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2006-05-20, 10:20 PM
In order to understand the nature of psi, one must first understand this: The universe imagined itself into existence. Before the races of men, before the Dragons, before the Gods, before the stars, there was the Thought. *The Thought was whole and pure, and contained both the infinite and the void.

Scholars argue about what happened next: whether Doubt attempted to separate itself from Thought, or whether Thought had cast Doubt out. But they all agree that Thought became fragmented, and in that instant the universe was born. In the beginning, everything shared the fragments of thought equally. Every flame, every rock, every drop of water, every gust of wind was filled with deep thoughts. Only Doubt was separate from the world and their thoughts. Doubt moved from flame to flame, rock to rock, drop to drop, and gust to gust. Doubt made each discrete thing fearful of the others, and jealous of the thoughts they contained. Many ages passed, and Doubt was there, stealing thoughts from the world to hoard for itself.

Today, true Thought is scarce. *Very few pure elemental particles retain the use of thought, and the creatures they imagined have in turn imagined new creatures, who in turn imagined other creatures, so that the creatures who inhabit the material plane are shadows of shadows of shadows. Very rarely, though one of these shadows is born with a fragment of original Thought. *These creatures are generally misunderstood, and not well liked among their own kind. *They instinctively seek out other thinkers. They enjoy the synergies they experience with like thinkers, and even respect and enjoy battling those whose thoughts are antithetical to their own.

For these people their thoughts retain the ancient powers. *Their thoughts influence reality in a more direct way than Magic. *Magic is, in and of itself, a powerful thought, and magic users draw on this thought's power to change the world, and to defend against other thoughts. *But true thinkers may change the nature of the universe with a single thought. *True thinkers are only hampered by Doubt, which permeates all thought, and seeks to destroy the thinkers.

My Creature will be the Delusion, a pure thought, tainted with doubt, that latch on to thinkers, gradually replacing their ability to think with their own shallow obsessions...

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-06-19, 01:13 PM
I definetely like that intro. Doubt can be a powerful force indeed.