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2008-12-15, 12:20 PM
Hi everyone. This is an adventure set in Middle Earth, around 1400 TA, in Arnor (well, South of Mithlond actually). Not that it matters a lot, but it could help.

The group is engaged in an adventure brimming with NPCs. Thex didn't really have tpo confront with them so far, but his could happen really soon. So, here is what I have come up with in terms of stats and I was wondering if any of you had some nice fedback on the class/levels choices I have made.

IF YOU ARE A "COMPANY OF THE ARNRIM" player, read no further! (little warning just in case one of my players decides to check this thread)

The group of players is

Eorein (M)
Proud rohirrim who travels the world. Has been in touch for many years with some Fornost dunedain, whcih has smoothed out some of his roughest aspects. Fighter 2 / Cavalier 6.

Ronan Legaire (M)
Con artist, actor, skrmisher, poet, a bit a Kit Marlowe.
Rogue 4 / Prestige Class ? (+4 levels)

Arhiael (F)
Forest guardian, daughter of a forest guard, well trained in hunting and tracking. Quite young compared t the others, and less experienced too.
Ranger 2/Scout 2

They are with two NPCs
Lord Deor, of Lond Arador, powerful general and good old style numenorean, a bit like Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator. (FTR 4 / Cavalier 6 / Aristocr. 1)

and his trusted squire, Drestan (dunadan, Ranger 1 / Ftr 1 / Scout ?)

In this campaign, 10 to 12 is really ass-kicking powerful, and the main PCs are reasonably close to that (7-9).

They have to deal with

The Earl of Lond Arador
Ftr 2 / Cavalier 8 / Aristocrat 3

His wife, and possibly the main antagonist, mastermind, and plot engine: Lady Yvoen. Apprentice magician, she has developed her latent abilities thanks to an agent of Sauron and several gifts of darkness. the threat she poses is, of course, more as "the real boss here at the Castle" than as spellcaster.
Aristocrat 2 / Gleaner 1 /Sorceress 4

Her trusted assassin, Kalor.
Rogue 5/Assassin 5

Her honor maiden, lady Aíni, who basically follows the same learning path she has opened. Less gifted in the ways of magic, she is a prominent and powerful figure at the court.
Aristocrat 2/Expert 1 / Sorceress 1/

Lord Arbalar, the paper pushing and sly champion of the Earl. Qute a swordsman and a soldier, but also a "Commodus" like figure, to emphasize the contrast with the virtuous Deor. Fighter 1 / Cavalier 5 / Aristocrat 2

Kaysan, the REAL scary bastard, we are talking about a nearly 15th level arcane and divine spellcaster (somewhere near a Cleric 6 / Sorcerer 6 / Mist. Theurge 3).

The idea is that they have at their disposal some kind of powerful home madezombies, created from the corpses of some of the most powerful charcaters of the county, killed over the past 10 years. Applying the Zombie template does not really give them justice, as I would like their power level to be proportional to what it was when thy were alive. For example, one is the former Champion of the Earl, and it used to be a pretty powerful warrior and cavalier (around level 15).

So, random inputs and feedback on any of the above is more than welcome!!!



2008-12-15, 12:47 PM
Corpse creature template from BoVD (IIRC).