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2008-10-14, 07:26 PM
Okay, I have a new idea for a funny yet serious RPG for my gameing group thingy. PLease tell me what you think and if I can make any improvements oin it. BTW it takes place in Space. I sent this E-mail to a couple potential players to see what they say. It is pretty informative, without giving away names:

Do I REALLY need to describe? If so, take a guess. take a BIG guess.
Can use all classes

Race of humanoids who hail from the planet Pure. They are HUGE on religion. They believe that only they are pure. Therefore, it is ALOT harder to become even remotely trusted by a Puraris unless you are also one. In that case, they trust you completely and are alomst treat you as a close friend.
Can only use:
Holy Missionary

Race of gelatinous substance in a vaguely human form. They can shape shift into most things and change color. (however, they tend to stay a slimy clear green). They are very good at diplomacy, and convincing people to do stuff. They are, however, not too good at fighting. To avoid conflict, they attempt to stay friends with everyone, but in case of war, they get their friends to pound their enemies into the virtual dirt in space which is actually dust left over from when worlds and stars were created and planets and asteroids that have goon kablowy and the occasional space ship crashing into a space giant and Oh am I talking too much? I couldn't telll, want some tea or perhaps a giant buffet. YES a buffet with moose and liver and anchovies and the occasional plastic container and... ogh you don't like the plastic containers do you? ohe well we can leave them out but we can't leave out the scrumptious Earth PENGUINS!!!!! oh no sir, they MUST be served, and ATTEND! WE MUST HAVE THE PENGUIN AMBASSADOR ATTEND! OH THIS WILL BE SO GOOD FOR RELATIONS WITH THEM! And we need it because.... (oh, did i forget to mention they ramble alot?)
They can use:
Holy Missionary

A race of robots that, after being created by the puraris to help with their military, seperated from them and became their own species. They have no eyes, and no flesh. Instead, they are built like a Human skeleton, except it is only the very basics. And the chest is closed completely.
They can use:
Ex Militant

PENGUINS!!!!! are a race of superior birds that have made underground civilizations under the ice of antarctica on the planet Earth. When spelling PENGUINS!!!!! it must be in all capital letters followed by five exclamation points after it, even if it is in the middle of a sentence. They have also completely colonized the moons of Earth and Mars even before Humans set foot there. They didn't see them because the cities were underground of course.
They can use:
All classe but Holy missionary.

Now, as soon as you have choosen a race, you need to choose a class. Under the race's description, there is a list of the classes this ace can use. You are only aloud to pick from that list for your race. The following are the classes. What they do is usually pretty self-explanatory, but for the ones that aren't, i will explain them.

PIRATE-DnD rogue pretty much. Also think theif

EX-MILITANT- A retired soldier in your race's military. Very good at fighting and stratagizing.(sp)

HOLY MISSIONARY- Priest for that race's religion

MERCENARY- Bounty hunter

SPY- hired by someone, either army or private person, to either gain information, kill someone, infiltrate, sabatooge, and snoop around.

DIPLOMAT- diplomat for that character's race

MERCHANT- someone who goes from world to world to buy things and sell for a profit.

Have a nice day....
//are they gone yet?
//I don;t know... yeah, yeah they are.
//good. Start the virus.
//Understood... Virus is uploading.
//Good. Don';t forget to the encrypt all this.
//Uhhhh.... right. Don't worry I didn;t-

(end of e-mail. I cut bits out of it for privacy purposes. nothing important. I also left them with that little preview text after the classes. I will be updateing this more as I get more done. But, for the first session, I might just wing it and see where it goes.:smallsmile:)