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    Somewhere, at night

    It was the night of the Solstice, and a Lunar Eclipse, and Ashley sat on the hill far from the lights of the city and the dull glow of the valcano, with her telescope and sextant and compass and piles of notes.

    She made notes to eliminate the MagSat and Lantern station from her calculations. At least she didn't think they were relevant. The writing on the moon she was less sure about. An increase in marriages? Whatever Magtok's ego, she didn't think he was the only one it was affecting.

    The solstice, the turning of the year. Days would grow longer from here out, which was good for the city, with vampires being weakened by the empire and now by shorter nights. But then... the blood red moon. Perhaps that was a sign they had found a hidden source of strength.

    The astrologer continued to make observations throughout the night.

    ((Anyone can run into her))
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