View Full Version : What do we know?

2008-12-07, 02:15 AM
Seriously, could we make up a list of facts about erf world that we know. That way the next time one of wants to make a conjecture or a hypothesis we would have a reference page that we could go to.
Just throw things up in a list format for all the world to see.

2008-12-07, 06:11 AM
The Erfcyclopedia volume 1, Ansom to Banhammer? That would be a serious undertaking, something more appropriate for a wiki project.

dr pepper
2008-12-07, 02:05 PM
I thought there already was one.

Sweetie Welf
2008-12-07, 03:18 PM
BTW, here is the link: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Erfworld

If we fill this tread with facts we do know and all agree, this will be a short tread. We still argue about who started the ongoing war.

2008-12-07, 06:11 PM
thanks for the help guys, yeah I know it would be a short thread. But I was hoping that it would lead to a deduction and hypothesis threads to go with it.
You know, kinda like we can get a general idea on how large Jillians purse is: She spent almost her entire purse on a thinkagram from charlie(she was out scouting with the flyers, and the only units with her who could cast thinkagrams were Charlies Arcons) We also know that Charlies thinkagram fee are (harldy) nominal at 2,500 (for two way) schmuckers. Thus we can infer that Jillians two way thinkagrams with prince ansom was 2,500; and therefore Jillians purse is slightly more than 2,500 schmuckers.

2008-12-08, 10:37 AM
She only used the one-way, iirc. Can't remember if that was the one-way or the two-way price though....