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Hi Iím not sure if this is how youíre supposed to do this, but here is my entry

The star whales.
The true story of this world is known by few.
Millennia ago, the starship Ourouboros landed on an unknown backwater planet. The mission: survival. Human beings were being hunted and destroyed by the rest of the galactic compact for a heinous crime. 20 stolen cruisers were being used to plant the seed of humanity on other planets.
This world had earth type gravity, and was very similar to earth in many ways, despite having three moons.
As Ourouboros began to take off after depositing human gene seed, some unknown calamity befell it. It crashed back on the planet, and most of the crew died. In addition to this, all the different gene configurations were released.
Thales today
The survivors named the planet Thales, for unknown reasons. They managed to survive and have rebuilt their civilization to the technology of the middle ages. All knowledge of their former life is gone.
Races of Thales
Thales has most D and D races

Humans- descendants of the gene settlers or survivors of the crash.

Dwarves- these were humans genetically engineered for high gravity worlds, but were released in their gene pods after the spaceship crashed. they are sometimes called H-gravs, though no one knows why

Elves-these were humans genetically engineered for low gravity worlds, but were released in their gene pods after the spaceship crashed. they are sometimes called L-gravs, though no one knows why

Halflings, goblins and gnomes-genetically engineered humans, created for maintenance of small parts of spaceships (fit in access tunnels) some of them survived the crash. all of these races are resistant to radiation. bugbears and hobgoblins are mutated branches of goblin.

Dragons- the galactic compact ruled that no species could remain on a planet for more than 2 million years. after this time, they must clean up all remnants of their constructions and leave, giving the environment time to recover. humans created dragons for this. The dragons' sole goal is to destroy and hoard all remnants of the advanced human past, and destroy all humans and other genetic human variants. some dragons went rogue, and decided humans needed help. these are metallic dragons.

I have moved the remaining species to the bottom of the post, so people can read some of the other facts without trawling through endless origins of monsters.

Psionics and magic in Thales
Arcane magic does not exist in Thales.Only divine cleric magic and psionics exist, and clerics cannot create magic items.
all the races in the PHB, except half-orcs, begin with one power point.
Psionics evolved on Thales due to a large amount of background electricty and radiation. the creatures who learnt to manipulate this background electricity with their minds survived to reproduce, and so, Psionics was born.
Psi eggs are small ovoid pieces of metal, which, if swallowed, give the creature 10 extra power points and the phrenic subtype. these eggs remain in the creatures stomach, and can be removed. if removeed the power points and phrenicity are removed also.These are pre-crash Kentarri gadgets.
Cleric magic
Cleric magic functions as normal in Thales, except clerics only have 7 gods.Any spells domain spells are exclusively domain. so unless a cleric has the travel domian, he cannot cast fly.

Orios-The god of light and stars: Orios is neutral good, and also called yellowstar. Clerics of Orios can get the sun,fire,or mind domains. Orios is said to be the herald of judgement. He will warn the people when the greater star gods come to punish them for their ancestor's crimes.He is depicted as a knight or a metal hawk.His favoured weapon is the glaive.

Cephalos-The god of thinking and Star whales, he is lawful neutral. his domains are travel, mind and knowledge domains.Clerics of Cephalos are the only people with access to the "other"(astral) space.Cephalos' favoured weapon is the quarterstaff

Morphina-The goddess of night and soothing-dreams.she is chaotic neutral. Her domains are helaing,Trickery, and Mind.Her favoured weapon is the shortbow.

Ortar-The god of defense.He is true neutral.His domains are War,strength, and protection.His favoured weapon is the longspear.

Ouroubourous-The Traitor whale, the creator of the world.He is neutral evil, but his clerics cannot be evil.they must be neutral or good.Ouroubourous' demands that his clerics help to clear his, and humanities name. he is the enemy of the greater star gods.Ouroubourous gives the domains Nature,Earth,Fire,Air,water and plant.Ouroubourous' favourite weapon is the trident.His clerics always wear grey and yellow.

Relay 1- Relay 1 is the demon of the greater star gods. he is lawful evil.His cleric's work hard as human deconstructors, and welcome the day of righteous judgement.his domains are Evil,Death, and Destruction.His favoured weapon is a greatsword.

Clerics: behind the veil
As some may have guessed, clerics do not actually worship gods.Clerics worship satellites,launched by Ouroubourous before it crashed.all clerics are giving a holy rod by their bishop apon acheiving clerichood.These rods have a keypad and a small solar panel on one side.They are small enough to be made into mace handles, and often are.When a cleric casts a spell, his "prayer" is in fact a set of passwords and key-codes, which are transmitted to the satellite which then casts the "spell".The meaning of these passwords have long passed into antiquity, and so now they seem as arcane and jumbled as a spell is in normal D&D.Examples of how satellites cast certain spells.

Heal light wounds-the satellite fires a dart of nanorobots into the targets neck.the nanobots then repair damaged skin.most buffing spells occur like this.bull's strength replaces nanobots with steroids, for example.The darts are tiny and irretrievable.

Summon monster-The satellite teleports a monster and uses a psion-computer to place it under the casters control.
and so on...
please feel free to ask me to define any spells.

the satellites themselves are enormous, and spend all their creating more darts or gathering energy.all the "god" satellites have lesser satellites in a ring around Thales, so clerics need not wait till their particular god passes overhead.

The last god, Thales, has clerics, but they are a prestige class.

additional info

dragons, no longer colour-coded for your convenience
dragons of any colour may be of any alignment.rogue mtellics may delight in the torture of humans, and kindly chromatics may take pity on and spare humanity, simply focussing on pre-crash equipment.

Spell resist and damage reduction
any creature with spell resist gets psionics resist at the same level. any creature with damage reduction of any sort exchanges it for damage reduction/Asomar Steel.

Asomar steel
Asomar Steel is left behind by the same race that created the tarrasque. It is lightweight, and sustains an excellent (often monomolecular) edge.weaponsmiths may reforge Asomar Steel with a DC 35 craft weapons check.There is too little asomar stell for it to be made into armour. Asomar steel ignores any DR. The metal itself is a pale gold colour, and indestructible without special high-temp enzymes and UV IR light conditions.

Please feel free to ask any questions

Remaining creatures
Beholders- these are natives to Thales, and so, need never fear dragons. they only recently reached sapience, with the help of a green dragon who found an Intellup computer.

All animals, and dinosaurs, except horses are now widespread from more gene pods.

Aboleths are mutated whales, and native to the planet. they also had the help of the green dragon with the intellup computer.

Animated objects and golems are robots. they are very rare.

Ankhegs and Araneas are deconstructors, like dragons. they destroy objects and people.

Arrowhawks are the native birds of Thales. they come in all sizes and are unintelligent.

assassin vines are mutated plants, native to Thales.

Athachs, Ogres and Ettins are all devolved from heavy lifters; a species created to aid in cargo movement.

Basilisks are native to Thales. There are no abyssal basilisks. basilisks kill by overheating the brain using concentrated psionic power, focused by their eyes.

Behir are natives also, and irrationally hate dragons.

Bullettes are devolved from creatures used by the spacefarers to build burrows.

carrion crawlers were the equivalent of Diagonas in trash compactors from star wars.

Centaurs- centaurs are devolved from an alien race, the only ones which sided with the humans. they are different form normal centaurs. they have no fur and their skin is a white-ish colour, but flashes of rainbow appear and disappear on their skin. they have three eyes atop a conical, snouted head and weak arms. they also have a tentacular tail, tipped with a strong, clawed appendage. they are called Kentarri, and are strongly aligned with humans.
+2 strength,+5 dexterity,-2 con,+ int
Large size
base land speed 50 ft
3 "arms". Kantarri may select the feats multi-weapon fighting and multi-weapon defence.
better depth perception: Kentarri get a +1 bonus to scans and missile attacks.
No racial hit die,feats or armour bonus.
Kentarri have one power point.

Chimeras were a joke made by a surviving crew member before death. half are insane, and the other half range in personality as much as humans.

Couatl were also created this way, but have the same manner as metallic dragons.

Delvers were the Kentarri's more effective version of a bullete.

Digesters and displacer beasts are native to Thale. They have no intelligence.

Giant eagles and owls,owlbears, dragon turtles,and mercats are more gene-jokes.

elementals were once used by the Kentarris to power their ships. for this reason fire elementals can become large and elder. no others may progress past medium

frost worms and live in the far north. they are native
to Thale

fungus, otyughs and all plant monsters in the book are plants mutated by the radiation of the Ourouborous' core.

Ghouls are native to Thale. Along with zombies they are the only undead in Thale.

Giants were created from H-gravs mutated by radiation. they have an intense hatred for their ancestors.
Girallons were created by humans as a replacement for the more docile gorillas. they are a failed attempt at a super-soldier.

Githzerai and githyanki were once servants to the Kentarri. They have since then rebelled and formed warbands. their hatred of each other is surpassed only by their hatred of the kentarri.

Gnolls have evolved from an intelligent dog-creature which was found on one of Thales' moons.

Gray renders are the only species apart from humans that was left on the planet on purpose. they were place there to defend the wolfling human tribes in their beginning moments of weakness. they now act as described in the MM.

Gricks are natives to Thales.
Griffons and Hippogriffs are natives of Thales, genetically modified by a crash survivor.

Orcs and trolls are plantoid creatures, evolved from another colonization attempt from a different species. luckily the humans were ignored by this other species.

Hydras and manticores are native to Thales

Kobolds and Troglodytes were the mechanics for Kentarri ships. They are immune to radiation.
Krakens are native to Thales.
Locathahs are humans that were genetically modified for watery worlds.
Mind flayers are descendants of parasites which stowed away on the Ourouborous
oozes are radioactively animated fluids such as ship oil, fuel or ship lubricants
purple worms live in the desert.
Rasts.Remorhaz and Ravids are native to Thales.
Rut monsters are destructors, but focus only on materials.
Shocker lizards were portable batteries.
The Tarrasque is the only destructor left behind by the species which previously inhabited Thales.
Tojanida and umber hulks are native to Thales.
Xill are the descendants of a fighter ship that crashed while chasing the humans. Xorn, Yrthak and gibbering mouthers also originate from that ship.
Zombies are of unknown origin.

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The Kentarri

The Kentarri where once a proud space travelling race, but they abandoned all of their technology and descended into barbarity out of loyalty to their human compatriots.
Kentarri are the same basic body shape as centaurs, but with many superficial differences.
a Kentarri has no fur whatsoever.It's skin is a milky-semi-translucent color, and flashes of bright blue,red,pink or purple sometimes appear on the skin.This is Kentarri "blushing" as their blood has several colours.Kentarri have arms weaker than humans, but this is made up for by a tentacular tail which is stronger.Kentarri have crystalline hooves, and are very proud of this. the only war that happened between kentarri and humans was when the kentarris exterminated the horses out of pride.A kentarri's face is extremly alien. It is nearly perfectly conical, with the nostrils at the end of the cone, and the three eyes perched towards the back of the cone.the kentarri's mouth is small with two dental "shears", two plates of solid enamel, which remind humans of cleavers.

+2 strength,+5 dexterity,-2 con,+2 int

Large size

base land speed 50 ft

Unique physiology
Kentarri are large creatures, but their weak arms not strong enough to wield half-giant sized weapons.kentarri weild weapons as a medium sized creature, except their enormous three handed scorpion bows.

3 arms. Kantarri may select feats like *multi-weapon fighting from the MM

better depth perception, Smaller field of vision: Kentarri get a +2 bonus *missile attacks, and a minus one bonus to scans.

Naturally psionic: Kentarri begin play with one power point

Poison weakness: Kentarri have a weakness towards poison, and receive a -2 penalty to all fortitude saves against poison.

starting languages: GalTwo (equivalent of common),bonus languages GalFour (draconic) or GalSeven(elvish)

Note: Scorpion Bows
these are enormous three handed bows, wielded by the Kentarri. The Kentarri hold the bow above their heads with their two arms, and their tentacular tail pulls back the enormous arrow. The appearance of the tail, curving forward, gives them their name, as the Kentarri do look a bit like scorpions.they act like composite bows in allowing strength, except, being three handed, they allow strength times 1.5. Kentarri pay 150 gold for each strength bonus of 1.5 allowed.

Scorpion bow,exotic weapon

damage: 2d8
range increment: 120ft
piercing weapon
20 arrows are 2 gp.

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The Lance
This weapon is ancient, with myths about it passed down for countless generations.It was originally a crew-member's personal laser rifle, but somewhere in the past, a lance of deep crystal has been created around the rifle, and this artifact is now a lance which can be used to fire bolts of green fire by certain heroes.
The lance is a +5 deep crystal mind-feeding,Power storing medium lance.In addition to this, anyone with knowledge (Thalic History) 10 ranks, may fire the laser rifle. They do not know it is a rifle, but remember famous battles where heroes twisted the dragon's face on the underside of the lance.The power pack of the rifle has 20 shots left, and the two features of the lance, mind-feeder and power storing, can be used to restore the battery, with a rate of 4 power points giving one restored shot.The Lance is indestructible except by the Sword

Medium lance/laser rifle
Range increment: -/100ft
damage type:piercing/energy

The Sword
This blade is made of reforged Asmaron steel. It is completely non-magical in conventional terms, except for the fact that it has an antimatter pistol built in the handle and half the blade only someone with knowledge (Thalic History) 10 ranks may operate the sword.The antimatter pistol fires bolts or rays of golden energy.It is said that lance and sword must never be wielded against each other, and he that wields both has infinite power.The sword is said to be able to destroy the lance, but have a limited power supply.The sword is near indestructible. it has 4 enrgy cells all of which full (8 shots) a reality revision psionic effect is required for a reload.

Medium Shortsword/small antimatter rifle
Range increment: -/40ft
damage type:piercing/slashing/energy

These are artifacts, mythical objects of near religious importance. anyone using Thales should relaise that not every fifth level party has laser guns. these are probably the only two surviving pre-crash weapons on Thales, and they cause significant damage if wielded against or with each other.if the sword can is fired at the lance, or vice versa, it is equivalent to a nuclear explosion, but the weapons survive. if they are fired at each other simultaneously, then an energy cascade starts,and the equivalent of about 40 nuclear explosions goes of in a circular radius, also destroying the lance completely and the sword's anti-matter pistol's control circuit. If somebody found both weapons, he could cause controlled cascades, allowing him to cause nuclear sized explosions with a range increment of 900ft (vision limit).This depletes 2 shots in each weapon. Unsuprisingly, there is a constant war for possesion of both weapons.

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space saved for psionic prestige class

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You might want to check some of your spelling and grammer. ;)

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Centaurs- centaurs are devolved from an alien race, the only ones which sided with the humans. they are different form normal centaurs. they have no fur and their skin is a white-ish colour, but flashes of rainbow appear and disappear on their skin. they have three eyes atop a conical, snouted head and weak arms. they also have a tentacular tail, tipped with a strong, clawed appendage. they are called Kentarri, and are strongly aligned with humans.
+2 strength,+5 dexterity,-2 con,+ int
Large size
base land speed 50 ft
3 "arms". Kantarri may select the feats multi-weapon fighting and multi-weapon defence.
better depth perception: Kentarri get a +1 bonus to scans and missile attacks.
No racial hit die,feats or armour bonus.
Kentarri have one power point.

This is going to be a problem for you, because...

The Rules
<lots of snip>
Design a psionic race (up to LA +2)

<lots of snip>

You'll need to make something else for your Race entry, or alter this one to a lower level adjustment I'm sorry to say.

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Thanks for the advice. I'v altered it accordingly.any comments about the game-world? or complaints about unbalanced monsters/items?

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It's definitely an interesting concept.

Reformatting what you have and putting it into sections would make it a lot more readable for the average joe.

I'm not sure about the Scorpian bow, although it's not too dissimilar to the scissor swords wielded by the Xanth.

If you expanded your section on the mythology of your planet it would be a lot more solid in regards to the contest.