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2008-10-27, 07:25 AM
What do you think of this?

The Quedaelor ("Whalesquids")

source (http://dougblot.blogspot.com/search?q=cloverfield)

History: Strange creatures from a strange world, of ancient origin, the Quedaelor are a largely mysterious race of unknown origin. Some claim that ancient Aboleth wizards worked potent magics on the whales and other ocean-faring species that populated the primordial seas to produce a servant race that shared their aberrant stylings.

Personality: Though of ancient, alien origins, the Quedaelor possess strangely human personalities: they long for adventure, for exceeding the boundary that fate had decree, and to become some master of their domain. They are aware of their mutant history, and their lack of any real home; they are aware that their forms give sickness to some, but they strive to surpass this.

Physical Description: A strange combination of whale, lobster, and squid, the Quedaelor are a striking definition of aberration. Their bodies are like that of a whale, with a long serpentine tail ending in a small fluke, with muscular, clawed arms like those of a dragon just behind their undersized pectoral fins. Further along their muscular, blackish body, are two pairs of large fins, like oversized swimmerets of a lobster. Sprouting from their back, just above and behind the rear set of fins, are two long and slender tentacles—like those main attack tentacles of a squid. All along their undersides, thin hair-like growths cover them, helping to lubricate their movements while on land—which is decidedly clumsy.

Alignment: Quedaelor have no particular alignment; each population favors some alignment, however. The magics that created them in service to the Aboleths have lended them a lawful tendency, but this is not universal.

Relations: Seen as monsters or at best freaks of nature, the Quedaelor live a largely lonely life when outside of their pods. Some creatures—other more neutral aberrations—see pity to them, but most are prejudice against them. As a mutant combination of several species, these beings often keep to the shadows or hide their forms with magic.

Religion: The Quedaelor typically worship the Aboleth gods, but as with their alignment, there is no universal religion.

Names: These beings speak in a deep song, and so their names are hard to render in a humanoid tongue. Most are given nicknames by their traveling companion.

Language: Quedaelor are blessed with a whale’s talent of vocalization, and speak in a deep, resonating language known as Quedae.

Adventurers: Quedaelor can be found in any occupation, although their physique often renders them unable to wield humanoid weapons.

Whathasquas Racial Traits
Str +4, Dex –2, Con +2. Quedaelor are strong and durable, but not very dexterious.
Size: Medium. They have no advantage or disadvantage due to their size.
Speed: 10ft., Swim 60ft. Quedaelor must drag themselves on the ground as they move, making them slow on land. As a result of their swim speed, they have a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks.
Natural Armor +4. Their naturally tough, carapace-like outer skin grants them considerable protection.
Natural Attacks: Quedaelor have two claw attacks, dealing 1d6 plus their strength score. These are its primary attacks. They also have two tentacle attacks, which have a ten-foot reach and deal 1d4 plus half their strength score. These are secondary attacks.
Sonar (ex): While in water, Quedaelor have sound-based blindsense out to 60ft.
Water breathing (ex): Quedaelor can breath water as well as they can breath air.
Pressure Immunity (ex): Quedaelor do not take pressure damage due to water depth.
Racial Hit Dice: Quedaelor have two racial HD, providing them 2d8 hit points, and all of the other benefits associated with hit dice. Its racial skills are Listen, Hide, Spot, Survival, and Swim.
LA +2

2008-10-28, 08:33 AM
I'm having a hard time picturing this thing as anything smaller than large. Large long, like a horse, because it has to drag itself around everywhere.

Where did you think of the name Quedaelor? Is it just random, or did it have roots somewhere else?

2008-10-28, 08:41 AM
I'm thinking huge at least. I think it would work better as a monster.

2008-10-28, 11:57 AM
The name was something someone on the WoTC forums offered up a long time ago, and it just stuck. I reposted the race here 'cause I rather respect this community and like the feedback I get here.

The race, as far as size, might be quite long - ten feet long, perhaps, but the bulk of the monster only occupies a 5ft. space. Sort of like how a dragon is physically much longer than the space it occupies.

It might make a better monster, but I love non-humanoid race options. :)

2008-10-28, 03:37 PM
I agree. I realy rather hate how almost all player races are humanoid, or monsterous humanoid. I kinda like the race myself and would want to play one (Though I'm not sure what class I would be). However I lack skill with balancing, so couldn't say for sure if it is balanced or not.