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    Petrillia Ilyanov

    Petrillia looked from one person to another. Great, she thought, they're going to make me decide. I suppose no one here is interested in killing it in cold blood...except maybe the elf lady. I could see her doing it. But would I...?

    "I can't honestly say it's harmless, and I don't want it anywhere near me, but I think there was enough of a split among the dogmen that it really would help us get TopDog. Why, I don't know. I suppose it has its own reasons. I don't trust it. But as long as it is kept away from me..."

    "Do you hear me?" Petrillia turns on Creeper and points to Brandon. "Stay away from me or I'll have BigGuy here cut you down like Halav himself."


    Bluff, bluff the stupid ogre kobold!

    "Let's go so we can get out of here."
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