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Darth Stabber
2008-12-11, 05:07 PM

The Jedi may be known as the protectors of peace and justice throughout the galaxy, but they had to start sometime. This class represents what jedi might look like as a psuedo mideval order. Replace Lightsabers with Bastard swords and Keep the able diplomat crap, and here you go.

{table]Level | Base Attack Bonus | Fort Save | Ref Save | Will Save | Special
1 |+1| +2| +2| +2| Starting Feats, Move object
2 |+2| +3| +3| +3| Force protection
3 |+3| +3| +3| +3| Force Power
4 |+4| +4| +4| +4| Block
5 |+5| +4| +4| +4| uncanny dodge, Fighting style
6 |+6| +5| +5| +5| Force Power, Blind fight
7 |+7| +5| +5| +5| evasion
8 |+8| +6| +6| +6| Greater Force protection
9 |+9| +6| +6| +6| Force Power
10 |+10| +7| +7| +7| Fighting style
11 |+11| +7| +7| +7| Riposte
12 |+12| +8| +8| +8| Force Power
13 |+13| +8| +8| +8| jedi feint
14 |+14| +9| +9| +9| Farseeing
15 |+15| +9| +9| +9| Force Power, Fighting style style
16 |+16| +10| +10| +10| improved evasion
17 |+17| +10| +10| +10| Battle Meditation
18 |+18| +11| +11| +11| Force Power
19 |+19| +11| +11| +11| Superior force protection
20 |+20| +12| +12| +12| Jedi master[/table]

Hit die: d10
Skills 4+int per level (x4 @first lvl)
class skills: Knowledge any, tumble, jump, diplomacy, bluff, sense motive, intimidation, UMD, spot, listen, survival.

Starting Feats: Weapon Proficiency(simple, martial, bastard sword), Armor Proficency (Light)

Class abilities

Note: Force powers are supernatural, unless other wise noted, all other jedi abilities are extraordinary unless otherwise noted. Force powers and Fighting styles are usable ONLY in light or no armor.

move object A jedi may use the force to move objects of wieght (5 x lvl) as a standard action upto 30 feat or 60 feat as a full round action. Using this as an attack deals 1d6 + wisdom modifier damage

Force protection: the force flows through a jedi, providing insight and protection, @ 2nd level a jedi adds his wisdom modifier to his AC as a dodge bonus, but only while wearing light or no armor.

Force Power @ third level the jedi may select a force power from the list below. Force powers are useable 1 per encounter, unless otherwise noted. You may select the same force power multiple times, each addional time you take a force power yields an additional use per encounter. Force powers are standard action that do not provoke attacks of opportunity unless otherwise noted.

Block @ 4th level the jedi's connection to the force shows them how to interpose between an attack and his body, once per turn when target by a Melee attack, ranged attack, touch spell or ranged touch spell the jedi he may make an attack roll opposed my the attackers roll, if the jedi wins the attack is negated, if the attacker wins the attack works as normal. The jedi must not be flatfooted, aware of the attack and have a melee weapon or shield in hand to use this ability.

uncanny dodge as the rogue ability

Fighting style at 5th level and every 5 level there after the jedi may select a fighting style from the list below, he must meet the prerequisites for that fighting style and may only have 1 active at a time. Changing styles is a move equivelent action.

blind fight at 6th level jedi gain blind fight as a bonus feat, If you already have blind fight, you may take any feat with the jedi descriptor.

evasion as the rogue ability

greater force protection @ 8th level the jedi may add and insight bonus to armor class equal to 1/4th his class level, but only in light or no armor.

riposte @ 11th level whenever you successfully negate a melee attack with block you may make a standard action attack against the attacker.

jedi fient @ 13th level a jedi may, as a move equivilent action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, make a contested wisdom check against an opponent. If the jedi wins the target is considered flatfooted until the beginning of thier next turn. If the target wins nothing happens. Reguardless the target is then immune to this ability for the rest of encounter.

farseeing[u] at 14th level a jedi may cast scrying 1/day as a SLA.

[u]improved evasion as the rogue ability

Battle meditation[u] at 17th level a jedi may meditate on the battle at hand and give his allies an advantage. As a full round action the jedi may meditate giving his allies a bonus to attack and AC equal to 1/5th of his class level for a number of round equal to his wisdom modifier. The jedi may at any time during the duration spend another full round meditating to Reset the duration of the effect. If the jedi dies or fall unconcious during the duration the effect ends. This ability may be used once per encounter.

[u]Superior force protection at 19th level a jedi may add his wisdom modifier to his fortitude reflex and will saves.

jedi master at 20th level the jedi is as close to being one with the force as any being can be. He is now considered an outsider(native), is immune to ability damage, fatigue, negative levels, exaustion, and will never hunger thirst or sleep. and may use any fighting style he meet the prerequisites for and may shift styles once per turn as a free action. When ever the jedi does not make an attack, or use a force power in a round they regain a force power of their choice that had already been used in the current encounter.

Force powers

Battle strike - True Strike as an SLA. If you do not have the power attack feat you may treat you next attack as though you did.

Force push - Choose a target within (wis+cha X 10) feet. make a wisdom check opposed by the targets strength check. if you win the target takes (1/3 class level(rounded down) d6s) + charisma modifier force damage and is pushed back 5 x the difference in your checks feet or until they run into something (which deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage), the target is also knocked prone. if you fail the check the target dakes 1d6 force damage.

Force disarm - Choose a target within (wis+cha X 10) feet. Choose Make a wisdom check opposed by the targets dexterity check, if you win You pull on of their weapons from their hand (if you hand is empty you may have it come to your hand as part of the action.

Force lightning - must be lvl6 or higher. Call lightning as an sla. Reflex save 10 + 1/2lvl + wisdom modifier CL = jedi level

Force choke - Choose a target within ((wis+cha) X 10) feet. make a ranged touch attack(substituting wis for str). the target cannot breath and begins suffocating. at the beginning of the target's turn roll a contested your wis vs their str check to continue this effect (see suffocation rules). Continuing this effect is a standard action. the target may not take any actions while being force choked. If you take damage while maintaining this power the effect ends, and you are flatfooted for as long as this power is effect.

Jedi Mind Trick - Suggestion as the sor/wiz spell as an sla, Duration = encounter, will save dc = 10 + 1/2lvl +wisdom modifier, Caster level = jedi level.

Force screen - Shield as an SLA. CL = jedi level

Search you Feelings - divination as the spell as an sla, CL = jedi level. May not be used in combat.

Force sight - Blind Sight for 2+wis rounds

Detect thoughts - detect thoughts, as an sla. will save 10 + 1/2lvl + wisdom modifier CL = jedi level

Dun moch - must be level 8. Crushing Despair as an sla. will save 10 + 1/2lvl + wisdom modifier CL = jedi level

Force repulsion - Make a bull rush attempt (but do not move), using you wisdom intead of strength against each opponent with in 10ft. Gain the bonus for charging on this attempt.

Fighting styles

Fighting styles may only be used with melee weapons and assuming, switching or just dropping fighting styles is a move action. During the first round of combat you may choose which form you start the fight in.

Wild and deadly, but predictable, Shii-cho was one of the first styles the jedi developed
Prereqs: none
Bonus: While in this stance You gain +1 insight bonus to attack and +1d6 damage with melee attacks
Penalty: Whenever you miss an opponent with int 8 or higher you gain a cumulative penalty of -1 to attack rolls against that opponent

Elegent and refined Makashi is made for fighting 1-on-1, but the style quickly falls apart when outnumbered
Prereqs: dex 13
Bonus: At the beginning of your turn choose an opponent, against that opponent you recieve + 2 insight bonus to attack and +2 dodge bonus to AC
Penalty: You recieve a -3 penalty to ac against all other opponents
Special: you must use a one handed weapon and the other hand must be empty to gain the benefits of this style

A defensive style, Soresu is designed to hold ground against an opponent and slowly wear them down
Prereqs: none
Bonus: +2 insight bonus to ac, you may use the block class feature against any number of attacks in a round.
Penalty: -4 penalty to all attack rolls made during your turn. You may not make more than one attack during your turn.

Ataru is the most acrobatic Form, filled with numerous elaborate moves, and relies heavily upon a Jedi's ability to run, jump, and spin using the Force
Prereqs: Jump 5 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks
Bonus:+1 to damage, +5 ac against attacks of opportunity, +5 ft of movement as a move action you may attempt a jump check (no AoO) DC targets hitdice + int mod. If you succeed you may move to the opposite side of the target and make your next attack as though the target was flatfooted.
Penalty: this form is rather taxing, after being in this form for con mod +3 rounds you become fatigued, after an additional con mod +3 rounds you become exausted and lose all benefits of being in this form.

A form that takes advantage of size, strength and counter attacks
Prereqs: power attack
Bonus: You may make an attack of opportunity any time one is provoked (instead of 1), Missing you with an attack provokes attacks of opportunity.
Penalty: May not make a full attack, -2ac
Special must be used with 2 handed weapon

An aggressive form that flirts with the darkside and will drag one down if not fully prepared for this form's mindset
Prereqs: Djem-so or Ataru
Bonus: when making a melee attack you may make an additional attack @ your highes base attack bonus
Penalty: Whenever you are dealt damage in combat you must make a Will saving throw equal to the damage received or the demon inside you breaks loose. When you fail your save you become incapable of resisting the urge to destroy, and when in this state of rage you must attack. If there are no suitable enemies around you must begin to attack your allies. To resist the urge to destroy your allies, you must make a Will save(DC 20), in which case you smash your weapon into the ground or walls, or whatever inanimate object is the closest to you.

Jedi Feats

extra force power use
Prereqs: any two force powers
Effects: 1/encounter you may use a force power you have already used.

Personal style
Prereqs: 3 fighting styles known
Effect: Choose two fighting styles you know when you take this feat, you may gain the benefits of both while taking the penalties of both at the same time. As additional penalties you must spend a full round action to Drop or change fighting styles from this form, and you take a minus 1 penalty to all saves

Style Master
Prereqs: BAB +6
Effect: Learn a Fighting style for which you meet the prerequisites.
Special: non-Jedi may learn this feat

force knowledge
Prereqs: 7 hd, wisdom 15
Effect: Choose a force power you meet the prerequisites (if any) for. You may use it once per day
Special: non-Jedi may learn this feat

Need thoughts and suggestions. Definitly need more force powers and balance help

2008-12-11, 08:54 PM
Jedi Mind Trick should probably be a power. I think you should base it off Suggestion, but slightly more powerful. For more ideas for powers, perhaps use some from Knights of the Old Republic, if you have it.
I think they should get more class skills, but I can't think of any of the top of my head.

Darth Stabber
2008-12-12, 09:10 AM
Added more class skill made jedi mind trick a force power, added a new force powers. Any thoughts as to balance

2008-12-12, 12:06 PM
Wookiepedia (fon't have the link right now) has tons of force powers

Darth Stabber
2008-12-12, 02:31 PM
More force powers added

D Knight
2008-12-12, 04:28 PM
this looks well made and i do not think a friend could power game this class. but i am sometime wrong so don't quote me on this

Darth Stabber
2008-12-15, 09:30 AM
Too powerful, not powerful enough. My biggest worry is giving them call lightning as an SLA, with a better scaling save DC. Could either give it it's normal save DC formula, or reduce it to a daily. Thoughts