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2008-11-21, 09:05 PM
So I'm running a Star Wars game and I have a list of combat forms for jedi.
I have some ideas but I wanted to discuss this with knoledgable Jedi/Star Wars officianado's around here before making it official. Basically here's my ideas, any opinions or ideas welcome.

What I have now is each of the forms acts like a stance you can activate. You can only have one active at a time. Each stance requires a feat.

Form I: Shii-Cho or "Determination Form"
So blocking, a melee version of deflect blasters (original d20)that lets you
roll saves to negate melee hits. Might be busted...

Form II: Makashi or "Contention Form"
Still not even vaugely decided on this one... Any ideas welcome. I think I was going with a + to hit for melee, -to AC parry defence for ranged... essentially you focus on the 1 enemy in front of you at the expense of paying attention elsewhere... good for dueling. Not sure how high the bonuses and penalties should go.

Form III: Soresu or "Resilience Form"
I'm thinking something that gives you the ability to fight defensively easier, Make full defence a move action, partial defence a free action. When combined with expertise this could get pretty good defensively... but with the penalties to hit would it be worth it?

Form IV: Ataru or "Aggression Form"
This I'm going with "Dex replaces str as damage stat. If weilded 2 handed it grants 1.5dex mod to damage. Combined with weapon finesse this essentially replaces str with dex for melee.

Form V: Shien / Djem So or "Perseverance Form"
This has been described as the Vader Smash style, just apply extra strength to blow through opponents defenses. Not sure how to stat this.

Form VI: Niman or "Moderation Form"
Allow multiple forms to be in operation at the same time, sort of like a Book of nine swords swordsage ability(?) that let you use two stances at once.

Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad or "Ferocity Form"
Possibly a bonus to crits, my game uses HP not VP and no crit confirmation roll, (and crits just do double total damage) so perhaps just a improved crit style bonus? Very unsure on this one, it's the Mace Windu style so should be cool...

Any constructive input welcome. If you think my ideas are "Not so good" that is why I'm posting here, I'm none to sure of them myself.