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2008-12-13, 05:42 PM
Honestly, this isn't all that strict. I think it's more for clarifying how realistically your character could behave. This is for those who have been wracking their minds around the whole deal.

Mental Attributes

In conjunction with character persona, his/her mental attributes strongly affect his/her judgement, for realism's sake. This isn't just for having your character make decisions, but could also affect the way they behave. Depending on how nitty gritty you'd like to get.

The three mental attributes for 3.5ed are really quite simple, but cover vast array of behavior. In fact, all behavior is pretty much rooted in mental attributes (at the very root of it), in real life.

Int: What

Wis: Why

Cha: The ability to present what and why.

This is very open to interpretation, sure. But eventually everyone comes to the conclusion that these attributes are the root of all behavior.

Physical Attributes

In real life, physical attributes affect function.

Con: How long one may exert for.

Str: How much one may exert.

Dex: Reflects in what way one is capable of exertion.


This is a very simple guideline.

Personally, I'm trying to come up with a modern setting, utilizing 3.5, that will pit orcs and humans against one another. Quite traditional: It has background on how orcs and humans live amongst one another or amongst each other. Both races have massive cities that reflect 21st development, but both look at things in different ways, while each race is composed of dozens of cultures and nations on the political scene.

Feel free to interpret. :)