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2008-11-12, 06:53 PM
These refer to The Hollow and Arrancar Class/Race and will also refer to Shinigami, Vizard, and more soon.

Shared Special Feats and Abilities

Hollow Skin – [Hollow and Arrancar race/class only] causes non-magical weapons to cause *D2 damage instead of normal.
[Spells do normal damage, as do magical weapons]
(Hollow claws & teeth are the only exception to this rule)
*The number of dice that where going to be used are still applied.

Scent of soul- [Hollow and Arrancar race/class only] Acts as a skill similar to “listen”. This allows a hollow to feel the power of another creature* based on Wis scores and whether or not the character [or the person using it] is in battle. ** ***
- A character with 9 or less wis can only be felt at 15 or less feet away [50 feet if engaged in battle ] (5 if self is engaged)
- Wis score of 10 – 15 can be felt from 30 feet or less [70 if in battle] (10 if self is engaged)
- Wis score of 16+ can be felt from 50 feet or less [100 is engaged in battle] (15 if self is in battle)
*Although it is based on wis score the DM does not tell them how far they are, what the wis score is, or how powerful the character/ creature actually is. However they do tell them IF they feel the person, and in what direction, also if their location changes, or they move out of range.
**This skill also works through walls, doors, and floors.
***This ability only works on one target at a time.

Arrancar Skin – [Arrancar only] Because an Arrancar is a Hollow that has removed it’s mask and thus achieved powers similar to Shinigami, their strength increases and their bodies become more tolerant of damage, even from Zanpakuto. AC + 2

Creature of Death – [Hollow, Arrancar, Spiritual being, Shinigami only] This renders the Player/Creature Invisible to all normal Class characters, except Priests/clerics, Necromancers, Other “Creatures of death” and those with the “Spiritual Power” feat. Magical classes, such as Sorcerers, can sense the presence of creatures of death based on their Wis scores; The default DC of sensing a Creature of death is 19, but for every 3 wis score the DC is decreased by 1. All other, Non-magical, classes can sense them with 15 Wis with a DC 15.

Spiritual Power – [available to all except Hollow] this allows characters who originally could not see Creatures of death to see them, it also adds the character’s wis modification to their AC. A player acquires this feat either from their racial feats, or by defeating a creature of death.*
*If a party fights a creature of death only the characters who do 10% or more damage to the Creature/player will receive the feat if the party defeats it.

Consume soul – [Hollow and Arrancar*** Race/class only] The “ability” to eat another Hollow, a normal character, or even a Shinigami’s soul. This ability does not do Damage to the opponent, and can only be used on freshly dead enemies/characters (2), or ones who fell unconscious and would’ve automatically died if you or something else had attacked them*. This ability sucks out the soul of the character and gives a stat boost to a single stat. Hollow or shinigami of the same level or stronger add a .1 to the stat, normal characters, including special characters [explained under “spiritual power” feat ] only add a .01.**
*The DM may allow this ability to be an “auto kill” to very, VERY, weak enemies with a reasonable percent chance of success, and a will power save.
**To keep this ability from getting out of hand, the DM may set limitations on how many souls a Hollow may consume in a set period of time.
***Arrancar can no longer consume the souls of normal characters, the energy they may receive is too small to make a difference (1) however consuming of normal Hollows and low level Shinigami will now add .01 and Arrancar will add .1
(1)You are still able to consume the soul of the character ((that is if you want to be a Jerk and force some people who do not want to become Hollow to become them))
(2)There is no “freshly dead” for Hollow because they disintegrate when they die and become spirits in soul society, so hollow can only be consumed alive or unconscious.
-Cannot consume undead, summons, or animated objects

Cero – [Hollow, Arrancar, & Vizard only] A Buildup of energy released in a large Ray/beam released from the mouth.
2D4 Damage [magic-based] it also has the ability to destroy most non-magical doors doing 1d4 to anything hiding directly behind it, it can also destroy some, not-very thick walls doing 1d2 damage to anything directly behind it. This Attack may be used once every five turns [unless stated different by DM]

Gran Rey Cero – [Arrancar only] A compressed version of “Cero” that is released either from the palm or fingertip. 3D4 damage [magic-based] this Cero cannot completely destroy a wall or object, however, because of its compressed size it is able to create a hole in any, non magical, door or wall that is perfect for peeking or listening through. Anything directly behind the wall or door can get hit with a 40% miss chance for 1d4 damage. This may be used once every 10 turns

Bala – [Arrancar only] a small, faster, easier to handle version of “Cero” this is released from hands, mouth, feet, etc. This attack does 1D2 damage [magic-based] and can be used as a second attack in one turn. This may be used once every three turns.

Ultimate Cero – [Arrancar & Vizard only] The Strongest Version of “Cero” Released from either both hands, or fingertip. The beam of this attack Spreads wide then retracts into a straight piercing beam Hitting enemies that are close to the main target as well. 5D4 Damage to main target and 2D6 damage to foes close to main target [1 to 5 feet, including behind and diagonally to] [both magic-based], This destroys all non-magical doors, and breaks down most non-magical walls, it can even collapse some small wooden buildings. This attack can only be used once per day.

Ressurecion – [Arrancar only] Similar to a Shinigami’s Bankai or Shikai, a Arrancar’s Ressurecion is the released form of their Zanpakuto. The difference between this and shikai + Bankai is that it is the awakening of the Arrancar’s previous Hollow form and powers, Their body gains armor, weapons, and/or limbs similar to what they had as Adjuchas or Vasto Lorde. This Ability gives the character one or two temporary stat bonuses, and a special ability/attack. Though the actual stats/attacks/abilities gained from this MUST be discussed with the DM the effects could range from something like; Dex +2, Str +2 and a long range attack doing 1D4 damage, to something like; size becomes colossal, Str +2 dex-2. Of course those are just examples [ripped off Grimmjow, and another Arrancar] and between the DM and the player the Abilities can be almost unlimited combinations. Releasing this form uses up one full turn, including movement.


Air walk: This skill allows the character to walk in mid air, every two skill points adds one foot to how high they can stand and walk/run. Stat modifier = Wis

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