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2008-12-09, 01:13 AM
Hi there folks, been reading a lot for the past few days, and decided to get registered. And what better way to introduce myself than to post a little from our currently running campaign? Enjoy :smallredface:


So I decided to write down a campaign log, and I’m posting it here for your pleasure. Hopefully you’ll find it worth the read ;)

We’re dropping in right into the middle of a campaign that’s be running since level 2, so I’ve got some background to explain before we can get down to business.

The campaign started out at level 2 with a homebrew adventure, we never made it past level 4 I think, because of the release of 4th edition. After having completed Keep on the Shadowfell we all agreed we had enjoyed playing 3.5 a lot more and decided to return. The Campaign picks up with Red Hand of Doom, where we end up getting our ass kicked by the orcs so many times that the party’s spirit was completely broken.

The faithless pricks we are we leave Drellin’s Ferry to its fate and head off to Greyhawk, which had been conveniently placed less than week’s travel south of our current location. Before we reach Greyhawk we encounter a band or raiders. Doctor Ottoman managed to paralyze the wyvern and its Orc rider, and to our luck they crash right down the conveniently placed canyon to our left, they die horribly from the impact of falling 200 ft.

After the battle was over we proceeded to help out (and rob) the survivors. A tavern owner calling himself Richard tells us that the main part of the raiders had already run off, and that they took his sword, a dearly treasured piece of equipment to him with them. With the promise of another magic blade as our reward we agreed to get it back.

A quick visit to Greyhawk informs us that master mage Rigby has died of natural causes, and that there’s been a lot of commotion about town because of it. We meet up with Richard again in the Green Dragon Inn, where we are told about some old ruins lying half a day’s distance or so away from the city.

The log that I am now writing picks up after our second trip to the Tower of War, where he had just defeated the lieutenant of the raiders or something (our DM did a horrible job introducing him right before the battle) and his fiendish blue dragon ally.


Ross, Level 10 Dwarf Cleric of St. Cuthbert/Church Inquisitor. Incorruptible and honest as the day is long. This character run by the DM, he acts as main buffer and backup melee to:

Plushball, Level 10 Tibbit Druid/Warshaper/Master of Many Forms. The party’s main source of damage, we’ve seen him rip an Umber Hulk to pieces in a single full-attack. He’s curious, naïve and is often pushed around by:

Seebo Wancallad (me), Level 10 Arctic Gnome Beguiler/Mindbender/Shadowcraft Mage. The party’s front face and direct opposite of the honest

Ross. Seebo knows no boundaries when it comes to lies and deceit, he is the ultimate combat controller and also serves as the party’s utility belt when this guy won’t suffice:

Alamon, Human Abjurer/Master Specialist/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil. Quiet and easy going. Alamon is a spellcaster’s nightmare, nothing will stop him from counter- and dispelling the enemy spellcaster’s attempts to gain magical advantage. He also serves as a secondary buffer.


These characters have either been retired, or they’re dead. A lot of them died before we had the chance to memorize their names, so there’s a lot of unnamed characters.

Whürthen Mossbeard, Level 5 Earth Dwarf Fighter/Stone Lord. Was lost when the campaign was on a break

Level 5 Conjurer/Master Specialist, loved to conjure a lot of trippy wolves. Suffered the same fate as Whürthen.

Level 5 Human Scout, retired when his player grew tired of him not being able to do anything but shoot arrows against arrow-proof targets.

Level 6 Half-Hobgoblin Warblade, retired when the same player fell in the love of the concept that is now Plushball, he served us well.

Doctor Ottoman, Level 7 Human Dread Necromancer. Was retired when he proved himself to be horribly overpowered when paired with the Corpsecrafter feat along with its friends.

Level 8 Human Rogue. Was tragically lost when a prismatic spray trap sent him to Limbo.

Level 9 Human Cleric/Sunmaster. Got killed in his first encounter with a pair of giants. The party consited of Chaotic Neutral Plushbull and Lawful Evil Seebo. We decided to rob him of his stuff and leave him to rot (the player was ok, he didn't like playing a divine caster)


The party headed for the Green Dragon Inn. Richard was delighted to see his sword returned to him. After some heavy drinking and a night of solid rest the group headed to the streets of Greyhawk.

Plushball headed for the library where he spent the whole day expanding his repertoire of shape shifting options.

Seebo, Alamon and Ross spent most of the morning selling off loot from the Tower of War and arguing with the Mages Guild. Seebo got his ordered magic items (a pair of Gloves of the Starry Sky, a Vestment of Many Styles, an Anklet of Translocation, the Barbs of Retribution, a Healing Belt and finally a Collar of Umbral Metamorphisis) which he had been awaiting for nearly a week. He managed to place an order on a Veil of Allure, and barely managed to fend off the questions from the suspicious magica-merchant.

After a morning of trading and bargaining the group headed to the nearest city-watch office, where they delivered the attack plans to the local officer and had the Dominated lieutenant from the Tower of War imprisoned. He didn’t even complain when put behind bars ;)

One does simply not purchase a mansion… or does he? The afternoon was spent in the Artisans Quarters, more specifically in the Masons Guild where Seebo blew off the last bits of his accumulated wealth on a building contract, ensuring him a luxurious mansion no more than few miles from the city itself, he was promised it would be standing at the end of the month.

By evening all that was left to do was to visit the battle arena and enlist in the competition, Plushball was enlisted without being informed there of.

Another night of “ale till we drop”. Ross and Seebo got up after their 2 hours of sleep (hooray for Ring of Sustenance) and headed for a little fun by the dock district. Ross managed to insult the barkeep within the first minute of his visit by telling him his beer tasted like monkey piss (all he did was being honest). Seebo emptied a mug of ale into the pants of the guy sitting next to him, a successful bluff check convinced the angry man that the guy on his left was the one who did it, a huge tavern fight followed, and ended only because of meddling from the city watch.

Whew, that was more than I expected I would write down, stay tuned for next update coming this weekend.

2008-12-09, 08:11 AM
Welcome to the Giant in the Playground forums, Darwin. It sounds like your party will have an interesting time in the ruins of Castle Greyhawk.

2008-12-25, 10:01 PM
dude where are the other entries?? it sounds like a lot of fun i never played in a group where some one else was evil so its very interesting for me (starting bar fights is so much fun)