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2008-10-19, 01:09 AM
I was bored and had nothing to do, so I started thinking about the Mage character I've played, and the two I'd like to play. The one I played was named Raziel T. Amoon, a Death mage that wound up by the end of the campaign with Death 6(among other pretty impressive amount of arcanum). Long before then, Los Angeles was decimated by some otherworldly force that we were unable to stop, but it left and just left LA a wasteland. What my character did was move in and take over, making it an animated necropolis. I ran things from the top of a horrifying tower of stone and flesh, surrounded by zombies and ghosts which worked as my obedient servants.
One day he got bored, and just decided to expand his borders, and spent much of his life and newfound unlife(as a sort of lich) taking over the world. It was made easier when the Mind mage framed the President of the U.S. and a few other figures of power of doing nothing to stop me, and were thus overthrown and the world was put into chaos, making it much easier for me to take over.
He was quite fun. And here are pictures of him, a chibi version (http://nny2.deviantart.com/art/Cartoon-Raziel-92857363) of when he was in the game and when he was the emperor of Lost Angels (http://nny2.deviantart.com/art/Raziel-but-older-92857807).

The next idea for a character I had was something I havn't been able to play, but I have almost everything about in my head. Albus Zimmerman was a mild-mannered office worker, doing data entry for some computer parts manufacturing company. It was so dull that not even someone as normally dull as Albus could stand. After 7 years of this, he went completely insane. This was a whole new chapter of Albus' life, because not only did he go mad, he became among the Awakened.
He soon became obsessed with the works of H.P. Lovecraft(having before been just a small fan of the work) and soon came to completely believe in the existence of the elder things and creatures of fundamental horror. He took it upon himself to create even more of these mind-destroying creatures by forging their very bodies and minds, and if need be, their spirits.
He only has a master of both Life and Mind magic, and figures himself stuck if he needs to conjure the spirits of his beloved elder gods. A person in his distant family(havn't decided exactly what he'll be) has decided to help his mad quest, not because he believes in the elder gods or that it will work, but simply because he believes it is in the interest of magic and science to see what will happen if his plans are successful. This other character played by another person will be a master of Spirit, with lesser arcanums in Life and Mind to bolster my mastery over the two magics. I'll have a picture of him scanned soon enough.

The third character idea I had isn't nearly as fleshed out, and mostly based on a mechanical function I'd like to try. He is supposed to be a Space/Time mage who is a master of stealth and skill with a long-range sniper rifle. Normally, if suddenly encountered on the streets by something heinous, someone with a sniper rifle is fairly screwed. What he would do is use Time magic to slow down everything but himself, and then Space magic to teleport to a well-hidden and distant location where he can take aim(quickly though, thanks to Time). Not many ideas on his physical appearance other than a sniper rifle and mostly black clothing, so it's not likely I'll have a picture scanned anytime soon.

So, tell me about your characters and/or M:tA stories.:smallbiggrin: