Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Sid grinned and winked at the kobold, and, since the guy really seemed as if he was being superly honest, he held a halting hand up at Brandon. "Wait a minute. The little guy isn't all that bad. You can understand. He was probably just following orders, you know? I say that we should let him go. He might want to get a few licks in on his old boss." He stamped a foot with finality. "Hey, a thief's gotta eat, and this one doesn't seem as nasty as plenty of human thieves!" He then shrugged and added, while gauging everyone's reactions to his request, "Or we can just leave him here and let him go, when we're done. But no turning him in to Bost. Or killing. Alright?"

Unless the group decides that they'd rather just kill him, he'll go along with whatever, then express his eagerness to deal with the kobold leader.