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The Bluescale Order

A sole figure bedecked in brilliant blue armour marches along the packed, dust filled streets, an island in the sea of humanity. The figure is protected by an invisible but tangible aura of authority.

The Bluescale Order is the elite cadre of warriors and sorcerers who enforce the will of the blue dragon masters of the hot, arid land of Kyr. They are the elite police, the master generals, and the emissaries of the blue dragon lords of the land.

Purpose: The Bluescale Order is the living extension of the will of the rightful blue dragon masters of the land of Kyr. They enforce the blue dragons' will which is law, and defend the subjects of their domain from chaos and ruin.

Alignment: The Bluescale Order as a whole is Lawful Neutral. The Order is devoted entirely to upholding law and service to the draconic rulers of the realm, even if these rules are sometimes inherently evil. Breakdown of practicioner's alignements: 45% Lawful neutral 40% lawful evil 10% lawful good 5% neutral evil.

Economics: As the organization is able to draw upon the taxings of a nation and the hoards of the dragon rulers of the land, the gp resource limit of the Bluescale Order is effectively infinite. Even items of artifact power could potentially be found in the horde of Exarthios. However, to get access to such items, a member must convince a dragon to part with a valuable piece of their horde. This does put the organization in powerful position to trade or get access to powerful magic... for a price.
Members also have a number of other benefits available to them. They can purchase magical spears, arcane scrolls, and wands at 90% of their market value. Any of the legally permitted churches of Kyr are required to remove any life threatening conditions and heal member up to a quarter of their max HP if it is within their capabilities.

Membership requirements: To join the Bluescale Order, an aspiring member must first get the nomination of a Blue Dragon lord of Kyr. This is the lord that the member would represent. As the member would represent the dragon to other dragons and the popluace as a whole, the dragon will be discerning. However, having more agents in the Bluescale Order means more influence over the nation, so most Blue Dragons will actively search for recruits, and reward those that bring them potential Bluescales.

Nominated Bluescales must pass a test of combat. They are allowed to have three allies aid them (these allies may or may not be in the process of joining the Bluescale Order), but they must not be seen to rely on their allies excessively.

While this process clearly tests the mettle of aspiring members, it is also an outlet to test the magical spawn of bluedragon meddling with nature. The tests have at least three encounters, of CR no less than 5 in a single day. Spawn of Tiamat (MMIV) and creatures with the half blue dragon template are excellent choices for one such encounter.

Members who are nominated but are not yet prepared to face the trail of combat are granted free training at the Bluescale martial academy, or the university of draconic arcanology. The University accepts soley those versed in sorcery, while most members of the academy leave fully prepared to take the Bluescale Champion Prestige class. (see below)

Authority Figures: Exarthios (Wyrm blue dragon): Exarthios is the dragon king of Kyr. He considers all within its borders to be his horde. As the ruler of the blues, he is ostensibly in charge of all the bluescale order. However, as he spends months at a time in deep slumber, he plays very little active role in the governing of the organization.
The of the authority figures are individual blue dragons, each with their own goals and ambitions.
Two notable blues of Kyr are:
Zanathas (young adult blue dragon): Zanathas is an exceptionally brilliant dragon for his age (int 20). He conducts experiments on all manners of creatures to make the best creations to enact his whim and defend Kyr. He will pay well for rare or exotic creatures with unusual abilities.
Gozzethos (adult blue dragon): Gozzethos is a vicious, ambious, greedy, and hungry dragon. He is enormously fat (size gargantuan despite his age) and eats ravenously. Bluescales who serve under him will arrest citizens under the sligtest of pretenses. As the punishment for almost all trangressions is to be eaten, Gozzethos eats very well indeed. Gozzethos has earned the ire of many of his peers, who worry he is taking too much controll, and is unduly giving the people of Kyr reason to revolt.
In addition, a number of half blue dragons serve as liutenants or governers on behalf of their draconic parents.

Other important figures:

Kalax Plowson (Male human paladin 5/ bluescale champion 2): Kalax is unique among the bluescales as he is a paladin. Kalax recognizes the unjustice of the blue dragons, but admires their defense of the land against the undead horde that has overtaken their neighbours. He serves with the bluescales to defend his homeland and see to it that the law is upheld in a just manner. The blue dragon masters parade Kalax about at any available opportunity, to attempt to appear more just. Knowing what a powerful tool of propoganda Kalax is, Kalax is never given assignments to uphold the more evil laws of the land

Racial Makeup: Humans 70% Kobolds 20% Dwarves 5% Half blue dragons 3% Blue Dragons 1% Other 1%

Class Makeup: Fighter 50%, Sorcerer 44%, Ranger 5%, other 1%. Clerics are barred from joining this organization, as they serve Tiamat or one of her lesser subjects, and cannot have two masters.

History: Exarthios has lived long enough to remember a time when dragons ruled the earth. He remembers the folly of attempting to dominate humanoids, and longed over his centuries of existence to rule over his own domain. When the undead horde washed over the nations neighbouring Kyr, and invaded it, Exarthios saw his opportunity. Being a warm, arid nation, Exarthios knew Kyr to be an ideal lair for him, and to be ripe with blue dragons who would aid him. He collected a flight of blues and devestated the invading undead force.
Having saved the populace from being eaten by zombies, Exarthios and his followers were greeted as heroes. While not welcomed, the people of Kyr were glad to turn over the reins of their nation to the Dragons. To date, only a single of Kyr's neighbors has yet resisted the undead horde, so the people of Kyr conider themselves lucky to be protected by the dragons, even if they were unpleasant. However, Exarthios knew that the blue could not rule a nation by themselves. So Exarthios created the bluescales, as a means of extending the dragons' wills upon their nation.

Adventure HOok: An NPC the PCs need to reach was caught by a Bluescale of Gozzethos for wearing blue in public, a right reserved for bluescales and priests of tiamat (who must also wear the four other chromatic colours) The PCs must spring their contact quickly before he is fed to the revenous dragon.

PRC: Bluescale Champion:
HD: d8

Entry Requirements:
BAB: +5
Feats: Weapon Focus (longspear), Two Weapon Fighting, Toughness
Languages: Draconic
Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank

lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Special:
1. +1 +2 +2 +0 Strike Token Pool, Twin claw stance, harrying shadow
2 +2 +3 +3 +0 Desert Resiliance
3 +3 +3 +3 +1 Pouncing talon strike, lightning spear
4 +4 +4 +4 +1 Snaping Maw Strike
5 +5 +4 +4 +1 Draconic Form

Class Skills

The Bluescale Championís class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha) Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Arcana), Ride (Dex), and Swim (Str).

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Strike Token Pool: At first level, you gain access to a token pool. Certain actions will allow you to add tokens to this pool, which can be spent to power class abilities. At any time, you may have a number of tokens equal to 10 plus your Bluescale champion class level. Your token pool empties at the end of each encounter.

Twin Claw stance: At first level, a bluescale champion is able to shift their stance to fight at close range. As a swift action, while wielding a longspear, you may switch to the twin claw stance. While in the twin claw stance, your longspear looses it's 10 ft range, and instead has a five foot range. In adition, you may wield the longspear as a two handed weapon. The haft of the spead deals damage like a club of the same size. If you hit a foe with both heads of your spear in a single round, add a strike token to your token pool. You may leave the twin claw stance as a swift action.

Harrying Shadow: At first level, a bluescale champion may expend a strike token as a free action to create an illusory copy of themselves as an immediate action within fifteen feet. The bluescale champion may place it in their own square, or that of an ally, they are affected as if they had the spell mirror image cast on them with a single replica.
If the shadow is placed in any other location, they are considered to threaten adjacent opponents for purposes of determining flanking.

Desert Resiliance: Bluescale champions are trained to serve in the blistering heat of the desert climate, even in the heaviest armor, and to stand strong in the press of a crowd. At 2nd level, a bluescale champion gains DR 5/- against nonlethal damage.

Pouncing talon strike: While in the twin claw stance at third level, you may initiate a pouncing claw strike once per encounter. to do so you must succeed in attacking from 5 feet in the air (typically requiring a DC 20 or 40 check). If you do, you gain two additional foot attacks in addition to your spear attack. These attacks do 1d4 damage plus half your strength modifier. If you hit with at least two of the three attacks, add a strike token to your token pool.

Lightning lance: At third level, as a standard action, you may expend two strike tokens from your pools to create a line of lightning 60 feet long. Anyone caught in this line takes 2d6 lightning damage per class level (Reflex half, DC= 10 + 1/2 your HD + Con modifier).

Snapping Maw strike: At fourth level, when not in the twin claw stance, a Bluescale Champion may make a standard action to make a single melee attack against a foe fiften feet away. If this attack hits, add a strike token to your token pool.

Draconic form: At fifth level, a bluescale champion may expend two strike tokens to take on the apsect of their blue dragon masters. Untill the end of the encounter, you gain the benefits of the Half blue dragon template.