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2006-02-16, 11:14 PM
El Zoof's® Homely Comfort Taverns™

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The bouncer on the door's a half-orc. The fire roars merrily over on your left. Over in the corner farthest from the fireplace sits an old elven wizard (he's wearing a pointy hat and has pointy ears; Q.E.D.) nursing a pint. Three disinterested commoners are dicing in another corner, but perk up when they see you. The barkeep waves you over to the counter andin repeating-crossbow manner says, "Welcome-to-El-Zoof's-Homely-Comfort-Tavern-may-I-please-take-your -order?" Yup, it's an EZ alright...

From the outside, El Zoof's Homely Comfort Taverns are immediately recognisable by the garishly painted signs that hang above the door. Other than that, the buildings are fairly plain on the outside. Inside is the most stereotypical, generic tavern setting you could possibly imagine, except reasonably clean(they make sure fresh sawdust is put down once a week, needed or not). There's a fireplace in one corner, and in the opposite corner is a dark nook where, inevitably, an old wizard sits waiting for any random adventurers who might have enough ready cash to be given hints about local adventuring type jobs. Another table usually has about 3 or for locals who will quite happily cheat whoever comes in at dice, or smash a chair over the head of anybody who spills their pint. A bouncer - almost always a half-orc, although sometimes a dwarf even uglier than the average half-orc - stands near the door with a big club with a nail in it. The upper floors have four rooms of reasonable quality for up to four people - six if a couple sleep on the floor or are willing to share beds. The cellars contain the beer, ale, grog and other assorted unhealthy drinks. Gods help anyone if there's a fire down there.