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MYTH and Creature!

Basic Mythology of Psionics: This is the path of darkness. *To follow its enlightened path is another route of high aspiration. *Those who seek the lower domains, will focus their energies in a dark manner.

My explanation for Psionic is quite simple; it is the supreme focus and inner guidance that one can achieve through the natural harnessing of the mind's true potential. *Okay, easy for a D&D character to do.

It is different than magic, and can penetrate where magic can't, but likewise, often magic can override it.
This 'Psionic-theme' will be based around a minor demoness; demi-god status; that uses Psionics in her attempt to gain more followers using the dark purposes of Psionics.


ERGANA: the demoness life, history, and stats:[/color]
{only one of these creatures, a major demon}
Ergana's history must be understood to comprehend what forces she conjures. *She was born in the spiral, swirling masses that are the layers of the Abyss. *She is the spawn of a Hellion Lord rapinng and crusading on one of the many mad, eternity of Blood Wars, between Hell and the Abyss. The Hellion Lord fell for the most beautious of the Succubi at the time of Maliktahkfak-V. *She was a newer succubus, one of Demogorge's Queens. *A prized former mortal servant of the Demon Lord. *After the birth of Ergana, from this most unholy love with her sworn enemy, the succubus was discovered of her unloyalty. *The succubbus has forever since has been banished from the Abyss, and destroyed. *She is also said to have found shelter with her devil Lord {it is rumored that Ergana's father comes from the 7th plane, but all devils deny such fathership. *The sucubbus also turned her back on her abyssal born daughter, no love there}. *

Ergana is the demi-god that sprang forth from their love. *Not quite a god, she is split between two planes. *In Prime Planes the worlds over, she has been marginalized, but this lady of Charm and Domination, isn't content with a few stories in her father's temple's she wants, her own niche. *And to form her niche and power she needs followers.

In seeking ways to seduce followers to her church, Ergana tapped into the power of the mind. *Psionics have become a part of Ergania worship since the beginning. The natural mental forces of Man honed to the untmost perfection.*Her priests are taught to communicate in the mind, so that none of her secrets are revealed. *Only images of her as a frightful reminder are allowed upon her temple wall, and her stories of punishing deniers of her powers, and her many types of blood sacrifice that is expected, daily! *

Her mortal avatar is in the form of a succubi; though she will quickly take the form of a red-black scaled monster, with forked tongue, with quick mighty clawed arms.


Ergana's Stats
Demi-god {a lesser goddes in some realms with enough followers}

Symbol: Copper Triangle with black metal swiggle across it

Homeplane: ABYSS

Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Psionics, Charm, Domination, Death, Magic

Worshipers: {all evil, main sin is lust/desire} Fighters, clerics, psions (all types) , often succubi or other minor denziens of Abyss not serving other gods

Clerical alignments: CE, NE, CN

Domains: Charm, Domination, Magic, Darkness, Demonic, and Erganan Psionics {see special below}

Favored weapon: Long Sword

AVATAR stats:
Psionist 20/ Priestess 20
Medium sized Outsider
Divine Rank: 5

HP: 666
Int: +20
Speed: 80'
AC: 55 {Dex +10, +5 Divine, +20 Natural}
Attacks: +45/40/35/30 (with 2 clawed arms} and bite +50; or 2 long swords as humanoid
Damage: Claws 2d4 +5 with poison d6 Con Fort save 25 {2nd effect takes place in 10 minutes, and is 2d6 minus Con; same DC}; bite 2d20 {psionic stun effect}; or long swords d8 + 10
Reach: Differs with size
Special Attacks: YES.....
Can cast one of her own domain spells at Will, as a free action, once per round!
Special Qualities: YES!!!!!
Saves: Fort +45 Ref +50 Will +40
Abilities: Str 35, Dex , Con 30 Int 22 Wis 24; Chr 40

{It shall continue, and build as I have time, and probable fix whatever confusing errors I have above}

PSIONIC domain: {from old Psionics book}
1 Demoralize
2 Inflict Pain {mental anguish 3d6}
3 Lesser Domination
4 Mindwipe
5 Greater Domination
6 Mass Suggestion
7 Ultrablast {mental scream 13d4}
8 True Domination
9 Thrall

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Ergana's GAZE:
+2 to all charm or domination or tyranny effects

Ergana's teeth: {must be 2th level Psi-Priest of Ergana}
love-bite, charm DC 17, can attack in combat w-o extra feats or AoPs.

Ergana's followers have made various items, or have adapted other's technologies to thier own purposes.

Red Nails of Tearing:
Fingernails add +4 to damage, and poison DC 15, or -d6 CON; and then d6 Con on second failed save later.

Thrall Headband:
Wearer controlled absolutely with stick.

An added feat if one wishes is the abyssal commands, this is at the cost of 2 feats; but one can use these spell as long as they can cast the spell normally. *These even if the person is a fighter or thief, that sacrifices the 2 feats to Ergana.

Various peircings, which add bonuses that stack... in unmentionable places.
PSIONIC domain: {from Psionics book}
1 Demoralize
2 Inflict Pain {mental anguish 3d6}
3 Lesser Domination
4 Mindwipe
5 Greater Domination
6 Mass Suggestion
7 Ultrablast {mental scream 13d4}
8 True Domination
9 Thrall

Upon reaching the level of 10th as a priest and the level as a Psion, focused in Telepathy, one can swear alliegence to Ergana, dropping all former priesthood abilities. *Requirements: Chr. 17; Wis 16; and must sacrifice another's kidnapped lover, in a gruesome EVIL ceremony, and bath in their blood.
Spells advance as per cleric: Her domains:
Charm, Domination.... more

An inccubi or succubi, fitting your liking, becomes your mortal partner, gaining several demonic traits; if the succubi is slain then the cleric will lose these added demonic traits.

You begin to radiate as outsider AND human.

Mental Anguish ( 2d6 ) X 2 day

Demonic eyes, true sight

Brutal Mental Anguish ( 2d8 ) X 2 day
Swear loyalty to succubi; and gain RANDOM demonic trait.
Torturous Mental Anguish (2d10) X 2 day
Birthing a succubi {only 5 % chance incubbus}; if man must father, or woman must mother; willing a succubi. *This will transform them into a demon-skinned beast with black scales flecked red. *An alter self can be used 3 x times per day, to cover it, at caster level. *It provides +4 to AC when in use.
Utter Despair {2d20} X 3 day

Death Thought {will save or die}

Granted demonhood
Courtesan of Ergana

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Requirement: 5 levels of Ergana Psi-Priest; 20 Wis; Level 20 in some combination.

Blood Sacrifice


Children of Ergana:
Traits, bat-wings, {vestigal} sometimes fangs, or horns. *Demonic eyes. *Skin of reddish, with scattered hints of black scales. *Usually, in feminine form.

Dex + 2
Chr +2
Int -2
Con -2

Outsider blood
Darkvision 100'; Dayvision only 60'
Natural AC +2
Known to have wild talents... if not already a Psion.

No level penalty for character class. *

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I'm all set, and ready to go!

The Glyphstone
2006-06-17, 04:27 PM
If "Dayvision" is what I think it is (sight in daylight limited to 60ft...that's practically blindness. Very big problem.

Also, you appear to be using some 3.0 Psionic material...check out the SRD to find the 3.5 equivalents, if you can.