View Full Version : How to bring back 3.5 memmories in 4e [4e... duh]

2008-12-16, 04:50 PM
Well, it Alchemyprime here, halfway through finals week as I write this waiting for my professor. I got to thinking: I love parts of Pathfinder, parts of 4e and parts of 3.X, but I can't say I prefer one over the other entierely.

Now, I got to thinking: I like the old way of buying skills in 3.5 and PF, but the skill list of 4e. I love 4e's battle system and ease of play, but I miss all of the supplemental stuff from 3.5 that made battles more fun, not to mention how psionics was different from magic was different from incarnum was different from tome of magic stuff.

So I got to thinking. Maybe we needed a thread to share our 4e homebrews so it feels more like the games we want.

So, how about it? How do you make 4e more fun?

(I'll post my list after my finals)