View Full Version : Brain Mole/Meet the Spartans penguin parody + Psymbiot feat + pokeball + Familar feat

2008-10-25, 02:21 AM
Some mechanics needed to understand this:

Psymbiot feat: Dragon Magazine #319 p.80
Psionic and Magic transparency: XPH incorporating Psionics into a campaign section.
Familiar Pocket spell + creating magic/psionic items rules: Spell Compendium + DMG p.286.
Feat to allow any caster to have a familiar: Somewhere in Complete Arcane.
The Meet the Spartans movie.

So, a while back I made a thread on the old Psionics forum at WotC about gaining a pet Brain Mole and using the Psymbiot feat from Dragon Magazine. I finally am in a game where I can possibly try it, so I talked to my current DM about it, and he to OK the idea. However, he decided to have some fun with it.....

Apparently, my Brain Mole will be very similar to the Happy Feet parody penguin in Meet the Spartans. I had not seen the movie, but I saw the short clip in the commercials way back. After the conversation I looked up the clip on Youtube. (Considering that the grey elf psion in question has been trying to seem very noble and distinguished [he is trying to eventually take over the place] this should be interesting.)


So, after he mentioned that and gave me a small preview of the future mole's personality (this was before I saw the clip), I decided to throw at him another idea I have had a while.

Since in his games magic and psionics are so transparent "they are basically the same thing" I asked if I could take the feat in Complete Arcane that allows any caster to take a familiar. He OKed this. So, I then asked if I could transfer/research the spell Familiar Pocket from the Spell Compendium to a psionic power. He said "sure, no problem". I then asked if I could have my psionic artificer cohort make me a permanent item of that 1st level spell/power/. He said "alright". I then told him the wondrous/universal item will take the form of a round ball, painted half-white and half-red, and it would have a round bulge/lump/button on the front which activates it.

I will now be taking one of my beloved old toys with me to our games:

Well, it seems he got the last laugh, since he said I now need to catch my brain mole with this item...

Yes, a nobelish Wild Elf psion going around the woods (which is currently stuck somewhere between the Material Plane and Ravenloft) with a pokeball, trying to catch a foul-mouthed psionic brain mole for a familiar.

Well, at least there is a up side to this. I think I might have talked him into letting me stick my Thrall (just took my first level of Thrallherd) in one of those. :smallbiggrin: