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Petrillia Ilyanov

"Either way, I'll stay with you guys. I'm not really interested in scrambling around on my own or messing with a cave-in...but whatever TopDog is doing, it can't be good - I mean, how close to town are we?"

Brandon Bor

"Pretty far," he answered Petrilia.

"We are in a series of tunnels connected to a wood mill across the river, owned by Lord Bost. If the tunnels collapse, the mill might be damaged."

He looked around at the other party members. "I guess we've agreed to go after TopDog, then?"

Assuming everyone was in agreement and were ready to go with him, Brandon strode forward in the direction the little kobold captive indicated, glowing bug organ held before him, his sword in his other hand. He walked at a measured pace, so that he had a chance to see what he was walking into, or under, before taking the next step.