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2008-11-03, 07:05 PM
Hey everybody, I've never tried homebrewing before, but I felt like giving it a shot, so here goes. Basically based off of the oliphants from LOTR, because they are awesome, and kind of a vehicle/mount/monster fusion. Also it is 4E.

Oliphant Space - 4x6 squares Level 18 Brute
Gargantuan natural beast (vehicle) XP 2000

Initiative +9 Senses - Perception +13
HP 225 Bloodied 112
AC - 32 Fort - 32 Ref - 25 Will - 28
Speed 8

Melee Basic Gore (standard, at-will)
Reach 3; +21 vs AC; 2d8 + 9 damage

Melee Stamp (standard, at-will)
+21 vs AC;1d12 +9 damage and the target is
knocked prone

Trampling Charge(standard, at-will, when driven by a
friendly rider of 18th level or higher)
The oliphant can move up to its speed and pass through
the space of a large or smaller creature and make a stamp
attack against that creature. The oliphant must end its
move in an unoccupied space

Frenzy (free action, when first bloodied)
The oliphant makes a stamp attack against all adjacent
creatures, ally or enemy

Driver The oliphant's driver must be of medium sixe or
smaller. They must stand on the oliphant's neck, and must
have both hands free to hold the reins. They share all
actions with the oliphant

Load The oliphant has a platform in the centre of its
back which measures 2x4 squares and can hold either 8
creatures of medium sixe or smaller or 2 large creatures, in
addition to the driver

Out of Control If the driver fails to take any actions
on the oliphants behalf for any reason, it chooses what to
do on that turn. In general, it will continue fighting anything
it is engaged with, but will flee quickly from any source of fire

Alignment - Unaligned Languages -
STR 30 (+19) DEX 11 (+9) WIS 18 (+13)
CON 25 (+16) INT 2 (+5) CHA 9 (+8)
Resist 10 all (except fire), vulnerable 10 fire
The oliphant takes a -2 penalty to saving throws vs fear
The oliphant cannot be subject to forced movement
due to pysical effects unless the instigator is of size
huge or larger

Tactics The oliphant will always obey its driver. It
generally uses alternating gore and stamp attacks to kill
the largest target it can see before moving on to the next
enemy. If the driver is killed, the oliphant will flee from combat,
unless it is bloodied. It will always flee from fire, even if the
driver is still alive.

Also, here is a bit of fluff
Oliphants resemble enormous elepants with four
tusks reaching several metres on length. Although dim-
witted, they are incredibly strong and their thick hides
help protect them against even the strongest attacks.
They are favoured by many groups across the world,
especially those proficient with long-ranged weapons,
as the oliphant's formidable size protects them against
most attacks. It is nearly impossible to force an oliphant
to do something it doesn't want to, because very few
people choose to argue with over 100 tons of muscle.
Possibly the only weakness of an oliphant is their fear
of any form of fire, which will cause tem to turn tail and
flee under almost any circumstances.

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Mando Knight
2008-11-03, 08:37 PM
Where do you get the fear of fire? The only known way to kill mūmakil (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%BBmak) is to shoot them in the eyes... I'd give them Resist 10 all.

2008-11-03, 09:12 PM
The fear of fire thing was originally from Battle for Middle Earth, a PC game, and I thought that it was kind of interesting, but resist 10 all does kind of make more sense, I will probably add that.