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2004-08-17, 05:27 AM
Hi, I hope this is the right place to post into.
I'm the CoAdmin of a newly born Italian website focused on D&D 3-3.5 and I'm writing because I desire to translate the material posted in the forum (i.e. spells).
So I'm asking your permission; we intend to translate your works and, then, distribute them (as free products) for the Italian market.
We propose to translate from English to Italian the spells present on this forum and to publish it freely on our site with the following devices:
1. in the translation the name of the author will be produced as the name of the author
2. in the translation the name of the translator will be produced as the name of the translator
3. in the translation will be a link with this website

Can each spell's author answer to me, please? (preferably granting his/her permission to me :) )

CoAdmin http://zaxarius.altervista.org

2004-08-17, 10:46 AM
As it seems you are aware, it would be impossible to give you one blanket authorization to reprint/translate any of the material posted on the message boards. That content would belong to the posters.

Unfortunately, you'll probably find that the majority of those posters won't see this message much, and it would be better if you sent a private message, via the board's private message feature, to the author of any content you wish to use asking for specific permission.

You can private message someone by clicking the link of their name in the post then scroll down to the "Send this member a private message" link.

Any content not on the message boards should be treated differently, either by following the OGL or getting Rich's permission for non OGL content.

The Giant
2004-08-17, 11:02 AM
I agree with everything RawBear just said. All text on the message board is owned and copyrighted by its original author, so you would need to get specific permission from them. I would likewise suggest that most people don't read the Board Issues forum, and that you private message whichever authors you wish to contact.

2004-08-17, 11:04 AM
I'm aware of the impossibility to grant me a "mass" permission, neverthless I hope someone will answer to my request.
Tomorrow I'll go away and I'll come back in Semptember. Then I'll make the newt step: private messages ;)