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2008-11-16, 01:14 AM
In this game, the players are people who have extremely exceptional power and skill in their world. The world, known as Astral Realm, is actually a reality where all worlds in the universe are connected together in one giant world. Stars exist, but they are reflections of the Realms below. Very exceptionaly large countries may even be known as Realms in some areas of the planet. The people of the Astral Realm typically revere gods such as Zeus, Ra, Odin, Indra, Quatzocotl, Daghda, and all the rest. However, there is a popular philosphical movement that has begun from great Sages throughout the Astral Realms that recognize the following "Powers That Be" to be the ultimate embodiment of all the gods.

The Powers That Be

Cardith Lugh:

Kudiyama was recognized as THE god of all dark and occult, forbidden power billions of years ago across the Astral Realm. He had a grip on the central worlds of the Astral Realm for countless millenia, even going so far as to extend his control over half the entire Over World(Another name for the Astral Realm.) Kudiyama was defeated by Amon, the Night Emperor, claiming Kudiyama was once his subordinate who betrayed him. The Night Emperor, after his defeat by Kudiyama, returned in the form of a vampire, and managed, through extreme powers of necromancy to use his own corpse to kill Kudiyama. Kudiyama's 144,000 heads were all cut off, and the Night Emperor ruled the world as the Lord of Peace.

Dawn, the Power That Is Of Light, ended The Night Emperor's reign of 10,000 years peacefully... ushering in a new era of extreme order and love among the people. Eventually, the people grew tired of wisdom and entered into a permanent state of depravity for thousands of years. Dawn took away the enchantments of the people that protected them from the evil spirits of the world and soon, The Astral Realm was under attack from undead.

However, one of Kudiyama's servants, by the name of Sorn, had actually survived the rebellion of Amon the Night Emperor billions of years ago, and has taken the fabeled blood from their battle, mixing it with the venom of Kudiyama to form a grotesque Son of Kudiyama. The Son of Kudiyama, Apollyon, has begun to rally the forces of Evil to overtake all the Astral Realm.

Thousands of years ago the mortals and good races of Astral Realm thought they had driven all the undead into hiding after millenia of constant war. Now, they realize the Son of Kudiyama is with them. The Powers That Be cannot enter into Astral Realm directly under mysterious reasons they do not tell any disciple.

With all hope seemingly lost, it is up to YOU brave warriors to rid the Over World of all the powers of Evil.