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Many thousands of years ago, in the deepest, darkest places of the world, the old gods created the first of the intelligent races. To live in the dry places they made the Illithids, and to live in the wet places they made the Aboleths. For a long time the two races lived far under the ground, but then the gods left them moved to the surface of the world. The Aboleths could not follow them though, for they could not leave the water. And the Illithids would not follow them, for they had homes in the deepest, darkest places beneath the ground, and they had grown to like the dark. This caused the old gods to become angry, and they reached down from to the surfaces, down to where the Illithids and the Aboleths lived, and the old gods placed their hands beneath each Aboleth and each Illithid that still lived, and then they did something terrible. As they lifted their hands, they took with them the souls of the Illithids and the Aboleths and carried them up to the surface, where they made new bodies for the souls to inhabit, bodies of man and dwarf, elf and halfling, gnome, orc and all the other creatures who live on the surface or just below it.

And then one day the old gods left the world, and the new ones ascended, Devina the Good, Guemond the Just, Dalla the Wrathful and all the others.

But in the deepest, darkest places beneath the world, the Illithids and the Aboleths festered. They hated the old gods for taking their souls, and they hated the new gods for not returning them. They were the only races ever to have walked with the gods and now they were abandoned. But without their souls, their minds grew. They began to see the connections between all natural things. They began to understand the equations and the laws that made the universe function. They began to understand the building blocks of life. And they learned to change these things with their minds.

In these two races was born a new power, which came to be known as psionics. It is not the Arcane magic of the aging mage, locked away in his tower. Nor is it the Divine spells, which the priest calls upon his deity to grant him. It is something different.

================================================== ==============

In Varlon psionics is a new and powerful force. When the Illithids and the Aboleths lost their souls, the power of their minds grew immeasurably, and without consciously realising what was happening, they began to understand the science of the universe. And once they understood it they learned to change it.

Essentially, psionics is the ability to envision the natural laws of the universe, imagine a change in them, and will that change into reality within a certain area. To create fire, for example, a psion exerts its will to speed up the vibrations of molecules within an area, resulting in extra heat, enough extra heat produces fire. To affect someone's mind, a psion envisions the target's mind and imagines the change that will have the desired effect, then will that change into being.

Some psions are aware of how their power works, and consciously strive for more understanding and these are known as psions. Others do not understand their powers, but are still able to exert some control over them, and these are known as Wilders. Whether a psionic creature is aware of the source of their power though they all have one thing in common: somehow they have lost most of their soul. Even the Illithids and the Aboleths do not realise this, but it is impossible to completely remove a soul, but if as much as possible is removed, then what remains only serves to accentuate the emptiness where the rest of the soul should be. To look into the soul of a psionic creature is to see a tiny shining beacon of soul, in a vast expanse of rolling jet black storm clouds.

Illithids and Aboleths are naturally psionic, however they are born or colned or created, they come into being with only the tiniest speck of a soul, and develop their powers from as soon as they are able. Of the other races, very few are psionic, as it is impossible to give up ones soul. Illithids have captured people and experimented on them, and some of these have escaped after their souls have been ripped out, bringing psionics to the surface world. It is rare though, and people automatically shun psions, as there is a feeling of emptiness and great wrongness all around them. Even though they do not know what it is, people can sense that something terrible has happened to a psion and that he is no longer a whole person. Other psions on the surface are Illithid slaves, under some kind of compulsion to gather all the information they can and return to relay it to the Illithids. Finally, there are those who have simply lost their souls through some other means, an encounter with a Demon, or some terrible magical accident, or the curse of a god, and some of these also develop psionic powers.

Finally, psionics is the antithesis of divine magic. Those without souls can not cast divine magic, and those who have souls can not understand psionics. The empty void around the soul-fragment of a psion even works to repulse divine magic and energy in all its forms.

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<<<I'm particularly interested in feedback here, the feats definitely achieve the flavour I wanted, but I'm not sure about balance. Also, the benefits of Embrace the Void don't seem to actually benefit the user until fairly high level, any advice on making this feat useable a bit earlier? I wanted to stick with tenths or fifths as a fraction for easy maths, but a fifth would make spell resistance at higher levels almost unbeatable.>>>

Embrace the Void [Psionic]

Either deliberately or subconsciously you embrace the emptiness at the core of your being, and maelstro3 swirling around the tiny fragment of your soul fights more fiercely against the gods' influence.

Race: Unsouled
Base Will Save: +8

The Spell Resistance you gain from the Unsouled template becomes equal to one tenth of your total power points reserve. This includes power points gained from a high ability score, but not those gained temporarily or from items. For example, a 17th level psion (250 PPs) with an intelligece of 24 (59 PPs) has spell resistance of 30 instead of 27.

As you embrace your loss of soul, the emptiness around you grows, and you suffer a further -2 penalty to Charisma based checks.

The benefit of this feat appliesonly to spell resistance gained from the Unsouled template and not to spell resistance gained through any other means.

Project the Void [Psionic]

Either deliberately or subconsciously you begin to project the emptiness of your soul into the area around you.

Race: Unsouled
Embrace the Void

The emptiness of your soul affects an area 10 feet around you. Anybody attempting to cast or target a divine spell within that area must roll to overcome your spell resistance in order to create the effect. Any effects from divine spells must roll to overcome your spell resistance or be affected as if by an antimagic field until they move more than 10 feet away from you.

As you project the emptiness of your soul, the feeling of wrongness around you grows yet larger. You suffer a -3 penalty on Charisma based rolls(for a total of -25 from the Unsouled template and this feat's prerequisites) and people can sense your 'wrongness' from much further away. Mothers hide their children when you come into view, and you often find yourself thrown out of taverns for no real reason.

Again, the benefits of this feat only apply to spell resistance gained from the Unsouled template, and not to spell resistance gained through any other means.

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Ring of Captured Soul

One of the first discoveries that the Illithids made with their soul removing machine, was that when a soul was ripped from a mortal body the seperation of the majority of the soul from the small piece that remained resulted in a release of psychic energy. Some Illithids even theorise that it is this release of energy is what causes the expansion of the mind and the ability to learn psionics. Eventually, the Illithid's discovered that this power could be captured in crystals which then took on numerours and strange properties.

This ring contains energy released from the soul of Dante (see sample creature in the Psionic Race Entry). It contains 5 power points which can be accessed by the wearer as if using a Cognizance Crystal. It also grants the wearer the use of the Power Attack feat while worn and a +2 Competence Bonus on climb checks.

Moderate psionic power (all disciplines); ML 5th; Craft Universal Item, crafter must have access to the Illithid's Soul Remover; Price 13,400gp.

================================================== ==============

Creating Captured Soul Item

When a Captured Soul item is created its powers are not chosen, but absorbed randomly from the energy discharge created by ripping a soul from a being, referred to as the subject.

The item must be made out of crystal, and is usually a ring or amulet or some kind. The item has a base price of 4,000gp, modified by the powers that it absorbs.

Firstly the ring grants access to power points as if it were a Cognizance Crystal, the number of power points depends on the level of the subject.

{table]Up To Level Power Points Gained Price Increase111,000gp334,000gp559,000gp7716,000gp9925, 000gp111136,000gp131349,000gp151564,000gp171781,00 0gp[/table]

Next the item grants a Competence Bonus to a skill that the subject posessed, based upon the number of ranks the subject posessed in that skill. The skill may be selected randomly or the DM may choose a skill from amongst the skills the subject posesses.

{table]Ranks in Skill Competence Bonus Price Increase
Up to 5+2400gp
Up to 10+41,600gp
Up to 15+63,600gp
Over 15+86,400gp

Finally the item provides use of one feat which the subject posessed. This should either be rolled randomly or selected by the DM. If a feat tree is rolled or selected the item will give access to the feat at the bottom of that tree. For example if Improved Feint were selected, the item would grant access to the Combat Expertise feat. If an inappropriate feat is selected (for example Aberration Blooded) then it may be rerolled. The addition of a feat does not affect the final price of the item.

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<I'm not sure if this fits better as a race of monster entry, since the only naturally psionic races are Illithids and Aboleths, and anything else psionic has this template. Also, I'm not sure if I've got the formatting right. Comments appreciated.>

The Unsouled

Many years ago, the old gods removed the souls from the Illithids and Aboleths and gave them to the mortal races of the surface. As a result the Illithid and Aboleths gained psionic power, and the Illithids learned all they could about them.

Eventually, they made the link between psionic power, and the lack of soul, and experimented on other races to confirm the theory. They created a great machine, which contained a chamber, into which could be placed anything up to the sixe of a large man. If an Illithid powered the machine, then whatever had been placed in the chamber would have its soul ripped away from it, forever damning it to a life separated from the gods.

The few Unsouled who are not held by the Illithids try to make their way back to the surface, only to reach it and find that they are outcast by all those that still retain those souls.

To remove a soul is an incredibly difficult process, perhaps one or two people exist in the world who have lost their souls through some other process, though it it possible.

The mind of the Unsouled grows as his souls departs, but others can feel the emptiness inside him, and the void where his soul was tries to prevent divine energy from functioning around him.

Sample Unsouled
At first glance, something about this man seems wrong, as you approach closer the feeling of emptiness intensifies until you turn around and walk away. As you walk away, you can feel his eyes in your back, almost as if he can see into your very soul.

This Example uses Dante, a 7th level human Psychic Warrior as the base Creature

Unsouled 7th Leven human Psychic Warrior
Medium Aberration

Hit Dice: 7d8+14 (43)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft. (6 Squares)
Armour Class: 20 (+3 Dex, +5 Chain Shirt, +2 Natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+9
Attack: Masterwork Deepcrystal Greatsword +10 Melee (2d6+6/19-20) or Tentacle +9 Melee (1d4+4)
Full Attack: Masterwork Deepcrystal Greatsword +10 Melee (2d6+6/19-20) and Tentacles +4/+4 Melee (1d4+2)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: -
Special Qualities: Darkvision 20 ft, Spell Resistance 17, Epmtiness
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +6
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 8
Skills: Autohypnosis +14, Climb +14, Concentration +12, Jump +14
Feats: Aberration Blooded, Deep Spawn, Bestial Hide, Inhuman Vision, Power Attack, Empower Power
Challenge Rating: 7
Treasure: Deep Crystal Greatsword, +1 Glamered Chainshirt, 135gp
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Dante lived on the coast of Valon, until he was captured by Illithids while exploring a cave system. After numerous experiments on his body, he was placed into a machine, and his soul was ripped out. He was released and monitored to see how he coped with his new mutations and after many days of climbing he made it back to the surface. Unable to connect to people anymore, and feeling a great emptiness inside him he now earns money as a mercenary. Once he has earned enough he will pay for the construction of a small house far from any civilisation and live in solitude.

Soon after he was released Dante discovered that by concentrating on certain things, he could make them happen. By concentrating intensely for a few seconds on striking great blows he was able to grow stronger for a brief period of time. He prefers to manifest his powers before engaging a foe in combat, but is quite capable of fighting without them.

Power Points: 29
Psychic Warrior Powers Known: Force Screen, Prescience: Offensive, Vigor, Animal Affinity, Body Adjustment, Strength of my Enemy, Psionic Keen Edge

Creating the Unsouled
Unsouled is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal, living creature.
An Unsouled uses all the base creature's abilities and special attacks except as noted here.

Size and Type: The creature's size remains unchanged and its type changes to aberration Do not recalculate the base creature's hit points, attack bonus or saves.

Special Qualities:
Spell Resistance: 10 + Psionic Class Level. This Spell Resistance functions against any spell, power or spell like ability with a divine source, including but not limited to divine spells and spell like abilities, divine magic items and granted domain powers. It can not be lowered by any means and effects even spells cast by allies.

Emptiness: Due to the almost tabgible sense of emptiness around the Unsouled, they take a -10 penalty on any Charisma based check.

Abilities: Intelligence increases by +2.

Special: The Unsouled loses any divine spellcasting abilities it had, and any class features that require divine power to work (eg. Turn Undead, Smite Evil, etc.) and is now able to take levels in Psion, Wilder or Psychic Warrior.

Challenge Rating: +0

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There you go, my first competition entry, based on the campaign world I'm working on at the moment.


Edit: Unfortunately, due to moving house and needing to sort out a number of things, I doubt I'll have time to finish off the entries I haven't added yet. I'll eb entering what's up here though, so critique would be appreciated.

The Glyphstone
2006-05-18, 02:10 PM
Definitely promising...sorta reminds me of the Culexus Assassins from Warhammer 40K...hurry up and post it! :D

2006-06-10, 04:38 PM
I like your mythology. Dark and creepy. Nice.

I like the flavor of the other things, although I guess that's kind of the same thing.

I'm not the best judge of balance, so I won't give a yay or nay on anything and will just point out one problem I see with the Unsouled: I think it should be a Charisma penalty instead of a set score.

There's two reasons for this. The first is that, as written, it affects different characters or creatures unequally--and I can just put a score of 8 or lower into Cha and create a character who suffers no penalty, and apparently lost nothing by losing his soul.

The other is that you said the Wilder class is limited to those with this template. Despite the fact that your mythology mentions Wilders using psionic power, it's not actually possible for anyone to do so except at high levels or with Cha-boosting magic items. The only Wilder class feature that'll work with a Cha of less than 11 is "Volatile Mind", nothing else.

2006-06-11, 04:28 AM
Thanks, I hadn't realised that the Wilder class was charisma based, originally I just assumed they were intelligence. Stupid me.

I'll have to come up with something as I've reread the class and intelligence just doesn't fit. How about a hefty Charisma Penalty on all social rolls? Or maybe keep the characters Charisma at its original level for deciding access to Wilder class features and powers? That could get complicated though. It could just be a Charisma penalty, but a high one will give some characters a hideously low charisma and a low one would still allow Psions to have a fairly high charisma which I don't really want. Maybe a small penalty and you may no longer add your charisma bonus to social interaction rolls?

Sorry, that was just me thinking aloud.

2006-06-13, 10:47 PM
I would give a -5 or -10 to charisma based checks, that would keep Wilders from getting hosed and still have the effect you want.

2006-06-20, 05:55 AM
Right, thatks for that idea Sacrath, I've changed the Unsouled template to a penalty on Charisma based rolls, rather than a Charisma penalty, and I've done the same for the feats. On that note, if anyone wants to comment on the feats I'de be rather pleased, they don't seem quite right to me, but I can't put my finger on why.