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2008-10-25, 10:05 AM
Ignore Opponent [Fighter]
You can shut the unskillful out of your awareness in order to keep them from distracting you from more dangerous foes.
Prerequisites: WIS 13
Benefits: As a free action you may select one or more opponents that you did not attack on your current or previous turn to ignore. You may so designate:

Any opponent or opponents you wish during your turn.
Either one of a pair of flankers that just came into existance or to your awareness (such as if one of them was previously invisible) against you.
Any opponent that moves into a position where it threatens you or when you become aware of it in such a position (for instance if becomes visible where previously invisible).
The number of opponents you are ignoring at any one time may not exceed your Wisdom modifier. Ignored opponents do not count when determining whether you are flanked by non-ignored opponents, but you always count as flanked by and flat-footed against ignored opponents. When using the aid-another action ignored opponents only grant a +1 to AC or to-hit for opponents attacking you or for your attacks against other opponents. You may not target an ignored opponent specifically, including with the Dodge feat and similar feats, effects, or manauvers. Ignoring resets at the start of your turn.
Normal: Anyone who threatens you counts towards causing you to be flanked, and the aid another action gives a +2 bonus.
Special: A fighter may take this as one of his bonus feats. If you later gain Improved Uncanny Dodge as a class feature (not from an item or spell), then you may retrain, replacing this feat with any other feat you could have qualified for at the level you took it.

Should this be turned into a plain-old combat action?

Should a Concentration modifier of +3 be a prerequisite?

Is the retraining clause going to be too much book-keeping?

2008-11-01, 03:44 PM
I love the concept.