, fixes the problem and then posts to tell the original poster it's all their fault. ;) :P :D

2004-10-12, 06:31 PM
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The great and powerful Oz commands it.

2004-10-12, 07:58 PM
I confess to having done that myself on a few occassions. :D It's fun to keep people thinking they're insane. :P