View Full Version : Please share your homemade Inspiration Pad 2 tables!

2008-10-11, 01:46 AM
I am starting to get addicted to this fun program, but since it is time consuming I was hoping there are others here who have their own homemade tables they would like to share/show off.

Any form of table would be appreciated.

Here are my first two attempts in case anyone actually wants them:

This generator is for my Zelda inspired pots which I will be introducing to my games soon:

You will need this free D20 Zelda equipment pdf for a few item in the able tables:

Here is my "Getting Lucky" table for when my PCs are in a settlement and feel like trying their luck:

You might need the BoEF for the above table, or you can just ignore the few results which reference it.

Oh, and if any of you know a database, site etc with Inspiration Pad 2 items please let me know. NBOS's site is always surprising short on material for their own products. :smallfrown: