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    Default War Paint [3.5 Item] [PEACH]

    War Paint:


    War paint is any kind of paint that can be used to make the wearer more frightening. A disguise check determines whether the application of the paint is successful. If the application is successful this gives the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks, and a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks. If the application is unsuccessful, the wearer only receives a -2 penalty to Diplomacy. The bonuses and penalties only apply if the war paint contrasts the wearerís skin. The paint stays on the wearers skin for up to 3 days, by which time it smudges and looses effectiveness. The paint may be removed by washing it off with water.

    Price: 5gp

    The Disguise Check:

    The painter makes a DC 15 disguise check to determine if the application of war paint is successful. If the painter is the wearer, he takes a -2 penalty to make the disguise check unless he has a mirror. For every 5 points the painter passes the check DC the circumstance bonus to intimidate increases by +1. Additionally, a disguise kit doesnít provide the regular bonus to the disguise check. If you have 5 ranks in the Profession (Make Up Artist) skill, add a +2 synergy bonus to the disguise check. You may take 10 normally when making this check, but you may only take 20, if there is a water source available to remove the paint and at least two more units of war paint. Applying the paint takes 10 minutes. Taking 20 takes 1 hour and uses up all three units of war paint.

    This is the bit I'm not quite so sure on:

    It is possible to hire a make up artist for the application of War Paint. The costs are as follows:

    {table=head]Make up Artistís ability | Check Result (Taking 10) | Price (gp)
    Competent | 15 | 6
    Experienced | 20 | 18
    Specialist | 25 | 36
    Master | 30 | 66[/table]

    Here's how I got the check results:
    Competent: 3 ranks +2 Cha Bonus (Level 1) = +5
    Experienced: 6 ranks +2 Cha Bonus + 2 synergy (Level 3) = +10
    Specialist: +8 ranks + 3 Cha Bonus + 2 synergy + 2 (Aid from assistant) (Level 5) = +15
    Master: +10 ranks + 4 Cha Bonus + 2 synergy + 4 (Aid from 2 assistants) (Level 7) = +20
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