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2008-12-16, 01:41 AM
I want to use a spell point system for all spellcasters in my campaign. The SRD has a spell point system that looks okay for me, but it doesn't say how it got to the numbers of points per day. I converted slots to spell points equal to the minimum caster level, but get quite different numbers.

As I understand it it's the same system used for psionics, but the psion has even much more points per day.
I could simply do it my way, but I assume that the designers of the spell point system had reasons to do it like they did.
Does anybody know how they made the conversion?

2008-12-16, 12:26 PM
I think the main reason why psionics get so many more power points than wizards get skill points is simply because psionic powers are better balanced for points-based casting. While psionics have a smaller power list, their powers are very flexible. There is also the Psionic Focus system, which offers the effect of preventing easy metamagic.

Spells, on the other hand, have been balanced for Vancian magic. To create an MP system, you need to be careful how you scale the points. Spell points have all kinds of abuses - you can now trade low level casting opportunities for high-level ones which easily prove more favourable. And low-power but situational spells become more likely to be available - basically, you risk ending up with More Batman Than The Batman.

They mention that casters probably are more powerful in this variant, so I suspect they've tried to limit that without saying so.

I could probably homebrew up a Spell Point system which might approach balance, but I'm not sure.